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The Modern Biographical Files are located in the Navy Department Library's Rare Book Room. They are a combination of files collected by the Library and a ready reference collection of duplicate flag officer files formerly housed in the Archives Branch of the Naval History and Heritage Command. 

These files have been accumulated since the early 20th century by the Navy Department Library to provide historical information to US Navy personnel and other researchers, both official and unofficial. The files are particularly noted for biographical coverage of senior U.S. Navy officers who served during the Second World War and the Cold War-era, though their contents range from the Interwar period (1919-1939) through the War on Terrorism. For biographical information from the late 18th through the early 20th centuries, see the Navy Department Library's ZB files and Officers of the Continental and U.S. Navy and Marine Corps 1775-1900 ]. Also see Navy Personnel: A Research Guide

Many of the files consist of individual officer biographies produced during the 1950s through the 1970s by the Navy Office of Information, Internal Relations Division; the Navy Office of Information, Biographies Branch; and the Division of Naval Records and History (OP 29). Additional material consists of newspaper clippings, journal articles, change of command/retirement brochures, and biographies printed from the websites of the Navy Chief of Information and Arlington National Cemetery. Materials continue to be added to these files. Although a majority of the files consist of between two to four pages, a few contain up to four linear inches of material.

Use and Reproduction Policy 
Biographical files are unavailable for loan and must be consulted in the library. With regard to non-copyrighted materials, the use of digital cameras without flash is encouraged. Photocopying is generally prohibited, though permission to photocopy a few pages may be granted by the Reference staff, contingent upon the physical state of the documents. All photocopying of materials shall be done by the Reference staff, or under their close supervision. The use of personal scanners by non-library staff must be approved by the Reference staff on a document-by-document basis (Reference: Naval Historical Center Instruction [NAVHISTCENTINST] 5070.1C.).

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Ancrum, William 1881-1963

Anders, Arthur Ferdinant

Anderson, Anton B.

Anderson, Bern

Anderson, Carl Eric

Anderson, Charles Carter

Anderson Jr., Charles Harper

Anderson, Clyde B.

Anderson, Edward A.

Anderson, Edward L.

Anderson, Edwin Alexander 1860-1933 [Archive's copy]

Anderson, Fernald P.

Anderson, Franklin W.

Anderson Jr., George Whelan 1906-1992

Anderson, Herbert Augustus

Anderson, Herbert H.

Anderton Jr., Henry L.

Anderson, Jay S.

Anderson, Joseph B.

Anderson, Kenneth L.

Anderson, Lowell O.

Anderson, Michael H.

Anderson, Norman O.

Anderson, Paul R.

Anderson, Richard Beatty

Anderson, Richard E.

Anderson, Robert H.

Anderson, Roy G.

Anderson, Samuel C.

Anderson, Thomas Carlyle

Anderson, Tom 

Anderson, Vernon L.

Anderson, Walter Stratton

Anderson, William Donald

Anderson, William L.

Anderson, William R.

Andrews, Adolphus 1879-1948

Andrews, Annie B.

Andrews, Burton H.

Andrews, Cecil L.

Andrews, Charles H.

Andrews, Charles Lee Jr.

Andrews, Clyde C.

Andrews, Edger C.

Andrews, Frank A.

Andrews Jr., John

Andrews, Mark Edwin

Andrews, Philip

Andrews, Richard S.

Andrews Jr., Thomas L.

Andrews, Walter Edwards

Andrus, Carlton Leverett

Angas. William Mack

Angwin, William Arnold

Ansel, Walter Charles

Antle Jr., William S.

Antoniak, Charles

Antrim, Archie A.

Antrim, Richard N.

Appleby, Charles A.

Appleby, Jack J.

Arbes, James D.

Arbo, Paul E.

Arbor, Jesse W.

Archambeault, Charles Paul

Archer, Robert John

Archer, Stephen M.

Ard, Ligon Briggs

Arentzen, Willard P.

Arison, Rae Emmett

Armel, Lyle Oliver

Armentrout Jr., Erasmus W.

Armstrong, Clarence Ervin

Armstrong, Daniel Williams

Armstrong, Henry J.

Armstrong, James H.

Armstrong Jr., John Hord

Armstrong, Parker B.

Armstrong Jr., Philip M.

Armstrong, Robert G.

Armstrong, Theodore H.

Armstrong, Wade Herbert

Arndt, Ralph W.

Arnett Jr., A. B.

Arnold, Henry A.

Arnold, Henry Duff

Arnold, Jackson D.

Arnold, James Earl

Arnold, Malcolm W.

Arnold, Murr Edward 1900-1991

Arnold, Ralph J.

Atthur Jr., Donald C.

Arthur, John P.

Arthur, Lionel A.

Arthur, Samuel H.

Asbjornsen, Douglas J. 

Ashe, George B.

Ashford, George W.

Ashford Jr., William H.

Ashler, Philip F.

Ashton, Arthur H.

Ashworth, Frederick L.

Askin, Robert Marshall

Askins, Herbert R.

Asserson Jr., William C.

Aston, Melville Joseph

Astor, William Vincent

Atherton, Harry Sheldon

Atkeson Jr., Clarence

Atkeson, John C.

Atkins, Barry K.

Atkins, Griswold T.

Atkins, James George

Atkins, Lew Morton

Atkins, Nevett B.

Atkins, Robert B.

Atkinson, Roy C.

Aucoin, Joseph P.

Auken, Wilbur R.

Ault, Frank W.

Ault, William B.

Aurand Evan P.

Ausley, Joe H.

Austin, Bernard Lige 1902-1979

Austin, Charles L.

Austin Jr., Frank H.

Austin, James

Austin, Leonard B.

Austin, Marshall H.

Averill, William R.

Avery, Dennett F.

Avery, Howard M.

Awtrey, Hugh R.

Axene, Dean L.

Ayers, James E.

Aylward, Theodore Charles

Aymond, P. John

Ayrault, Arthur De Lancey

Azer, John Behling 


Babbitt, Arlene Keith

Babione, Robert William

Bach, Lawrence E.

Bache, George Mifflin

Bachman, Leo Adolph

Bachman, Michael C.

Backus Jr., Standish

Bacon Jr., Barton Elijah

Bacon, Roger F.  

Bacon, Walter G.

Badger, Charles J.

Badger, Harold R.

Badger, Harry P.

Badger, Oscar Charles

Badger, Rodney J.

Badt, Harry A.

Baer, Donald G.

Bagdanovich, Michael P.

Baggaley, William

Bagley, David H.

Bagley, David Worth 1883-1960

Bagley, Harry H.

Bagley, Worth H.

Bahm, George, Henry

Bailey, Carlos Augustus

Bailey, Charles S.

Bailey, John

Bailey, Leonard W.

Bailey, Watson Osgood

Bailey, William B.

Bainbridge, William

Bains, George Washington

Baird, A. Lincoln

Baird, Charles Fitz 1922-2009

Baird, Leonard J.

Bakenhus, Reuben E.

Baker, Albert A.

Baker, Charles Adams

Baker, Douglas

Baker, Duncan Scott

Baker, Felix Locke

Baker, Guy Evans

Baker, Harold D.

Baker, Harold Edward

Baker, Howard A.

Baker, Robert L.

Baker, Robert N. S.

Baker, Stuart P.

Baker, Wilder Dupuy

Baker, William B.

Bakke, Harlan J.

Bakutis, Fred E.

Baldridge, Harry Alexander

Baldwin, Frank

Baldwin, Frank E.

Baldwin, Robert B.

Baldwin, Robert H. B.

Balis, Theodore L.

Ball Jr., George C.

Ball, Claude R.

Ball, John

Ballard, Donald E.

Ballenger, Felix P.

Ballentine, John J.

Ballinger, John M.

Ballinger, Richard Robert

Balmert, Mark W.

Balsam, Emanuel

Balsam, Marion 

Baltazzi, Harry Warner

Banaji, Darius, 

Banister, Alan Boyd 1905-1963

Banks Jr., James Oliver

Bannerman, Graeme

Bantz, Fred A.

Baranowski, Walter E.

Barausky, Kenneth P.

Barbaro, Joseph Raphael

Barbee Jr., Albert Ray

Barber, Ernest Hayes

Barbey, Daniel E.

Barbor, Kenneth Eicher

Barchet, Stephen G.

Bard, Nathan Wayne

Bard, Ralph A.

Bardshar, Fredric A.

Barham, Eugene A

Barnhart, Robert E.

Barker Jr., Christopher S.

Barker Jr., Joseph H.

Barker, Edwin F.

Barker, George Nathan

Barker, Nathaniel C.

Barlow, Jerry M.

Barlow, John F.

Barnaby, Neel Glenn

Barnaby, Ralph Stanton

Barnard II, James H.

Barnard Jr., Harry A.

Barner, James Duke

Barnes, E. Richard

Barnes, Phillip G.

Barnes, Samuel E.

Barnes, William R.

Barnes, Willis C.

Barnett Jr., Austin H.

Barnett, James Arden "Jamie", Jr.

Barney, Greenlief H.

Barney, Joshua

Barninger Jr., Clarence Andrew

Barnitz, James W.

Barnum, Robert H.

Barnwell, Joseph B.

Baron, Richard S.

Barr Jr., Capers Gamewell

Barr Jr., Eric L.

Barr, Jon Michael

Barr, Norman L.

Barrett, Danelle   

Barrett, John M.

Barrett, John Paul Barker

Barringer Jr., Victor Cameron

Barron, John P.

Barrow, William B.

Barry, John

Barry, Richard P.

Barthes, August A.

Bartlett, Bradford

Bartlett, Harold Terry

Bartlett, James V.

Bartlett, John R.

Bartlett, Lewis C.

Bartlett, Wilson Randolph

Bartol, John Alfred

Barton, John Kennedy

Barton, Leroy L.

Barton, Wilbur G.

Basalm, Dorothy

Bass III, Thomas E.

Bass, Ernest Linwood

Bass, Henry B.

Bass, Ivan Ernest

Bass, Raymond H.

Bassett, Claude Oscar

Bassett Jr., Fredric B.

Bassett, Melvin Hughes

Bassett Jr., Robert V. R.

Bassler, Robert E.

Bastedo, Paul Henry 1887-1951

Batchelder, Bret C.

Batchelder, Robert Fred

Batcheller, Edgar H.

Batchellor, John K.

Bates, Ralph

Bates, Richard Waller

Battenberg, Prince Louis of

Battle Jr., Charlton Eugene

Bauch, Charles E.

Bauchan Jr., Robert L.

Baucom, David F.

Bauer, George William

Bauer Rudolph C.

Bauer, Louis H.

Bauernschmidt, George W.

Baugh, Dale Eric

Baugh Sr., Dalton L.

Baughman, Courtlandt C.

Baughman, Fred H.

Baum, George Martin

Baumberger, Walter H.

Baumeister Jr., John

Baumer, Harry W.

Baumgartner, John P.

Baxter, Harold L.

Bayless, Jon W., Jr.

Bayless, Walter B.

Bayne, Marmaduke G.

Beach, Edward L.

Beadle, Marvin L.

Beakley, Wallace M.

Beal, Douglas "Woody"

Beale, Arthur George

Beam, Carl E.

Bean, Alan Lavern

Bean, Alan Lavern 1932- [Archive's copy]

Bean, Lawrence L.

Beard, Donald Charles

Beard, Jefferson Davis

Beardall Jr., John R.

Beardslee, Lester Anthony

Beardsley, George F.

Beardsley, Henry L.

Bearss, Hiram I.

Beary, Donald Bradford

Beasley, Charles B.

Beatty, Frank Emund

Beatty, Frank Edmund Jr.

Beauchamp, Ernest M.

Beaumont, Arthur Edwaine

Beaumont, Richard A.

Beauregard, Augustin Toutant 1885-1951

Beaver, Bud K.

Beaver, Robert H.

Beck, Edward L.

Becker Jr., Adolph Ernest

Becker, Albert L.

Becker, Alvin Lannard

Becker, Charles

Becker, John J.

Beckheimer, Jack Stanley

Becknell Jr., Thomas L.

Becton, Frederick Julian

Bedell, Floyd Carson

Bedell, Porter F.

Beebe, Marshall U.

Beebe, Robert P.

Beech, George Peter

Beecher, William G.

Beers, Charles J.

Beggs, Kenneth Gould

Behan, Austin Carty

Behm, Edward W.

Behner, Herbert Chauncey

Behnke Jr., Albert R.

Behrens Jr., William W.

Behrens, Charles Fredrick

Behrens, William Wohlsen

Belcher, Preston R.

Belcher Jr., Roy S.

BeLieu, Kenneth E.

Belin, Peter

Beling, John K.

Belknap, George E.

Belknap, Reginald R.

Bell, C. Edwin

Bell, David B.

Bell, Fredrick J.

Bell, George M.

Bell, Harman B.

Bell, Robert A.

Bellerby, Russell John

Belles, Ralph G.

Bellinger, Patrick Nieson Lynch 1885-1962

Bellinger Jr., William C. P.

Bemis, Harold Medberry

Benedict Jr., Arthur Lewis

Benedict, Terry J.

Benford, Edward Clyde

Bengtson, Bengt N.

Benham, Andrew E. K.

Benitez, Rafael C.

Benjes Jr., Anthony C.

Bennehoff, Olton Rader

Benner, Stanley Graves

Bennet, Floyd

Bennett II, Rawson

Bennett, Andrew Carl

Bennett, Bradley F.

Bennett, Carter L.

Bennett, Earl Robert

Bennett, Earle

Bennett, Edward L.

Bennett, Fred G.

Bennett, John E.

Bennett Jr., Warfield C.

Bennett, Walter F. V.

Bennington, John Paige

Bennion, Mervyn Sharp

Benson, Francis Wyse

Benson, Howard H. J.

Benson, Lloyd G.

Benson, Roy Stanley

Benson, Victor G.

Benson, William Howard

Benson, William Shepherd 1855-1932

Bentel, Carr E.

Bentley, James A.

Bentley, James C.

Benton, Hugh A.

Berg, Winferd E.

Bergen, Franklin S.

Bergen, John J.

Bergeson, Andrew Harold

Bergin, Charles K.

Bergin, Daniel E.

Bergner, Allen A.

Bergstedt, William C.

Bergstrom, Edward W.

Berkey, Russell Stanley

Berkheimer, Jack S.

Berkley, Joseph Berzowski

Berkley, William Leneave

Berkner, Lloyd V.

Berley, Ferdinand V.

Bernacchi , Michael D.

Bernard, Lawrence G.

Bernatitus, Ann Agnes 1912-2003 [Archive's copy]

Bernatitus, Ann A.

Berndston, Arthur H.

Berner, Warren Kenneth

Bernet, Howard C.

Bernhard, Alva Douglas

Berns Jr., Max A. 1917 - 1999

Bernstein, Henry Emil 1904 - 1982

Berree, Norman R. 1922-2006

Berrey, Julius M. 1909 - 1976

Berrien, Frank Dunn 1877 - 1951

Berry Fredric A.

Berry Jr., Arthur Frank

Berry Jr., Howard B.

Berry, Charles Joseph

Berry Jr., Fred Thomas

Berry, Fred T.

Berry, Ralph B.

Berry, Richard Clayton

Bertelli, Perter

Bertelsen, Viggo C.

Bertholf Charles M.

Berthold, Elmer E. 

Berthrong, Raymond

Bertoglio, Floyd J.

Bertoglio, Lloyd W.

Bertolet, Samuel

Bertschy, Robert S.

Berude, John B.

Besbekos, George A.

Beshany, Philip A.

Besson Jr., John Henry

Best, William A.

Bethea, James S.

Betts, Sherman W.

Beuret, John D.

Bevan, George R.

Beveridge, Richard A.

Bewick, James V.

Beyer Jr., Aaron Fredrick

Beyerly, Irwin Forest

Bibby, Lowe Hayden

Biddle, Edward

Biederman, Karl J.

Bieg, Valentine N.

Bienia, John P.

Bierer Jr., Bion B.

Bierer, James S.

Bieri, Bernhard Henry

Bieri Jr., Bernhard H. 

Biesemeier, Harold

Bigelow, Elmer C.

Biggs, Burton B.

Bigley, Thomas J.

Biglow, James Otis

Bill Jr., Wells R.

Billingsley, William Devotie

Binford, Thomas H.

Bingham, Donald C.

Bird, Horace V.

Bird, Joseph L.

Bird, Linda J.

Biros, Edmund W.

Birtley, Thomas B.

Bishop, Charles B.

