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Brown University


Brown University 
John Hay Library
20 Prospect Street, Box A
Providence, RI 02912


Allison, Thomas M.
Papers, 1941-1983

Literary manuscripts, official and personal correspondence, and memorabilia relating to World War II Navy convoys in 1941 and British prisoners-of-war in Thailand. Also included are single-leaf leaflets produced by the U.S. Navy in an attempt to lower the morale of the Japanese during World War II. The leaflets were printed on board the carrier USS Hornet, placed in aircraft bomber bays and then dropped over Tokyo. Authorship of one document signed "Nakayama, Tatsushi" has been attributed to an Imperial Japanese Navy Second Sub-Lieutenant of this name, taken as a prisoner of war by the United States. Included are two letters relating to his identification and translations of the documents from Japanese into English.

125 items


Army and Navy Club (New York)
Records, 1918-1920

Lists of officers by name, number, service, rank, and address.

19 pages


Brown, John and Nicholas
Papers, 1775-1783

The collection includes materials on naval affairs.


Colby, S. B.
Papers, 1865

Letter to H. H. Tilly asks help in getting an appointment to the Naval Academy for J. P. Clark.

2 pages


Cox, Samuel S.
Papers, 1852-1902

U. S. Congressman from Ohio, 1857-1865, and from New York, 1869-1883, and U. S. Minister to Turkey, 1885-1886, and Chairman of the House Committee on Naval Affairs, 1883-1885. Cox, a Democrat, also authored several publications, including A Buckeye Abroad, and Eight Years in Congress.

956 items


Cranch, Elizabeth
Papers, 1864

A letter asking H.H. Tilley's help in getting an appointment for her son to the Naval Academy.

3 pages


Papers, 1779

Journal describing the siege of Savannah.


Dorvilliers, L. V.
Papers, 1867

Discusses his classes in French at the Naval Academy and domestic affairs.

1 item


Greene, Samuel D.
Papers, 1867

A letter congratulating him on his brother's graduating first in his class at the Naval Academy.

3 pages


Hill, Walter N.
Papers, 1860-1905

Letters and manuscripts; letterpress books; scrapbook; notebooks; documents; pamphlets; photographs; memorabilia. The bulk of the written material (to, from, and about Hill) dates from 1870-1884. It consists of personal letters between Hill and his wife; letters between Hill and leading scientists and ordnance specialists; letters to and from important political, scientific, and military figures regarding Hill's application for appointment of Professor of Mathematics in the Navy; business correspondence; Hill's patents and pamphlets regarding explosives, demagnetization, etc.; newspaper clippings of Hill's death in an explosion.

1,200 items


Hornig, Donald F.
Papers, 1970-1976

Consists of subject files, dating from 1970 to 1976, that document the period during which Donald F. Hornig was president of Brown University. Subjects documented in the collection include; the Medical School and the establishment of the M.D. degree program; admission; the Corporation; budget and finance; students, including issues related to Afro-American and minority students; faculty; building and grounds, including campus planning; Air Force and Navy ROTC programs; and civil rights and the Equal Employment Opportunities office.

10,124 items


Lawrence, Jonathan
Papers, 1778


Lee, S. P.
Papers, 1868

Letter to H. H. Tilley asks for regulations for admitting candidates to the Naval Academy.

1 page


Mackey, Thomas
Papers, 1863

Letter describing an unsuccessful naval attack at Sabine Pass, and reporting the gunboats Clifton and Sachem destroyed by the Confederates.

1 item


Melvill, Thomas
Papers, 1815

Permit for the sloop Actress to proceed to New York, countersigned by Thomas Melvill as Naval Officer.

1 item


Parsons Family
Papers, 1611-1899

The collection consists of genealogical materials for the Parson, Frost, Hill, Storer and Usher families including legal documents and personal correspondence of colonial officials and the papers of the Usher Parsons family. The bulk of the material consists of correspondence between Parsons and members of his extended family, professional colleagues, and military (naval) personnel.

950 items


Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Papers, 1939

Concerns locating proposed naval base in Rhode Island. Hopes state will provide site without cost to federal government.

1 item


Sheffield, William L.
Papers, 1866

Inquires whether Captain Thomas King of Newport is entitled to extra pay after his resignation from the Navy in 1864.

1 page


Smith, Augustus W.
Papers, 1816-1918

The bulk of the material dates from 1825-1860. Majority of letters are of a personal and/or familial nature, to and from Smith, members of his family, his classmates at Hamilton College, his colleagues at Wesleyan University. There are letters dealing with scientific and theological (Methodist) matters. Collection includes Smith's college diplomas, photographs, newspaper clippings and memorabilia.

335 items


Thatcher, Henry K.
Papers, 1833-1866

Consists of commissions and journals of Henry Knox Thatcher. Details his various tours of duty on board U. S. war ships in the Mediterranean before and during Civil War.

21 items


U.S. Navy
Records, 1812

Orders to Thomas J. Chew, "You will consider yourself attached to the frigate Constellation." Signed: Paul Hamilton, Secretary of the Navy.

1 item

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