Bisset, Andrew G.

Bisson, John Kenneth

Bixby, Harry L.

Bjarnason, Paul H.

Black Jr., Joseph F.

Black, Barry C.

Black, Bruce Allen

Black, Charles H.

Black, Delbert D.

Black, Gene

Black, James Howard

Black, Joseph D.

Black, Paul E.

Black, Richard B.

Black, Robert G.

Blackburn, John H.

Blackburn, John T.

Blackburn, Paul P.

Blackledge, Allan D.

Blackman, Harold H.

Blackwelder, Buren L.

Blackwell, Cecil L.

Blackwood, Hugo G.

Blackwood, James Douglas

Blair, Carvel H.

Blair, Eugene

Blair, James T.

Blair, Leon N.

Blair, Richard H.

Blair, Robert Edward

Blaisdell, Robert Ralston

Blake, Ernest

Blake, John Terence

Blakely, Charles Adam

Blakely, Edward Noe 1912-1945

Blakely, John Russell Young

Blamer, De Witt

Blamphin, Arthur M.

Blanchard, James W.

Blandin, Eugene R.

Blandy, Williams Henry Purnell

Blankenship, Ernest Joseph

Blattmann, Walter C.

Bledsoe, Albert M.

Blenman Jr., Charles

Blenman, William

Blesh, Paul K.

Blew, Clarence Lloyd

Blick, Charles A.

Blick, Robert E.

Blish, John B.

Blitch, John D.

Block, Everett M.

Blocker, Leo B.

Blodgett, George F.

Blough Jr., Ira K.

Blouin, Francis Joseph

Blount, Robert H.

Bloxom, Elliot

Blue, Victor

Blum, Howard E.

Blundon, Joseph P.

Boak, James Earl

Boaz, Thenton D.

Bode, Howard Douglas

Bodger, Walter Charles

Boehm. William R.

Boensel, Mark S.

Boettcher, Robert R.

Bogan, Gerald F.

Bogart, Gerard S.

Bogdan, Joseph G.

Boggs, Thomas, Hale

Bogley, John A.

Bol, Peter

Boland, Clay A.

Boland, John N.

Boland, Paul

Boldizsar, George Thomas

Bole Jr., John A.

Boles, Warren C.

Bolger, Joseph Francis

Bolivar, Babette "Bette"

Boller, Robert Leon

Bollinger, Julian T.

Bolstad, Daryl B.

Bolster, Calvin M.

Bond, Charles A.

Bond, George F.

Bond, Thomas H. "Hank", Jr.

Bond, Victor P

Bondi, Peter Albert

Bonds, Joseph E.

Bonelli, Garry J.

Boney, Bobby Eugene

Bonin, Robert A.

Bonner William Dominic

Bonner, Emmett P.

Bonney, Carroll Taber

Bonnyman Jr., Alexander

Bono, Raquel C.

Bontecou, Daniel

Bontier, Albert M.

Bookert, Reubin B.

Bookout, Thomas H.

Bookwalter, Charles S.

Boone, David M.

Boone, Joel Thompson

Boone, Walter Fredrick

Boorda, Jeremy Michael 1939-1996

Booth, Black B.

Booth, Charles T.

Boozer, Strong

Borden, John C.

Border, Robert

Borgert, Duane D.

Borie, Adolph Edward 1809-1880 [ZB File copy]

Born, Arthur Stephen

Born, Howard E.

Borries Jr., Fred

Bortz, Edward Leroy

Bosee, Ronald A.

Bostwick, Lucius Allyn

Bosworth, Allie R.

Botes, Jon L.

Botta, Rico

Bottom Jr., John Thomas

Bottomley Jr., Harold S.

Bottoms. John W.

Bottorff, David Elliott

Bouland, Joseph Hunt

Boulware, Joe W.

Boundy, Charles M.

Boundy, James W.

Bourgeois, Aubrey J.

Bowdey, George H.

Bowen Jr. John Bunyan

Bowen Jr., Alva M.

Bowen Jr., Charles H.

Bowen Jr., Harold G.

Bowen, Harold Gardiner

Bower, Carl R.

Bowers Jr., Aaron N.

Bowers, Jack Lawton

Bowers, John M.

Bowers, Richard H.

Bowers, Thomas Kent

Bowers, William Alger

Bowes, William Charles

Bowker, Albert H.

Bowler, Daniel R.

Bowley, Clarence Matheson

Bowling, Selman S.

Bowman, Donald W.

Bowman, Frank Lee

Bowman, Harlan L.

Bowman, Merle F.

Bowne, William Rainear

Bowsher, Charles A.

Bowstorm, Robert Milton

Box, Roger Elden

Boxall, Ronald A.

Boyd Jr., Alston M.

Boyd, Carl J.

Boyd, Charles/Clarence Evans

Boyd, David F.

Boyd, Edward A.

Boyd, Gideon M.

Boyd, John Moore

Boyd, Joseph

Boyd, Paul C.

Boyd, Walter W.

Boyington Jr., John E.

Boyington, Gregory

Boyle, Francis D.

Boyle, James Dennis

Boyle, Lee DeVall

Boyle, Michael E.

Boyle, Peter F.

Boyum, John H.

Bozin, Stanley D.

Braceland, Francis J.

Bracken, Eugene E.

Bradbury, Malcom Jarrett

Braddy Jr., Robert Edgar

Bradford, Gamaliel

Bradford, Smith N.

Bradley Jr., Richard

Bradley Jr., Willis W.

Bradley, Bruce E.

Bradshaw, Harold G.

Bradway Jr., William S.

Bradwell, Francis E.

Brady Jr., Edmund Edward

Brady Jr., Upton S.

Brady, Anthony Rogers

Brady, John Joseph

Brady, Norman K.

Brady, Parke H.

Brady, Patrick H.

Bragg, Herbert K.

Brainard, Ronald Munroe

Braine Jr., Clinton Elgin

Braine, Daniel Lawrence

Brainsted, Frank Alfred

Brainsted, William C.

Braithwaite, Kenneth J., II

Brakke, Brian J.

Branch, Ted N.

Brand, Charles Lees

Brand, Ferdinand L.

Brandley, Frank A.

Brandow, Honry Willis

Brandt Jr., George Edgar

Brandt, Conrad F.

Brandt, Donald C.

Brandt, John H.

Brandt, William Vancortlandt

Brannman, Brian G.

Brantly, Neill D.

Brassfield, Arthur J.

Bratton, Leslie Emmett

Braun, Boynton Lewis

Braun, Robin R.

Braun, William B.

Breardsley, Henry L.

Breast, Jerry Creighton

Breckenridge, Richard P.

Breen Jr., Roy E.

Breese, James L.

Brega, Richard Edward

Bremner, Bruce Barton

Brenner, James Emmet

Brereton Jr., William D.

Bressman, Augustus Alexander

Brett Jr., John Henry

Brett Jr., Morgan Lewis

Brewer III, David L.

Brewer, William F.

Brewington, William I

Brewster, John McLaughlin

Bridgers Jr., Henry C.

Bridges, Elton M.

Bridget, Francis J.

Briggs, Cameron

Briggs, Chester A.

Briggs, Harold M.

Briggs, Henry Mixer

Briggs, Josephus Asa

Briggs, Zeno E.

Bright, Andrew W.

Bright, Clarkson J.

Bright, Cooper B.

Bright, Graham Paul

Bright, Raymond Michael

Brindupke, Charles F.

Briner, Charles E.

Briner, Richard Robert

Brines, George R.

Bringle, William F.

Brinker, Robert M.

Brinker, Russell Charles

Brinkmann, Cornelius A.

Brinser, Harry Lerch

Briscoe, Robert Pearce

Brister, Robert E.

Bristol, Mark L.

Brittain, Thomas B.

Brittan, Theodore

Brittin, Burdick H.

Broach, John C.

Broaddus, Carl Ashton

Broadway, Michael W.

Brock, J. Ward

Brockett, William A.

Brockman Jr., William Herman

Brodie Jr., Robert

Brodie, George K.

Brokenshire, Douglas B.

Bromley, John Richard

Bronson, Clarence King

Bronson, Joseph Chandler

Brook, Charles B.

Brookes, Charles S.

Brookings II, Robert S.

Brooks Jr., William E.

Brooks, Charles B

Brooks, Daniel P.

Brooks, Dennis Matthew

Brooks, Jeffrey A.

Brooks, Richard E.

Brooks, William B.

Brooks, Winfield Alpheus

Broshek, Joseph John

Brossy, Fredric Albert

Broussard, Clarence,

Browder, Maurice Eugene

Brown Clarence J.

Brown Jr., Dudley E.

Brown Jr., Eldon W.

Brown Jr., Fredrick W.

Brown Jr., Ira W.

Brown Jr., James Steven

Brown Jr., John H.

Brown Jr., John Thompson

Brown Jr., William Thomas

Brown Jr., Wilson

Brown, Alfred E.

Brown, Allen Dudley

Brown, annette Elise

Brown, Bert F.

Brown, Brian B.

Brown, Carl W.

Brown, Charles D.

Brown, Charles R.

Brown, David S.

Brown, Donald C.

Brown, Francis E.

Brown, Francis T.

Brown, Frank P.

Brown, George

Brown, Harold C.

Brown, Ian F.

Brown, James A.

Brown, James H.

Brown, James S.

Brown, Jesse L.

Brown, John B.

Brown, John Louser

Brown, John Mason

Brown, John Nicholas

Brown, John R.

Brown, Jr., Samuel

Brown, Kenneth B.

Brown, Laurence R.

Brown, Martin J.

Brown, Martin V.

Brown, Maurice Burton

Brown, Nancy Elizabeth

Brown, Omar Jesse

Brown, Paula Campbell

Brown, Richard A.

Brown, Robert B.

Brown, Robert Copeland

Brown, Robert M.

Brown, Sheldon W.

Brown, Stuart Southerland

Brown, Thomas A.

Brown, Thomas L.

Brown, Warwick Thomas

Brown, William A.

Brown, William Drane

Browne Jr., Oscar Morrison

Browne, George H.

Browne, Michael J.

Browne, Michael 

Browning, Charles L.

Browning, Hays R.

Browning, Miles Rutherford

Brownlow, Paul J.

Brownson, Willard Herbert

Brozena, John M.

Bruce, Bryson

Bruchez, Ernest V.

Brumby Jr., Frank H.

Brumby, Edward

Brumby, Frank H.

Bruner, Barry L.

Bruner, Frank

Bruning, Fredrick W.

Bruning, Jr., Robert M.

Bruns, Henry Fredrick

Brunson, Clyde Windon

Brush, Charles F.

Brush, Fredrick J.

Bruton, Henry C.

Bryan III, Joseph

Bryan, Clarence R.

Bryan, Hamilton V.

Bryan, Louis A.

Bryan, William C.

Bryant, Carleton Fanton

Bryant, Eliot H.

Bryant, Gregory R.

Bryant, Samuel Woods

Bryant, Stewart F.

Brydon Jr., George MacLaren

Bryson, William Campbell

Buaas, Marion H.

Bucchi, T. Michael

Buchan, Robert B.

Buchanan, Allen

Buchanan, Charles A.

Buchanan, Franklin

Buchanan, Pat

Bucher, Lloyd M.

Buck, James

Buck, Roger L.

Buck, Roy Garvin

Buck, Sean S

Buck, Walter Albert

Buckingham, Herbert W.

Buckley Jr., Joseph

Buckley, Franklin D.

Buckley, John Daniel

Buckmaster, Elliott

Budd, Romondt

Buell, Thomas C.

Buerkle, Elmer Charles

Buerschinger, William P.

Buhr, Victor W.

Buie, Paul D.

Bulfinch, Charles

Bulkeley, John Duncan 1911-1996

Bulkley Jr., Robert Johns

Bull Jr., Richard S.

Bull, Carl E.

Bull, Dell

Bull, John Sumter

Bull, William I.

Bullard, Donald K.

Bullard, George C.

Bullard, William H. G.

Bullen Jr., Jacob Thompson

Bullen, George S.

Bullock, James Earl

Bunker, Charles W. O.

Bunker, Forrest Robinson

Bunkley, Joel William

Buracker, William H.

Burbage, Charles L.

Burch Jr., William O.

Burcher , E. Andrew

Burden, Harvey P.

Burdick, Robert S.

Burgess, Andrew L.

Burhans, Arthur David

Burk, Raymond W. 

Burkart, Herbert V.

Burke Jr., Julian T.

Burke, Arleigh Albert 1901-1996

Burke, Edward J.

Burke, John Edward

Burke, John L.

Burke, Robert G.

Burke, Robert P.

Burke, William R.

Burkhard, Thomas Kinsman

Burkhardt Jr., John

Burkhardt, Ann M.

Burkle, Joseph S.

Burkley, George G.

Burks, Jesse B.

Burlingame, Creed C.

Burnett, Henry Poynter

Burns Jr., John S.

Burns Jr., Michael J.

Burns, John

Burns, Joseph David

Burns, Patrick C.  

Burnside Jr., John L.

Burr, Paul J.

Burrage, Guy Hamilton

Burrell, Glenn Smith

Burrough, Edmund W.

Burroughs, Jerry K.

Burroughs Jr., Sherman Everett

Burrow, James B.

Burrowes, Thomas

Burrows Albert C.

Burt Jr., Paul Stainback

Burt, Robert F.

Burton, John H.

Burton, Otto L.

Busbey Jr., Leroy White

Busch, Richard Earl

Busey, James Buchanan

Bush Charles T.

Bush Jr., William W.

Bush, Howard U.

Bush, Jr., Thomas A.

Bush, Vannevar

Bushong, Paul J.

Busik, William S.

Buskett, Thomas S.

Buss, David H.

Butler Jr., William C.

Butler, Glen B.

Butler, Henry Varnum

Butler, James B.

Butler, James M.

Butler, John Clarence

Butler, John D.

Butler, Ovid McMaster

Butler, Richard W.

Butler, William H.

Butterfield, George Nelson

Butters, Francis Tyrrell

Butts, John L.

Butts, Whitmore Spencer

Buzby, Mark H.

Byler, Howard Thompson

Byng, John Weston

Bynum, James S. 

Byrd Jr., Richard Evelyn

Byrd, John T.

Byrd, Samuel Armanie

Byrne, James F.

Byrne, William D.  Jr.

Byrnes, Robert B.

Byrnside Jr., Benjamin C.

Byus, Fred


Cabanillas, Jose Manuel 1901-1979

Cabaniss, Wright Robert

Cabot, Hugh

Cadwalader, John

Cady, John Permelee

Caesar, Julius S.,

Cafferata, William F.

Cagle, Malcolm W.

Cain Jr., Mat Murry

Cain, James B.

Caine Jr., Lawrence B.

Calder III, William E.

Caldwell, James F., Jr.

Caldwell Jr., Robert H.

Caldwell Jr., Turner F.

Caldwell, Clarence M.

Caldwell, Henry H.

Caldwell, James F., Jr., .

Caldwell, Rex S.

Calhoun, Brian M.

Calhoun, John Franklin

Calhoun, Walter Carson

Calhoun, William Lowndes 1884-1963

Calkin, Willard C.

Callaghan, Daniel Judson 1890-1942

Callaghan, Robert W.

Callaghan, William M.

Callahan Jr., Cornelius P.

Callahan, Edward C.

Callahan, Fort H.

Callahan, Joseph W.

Callan, John L.

Calland III, Albert N.

Calland, Albert M., III

Calver, George Wehnes

Calvert, Allen Phillip

Calvert, James F.

Calvy, George L.

Camera, John A.

Camera, Robert S.

Cameron, Alan R.

Camp, Floyd Charles

Campbell, Clarence H.

Campbell, Clifford Morgan

Campbell, Colin

Campbell, Duncan A.

Campbell, Edward Hale

Campbell, Ernest G.

Campbell, George Marvin

Campbell, George W.

Campbell, Gordon

Campbell, Herbert J.

Campbell, James H.

Campbell, Jay Alan

Campbell, Joseph F.

Campbell, Norwood Axtell

Campbell, Robert L.

Canada Jr., Robert O.

Canaga Jr., Bruce Livingston

Canaga, Bruce Livingston

Caney, Lawrence D.

Cantrell, Roy F.

Cantwell Jr., Richard A.

Canty, Joseph P.

Canty, Thomas J.

Capehart, Wadleigh

Capell, Delmar R.

Caperton, William Banks

Caplan, Stanley

Capodanno, Vincent R.

Capone Jr., Lucien

Capsas, Cleon W.

Caracciolo, Felix

Carberry, Deane E.

Card, Kendall L.

Cardoza, Henry

Cariello, Louis V.

Carl, Robert E.

Carlisle, Charles S.

Carlisle, Geoffrey E.

Carlisle, Harold Avery

Carlson, Albert Carlson

Carlson, Arnold J.

Carlson, Carl Alexius

Carlson, Daniel

Carlson, Fredrick B.

Carlson, Fredrick G. E.

Carlson, Milton Oren

Carlson, Oscar L.

Carlson, Richard P.

Carlson, Spencer August

Carlson, William C.

Carlton, Thomas G.

Carmera, Robert S.

Carmichael Jr., Daniel A.

Carmichael Jr., John H.

Carmick, Edward S.

Carmody, Martin D.

Carnahan, Ralph H.

Carnes, James R.

Carnevale, Joseph Anthony, Jr.

Carney, Francis Joseph

Carney, Gerald F.

Carney, Robert Bostwick 1895-1990

Carney, Thomas F.

Carodine, C. Kenneth

Caron, Wayne M.

Carpenter, Albert P.

Carpender, Arthur S.

Carpenter, Charles L.

Carpenter, Donald F.

Carpenter, Donald Marshall

Carpenter, Francis

Carpenter, Gilbert Crowell

Carpenter, Malcolm Scott 1925-2013 [Archive's copy]

Carpenter, Malcolm Scott

Carpenter, Stephen W.

Carpenter, Wendi B

Carpenter, William Hubbard

Carr, Bruce L.

Carr, John H.

Carr, Kenneth M.

Carr, Nevin P, Jr.

Carranza, Juan M.

Carrington, Royal Casper

Carrison, Daniel J.

Carrithers, Gale H.

Carroll, Charles B.

Carroll, Chester E.

Carroll Jr., Daniel L.

Carroll Jr., Eugene J.

Carroll, Kent J.

Carroll, Penn Leary

Carroll, Robert M.

Carson, Edward B.

Carson, John H.

Carson, Joseph Malcom

Carson, John W., III.

Carson, Joseph H.

Carson, Leon D.

Carson Jr., Matthew V.

Carson, Virgil Hope

Carter, Andrew Francis

Carter, Charles J.

Carter III, Edward W.

Carter, Francis Miller

Carter, Garyson Birch

Carter Jr., James Earl 1924-

Carter, James Benham

Carter, Jesse Hicks

Carter, Matthew J.

Carter, Robert W.

Carter, Thomas J.

Carter, Walter E. "Ted", Jr

Carter, William Joseph

Carter, Worrall Reed

Caruthers, Walter P.

Caruthers, William R.

Carver, Lamar P.

Carver, William E.

Cary, Freeman H.

Cary, Robert Webster

Case, Clinton DeWayne

Casey, John E.

Casey, Thomas J.

Casey, Vincent F.

Cashman, Edward

Cassady, John H.

Cassani Jr., Vincent L.

Cassard, Paul

Cassedy, Hiram

Cassel Jr., Charles M.

Cassell, George L.

Cassias, Jeffrey B.

Cassidy Jr., Herbert A.

Cassidy, John J.

Castelazo, Arthur H.

Castle, Hal C.

Castree, John F.

Caswell, Gordon L.

Carter, Charles J.

Carter, William J.

Cater, Charles John

Cates, Clifton B.

Cates Jr., Clifton B.

Catlett Jr., William J.

Caton, Clifford E.

Caudle, Daryl L.

Caufield, Cecil T.

Cavenagh, Robert W.

Cavendish, Lynn M.

Caveny, Elmer L.

Cavin, Ralph W.

Cease, Lysle Willard

Cecil, Harry Barton

Cellon, Richard Elmer

Cernan, Eugene Andrew 1934- [Archive's copy]

Cernan, Eugene Andrew [Library's copy]

Chabot, Peter Gordon

Chafee, George B.

Chafee, John Hubbard 1922-1999

Chaffee, Roger Bruce 1935-1967 [Archive's copy]

Chaffee, Roger B. [Library's copy]

Challenger, Harold Lincoln

Chalmer, Norman E.

Chamberlin Jr., Douglas F.

Chamberlin, Leonard C.

Chambers, George M.

Chambers, Lester S.

Chambers, Russell Franklyn

Chambers Jr., Samuel D.

Chambers, Thomas E.

Chambers, Washington I.

Chambers, William

Chambliss, William C.

Champe, Joseph E.

Champion Jr., Carleton C.

Champlin, Jackson S.

Champlin, Norman D.

Champlin, Stephen

Chandler, Alfred W.

Chandler, Alvin Duke

Chandler, Lloyd H.

Chandler, Ralph S.

Chandler, Robert A.

Chandler, Theodore Edson 1894-1945

Chandler, William Iriver

Chang, Ming Erh

Chanik, Evan M.

Chanler, Hubert Winthrop

Chantry Jr., Allan J.

Chaplin, Robert C.

Chapline, Vance Duncan

Chapman, Donald D.

Chapman, Harold J.

Chapman, Joseph Ellsworth

Chapman, William Harold

Chappell, John R.

Chappell, Lucius Henry

Chapple, Wreford G.

Charbonnet Jr., Pierre N.

Charette, William R.

Charles, Robert G.

Charlton, Alexander M.

Charneco, Carlos M.

Chase, Earl Richardson

Chase, Grafton D "Chip", Jr.

Chase, Jay Valentine

Chase, Jehu V.

Chase, John D.

Chase, Nathan Brown

Chatfield, Shoshana

Chauncey, Isaac

Chauvenet, William

Cheatham, Benjamin B.

Cheatham, Joseph Johnston

Chebi, Carl P.

Cheek, Marion C.

Cheever, Daniel L.

Cheffey, John H.

Chenault, Fredric A.

Chenault, Oran Ward

Cheney Jr., Wilbur H.

Cheney, Grace

Chessaman, Samuel R.

Chetlin, Norman D.

Chevalier, Godfrey DeCourcesses

Chew, John J.

Chew, John Louis

Chewning, Robert W.

Child, Warren Gerald

Childers Jr., Kenan C.

Chiles, Griffin

Chillingworth Jr., Charles F.

Chilton Jr., Arthur B.

Chilton, William P.

Chimiak, Walter

Chinn, Colin G.

Chinnock, Ronald J.

Chiogioji, Melvin H. 

Chipman, Briscoe

Chittenden, John L.

Chourre, Emile

Chrisman, Allan S.

Christensen, Ernest E.

Christensen, Waldeman Nichlous

Christensen, Wayne J.

Christensen, William Harold

Christenson, John N.

Christian, Kemp Catlett

Christiansen, Arnold R.

Christiansen, George M.

Christiansen, John S.

Christie, Ralph Waldo

Christie, Warren B.

Christman, Thomas J.

Christmas, Walter Fredrick

Christopher, Thomas A.

Christy, Harley Hannibal

Chubb, Phillip D.

Chung-Hoon, Gordon P.

Church III, Albert T.

Church Jr., Albert T.

Church, Albert T.

Church, Gaylord

Church, Spencer C.

Church, William C. G.

Claggett, Bladen Dulany

Claiborne, Henri De Balathier

Claman, John Sydney

Clancy Jr., Albert H.

Clarey, Bernard A.

Clark III, Asa A.

Clark Jr., Charles R.

Clark, Allen L.

Clark, Alto B.

Clark, Benedict D

Clark, Carlton H.

Clark, Cecil

Clark, Charles E.

Clark, Clarence F.

Clark, Frank H.

Clark, George Ramsey 1857-1945 [Archive's copy]

Clark, Grover V.

Clark, Henry G.

Clark, James S.

Clark, Jeane R.

Clark, John Alfred

Clark, John E.

Clark, John P.

Clark, Joseph James 1893-1971

Clark, Morris Y.

Clark, Ralph L.

Clark, Richard G.

Clark, Robert M.

Clark, Robert Nicholson Scott

Clark, Sam E.

Clark, Sherman R.

Clark, Thurston B. 

Clark, Vern

Clarke, Horace Donald

Clarke, Paul W.

Clarke, Peter J

Clarke, Ralph S.

Clarke, Walter E.

Clarke, Wilfred Everett

Clarkson, Arthur Alexander

Clarkson, James Stroud

Clausner Jr., Edward

Clay, Donald Noble

Clay, James P.

Clay, Mark W.

Clayton, Marvin C.

Clayton, Spry Owen

Claytor, William Graham, Jr. 1912-1994

Cleavers, Alfred S.

Cleborne, Cuthbert John

Clegg, Courtney G.

Clegg, Glenn William

Clegg, Milton Chipman

Cleland, Cook

Clementson, Merrill K.

Clexton, Edward William

Clifford, Clark M.

Clifford, Lloyd Erwin

Clifford Jr., William F.

Clifton, Joseph C.

Cline, John Burnett

Clingan, Bruce W.

Clinton, Jack W.

Close, Burdette Eugene

Close, Forrest

Close, Robert H.

Cloughley, Sterling

Cloukey, Malcolm M.

Clouser, Daniel K. 

Clover, Richardson

Cloyd, Dan

Clure, Harry Adrian Mc

Clure, Jesse Samuel Mc

Clusen, Gerald W. "Jerry"

Clusen, Gerald W. "Jerry"

Cluverius, Wat Tyler

Coad, Richard Joseph

Coale, Griffith Baily

Coane, Casey W.

Coats Jr., Leonidas D.

Coats, Robert C.

Cobb, Calvin Hayes

Cobb, James O.

Cobb,William Wilson, Jr.


Cobean Jr., Warren R.

Coburn, Ralph G.

Cochran, Joe B.

Cochran, Thomas

Cochrane, Edward L.

Cocke, Herbert C.

Cockell, William Arthur

Coclough, Oswald Symister

Coddington, James A.

Coe, Benjamin

Coe, Charles Fredrick

Coe, James Wiggins 1909-1946 

Coe, Priscilla B.

Coetzee, Althea H. "Allie"

Coffin, Albert P.

Coffin Jr., Clarence E.

Coffin, Harry N.

Coffman, De Witt

Cogswell, Francis

Cogswell, James Kelsey

Cogswell, Wilson P.

Cohen, Jay M.

Cohen, Marion Y.

Cohen, Marshall

Cohn, James E.

Coil, Emory W.

Cokely, Harold J.

Coker, Charles W.

Colahan, Charles E.

Colbert, Richard G.

Coclough, Oswald Symister

Cole Jr., Allyn

Cole, Brady M.

Cole, Brandy M

Cole, Christopher W.

Cole, Cyrus C.

Cole, Cyrus Willard

Cole, Darrell Samuel

Cole, Harold E.

Cole Jr., Otis R.

Cole, Philip P.

Cole, Shelby O.

Cole, William Carey

Cole, William Marchant

Colee Jr., Henry C.

Coleman, Joseph L.

Coleman, Norman Arthur

Coleman Jr., Thaddeus T.

Coleman, Walter D.

Coleman, William Bryan

Colestock, Esward E.

Coley, Charles C.

Coley Jr., Vernon J.

Colleran, Gerald F.

Collett, James Dalman

Collett, John A.

Collins, Dale E.

Collins, Frank Charles, Jr.


Collins, Howard L.

Collins, Pierre Dey

Collins, William M.

Collins, Winifred Quick

Collis, John L.

Collisson, Norman Harvey

Coloney, Herndon Percival

Colvin, Victor Galbraith

Colwell, John Barr

Colwell, Samuel G.

Colyear, Bayard Henry

Combs, Lewis Barton

Combs, Thomas S.

Combs Jr., Osie V.

Combs Jr., Walter V.

Comly Jr., Samuel Pancoast

Comp, Charles Owen

Compo, George Leo

Compton, Bryan W.

Compton, James P.

Compton, Karl T.

Compton, Lewis

Compton, Oliver D.

Comstock, Lewis Wells

Comstock, Merrill

Conrad, Charles

Conatser, Charles N.

Conaughty, Robert B.

Condra Jr., Edward M.

Cone, Henry S.

Cone, H. I.

Cone, James Ingham

Cone, Warren M.

Cone, William Wheatly

Coney, Charles E.

Conger, Henry J.

Conger, James W.

Conkey, George L.

Conklin, Fredric Lawton

Conlan, Clarence Vincent

Conley Jr., Thomas F.

Conn, Richard J. H.

Conn, Robert H.

Conn, Scott D.

Connally, Clem Brandon

Connally, John Bowden, Jr. 1917-1993

Connaway, Fred

Connell, Byron James

Connole, David Rickart

Connolly III, Bartholomew J.

Connolly, Joseph Anthony

Connolly, Thomas F.

Connor, Michael J.

Conolly, Richard L.

Conrad, Charles, Jr., "Pete" 1930-1999

Conrad, Cuthbert P.

Conrad, Edward E.

Conrad, Robert Dexter

Conradt-Eberlin, Viggo H.

Conroy, Thomas L.

Constant, Maurice

Converse, Adelbert F.

Converse, Blake L.

Conway Jr., Robert T.

Conway, William

Conway, Lester C.

Cook, Albert B.

Cook Jr., Albert George

Cook Jr., Allen Pearcy

Cook, Arthur Byron

Cook, Arthur D. Cook

Cook, George C.

Cook, Glover H.

Cook Jr., Harry E.

Cook, Ralph E.

Cook, Sterling S.

Cook, William C.

Cook, Wilmer P.

Cooke Jr., Charles Maynard

Cooke, Edward W.

Cooke, Fredrick A. F.

Cooke, Henry David

Cooke Jr., William Robert

Coolbaugh, Walter Wesley

Cooley, Hollis W.

Cooley Jr., Samuel M.

Cooley, Thomas Ross

Cooney, David M.

Coons, William W.

Coontz, Robert Edward 1864-1935 [Archive's copy]

Cooper, Brad

Cooper, Charles B.

Cooper, Clifford S.

Cooper, Damon W.

Cooper, George F.

Cooper, George G.

Cooper, George R.

Cooper, Henry Martin

Cooper, Jacob Elliot

Cooper, Joshua W.

Cooper, Robert Ward

Cooper, Thomas F.

Cooper, William G.

Cope, Alfred L.

Cope, Francis Harley

Copeland, Howard Greydon

Copeland, Richard G.

Copeland, Robert W.

Copeman, Tom

Copley , Curt ,

Coppedge, John O.

Coppola, Joseph A.

Corbin, Clifford Thomas

Corbus, John

Cordiner, Douglas L. L.

Corey, Brian K.

Corey, Howard G.

Corle, Fredric W.

Corley, Jr., Frank W.

Cormier, Richard L.

Corn, William Anderson

Cornell, S. D.

Cornwell, Delbert S. 

Coronado, John

Corradi, Peter

Correll, Richard A.

Corry Jr., William Herrrill

Corry, John

Cosgriff, Kevin J.

Cosgrove Jr., Paul F.

Coskey, Kenneth

Costanza, Charles

Costas, John N.

Costello Jr., Edward J.

Costello, Barry M.

Costello, Joseph Patrick

Coster Jr., Gerard Holsman

Cote Jr., Oliver H.

Cotter, Carl Henry

Cottingham, Claybrook B.

Cottle, George F.

Cottman, Vincendon L.

Cotton Jr., Thomas R.

Cotton, John Bert

Cotton, John G.

Cotton, John H.

Cotton, Lyman A.

Coughlin, Donald M.

Coughlin, John T.

Coulter, Frank J.

Coulter, Howard Nixon

Couniham Jr., John L.

Counts, Stanley T.

Court, John M.

Courtney, Charles Edward

Cousins, Ralph W.

Covell, Cynthia A. "Cindy"

Covert, Charles J.

Cowan, John S.

Cowan, Maichael L.

Coward, Jesse G.

Cowdrey, Roy T.

Cowell, John G.

Cowhill, William J.

Cowie, Terrence Ritchie

Cowie, Thomas Jefferson

Cowley, Robert E., III

Cox Jr., George E.

Cox, Donald V.

Cox, Leonard M.

Cox, Marshall, H.

Cox, Ormand Lee

Cox, Robert Justin, .

Cox, Samuel J.

Cox, William R.

Coxe, Lewis C.

Coye, Jr., John Starr

Coyl, Edwin B.

Coyle, Michael Thomas

Cozad, Kyle

Craig, Clement M.

Craig, Harold C.

Craig, James G.

Craig, John Rich

Craig, Joseph E.

Craig, Kenneth

Craig, Richard James

Craig, Scott T.

Craig, Winchell, M.

Craig, Wyatt

Craighill, Richard Starr

Craighill, Robert R.

Cramer Jr., Shannon D.

Crandall, Darse E.,

Crane, John J.

Crane, John Wilbur, Jr.

Crane, Richard T.

Crane, W. Michael "Sky"

Cratf Jr., James P.

Craven, Conrad Winfield

Craven, Francis S.

Craven, John H.

Craven, John Piña

Craven, Phillip R.

Craven, Thomas Tingey

Crawford Jr., Joseph W.

Crawford Jr., William H.

Crawford, Arthur G.

Crawford, Charles L.

Crawford, David Stolz

Crawford, Earl B.

Crawford, George C.

Crawford, Jack H.

Crawford, James W.  III

Crawford, John Graybill

Creamer, William Wilson

Crean, Sean F.

Creasor, Philip Swanton

Creasy Jr., Otway David

Creehan, Edward Patrick

Creevy, Lawrence E.

Creighton, John M.

Creighton, Kathleen M.

Creighton, Liles W.

Crenshaw, Lewis W., Jr.

Crenshaw Jr., Lewis W.

Crenshaw Jr., Russell S.

Crenshaw, William Robins

Cresap, James B.

Crichton, Charles Helmick

Criddle, Clement Robert

Crilley, Frank William

Crippen, Robert Laurel

Crisp, Donna L.

Crisp, Fredrick Grafton

Crissman, George G.

Crist Jr., Le Merton Edson

Crist, Harold F.

Crites, Randy B.

Crittenden Jr., Samuel Hallett

Crocker, David M.

Crombe, Charles E.

Crommelin Jr., John G.

Crommelin, Charles L.

Crommelin, Henry

Crommelin, Quentin C.

Crommelin, Richard G.

Cromwell, John P.

Cronin, George F.

Cronin, Joseph Campbell

Cronin, Robert E.

Cronk, David J.

Cronkite, Eugene Pitcher

Crook, Joseph A.

Crook, Lewis J.

Cropper, Thomas A.

Crosby, Gordon J.

Crosby, Howard Sylney

Crosby, Philip

Crosland, George Nathaniel

Crosley, Paul C.

Crosley, Walter S.

Cross, cornelius Tunnecliff

Cross, Fredrick C.

Cross, Harold E.

Cross, James F.

Cross, William H.

Crosse, Charles, Washburn

Crouch, Edwin M.

Crow, Howard Daniel

Crowder, William Douglas

Crowder, William T.

Crowe Jr., William J.

Crowe, John Francis

Crowe, John W.

Crowley Jr., Roger J.

Crowley, Edward Dupuis

Crowley, John D.

Cruise, Edgar Allen

Crumpacker, John

Cruse, Carl M.

Cruse, James H.

Crutcher, William R.

Crutchfield Jr., Paul W.

Crutchfield, Jack R.

Crutchfield, Robert R.

Cruz, Anatolio B. "A.B.", III

Cruzen, Richard H.

Cryer III, John P.

Cryer, John P.

Cuccia, Robert A.

Cullen, Thomas F.

Cullom, Philip Hart

Culter, Roger W.

Culver, Burtnett Kent

Cumberledge, Arthur A.

Cummings Jr., Edward J.

Cummings Jr., Edward M.

Cummings, Charles W.

Cummings, Samuel A.

Cummins, David E.

Cummins, Samuel A.

Cunha, George Daniel

Cunneen, John M.

Cunningham, Alfred Austell

Cunningham, Bernard V.

Cunningham, Thomas D.

Cunningham, Winfield Scott

Cureton, Murphy K.

Curione, Charles

Curran Jr., James H.

Curren, Howard F.

Currier, Roger Noon

Curtis, D. C

Curtis, Robert W.

Curtis Jr., Walter L.

Curts, Maurice Edwin

Curtze, Charles A.

Cushing, Dana B.

Cushing, William Baker

Cushman, Charles W.

Cusic, Marshall Edward Jr

Custer, Benjamin Scott

Custis, Donald L.

Cutchen, Bryan P. "Clutch"

Cutler, Dawn E., 

Cutler, Henry O.

Cutter, Freeman

Cutter, Slade D.

Cutts, Elwin F.

Czerwenka, Adolph P.



Dabagh, Theodore D.

Dabney, Thomas B.   1913 - 2010

Dacey, John E.  1916 - 1991

Dachs, Lukas V. 1916 - 1959

Daggett, Roswell Belden

Dahlgren, John Adolphus Bernard 1809-1870 [ZB file copy]

Dahllof, Robert L.

Dalstrom, Vincent A.

Dailey, C. Robertson

Daily, Augustus D.

Dale, Ronald H.

Daily, Fredrick Earle

Dalton, Gorge F.

Dalton, John Howard 1941- 

Dalton, Joseph Francis

Dalton, Marc H.

Daly, Daniel Joseph 1873 - 1937

Daly, George W.

Daly, Peter H.

Dames, Thomas Allan

Damon, Newton L.

Dana, Marshall M.

Dana, Winfred P.

Daniel, John C.

Daniel, Hugh Spencer

Daniel Jr., James W.

Daniel, Henry C.

Daniel Jr., Royal T.

Daniels, John M.

Daniels, Josephus

Daniels, Lowell P.

Daniels, Sandy

Dankworth, Theodore P.

Dannenburg, John Yancey

Dannettell, Ralph

Danzig, Richard Jeffrey 1944- 

Darby, Marshall E.

Dare, Eugene R.

Dare, James A.

Darnell, William I.

Darrah, Mark W

Darroch, James W.

Darton, Herber E.

Dashiell Jr., Edward L.

Dashiell, Robert Brooke

Daspit, Lawrence Randall

Daub, Jr., John

Daubenspeck, Richard E.

Daubin, Freeland Allan

Davenport, Roy Milton

Davey Jr., Hearry E.

Davey, Thomas L.

Davids, Yvette M.

Davidson, James J.

Davidson, Janine.

Davidson, John F.

Davidson, Lyal A.

Davidson , Philip S.

Davidson, Roscoe A.

Davidson, Tina A.

Davidson, Walter B.

Davie, Theodore H.

Davies, Thomas D.

Davis, Albert S.

Davis, Burton

Davis, Clifford L. H. 

Davis Jr., David W.

Davis, Donald C.

Davis, Douglas C.

Davis III, Edward Morris

Davis, Eugene W.

Davis, Jr., George E.

Davis, George Fleming

Davis, Jr., George M.

Davis, Glenn B.

Davis, Hartwell C.

Davis, James E.

Davis, James H.

Davis, James Kepler

Davis, James White

Davis, James R.

Davis, John

Davis Jr., John A.

Davis Jr., John B.

Davis, John F.

Davis, John P.

Davis, Kent 

Davis Jr., Lewis E.

Davis, Lewis Farling

Davis, Louis P.

Davis Jr., Landon Leslie

Davis Jr., Nathaniel Burt

Davis, Ralph O.

Davis, Ransom Kirby

Davis, Ray

Davis, Robert Gaylord

Davis, Robert Stevens

Davis, Royce P.

Davis, Thomas M.

Davis, W. Kent

Davis, Ward Percival

Davis Jr., Will J.

Davis, William V "Bill"

Davis Jr., William V.

Davison, Henry D.

Davison, Ralph Eugene

Davison, William H.

Davisson, Fredrick A.

Dawes, Robert Alden

Dawley, Jack B.

Dawson Jr., Howard W.

Dawson Jr., J. Culter

Dawson, Kenneth Vernon

Dawson, William F.

Dawson, William L.

Day, Burton Eldred

Day, De Vere Lester

Day Jr., Douglas Turner

Day, Edward M.

Day, George C.

Day Jr., Howard Earl

Day, Rhodes E.

Dayton, John Havens

Dean, Frank Homewood

Dean, Jack G.

Dean Jr., William Arthur

Dearing, Arthur Herbert

Debbink, Dirk J

De Blanc, Jefferson Joseph

DeCamp, Louis E.

DeKrafft, John C. P.

Dealey, Samuel D.

Decater, Stephen

Decker, Benton Weaver

Decker, Arthur T.

Dedman, Tyler F.

Dedrick, Walter

Deegan, Joseph F.

Deegan Jr., Joseph F.

Deem, Joseph M.

Deen, Harvard F.

Dees, Randal Euesta

de Florez, Luis

DeFoney, Clinton Githens

Deford, Clifford C.

Defrees, Joseph R.

Defrees Jr., Joseph R.

De Haven, Edwin Jesse

Deibler Jr., William H.

DeKay, Charles G.

Delahanty, Frank P.

Delaney, Henry R.

Delaney, John Francis

Delaney, William Ernest

Delano, Victor

DeLany, Walter S.

DeLargy, John M.

Delezene, James R.

Dell Jr., Thomas Medairy

DeLoach, Jay A

DeLong, Edward G.

DeLong Henry C.

DelToro, Moises , III

Demarest, Harold R.

DeMetroplis, George

Demmler, Charles F.

Dempsey, James C.

Denbo, Robert W.

Denebrink, Francis C.

Denegre, Jr., Thomas B.

Denfeld, Louis Emil 1891-1972

Denneen, John P.

Dennett, Erle Van Emburgh

Dennis, Jefferson R.

Dennison, Robert Lee 1901-1980

Denton Jr., Jeremiah A.

Denton, William Thomas

De Poix, Vincent Paul

Deragon, William N.

De Renzi, Nanette

Desel, Robert F. P.

De Steiguer, Louis R.

DeTar, John L.

Dettman, Frank Carl Louis

Detweiler, Louis M.

Detzer Jr., August J. 

Deutermann, Harold T.

Deutermann, William Vincent

Deutsch, Kenneth William,

DeVane Jr., John M.

DeVico, Anthony J.

DeVos, Paul Louis

Dew Jr., Carlos

Dew, Irvin L.

DeWalt, Rodney P "Tool"

DeWert, Richard

Dewey, George

Dewey, William H.

DeWitt, John C.

DeWitt, Nellie Jane

DeWolf, Maurice M.

Dexter, Edwin Boardman

Deyo, Morton L.

Diaz Jr., Alberto

Dibrell Jr., Aquilla G.

Dichman, Grattan C.

Dick, John H.

Dickeman, Charles Theodore

Dickens Jr., Paul F.

Dickerson, Vincent M.

Dickey, Fred Clinton

Dickey, Gene P.

Dickey, Willie Mills

Dickinson Jr., Dwight

Dickinson, Everett H.

Dickinson, George W.

Dickinson, Milton C.

Dickson, Edward A.

Dickson, Harlan Rockey

Dickson, John Paul

Diehl, Walter Stuart

Diekhoff, Arold H.

Dierdorff, Ross Ainsworth

Dierman, Frederick G.

Dietrich, Henry Thornton

Dietrich, Neil K.

Dietrich, William Francis

Dietz, James S.

Dietzen Jr., Walter N.

Diffley, John R.

Dillen, Roscoe Franklin

Dillon, John G.

Dillon, John Herman

Dillon, John Richard

Dillon, Wallace Myron

Dillon, William S.

Dimitrijevic, William Joseph

Dimmick, John Bagley

Dineen, Aurthur F.

Dingwell, John Ernest

Dinneen, John H.

Dinsmore, Harold T.

Disher, John Stephen

Dissette, Edward F.

Ditch, William E.

Dittmar, Charles A.

Dixon Jr., John C.

Dixon, Kelvin N.

Dixon, Robert E.

Doak, Samuel L.

Doan, Henry C.

Dobbins, Richard F.

Dobbs, Horace Franklin

Dobie Jr., Ernest W.

Dockum, Donald Granville

Dockweiler, Edward Vincent

Dodd, Harold

Dodd, Jack G.

Dodge, Frank Riley

Dodge, Henry Benjamin

Dodge, Sherwood Higby

Dodgen, James E.

Dodgen, Joey B.

Dodson, Bennett Merritt

Dodson, Harry Leluce

Dodson, Joseph E.

Dodson, Oscar H.

Doering, Wallace S.

Doherty, John C.

Dolan Jr., John W.

Dolan, William A.

Doll, Bruce A.

Dollard, Henry L.

Dombroff, Seymour

Dominy, John A.

Donaho, Doyle G.

Donaho, Glynn Robert

Donald, H. Gordon

Donald, Kirkland H.

Donaldson Jr., James C.

Donegan, Kevin M. "Kid"

Donnelly, John Jay

Donnelly Jr., William E.

Donnelly, William E.

Donovan, Janet R.

Donovan, Thomas A.

Dooley, Thomas A.

Doolittle, Richard N.

Doran, Walter E.

Doran, Walter Francis


Dorman, Alvin E.

Dornin, Marshall E.

Donin, Robert E.

Dorr, Hayes Ashton

Dorrington, Joseph F.

Dorsett, David John


Dorsett, John O. F.

Dorsey, Daniel R.

Dorsey, Jack S.

Dortch, Isaac Foote

Dose, Robert G.

Doss Jr., Clarence T.

Dougherty, Kathryn

Doughty Jr., Leonard

Douglas, Benjamin T.

Douglas, James

Douw, Volckert Petrus

Dow, Jennings Bryan

Dow, Leonard J.

Dowd, Wallace R.

Dowd, Jr., Wallace R.

Dowdell, James S.

Dowling, Otto Carl

Downes, John

Downes, Robert S.

Downey, Denis-James J.

Downey, James P

Downey, Louis A.

Doyle, Austin Kelvin

Doyle, James Henry 1897-1981

Doyle, Stafford H. R.

Doyle Jr., Thomas J.

Doyle Jr., William Thomas

Drachnik, Joseph B.

Draemel, Milo Fredrick

Drain, Dan T.

Drake, Francis R.

Drake, Thomas R.

Drake, William W.

Drane, William, M.

Draper, William Franklin

Dreisonstock, Joseph Y.

Dreith, Floyd J.

Dreller, Louis

Drescher, Carl G.

Dress, George K.

Dressendrofer, Davis E.

Drew, Edward J.

Drew, Marianne

Driscoll, George M.

Driscoll, Patrick

Driver, Randolph S.

Droom. Lawrence K.

Dropp, Anthony Henry

Drouilhet, Paul R.

Druckemiller, William H.

Druggan, Tom.

Drum, Henry W.

Drury, Martin J.

Drustrup, Norman J.

Dry, Melvin H.

Dry, Spence

Dryden, John Edward

Dubois, Raymond F.

Dubois, Samuel Walter

DuBose, Williams G.

Duborg, Francis R.

Duborg, Robert W.

Dubose, Laurance T.

DuBose, William G.

Duchin, Edwin F.

Duckworth, Herbert S.

Dudley, Clayton R.

Dudley, George E.

Dudley, James Rogers

Dudley, Paul L.

Duerfeldt, Clifford H.

Duerk, Alene B.

Dufek, George J.

Duff, Howard C.

Duffill, Monre B.

Duffner, Gerald J.

Duffy, Charles G.

Duffy, George Edward

Duffy, Gerald E.

Dugan. Paul Fleming

Dugan, Thomas B.

Duborg, Christian Harold

Duke, Claren Emmett

Duke, Irving Terrill

Dumbauld, Carl M.

Dunagan, Glenn L.

Dumbell, Raymond

Dumont, Michael J.

Dunaway, David A.

Dunbar, Arthur W.

Dunbrack, Harry 

Duncan, Charles K.

Duncan, Donald B.

Duncan, George C.

Duncan, Greer A.

Duncan, Jack Harlan

Duncan, Max C.

Duncan, Richard L.

Duncan, Silas

Dunford, James Marshall

Dunham, Frank C.

Dunham Jr., Frank C.

Dunlap, Robert Hugo

Dunlap, Roy L.

Dunlap, Stanton B.

Dunn, Bess Amelia

Dunn, Charles Alfred

Dunn, Elmer J.

Dunn, Herbert O.

Dunn, John Howard

Dunn, Joseph Brantley

Dunn, Robert F.

Dunne, Patrick W.

Dunnells, Robert E.

Dunning, Allan L.

Dupre Jr., Marcy Mathias

Dur, Philip A.

Durand, Robert T. “Roberto”


Durant, Kenneth William

Durden, Walter D.

Durgin, Clavin Thornton

Durhan, Thomas Arthur

Durski, Malen

Duryea, David M.

Duryea, Edward Harold

Dussault, George A.

Dussault, Kathleen M.

Dustin, Fredrick G.

DuVal Jr., Miles P.

Duvall Jr., Elmer Ellsworth

Duvall, William H.

Dwire, Oliver S.

Dwyer, Daniel W.


Dwyer, Dennis M.

Dwyer, George C.

Dwyer, Thomas L.

Dyer, Joseph W.

Dybdal, Victor A.

Dyer, George Carroll

Dyer, George L.

Dyer, James S.

Dyer Jr., Robert Allen

Dyer, Walter L.

Dyess, Aquilla J.

Dykers, Thomas M.

Dyson, Howell J.


Eagle Jr., Carlton R.

Earle, Otis J.

Earle, Ralph

Earle Jr., Ralph

Early Jr., Julius C.

Early, Paul J.

Eason Jr., Van Vernon

Easterling, Henry M.

Easton, William T.

Eastwold, Earl R.

Eaton, Melville E.

Eaton, William

Eaton, Wiliam G.

Eberhard, Arthur C.

Eberhart, John Jacob

Eberle, Edward Walter 1864-1929

Ebersole, John Henry

Ebert, Hilan

Ebert, Walter Gale

Eckberg, Herbert F.

Eckberg, Walter T.

Eccles, Henry E.

Eccles, Thomas J.  

Eckelmeyer Jr., Edward H.

Eckhoff, Fredrick J.

Ede, Shakeeb

Eddy, Daniel T.

Eddy, Thomas R.

Edgar, Campbell Dallas

Edmands, Ernest John

Edsall, Warner R.

Edson, Merritt A.

Edson, Stephen R.

Edwards Jr., David S.

Edwards Jr., Fredrick Lee

Edwards, Hal K.

Edwards, Heywood L.

Edwards, Irwin Griffith

Edwards, John E.

Edwards III, John Q

Edwards, Mark J.

Edwards, Raymond D

Edwards, Richard Stanislaus 1885-1956

Edwards, Steven H

Edwards, Walter A.

Efird, Terril A.

Eggers, Fremont Baldwin

Eggert, Ernest F.

Eighmy, Herbert H.

Eisenbach, Charles R.

Eisenhart, George N.

Eisenhower, Dwight D.

Eisner, Jacques Rodney

Ekas Jr., Claude P.

Ekstrom, Clarence E.

Ekvall, Leslie D.

Eldridge Jr., John

Eldridge, Robert Louis

Elfelt, James S.

Eller, Donald T.

Eller, Ernest McNeill 1903-1992

Eller, James B.

Ellet, Charles

Elliott, Edward C.

Elliott Jr., James B.

Elliott, James M.

Elliott Jr., Ralph E.

Elliot Jr., Robert W.

Ellis Jr., George F

Ellis, Hayne

Ellis, Herbert A.

Ellis, James W.

Ellis, Charles John

Ellis, Paul Bush

Ellis, Robert Beaman

Ellis, Robert Lee Jr.

Ellis, Walter J.

Ellis, William A.

Ellis, William D.

Ellis, William E.

Ellis, William H.

Ellis, Winford G. (Jerry)

Ellison, Davis R.

Ellison, Harold J.

Ellison, Stanley E.

Ellison, Thomas B.

Ellsberg, Edward

Ellsworth Jr., Ernest Bradford

Ellyson, Theodore G.

Elmer, Joseph S.

Elpers, William W.

Ely, Don L.

Elsasser, Leo J.

Embree, Ralph A.

Embry Jr., Ashton F.

Emerson, Raffe

Emery, George C.

Emery, George Williams

Emmet, Robert R. M.

Emmons, George F.

Emory, Campbell Dallas

Emrick, Paul E.

Engelman, William L.

Engen, Donald D.

Enger, Walter M.

England, Gordon Richard 1937-

Engle, Paul R.

Engleman, Christian L.

English Jr., Elbert H.

English, Raymond P.

English, Robert Allen Joseph

English, Robert H.

England, Harry W.

Enright, George T.

Enright, Joseph E.

Enright, Joseph F.

Ensey, Lot

Ensey, Lyttleton B.

Entler Jr., Daniel M.

Entwistle, Fredrick I.

Epes Jr., Horace H.

Eppes, Marion Henry

Eppley, Marion

Epps, William Bunyon

Erben, Henry

Erck, Charles Fredrick

Erdmann, William L.

Erly, Robert Broussard

Ernest, Ralph N.

Erwin, Donald L.

Esch, Arthur G.

Escobar, Frank A.

Espenas, Arthur K.

Espy Jr., Cecil Jefferson

Esslinger, Robert John

Estabrook Jr., William S.

Esterly, Marcus H.

Etter, Harry S.

Etter Jr., James Henry

Eubank, Gerald A.

Evans, Charles Leo Glandore

Evans, Donald Sidley

Evans, Earl F.

Evans, Ernest Edwin 1908-1945

Evans, Ernest Edwin

Evans, Francis Thomas

Evans, Franck T.

Evans, Frank E.

Evans, Jr., Griffith C.

Evans, Myron T.

Evans, Ronald Ellwin 1933-1990 [Archive's copy]

Evans, Ronald E.

Evans, Stuart J.

Evans, William Ashby

Evans, William A.

Evans, William Robinson

Evenson, Marvin Pabodie

Everett, George Stafford

Everett, Robert J

Evers, Adelbert R.

Eversole, Fredrick L.

Eversole, John Thomas

Ewen, Edward C.

Ewing, John L.

Ewoldt, Leonard E.

Eyer, Alfred W.

Eynon, Everett

Eytchison, Ronald M.


Fagan Jr., John F.

Fagan, Edward Mallon

Fages, Malcolm I.

Fahle, Robert Schley

Fahrion, Frank G.

Fahrney, Delmer S.

Fahy, Edward J.

Fahy, Edward J.

Fahy, John S.

Fair, John W.

Fair, Robert E.

Fairbanks, Douglas Elton, Jr. 1909-2000

Fairchild, Milton Duncan

Fairfax, Eugene G.

Fairfield, Arthur Philip

Fairs Jr., Carl F.

Faison, C. Forrest, III

Falgout, George Irving

Faller, Craig S.

Fallon, William J.

Fann, Herbert Keeney

Fanta, Peter

Farber, William S.

Farenholt, Ammen

Farenholt, Oscar Walter

Fargo, Thomas B.

Fargo, William B.

Farkas, Robert E.

Farley, William B.

Farnsworth, John Semer

Farnsworth, Raymond E.

Farquhar, Allan S.

Farragut, David Glasgow 1801-1870 [ZB file copy]

Farrar, Marvale T.

Farrell, Eugene H.

Farrell, John R.

Farrell, Joseph A.

Farrell, Leo Bernard

Farrell, Ralph A. W.

Farrell, Richard M.

Farrin, James M.

Farrington, Elwin L.

Farrington, Robert F.

Farrow, Henry

Farwell Jr., Arthur F.

Farwell, Charles B.

Farwell, Raymond Forrest

Faubion, Bernard H.

Faucett, Ralph E.

Faulders Jr., Cyril T.

Faulk, Roland W.

Fauntz, Theodore Clarkson

Faust, Allen R.

Fawkes, Emerson E.

Fay, Albert J.

Fay Jr., Paul Burgess

Faye Jr., Edwin N.

Fearnow, Fredrick R.

Fechteler, Augustus Francis 1857-1921 [Archives' copy]

Fechteler, Frank C.

Fechtler, William Morrow 1896-1967

Feder, John G.

Fee, John J.

Feichtinger, Mark R.

Feightner, Edward L.

Feineman, Wilber W.

Feinman, David M.

Feliciano, Allan  

Fellers, William M.

Fellin, Tom S.

Fellows Jr., Frederick Gale

Fellows Jr., John B.

Fellows, Carl M.

Felt, Harry Donald

Felter, John F.

Fenner, Edward Blaine

Fenno Jr., Frank W.

Fenton, Charles R.

Fenton, Gregory J. "Fence"

Fenwick, Joseph E.

Ferguson, Charles L.

Ferguson, George William

Ferguson, Glover T.

Ferguson, James D.

Ferguson, John A.

Ferguson, Mark E., III

Fernald, James Merrill

Ferrante, John M.

Ferrara, Maurice

Ferris, Floyd F.

Ferris, James

Ferriter, Charles A.

Ferwerda, Thomas

Ferwerda, Vernon Leroy

Fessenden, Reginald Aubrey

Fiala, Reid P.

Fick, Harold F.

Fickland, Evan E.

Fidel, John A.

Fidler, Charles R.  

Field Jr., Benjamin P.

Field Jr., Jennings Pemble

Field, Bunton Robert

Field, George Arthur

Field, Wells Laflin

Fielder, Charles W.

Fielding, Charles Fredrick

Fielding, Teddy R.

Fienscher Jr., Edward

Fife Jr., James

Fifield, John G.

Filipowski, Sean R.

Filippone, Saverio

Fillerbrown, Thomas S.

Fillion, Daniel H.

Finch Jr., Joseph Warren

Findley, Lloyd G.

Fine, Stanley S.

Fink  Jr., Beauford Wallace

Fink, Carl Kenneth

Finley Jr., Miles R.

Finn, John W.

Finnegan, Joseph

Finneran, John G.

Finney Jr., Earl

Fiorini, Elmer B.

Firth, Maxim W.

Fischer Jr., Harry

Fischer, C. Fink

Fischer, George E.

Fischler Peter Kalsch

Fish, Howell C.

Fisher, Allan J.

Fisher, Alton K.

Fisher, Alvan

Fisher, John R.

Fisher, Lee W.

Fisher, Rand H.

Fisher, Ronald Joseph

Fisher, William Gooding

Fiske, Bradley Allen

Fiske, Leon S.

Fitch, Aubrey

Fitch, Henry Winslow

Fitch, Howard Wesley

Fitz, Harold Carlton

Fitzgerald Jr., William F.

Fitzgerald, Charles Tuckerman

Fitzgerald, James R.

Fitzgerald, John A.

Fitzgerald, Mark P.

Fitzgibbon, John E.

Fitzhugh Jr., Mayo M.

Fitzpatrick, Francis J.

Fitz-Patrick, Joseph P.

Fitzsimmons, Andrew M. R.

Fitzsimmons, John Patrick

Fitzwilliam, Albert E.

Flaherty, Arthur I.

Flaherty, Michael Francis Donald 1904-1993

Flanagan, William R.

Flanchsenhar, John Jay

Flanders, Moira N.

Flanigan, Howard A.

Flannery, John L.

Flatley, James Henry, Jr. 1906-1958

Fleck, Bernard A.

Fleck Jr., Francis E.

Fleet, John Paul

Fleming, Allan F.

Fleming, Edward S.

Fleming, Morton Klyne, Jr. 1904-1995

Fleming, Patrick D.

Fleet, John Paul

Flenniken Jr., Clifton Wharton

Fletcher Jr., Francis O’C.

Fletcher, Frank Friday 1855-1928 [Archive's copy]

Fletcher, Frank Jack 1885-1973 [Archive's copy]

Fletcher, William B.

Fletcher Jr., William B.

Fligg, Claude M.

Flint Jr., Lawrence E.

Flippen, Homer W.

Floberg, John Forrest

Florence, John W.

Flower, Charles F.

Floyd, Kenneth E.

Floyd, William Orrin

Fluckey Eugene B.

Fluegel, Fred C.

Flynn, John F.

Flynn, Joseph E.

Flynn, Russell F.

Flynn, Thomas Joseph

Foertner, John F.

Fogarty, William M.

Fogel, Ronald H.

Foggo, James G., III

Foley III, John B.

Foley Jr., Harry J. P.

Foley Jr., Paul

Foley Jr., Sylvester R.

Foley, Francis D.

Foley, Joseph Ferrall

Foley, Robert Joseph

Folk, Winston Pilcher

Folsom, Parker L.

Foote, Andrew Hull

Foote, John Storrs

Foott, George Wade

Ford, Gerald Rudolp, Jr. 1913-2006

Ford, John

Ford, Robert S.

Ford, Walter Chilcott

Ford, Warren W.

Forees Jr., Bernard B.

Foreman, Robert P.

Forest, Francis X.

Forgy Jr., Earl

Forman, Robert N.

Formoe, Clarence M.

Forquer, Charles J.

Forrest, Gaylord T.

Forrest, James E.

Forrestal, James Vincent

Forrestel, Emmet P.

Forsander, John P.

Forster, Edward William

Fort, Brian P.

Fort, George H.

Fortson II, Thomas E.

Fortune, William C.

Foskett, James Hicks

Foss, Joseph Jacob

Foss, Newton P.

Foster Jr., Clifford

Foster, Edward Lee

Foster, Edwin Dorsey

Foster, Festus Finley

Foster, John Golden

Foster, John L.

Foster, Kirk A.

Foster, Paul Frederick

Foster, Thomas M.

Foster, Walter M.

Foulk, Edwin D.

Foulkes, William O.

Fowler Jr., Earl B.

Fowler Jr., Richard E.

Fowler, Gordon

Fowler, Jeffrey Lee 

Fowler, Joseph W.

Fowler, Joseph William

Fowler, Oliver N.

Fowler, Richard Labbitt

Fowler, Thompson Fletcher

Fowler, Walter E.

Fowler, William MC Daniel

Fox, Charles W.

Fox, Douglas Harold

Fox, Elmer L.

Fox, John P.

Fox, Leonard O.

Fox, Mark I.

Fox, Myles C.

Fox, Philip H.

Fox, William Vincent

Foxgrover, James H.

Fradd, John Ernest

Frakes, Dale R.

Frampton, Woodley E.

France Jr., Albert Finley

Francher, Naill Ralph

Franchetti, Lisa

Francis, Dennis L.

Francy, William J.

Frank Jr., John Frederick

Frank, Dan Gaston

Franke, William Birrell 1894-1979

Frankel, Samuel B.

Franken, Michael T.

Frankenberger, Hugo

Frankenberger, Norbert

Franklin, James G.

Franklin, Samuel R.

Franklin, William R.

Fraser, Archie D.

Fraser, George K.

Fraser, James W.

Fratze, Walter E.

Frazer, Charles L.

Frazier, Paul W.

Frederick, Theodore Ridenour

Fredericks, Edward H. C.

Freedman Jr., Albert S.

Freedman, Albert S.

Freeman III, Rowland G.

Freeman, Berkley I.

Freeman, Charles L.

Freeman, Charles Seymour

Freeman, Dewitt L.

Freeman, James Shepherd

Freeman, Mason B.

Freeman, Ross E.

Freitag, Robert F.

Fremont, John Charles

French Jr., Walter H.

French, Louis E.

French, William D.

Frericks, Herman

Freseman, William Lagfitt

Friede, Richard L.

Friedell, Wilhelm Lee

Friedman, Herbert

Frishman, Robert F.

Fritschmann, George

Fritter, Charles T.

Fritzemeier, Ronald R.

From Jr., John L.

Frorath, Joseph W.

Frosch, Robert A.

Frossard, Clarence F.

Frost, Laurence H.

Froude, Robert S.

Fry, Harold E.

Fry, Scott A.

Fry, Wesley

Fryberger, Elbert L.

Frye, Clare A.

Fuelling, James Louis

Fuetusch, Bernhart Alois

Fullam, William F.

Fullam, William F.

Fullaway, Frank L.

Fuller Jr., Clark Halsey

Fuller, Bryant

Fuller, Harold D.

Fuller, John V.

Fuller, Jr., John D.

Fullinwinder, Edwin Gaines

Fullinwinder, Ranson

Fulmer Jr., Herbert S.

Fulp Jr., James D.

Fulton, Garland

Fulton, James R.

Fulton, Robert B.

Fung, Mark J.

Funke Jr., Frederick

Fuqua, Samuel G.

Furer, Albert B.

Furer, Julius A.

Furlong, William Rea

Furlow, Charles M.

Furse, John Houseal

Furth, Frederick R.

Fussell III, Henry M.

Fusselman, Raymond Dennis

Fyfe, John K.

Fyffe, Joseph



Gabbert, John Sterett Crittenden 1911-1980

Gabrielson, Donald.

Gaddis, Seeman 1899-1979

Gaden, Allen G.

Gaddis, Walter D.

Gaddis, William P.

Gaffney, John Jerome 1891-1947

Gaffney II, Paul G.

Gage, Kenneth L.

Gahagan, Shane G.

Gaiani, Anthony E.

Gaillard, William Edward 1912-1968

Gainard, Joseph Aloysius 1889-1943

Gaines, Oliver Wallace 1900-1974

Gaines, Richard Kenna 1903-1968

Galantin, Ignatius Joseph 1910-2004

Galbraith, William J.

Galer, Robert Edward

Galinis, William J.

Gallaher, Antone R.

Gallager, Edward F.

Gallagher, Richard K.

Gallager, Robert A.

Gallager Jr., Thomas J.

Gallaher, John F.

Gallaudet, Timothy C.

Gallaher, Wilmer Earl

Gallery, Daniel V.

Gallery, Philip D.

Gallery, William Onahan

Gallin, Alvin L.

Galloway, Calvin B.

Galpin, Gerard Frank

Galvani, Amedeo H.

Gambacorta, Francis M.

Gambling, Norman William

Gamon Jr., John A.

Gannon, John W.

Gannon, Sinclair

Gano, Roy A.

Gantz, Saxe P.

Gaouette, Charles M.

Garber, Paul E.

Garcia, Edmund Ernest 1905-1971

Gard, Daniel L.

Gardes, Alfred W.

Gardiner, Josef M.

Gardner, Charles A.

Gardner Jr., Earle G.

Gardner, Edward Randolph

Gardner, Francis H.

Gardner, Matthias B.

Garland, Guy P.

Garnett, Philip W.

Garrels, Robert Earnest

Garrett, Francis L.

Garrett Jr., John H.

Garrett III, H. Lawrence

Garrick, Robert M.

Garrison, Charles Ford

Garrison, Daniel M.

Garrison, Malcolm E.

Garrison, Philip Eugene

Garrow, Jack A.

Gartenlaub, Charles

Garton, Norman Farquhar

Gary, Donald A.

Gatch, Thomas Leigh

Gates, Artemus L.

Gates, Herbert Kenneth

Gates, Paul Richard

Gates Jr., Thomas Sovereign

Gatling, Richard J.

Gaudio, Jan Cody

Gaviglio, Peter Massimo

Gavin, Arthur

Gaw, Benjamin D.

Gay Jr., Donald

Gay, Earl L

Gay, George Henry 1917-1994

Gay, Jesse Bishop

Gay Jr., Jesse B.

Gayler, Nole

Gearing, Henry C.

Gebelin, Albert L.

Gehres, Leslie Edward

Gehrke, Bradley R.

Gehman, Harold W.

Geib, Philip O.

Geiger, Robert K.

Geiger, Roy Stanley

Geis, Lawrence R.

Geiselman, Ellis Hugh 1895-1970

Geisinger, David

Gell, Charles F.

Genders, Richard Atherstone

Genther Jr., William E.

Gentry, Kenneth McLoud

Gentry, William W.

George, Douglas Fred

George, Jack R.

Gerber, Ralph I.

Gerhard, Harry E.

Gerken, Alfred Frederick

Germany, Robert William

Germershausen, William Joseph

Gerold, Harold F.

Gessner, Edward H.

Geyer, John Henry

Gheen, Edward Hickman

Gherardi, Walter R.

Ghormley, Robert Lee 1883-1958

Giambastiani Jr., Edmund P.

Giambattista, Frank D.

Gibbons, Robert M.

Gibbs, Julius E.

Gibson, Charles E.

Gibson, Jack E.

Gibson, Winnie

Giese, Carl E.

Gieselmann, Adolph Otto

Giffen, Robert Carlisle 1886-1962

Giffen, Robert Carlisle, Jr.

Gifford Jr., Walter S.

Gilbeau, Robert J.

Gilbert, Roy Del

Gilday, Michael

Giles, Donald Theodore

Gilkeson, Fillmore B.

Gil, Cecil Batchedler

Gill, Charles C.

Gill, Frank F.

Gill, John M.

Gill, Paul W.

Gill, Roger J.

Gillan Jr., Martin J.

Gillcrist, John A.

Gillespie, George Samuel

Gillett, Robert M.

Gillette, Norman Campbell

Gillette Jr., Norman C.

Gillette, Robert W.

Gilliam, Charles Robert

Gillies, Louis A.

Gillilan, Charles Harrison

Gillingham, Bruce L.

Gillis, James H.

Gilliss, James M.

Gilore, Frank P.

Gilmore, Howard W.

Gilmore, Morris Davis

Gilmore, Walter William

Gilroy, Robert H.

Gimber, Stephen H.

Gimpel, Herbert J.

Ginder, Samuel P.

Gingras, Richard Hernus

Gingrich, Herman F.

Gingrich, John Edward 1897-1960

Gintzig, Donald R.

Giordano, Steven.

Giotta, Peter John

Girod, Roy O.

Girrier, Robert P.

Gisvold Jr., Paul A.

Gjoerloff, George Oliver

Gladding, Everett B.

Glass, Henry

Glass, Richard P.

Glassford, William A.

Gleaves, Albert 1858-1937 [Archives' copy]

Gleim, Fritz

Gleen, Hardy

Glennon, James Henry 1857-1940 [Archives' copy]

Glennon, William R.

Glenzer Jr., Hubert

Glideman Jr., Henry P.

Glocheski, Virgil R.

Glover, Cato Douglas

Glover, Robert Ogden

Glutting, Paul Rolland

Godfrey, Earl F.

Godfrey, Jack E.

Godinez, Marcos A.

Godson Jr., William H.

Godwin III, James B.

Goepner, O. William

Goff, Harry Louis

Goff, Nathan

Goggins, William Bernard

Gold, Charles C.

Gold Jr., Pleasant D.

Goldberg, Herschel

Goldberg, Joshua L.

Golden Jr., William A.

Goldsborough, Louis Malesherbes

Goldwhwaite, Robert

Gooch Jr., Floyd W.

Good, Howard H.

Good, Roscoe F.

Goodall, Henry W.

Goodfellow, Alexander S.

Goodhue, Arthur A.

Goodier, Benjamin D.

Gooding, Callis Calvert

Gooding, Robert C.

Goodman, Daniel C.

Goodmey, Willard K.

Goodrich, Casper Frederick

Goodrich, Casper

Goodwin, Hugh H.

Goodwin, John Frohock

Goodwin, John W.

Goodwin, Merrill H.

Goodwin, Reginald E.

Gordanier, John W.

Gordon, Archer R.

Gordon Jr., Clarence E.

Gordon Jr., Howard W.

Gordon, John N. C.

Gordon, Nathan G.

Gordon, Richard Francis, Jr. 1929- [Archive's copy]

Gorman, Frank B.

Gorman, Joseph W.

Gormley, Robert H.

Gorsline Jr., Samuel G.

Gortney, Bill

Goss, Nelson Henry

Gossom, Raymond C.

Gouin, Marcel E. A.

Gould, Erl Clinton Barker

Gould, Frank G.

Goulett, Wilfred B.

Gove, David A.

Grace, Edward Thomas

Crady, James B.

Gowen, George A.

Grady, Christopher W.

Graf, Frederic A.

Graf, Homer William

Graf, Paul

Graf, Robin L.

Graff, Victor Bernard

Gragg, John Blair

Graham, Frank C.

Graham, John H.

Graham, John W.

Graham, Roy William Montrose

Graham Jr., Walter William

Gralla, Arthur R.

Granat, William

Grandfield, Francis Joseph

Grange, Gifford

Grant, Albert Weston 1856-1930

Grant, Etheridge

Grant, Lucien M.

Grant, James D. L.

Grant, James D.

Grant, Roland Norman

Grantham, Delbert D.

Grantham Jr., Elonzo B.

Grantham, Emery A.

Grantham Jr., Joseph A.

Granum, Alfred Marcellus

Grassie, Herbert John

Grassino, Caesar M.

Graubart, Arthur H.

Gravely, Samuel Lee, Jr.

Graves Jr., Edwin Darius

Graves, Harry Churchman

Graves Jr., John H.

Gray, Allan McL.

Gray, Augustine Heard

Gray, Brian E.

Gray, Charles Wellington

Gray Jr., James S.

Gray, John A. C.

Gray, John Porter

Gray, Leslie Belfield

Gray III, Louis Patrick

Gray, “O” “B”

Gray Jr., Oscar

Gray, Paul N.

Gray, Richard

Graybiel, Ashton

Graybill, Myron W.

Grayson, Cary Travers

Grayson, Jack L.

Greaves, Frederick C.

Greber, Charles Frederic

Green, Barney O.

Green, Clark L.

Green, Collin

Green, George Hale

Green, Harold G.

Green, Kevin P.

Green, Norman K.

Green Paul S.

Green, Thomas Chandler

Greenacer, Alvord John

Greenbacker, John E.

Greenberg, Mack K.

Greene, Eugene Allen

Greene, George Myron

Greene, Howard J.

Greene, Richard O.

Greene, Robert L.

Greene, Terence Warner

Greene, Thomas L.

Greene, William M. A.

Greenert, Jonathan W.

Greenhalgh, William T.

Greenman, William Garrett

Greenslade, John Wills

Greenup, Francis A.

Greenwood, Frank

Greenwood, George H.

Greenwood, Robert B.

Greer, Howard Earl

Greer, Julian David

Greer, Marshall R.

Greer, Robert Eugene

Greey, Elmer B.

Gregg, Otis C.

Gregg, William

Gregory, Hayden A.

Gregory, Joseph W.

Gregory, Katherine L.

Gregory, Luther Elwood

Gregory, Richard V.

Grell, Theodore A.

Grenfell, Elton W.

Grening, George M.

Grey, George S.

Greytak, John J.

Gribble, William W.

Grider, George William

Grier, Joseph L

Griffen, Ira Purdy

Griffin, Charles Donald

Griffin, John Hook

Griffin, Robert M.

Griffin, Robert Stanislaus 1857-1933 [Archive's copy]

Griffin Jr., Virgil Childers

Griffith, John G.

Griffith, Vincent L.

Griffith, Walter T.

Griffiths, Charles H.

Griffiths Jr., Charles H.

Gritfiths, Cuthbert Ambrose

Griggs, Gale Emerson

Griggs Jr., John Bradford

Griggs III, John B.

Griggs, Paul C.

Grimball, Burmain A.

Grimball, Daniel E.

Grimes, Alton B.

Grimes, Clifton G.

Grimes Jr., Joseph A.

Grimm, Edward E.

Ginnell, Sheldon W.

Grinstead Jr., Eugene A.

Grisier, Otto Woodson

Griswold, Ivan C.

Grocki, Alma M.

Groff, Rowland H.

Grohs, Conrad E.

Grojean, Charles D.

Grooms, Bruce Estes

Grosenback Jr., Bertram

Grosklags, Paul A.

Gross, Herman A.

Grossenbacher, John J.

Grosskoff, Homer Louis

Grove, Alfred Edgar

Groverman, William H.

Grow, Bradford E.

Grow, Harold Bartley

Grubb, Francis B.

Grubbs, Thuston W.

Guadagnini, Mark D

Guerry Jr., John B.

Guest Jr., Frank B.

Guest, Raymond Richard

Guest, William S.

Guillory, Victor G.

Guinan, Timothy J.

Guinn, Dick H.

Guitar, Wallace E.

Gulledge, Kenneth E.

Gullett, William M.

Gumataotao, Peter A.

Gumz, Donald G.

Gunn, Max Clellan

Gunther, Earnest Ludolph

Gunther, Louis Everett

Gurney, Marshall Barton

Guter Donald J.

Guthrie, Harry Aloysius

Guthrie, Wallace N.

Gwynne, Harold Clinton

Gyatt, Edward Earl

Gygax, Felix Xerxes


Haak, frank S.

Haas Jr., Peter W.

Haas, John William

Haas, Walter A.

Habercker, Frederic S.

Hadden Jr., Mayo A.

Haddock, Ira F.

Hadison, Chesley Marshall

Haeberle, Frederick Edward

Haerlin Jr., Fred Louis

Haff, Theodore Germond

Hagen, Dale N.

Hager, James W.

Hagerman Jr., Wade H.

Haggart, Robert Stevenson

Hague, Wesley M.

Hahn, David J.

Hahn, Herbert C.

Haig Jr., Alexander M

Haight, Harry Hurless

Haight, Stanley Martyn

Hailey, Joshua

Haines, John Lyman

Haines, John Meade

Haines, Nathan S.

Halas, George S.

Hale, Donald E.

Hale, Eugene

Hale, Fletcher

Hale, Henry H.

Hale, Peter Gerald

Haley Jr., James A.

Haley, John R.

Haley, Thomas B.

Hall Jr., Harvey W.

Hall Jr., John L.

Hall, Cary H.

Hall, Donald P.

Hall, Grover Budd Hartley

Hall, Henry Herbert

Hall, Patrick D.

Hall, Reynold T.

Hall, Robert A.

Hall, Victor W.

Hall, William Alden

Hall, William E.

Hall, William Winthrop

Halley, Donald McDougal

Halliburton, Shine S.

Halligan Jr., James S.

Halligan, John

Halloran, Edward R.

Halloran, Paul James

Halloran, Thomas F.

Halsey, William Frederick, Jr. 1882-1959

Halsted, Mervin

Halvorson, George G.

Hamberger, Dewitt C. E.

Hamby, Janice M.

Hamilton II, Charles Samuel

Hamilton Jr., George B.

Hamilton, Frank R.

Hamilton, James E.

Hamilton, Larry D.

Hamilton, S. Keith

Hamilton, Thomas James

Hamilton, William H.

Hamilton, William V.

Hamlin, Arthur Leroy

Hamm, Mann

Hamm, William G.

Hammann, Charles Hazeltine

Hammerberg, Owen F. P.

Hammond, Douglas Thompson

Hammond, Francis C.

Hamner Jr., Edward C.

Hampton Jr., Gary W.

Hampton, Isaiah M.

Hancock Jr., Lewis

Hancock, Alex F.

Hancock. Joy Bright 1898-1986 [Archive's copy]

Handley, Mark A.

 Handly, Albert

Haney, Cecil D.

Hank, Leonard G.

Hank, William Edwin

Hanks, Robert J.

Hanley Jr., Michael J.

Hanley, Robert T.

Hanna, James Ritchey

Hannegan, Edward A.

Hanner, Joseph M.

Hannifin, Patrick “J”

Hannink, John G.

Hannon, Edward R.

Hans, Clemons F.

Hansche Jr., Frank C.

Hansen, Eigil L.

Hansen, George Louis

Hansen, Harry James

Hansen, Henry O.

Hansen, James R.

Hansen, John E.

Hansen, Louis S.

Hansen, Walter C.

Hanson Jr., Burton S.

Hanson, Darren J.

Hanson, Edward William

Hanson, Kenneth E.

Hanson, Murray

Hanson, Ralph Edward

Hanson, Robert M.

Hantover, Matthew James

Harbert, Charles W.

Harbeson, Jeffrey

Hardcastel Jr., William H.

Harding, Edwin T.

Hardison, Osborne B.

Hardisty, Norris Montague

Hardy, Robert James

Hardy, Willis E.

Hare, James E.

Hare, Joseph C.

Harem Robert H.

Hargrave, William Walter

Harley, Jeffrey A.

Harlfinger II, Frederick J.

Harllee, John

Harlow, William R.

Harmer, Richard E.

Harmeyer, Karen A.

Harmon, Leonard Edward

Harmon, William Lockhart

Harmony, David B.

Harms Jr., Alfred G.

Harnish, William M.

Harnitchek, Mark D.

Harnly, Harold S.

Harp Jr., Edward B.

Harper Jr., John F.

Harper Jr., Milton J.

Harper Jr., Wyatt E.

Harper, Bryan Cobb

Harper, Cecil K.

Harper, John

Harper, John R.

Harper, Robert M.

Harper, Talbolt Edward

Harr, Charles

Harrell, Robert B.

Harrell, William George

Harrell, William Henry

Harrigan, Daniel W.

Harrill, William K.

Harrington, Paul H.

Harris Jr., William L.

Harris, Albert Thomas

Harris, Alfred R.

Harris, Andrew Earl

Harris, Cecil E.

Harris, Dale

Harris, Daniel R.

Harris, David Alonzo

Harris, David L.

Harris, F. Brayton

Harris, Freeman C.

Harris, Gregory N.  

Harris, Harry B., Jr.

Harris, John Watts

Harris, Leroy E.

Harris, Melvin W.

Harris, Morgan H.

Harris, Richard E.

Harris, Robert Martin

Harris, Roy M.

Harris, Sinclair M.

Harris, William F.

Harris, William H.

Harrison Jr., Harry W.

Harrison, George Gustave

Harrison, Loyd

Harrison, Napoleon B.

Harrison, Robert F.

Harrison, William H.

Hart, Clarence M.

Hart, David T.

Hart, Thomas C.

Harter, Charles J.

Hartigan Jr., Charles Conway

Hartigan, Charles C.

Hartley, Gordon E.

Hartley, Henry

Hartly, Kenneth James

Hartman, Charles C.

Hartman, Irvin S.

Hartman, Paul E.

Hartman, Robert T.

Hartt Jr., William Handy

Hartt, Beverly Armistead

Hartung, Richard Renwick

Hartwig, G. Roy

Harty Jr., Harry L.

Harvard Jr., Valery

Harveson, Herold A.

Harvey Jr., James E.

Harvey Jr., John C.

Harvey, Donald P.

Harvey, John C., Jr.

Harward, Robert S.

Harwell, Payton O.

Harwood, Bruce Lawrence

Haselton, Frederick R.

Haskins, Enrique D.

Haskins, Michael D.

Hasler Jr., Arthur R.

Hasler Jr., William Augustus

Hasse, Lawrence J.

Hastings, Burden Robert

Hastings, Willard E.

Hatcher, Martin T.

Hatcher, Robert S.

Hathaway, Amos T.

Hathaway, Carmrid G.

Hathorn, Vincent L.

Hatton, George A.

Hauck, Hamilton O.

Hauck, Philip F.

Hauge Jr., Louis James

Haun, Robert Charles

Haven, Deborah P.

Haven, Hugh E.

Haviland III, James William

Hawes, Richard E.

Hawk, Claude V.

Hawk, Earle C.

Hawkes, William M.

Hawkins, Arthur Ray

Hawkins, David D.

Hawley, Rupert D.

Hawthorne, Robert E.

Hayes, John D.

Hayes, Kevin C.

Hayes, Norman R.

Hayes, Robert V.

Hayes, Webb C.

Hayler Jr., Robert W.

Hayler, Robert W.

Hayler, William B.

Haynes, Kenneth G.

Haynes, Lewis L.

Haynsworth Jr., Hugh C.

Haynsworth Jr., William MC Call

Hays Jr., James C.

Hays, Ronald J.

Hays, Thomas G.

Hayward, John T.

Hayward, John T. “Chick”

Hazara, Mark M.

Hazelwood, John

Hazen, Joseph T.

Hazlett Jr., Edward Everett

Head, Nealson M.

Headden, William Ramon

Headland Jr., Edwin Harvey

Healey, Vincent P.

Healy, Charles E.

Healy, Howard R.

Heaman, William M.

Hean, James Halleck

Heap, George L.

Heard, William A.

Hearn, Wilfred A.

Heath, George L.

Heath, John Postell

Hebner, Scott

Hedding, Truman J.

Hede, Adolph

Hederman, Thomas Henry

Heely, Timothy L.

Heerbrandt, Paul Frederick 1907-1992

Heermann, Lewis

Heffernan, John B.

Heffner, Grover C.

Hegd, Raymond Webster

Heilig, Robert Bube

Heimark, Jacob V.

Heimbigner, Brett C.

Heimgartner, Kenneth F.

Heineman, Paul Ralph

Heinl Jr., Robert D.

Heinrich, Mark F.

Heintzelman, John H. L.

Heinz, Luther C.

Heinz, R Duke

Heiser, Harold M.

Helber, Carlyle Leland

Helmick, Guy Benton

Helpfrich, Norman A.

Heming, Harold M.

Hemley, Eugene A.

Hempson, Donald A.

Henderick, Hugh L.

Henderson III, Charles E.

Henderson, Charles F.

Henderson, David W.

Henderson, George R.

Henderson, Harry H.

Henderson, Robert

Henderson, Robert Ellicott

Hendren, Paul

Hendrick, Roger R.

Hendrickson, Daniel B. "Brian"

Hendrickson, Randall M. "Randy"

Heneberger, Harry B.

Henley, Robert

Henn, Carl G.

Hennegan, Robert M.

Henning, Richard E.

Henning, William J.

Henry Jr., Eugene B.

Henry, Joseph G.

Henry, Patrick

Henry, Thomas H.

Henry, Walter F.

Henry, William E.

Hensel, Karl G.

Hepburn, Arthur Japy

Herb, Martha

Herbert , Gretchen S.

Herbst, Stanley Everett

Herbster, Victor Daniel

Hering Jr., Eugene Rudolph

Hering, Walter A.

Herlihy, Joseph L.

Herlihy, Thomas Clement

Herlong, Daniel W.

Hermann, Ernest Edward

Hermonson, Joseph M.

Herms, Charles Richard

Hernandez, Diego E.

Hernandez, Vincent

Herold, Frank B.

Herrera, Henry F. 

Herrick, John J.

Herrick, Robert W.

Herring, Rufus G.

Hersey Jr., Mark Leslie

Hersey, John Brackett

Hess, John B.

Hessel, Edward W.

Hetter, Frederic W.

Hetter, Frederick L.

Hewitt, Michael W.

Heyer, Frank D.

Heyliger, George

Heyward Jr., Alexander S.

Heywood, Carl W.

Heyworth Jr., Lawrence

Hibbs, William

Hickey, Robert F.

Hickey, Robert P. Jr

Hickey, Thomas Joseph

Hickey, William A.

Hickox, Ralph

Hicks, James Herbert

Hicks, James M.

Hicks, Rex LeGrand

Hicks, Thomas W., Deputy

Hicks, Victor

Hidalgo, Edward 1912-1995

Higbee, Lenah Sutcliffe 1874-1941 [Archive's copy]

Higginbotham, Grover Stanley

Higgins Jr., John W.

Higgins, John Martin

Higgins, Ronald D.

Hightower, Emmett D.

Hilarides, William Hunter

Hildreth, James B.

Hilgedick, Winfred Clinton

Hill II, John C.

Hill Jr., Charles A.

Hill Jr., Clarence Arthur

Hill Jr., James M.

Hill, Andrew J.

Hill, Arthur Middleton

Hill, Arthur S.

Hill, Harry W.

Hill, John Franklin

Hill, John S.

Hill, Jon A.

Hill, Joseph

Hill, Maurice B.

Hill, Raymond E.

Hill, Robert M.

Hill, Thomas J.

Hill, Tom B.

Hillenkoetter, Roscoe H.

Hilles, Frederick V. H.

Hills, Blish C.

Hilmar, Harold O.

Hilson, Ralph A.

Hiltabidale Jr., William O.

Hilton Jr., John J.

Hilton, Donald Barker

Hilton, Hart Dale

Hilton, Robert P.

Hinckley Jr., Robert M.

Hindman, Joseph A. E.

Hinds, Alfred W.

Hines Jr., John Fore

Hines Jr., John R.

Hines, Clifford Gentner

Hines, Harlow

Hines, John R., Jr.

Hines, Kenneth W.

Hines, Wellington T.

Hingson, James M.

Hinkamp, Clarence Nelson

Hinman, Jack J.

Hipp, Thompson E.

Hippe, Kenneth G.

Hirsch, Morris A.

Hiscock, William W.  

Hitchcock, Marcus A.

Hitchcock, Russell Snow

Hittle, James D.

Hizer, DeVon McCaughey

Hoag, Eric B.

Hoare, Robert E.

Hobbs, Allen

Hobbs, Ira E.

Hobbs, Junius P.

Hobgood, William W.

Hobson, Richmond P.

Hoch, John E.

Hockett, Verden E.

Hodges, Harry M.

Hodgson Jr., James Thompson

Hoel, Ronald William

Hoeppner, Frederick R.

Hoerner, Herbert L.

Hoewing, Gerald L.

Hoewing, Gerald L.

Hoffheins Jr., William L.

Hoffman, Ednund Joseph

Hoffman, Edward E.

Hoffman, George Dewey

Hoffman, Glen E.

Hoffman, Monroe Elmer

Hoffmann, Roy F.

Hogan Thomas W.

Hogan, B. W.

Hogan, Edward E.

Hogan, Edward T.

Hogg, James H.

Hogle, Reynold D.

Hohn, Anselm C.

Holcomb, Harold Romeyn

Holcomb, M. Staser

Holcomb, Thomas

Holcombe, Charles M.

Holden Jr., Edward C.

Holden, Carl Frederick

Holden, Richard

Holden, William P.

Holder, Billy D.

Holder, Gordon S.

Holder, Randolph Mitchell

Holderness Jr., George A.

Holgaard, Evald

Holister, William Wallace

Holland, James L.

Holland, Michael P.

Holler, Moffitt K.

Holley Jr., Edward B.

Holley, George M.

Hollingsworth, John C.

Hollingsworth, Nancy D. 

Hollingsworth, William R.

Hollister, Robert B.

Holloway III, James L.

Holloway III, James L.

Holloway Jr., James L.

Holloway, Daniel P.

Holloway, James L.

Holloway, James Lemul, III

Hollyfield Jr., Ernest E.

Holman, William G.

Holmberg, Paul A.

Holmes, Ephraim Paul

Holmes, Michael L.

Holmes, Michael L.

Holmes, Wilber T.

Wilfred, Jay Holmes

Holmquist, Carl O.

Holsey, Alvin.

Holsinger, Raymond Wilson

Holt IV, Henry C.

Holt Jr., Alexander C.

Holt, Coler Walter

Holt, Frank H.

Holt, Pliny G.

Holter, Ralph Kenneth

Holton, Harrison H.

Holtwick, Jack S.

Holtzworth, Ernest C.

Holubek, Edward John

Homyak, James Alex

Honaker, Walter W.

Honey, Leonard G.

Honsinger, Leroy V.

Hood Jr., William A.

Hood, John

Hoogewerff, John Adrian 1860-1933 [Archive's copy]

Hook, Frederick Raymond

Hooper, Edwin B.

Hooper, Frederic A.

Hooper, Posey A.

Hoover, George W.

Hoover, Gilbert Corwin

Hoover, John Howard

Hopkins, Esek

Hopkins, Lewis A.

Hopkins, Stewart W.

Hopkins, Thomas W.

Hopkins, Vaniman

Hopkins, William A.

Hoppa, Robert V "Rob"

Hoppe, William E.

Hopper, Grace Murray 1906-1992

Hopwood, Herbert G.

Horan, Dale E.

Horn , Joseph A., Jr

Horn, Gregory C.

Horn, Peter Harry

Horne Jr., Charles Frederick

Horne, Frederick Joseph

Horney, Harry R.

Horning Jr., George D.

Horr, Edward Ainsworth

Horrocks Jr., John N.

Horton Jr., John A.

Horton, Mildred McAfee

Hoskins, John M.

Hottel, Martin P.

Houck, Herbert N.

Houck, James W.

Hough, Henry Huges

Houghton, Ruth A.

Hourihan, John Joseph

House, Edwin B.

House, William H.

Houser, William D.

Houserm Harold A.

Houston, Charles E.

Houston, Joseph A.

Houston, William J.  

Howard Jr., William E.

Howard Jr., William Stamps

Howard, Exra G.

Howard, Harold S.

Howard, Herbert Seymour

Howard, Joseph L

Howard, Michelle

Howard, Robert Leonard

Howard, William B.

Howe, Charles M.

Howe, Frederic N.

Howe, Hamilton W.

Howe, P. Gardner, III

Howe, Thomas Francis

Howell, Jay S.

Howell, John D.

Howell, John G.

Howell, Wiliam S.

Howerton, Charles C.

Howes, William Crowe

Hoyle, Rhonald J.

Hoyt, Henry W.

Hribar, Edward

Hubbard, Harry Ensor

Hubbard, Miles H.

Hubbell, Lester E.

Hudevadt, Raymond A.

Hudgins, Houlder

Hudgins, William D.

Hudner Jr., Thomas J.

Hudson, Homer Bernard

Hudson, Lester Jay

Hudson, Millard Fillmore

Hudson, Robert Edger

Hudson, Roy Clare

Hudt, Lester T.

Hueber, Gerard P.

Huebl, Roland M.

Huegel, Valerie K.

Huen, Tat-Leung  

Huester, Harry Joseph

Huey, Enders P.

Huff, Andrew F.

Huff, Gerald L.

Huff, Kenneth P.

Huffman, Leon J.

Hufstader, Robert D., Jr.

Hughes, Charles Frederick 1866-1934

Hughes, Edwin, Totman

Hughes, Francis Massie

Hughes, Jack J.

Hughes, James J.

Hughes, Jeffrey W.

Hughes, Thomas J.

Hughes, William C.

Hull, Arthur N.

Hull, David Ryerson

Hull, Edward F.

Hull, Harry

Hull, Jesse L.

Hull, Robert Vance

Hulme, John

Humes, Ralph R.

Humphery, Ernest W.

Humphreys Jr., Thomas H.

Humphreys, Lincoln

Hunes, Ralph M.

Hunley Jr., Henry C.

Hunnicutt Jr., William R.

Hunnicutt, James L.

Hunsaker, Jerome Clarke

Hunt Jr., William A,

Hunt, Charles Broadman

Hunt, Daniel

Hunt, Edward R.

Hunt, Richard W.

Hunt, William Henry 1823-1884

Hunter, Archibald D.

Hunter, Clifford E.

Hunter, Edward E.

Hunter, Gould

Hunter, Raymond P.

Hunter, Robert Nisbet

Hunter, Samuel A. D.

Huntington, Arthur Franklin

Huntington, John Caldwell

Huntington, Robert K.

Hurd, Kenneth C.

Hurff, Jack E.

Hurlbert, Elgin B.

Hurley, Brian S.

Hurley, Robert E.

Huron, Francis H.

Hurst, Adrian Melvin

Hurt, David A.

Hurt, Samuel

Husband, Alexander C.

Huse, Harry McLaren

Hushing, William C.

Huske, Joseph C.

Hussey Jr., George

Hussey, Charles L.

Hussong, William J.

Huston, Charles D.

Hustvedt, Claf Mandt

Hutchenson Jr., Richard G.

Hutchins, Carleton B.

Hutchins, Gordon

Hutchins, Johnnie David

Hutchins, Robert B.

Hutchinson Jr., Myron Wells

Hutchinson, Edward S.

Hutchinson, George

Hutchinson, John L.

Hutson, Albert Lockett

Hutzel, Robert G.

Hyatt, Roger C.

Hydeman, Earl T.

Hyerle, John D.

Hyland, John J.

Hylant, Emory Paul

Hyman, Willford Milton



Ian, Kenneth J.

Iarrobing, Charles Anthony

Iarrobino, John H.

Iasiello, Louis V.

Icenhower, Joseph B.

Iffrig, Francis Othmar

Ignatius, Paul R.

Ill, Charles Ludwig

Ilsemann, Frederick Joseph

Inglis, Thomas Browning

Ingersoll II, Royal Rodney

Ingersoll, Royal Eason 1883-1976

Ingersoll, Stuart H.

Ingraham, Duncan Nathaniel

Ingram, Carlyle

Ingram, Henry Allison

Ingram, Homer L.

Ingram, Jonas H.

Ingram, Osmond Kelley

Ingram II, William Thomas

Ingvoldstan Jr., Orlando

Inman, Bobby R.

Innis, Walter D.

Irish, Edelbert E.

Ironmonger, Richard

Irons, Edward P.

Irons, Hayes E.

Irons, Robert P.

Irvine, Donald G.

Irvin, Williams D.

Irvine, Robert K.

Irving, Ronald K.

Irwin, Noble Edward

Isaman, Roy M.

Isbell, Arnold Jay

Ischinger Jr., Eric

Iselin, Donald G.

Ingalls, David S.

Isely, Robert Henry

Ishee, Thomas E.

Isherwood, Benjamin F.

Isquith, Solomon S.

Israel, Stephen S.

Issitt, Donals K.

Iversen, Rasmus

Iverson, Kenneth J

Iverson, Louis

Ives, George S.

Ivison Jr., Sterling H.

Izac, Edouard V. M.

Izzi, Basil Dominic


Jaap, Joseph A.

Jabaley, Michael E.

Jablon, Jeffrey T.

Jackson Jr., Alexander

Jackson Jr., Charles B.

Jackson, Adrian J.

Jackson, Arthur J.

Jackson, David H.

Jackson, Edward F.

Jackson, Edward S.

Jackson, Henry Smith

Jackson, John A. "AJ"

Jackson, Jr., Andrew McB.

Jackson, Lawrence B "Larry"

Jackson, Mary M.

Jackson, Milton C.

Jackson, Orton P.

Jackson, Paul

Jackson, Precival W.

Jackson, Richard

Jackson, Richard H.

Jackson, Robert Crompton

Jackson, Robert W.

Jackson, Robert W.

Jackson, Ronny L.

Jackson, Roy

Jackson, W. Leona

Jackson, William Bennett

Jacob I, Leon J.

Jacobs, Randall

Jacobs, Tyrrell D.

Jacobsen, Glen

Jacobson, Douglas T.

Jacobson, George E.

Jacobson, Jacob H.

Jacoby Jr., William J.

Jacoby, Lowell E.

Jacoby, Raymond B.

Jacques, Donald J.

Jadrnicke, James R.

Jahcke, Ernest L.

Jalbert, Horace H.

James III, Nathaniel W.

James Jr., George S.

James, Daniel V.

James, Jack M.

James, Jules

James, Ralph K.

James, Thurston H.

James, Walter F.

Jamieson, Mitchell

Jamison, John Wendell

Janczak, Martin E.

Janney, Frederick E.

Jansen, Adrian J.

Jansen, Franklin G.

Jardine, Douglas C.

Jarman, Edward D.

Jarrell, Albert E.

Jarrell, Henry T.

Jarrett, Harry B.

Jarvis, James Canon

Jaskot, Richard D.

Jaskot, Richard D.

Jasper, Paul R.

Jasperson, Robert Edward

Jaudon, Leonard Bates

Jaworski, Stanley

Jaynes, Cindy L. "CJ"

Jeansonne, Edward E.

Jecklin, James Jacob

Jeffereys, Frank E.

Jeffs, Charlse R.

Jelley Jr., Joseph F.

Jenkins, Lewis W.

Jenkins, Philip Hagenbuch

Jenkins, Samuel P.

Jenkins, Tim M. 

Jennings, Crter B.

Jennings, Ralph E.

Jennings, Steven A.

Jennings, Verne A.

Jennings, William Funsten

Jensen, Clyde M.

Jensen, Leo Roy

Jensen, Marvin J.

Jerabek, Scott B.

Jeter, Tomas P.

Jett, Charles M.

Jewell, Jesse D.

Jewett Jr., Garry W.

Jewett, Carlton B.

Joachim, Paul L.

Jobe, Eugene V.

Jockusch Jr., Julius W.

Johns, Llewellyn James

Johns, Ruben L.

Johnsen, William Harry

Johnson, Alfred Wilkinson 1876-1963

Johnson, Billy

Johnson, Arthur J.

Johnson, Carl A.

Johnson, Cecil V.

Johnson, Charles R.

Johnson, Craig B.

Johnson, David A.

Johnson, David C.

Johnson, Douglass Pollock

Johnson, Earle Freeman

Johnson, Edward B.

Johnson, Einar Reynolds

Johnson, Felix L.

Johnson, Francis B.

Johnson, Francis J.

Johnson, Frank L.

Johnson, Hansford Tillman 1936- 

Johnson, Harold W.

Johnson Jr., Henry C.

Johnson, Henry J.

Johnson, Howard A.

Johnson, James Avery

Johnson, James E.

Johnson, James E.

Johnson, Jesse G.

Johnson, John B.

Johnson Jr., John D.

Johnson, Jonh E.

Johnson, John H. S.

Johnson, Joseph E.

Johnson, Lauren Edgerton

Johnson, Lee Payne

Johnson, Louis

Johnson, Lyndon Baines 1908-1973

Johnson, Michael R.

Johnson, Nels

Johnson, Paul S.

Johnson, Pierce J.

Johnosn, Ralph Clarence

Johnson, Raymond Wilber

Johnson, Robert C.

Johnson, Roy L.

Johnson, Van Dyke

Johnson, Victor Emmanuel

Johnson, Warren W.

Johnson, Williard Carroll

Johnson Jr., William A.

Johnson, William D.

Johnson, William R.

Johnson, William S.

Johnston Jr., Charles H.

Johnston Jr., Means

Johnston, Donald Hendrie

Johnston, John Vincent

Johnston, Marbury

Johnston, Paul F.

Johnson, Rufus Zenas

Johnston, William J.

Jolliffe, John E.

Jones, Allen L.

Jones Jr., Ashton B.

Jones, Axton T.

Jones, Carl Eugene

Jones, Carl Henry

Jones, Carlton B.

Jones, Claud A.

Jones, Donald S.

Jones, Edward Harral

Jones, Francis Reynolds

Jones, Frank C.

Jones, Gary R.

Jones, Herbert C.

Jones, Hilary P.

Jones, Horace B.

Jones, J. Cary

Jones, Jamie Elmer

Jones, Jeffery "Scott"

Jones, John Paul 1747-1792 [ZB file copy]

Jones, Joseph Matthew

Jones, Keith M.

Jones, Kevin M. 

Jones, Lafayette Jackson

Jones, Nathan E.

Jones, Raymond George, Jr.

Jones, Robert E. C.

Jones, Robert F.

Jones, Robert S.

Jones, Roy H.

Jones, Russell Burton

Jones, Scott 

Jones Jr., Walton L.

Jones, Whitney B.

Jones, William T.

Jones, William W.

Jonson Jr., William C.

Jordon, Carl Minor

Jordam, Daniel M.

Jordan, Francis Dixon

Jordan, Julian Bethune

Jordan, Mark H.

Jortberg, Richard E.

Jortberg, Robert F.

Joshua Jr., Edward R.

Joslin, Royal K.

Joy, Charles Turner 1895-1956

Joyce, Gerald P.

Joyce, Philip M.

Joyce, Theodore W.

Joyner, Sara A. "Clutch" 

Judge, Cyril Bathurst

Judge, Florence T.

Jukes, Herbert L.

Julihn, Lawrence Virginius

June, Harold Irving

Junker, Alexander F.

Jupp, Stanley Dexter

Jurika Jr., Stephen


Kabler, William L.

Kacher, Fred W.

Kackley, John B.

Kail, Robert B.

Kaires, Anthony K.

Kait, H. Hart

Kaitner, William E.

Kalathas, Nicholas T.

Kalen, Robert L.

Kalina, John F.

Kamensky, Robert J.

Kamm, Thomas A.

Kane Jr., John D. H.

Kane, Joseph L.

Kane, Richard F.

Kane, william Richard

Kantrowitz, Steven B.

Karaberis, Arthur

Karig, Walter 1898-1956

Karn, Chelcie

Karns Jr., Franklin D.

Karpe, Eugene S.

Kassell, Bernard M.

Katz, Benjamin

Katz, Saul

Kauffman, Draper L.

Kauffman, Hal A.

Kauffman, James Laurence

Kauffman, Roland P.

Kaufman, Frederick A.

Kaufman, John H.

Kaufman, Louis R.

Kaufman, Paul

Kaufman, Robert K.

Kaufman, Robert Y.

Kaulback, harold D.

Kear, Carleton R.

Kearney, Thomas Albert

Kearney, Thomas J.

Keating, Gordon R.

Keating, John S.

Keating, Timothy J.

Keatly, John Hancock

Keck, Stephanie.

Keefauver, Russell

Keeler, Frederic S.

Keen Jr., Walter H.

Keen, Edward Van Winkle

Keene, Campbell

Keeth, Austin S.

Kehart, Martin W.

Kehl, George W.

Keim, William J.

Keith Jr., Willard Woodward

Keith, Leroy W. J.

Keith, Robert T. S.

Keithley, Carles L.

Keithly, Roger M.

Keleher, Timothy J.

Keliher, Thomas Joseph

Kell, Claude Owen

Kell, Raymond, Mitchel

Keller, Clarence A.

Keller, Frederick J.

Kellerman, Ross R.

Kelley Jr., Charles Markland

Kelley, Jerry R.

Kelley, Marion Russell

Kelley, Roy J.

Kelley, Thomas

Kelley, Thomas G.

Kelley, Thomas Joseph

Kelley, Vincent F.

Kellin, Albert L.

Kellogg, Frederick D.

Kellum, Wilbur E.

Kelly Thomas Joseph

Kelly, James D.

Kelly, James W.

Kelly, John C.

Kelly, John M.

Kelly, Monroe

Kelly, Robert B.

Kelly, Samuel Guernsey

Kelly, Thomas E.

Kelly, William D.

Kelsey, John Donald

Kelso, Frank Benton, II 1933-2013

Kemp, Curtis A.

Kemp, E. Duane

Kemp, Robert R.

Kempff, Clarence S.

Kendall, Charles Hansford

Kendall, Henry Samuel

Kenna, William E.

Kennaday, John Martin

Kennedy Jr., Joseph P.

Kennedy, George Fredericki

Kennedy, John E.

Kennedy, John Fitzgerald 1917-1963

Kennedy, Marvin G.

Kennedy, Robert F.

Kennedy, Sherman Stewart

Kenney, Edward C,

Kenney, Roland W.

Kenney, William John

Kenney, William T.

Kenny, Mark W.

Kent, Donald F.

Kent, Shannon M. 

Kenworthy, Jesse L.

Kenyon Jr., Henry Russell

Kenyon, Jack S.

Kenyon, Lawrence H.

Kepford, Ira C.

Kephart, Ralph C.

Keppler, Reinhardt J.

Kern, John S.

Kern, Richard A.

Kernan, Joseph D.

Kernold, Michael Holt

Kerr, Emmett Earl

Kerrey, Joseph R.

Kerwin, Joseph Peter

Kessing, Oliver O.

Ketcham, Dixwell

Ketchum, Gerald L.

Kevolic, Michael

Keyes, Charles M.

Khoury, Charles R.

Kibbe, Richard L.

Kibben, Margaret Grun

Kidd, Issac Campbell 1884-1941

Kiefer, Dixie 1896-1945

Kieling, Robert T.

Kiem, Edwin L.

Kiergan Jr., Nova B.

Kiland, Ingolf Norman

Kilby, James W.

Kilcline, Thomas J. "Tom", Jr.

Kilhartin, Alfred D.

Killoran, Joel D.

Kilmer, John E.

Kilpatrick, Walter Kenneth

Kilrain, Colin J.

Kimball Jr., Leland P.

Kimball, Dan A.

Kimball, Lucien F.

Kimberly. Lewis Ashfield

Kime, Frederick Donald

Kimmel, Husband E.

Kimmel, Manning M.

Kimmel, Thomas K.

Kimzey Jr., Ord

Kinbrough, Joseph W.

Kincaid, Earle H.

Kindell, Nolan, Martin

Kindleberger, Charles P.

King Jr., Jerome H.

King Jr., Thomas S.

King, Arthur Wesley

King, Charles E.

King, Clyde W.

King, Ed R.

King, Elmer R.

King, Ernest Joseph 1878-1956

King, George E.

King, James L.

King, John

King, John W.

King, Ogden Doremus

King, Randolph W.

King, Rufus

Kingman, Edward R.

Kingman, Howard Fithian 1890-1968

Kington, James R.

Kinkaid,Thomas C.

Kinnear II, George E. R.

Kinney, Sheldon H.

Kinsella, Charles W.

Kinsella, William T.

Kinter, Edwin Earl

Kinzie, Frederick Abraham

Kirby, Dunne W.

Kirby, John

Kircher, John J.

Kirk, Alan G.

Kirk, James A.

Kirk, Robert

Kirkpatrick Jr., William S.

Kirkpatrick, Charles Cochran

Kirkpatrick, Claude S.

Kirkpatrick, Raleigh C.

Kirkpatrick, Robert D.

Kirkwood, Philip L.

Kirn, Louis J.

Kirten Jr., William

Kirtland, Fred D.

Kirvan, William Henderson

Kirwin, John Joseph

Kiser, William R.

Kitch, Willliam L.

Kitchener, Roy I.

Kittlle, Sumner E. W.

Kittrell, James R.

Kitts III, Willard A.

Kivette, Frederick N.

Klakring, Thomas Burton

Klee, William M.

Klein, Grover C.

Klein, Herbert G.

Klein, Irving N.

Klein, Margaret DeLuca "Peg"

Kleinschmidt, Robert V.

Klemm, William R.

Kline, Arnold R.

Kline, Raymond P.

Kline, Robert L.

Klinker, Roy C.

Kloeppel, Daniel L.

Klunder, Matthew L.

Klunk, Richard Stewart

Knachel, Firman F.

Knapp, Elton L.

Knapp, Harry Shepard

Knapp, John J.

Knapp, Robert A.

Knapp, Roland B.

Knapper, John K.

Knickerbocker, Hermann P.

Knickerbocker, William L.

Knight, Austin Melvin

Kniskern, Leslie A.

Knoeckel Jr., Richard C.

Knoertzer, Halford A.

Knoizen, Arthur K.

Knoll, Denys William

Knowles, Herbert B.

Knowles, Robert C.

Knox, Cornelius V. S.

Knox, Franklin William "Frank" 1874-1944

Knox, Harry Gard

Kobey, Theodore Hertzel

Koch, Fredinand B.

Koch, George P.

Koehler, John Theodore

Koehler, Stephen T.

Koelsch, John K.

Koenig, Joseph W.

Koepke, Lyle Lawrence

Kohler, Matthew J.

Kohlhas Jr., Albert Posey

Kohr, George L.

Koiner, James Duval

Kollmann, Glenn E.

Komorowski, Raymond A.

Konrad, Edmond G.

Koonce, Paul B.

Koontz, Ralph M.

Korka, John W.

Korns, Virgil Eben

Korth, Fred

Kosco, George F.

Kovacich, Kevin J. "Komrade"

Kraft, Terry B.

Kramer, Alwin D.

Kramer, Howard J.

Kramer, Scott G.

Krapf, Arthur E.

Kraus, Sydney Moses

Krause, Roland Ernest

Kreitz, Jon C.

Kresan, Wildimir P.

Kretz Jr., Charles Henry

Kreuz Kr., Frank Peter

Krick, Donald Francis

Krieger, Keith M.

Kriete, Dave

Krikpatrick, Thomas Leroy

Krongard, Alexander L.

Kubic, Charles R.

Kuehhas, Timothy C.

Kuehl, Howard F.

Kuhl, Joseph H.

Kuhlmann, Dietrich H., III

Kuhn, Edwin Allan

Kunkle, Steven A.

Kuntz, William E.

Kuntze, Archie C.

Kupresin, Sam H.

Kurta, Anthony M.

Kurtz Jr., Thomas R.

Kusebauch, Alexander

Kuzmick, Joseph W.

Kyes, Frank M.

Kyes, James Elsworth



LaBarge, Charles L.

Labm, Scott G.

Lacey, Donald O.

Lacey, Henry Richard

Lacey, John M.

Lachman, Richard H.

Lackey, Henry Ellis 1876-1952 

Lackner, Peter R.

Lacombe, Joseph Leer

Lacouture, John E.

Lacy Jr., Paul L.

Lademan Jr., Joseph Uhrig

LaFarge, Charles A.

Laffan, John J.

Laffey, Bartlett

LaFleur, Thimothy W.

Lahodney Jr., William J.

Lahti, Carl A.

Laidwam, James Scott

Laing, Frederick W.

Lair, Rodney Bickham

Laird Jr., George H.

Laird, Oberlin Carter

Laizure, Dallas M.

Lajeunesse. Roy W.

Lake, Burton Gay

Lake, Julian S.

Lake, Richard C.

Lalande Jr., Albert M.

Laliberte, Joseph Henry

Lalor Jr., Foster M.

Lalor, William George

Lamade, John D.

Lamar, Burris D.

Lamb, Raymond S.

Lambert, David

Lambert, Valdemar G.

Lambing, Charles L.

Lambrecht, John Osgood

Lamkin, Fletcher M.

Lamoreaux, Lewis S.

Lamoreaux, Raymond

Lamoreaux, Torrence C.

Lampman, Leland R.

Land, Emory S.

Land, Joseph V.

Landau, William M.

Landay, William E. "Bill", III

Landon, James B.

Landregan, John William

Landry, Adelard Francois

Landstreet, James Collins

Lane, David A., Adm.

Lane, Franklin, Fayette

Lane, James M.

Lane, Richard

Lane, Stanley H.

Lang, Frederick R.

Lang, James G.

Lange, George A.

Lange, Karl L.

Langeliner, Wilfred Etienne

Langen, Thomas D. F.

Langille III, Justin E.

Langston, Charles B.

Lanham, Harvey Peter

Lanier, Samuel L.

Laning, Caleb B.

Laning, Harris

Laning, Richard B.

Laning, Robert C.

Lankenau, Wilfred Eric

Lannon, James P.

Lansdowne, Zachary

Lansing, William Henry

Lar\ird Jr., Horace C.

Larimer, Edger Brown

Lark, Jacob A.

Larkin, Leo J.

LaRoche, Brian

LaRoche, Francis Arthur

LaRocque, Gene R.

Larsen, Harold H.