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Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

Cincinnati, OH

Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
Rare Books and Special Collections
800 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202-2071


Ackley, Charles
Papers, 1865

Ackley's personal account as acting master of the gunboat Tyler.  Tyler was in the neighborhood of the Mississippi, White and Arkansas Rivers and was at Memphis at the time of the Sultana disaster.

1 item


Hoel, William R.
Papers, 1862-1866

Record of pay received, 1840-1867; Diary covering experiences as commander of the gunboat USS Pittsburgh during the Civil War; Official correspondence as commander during Civil War; Rules, orders, signals and requisition forms for gunboat USSPittsburgh; Rough logbook of the U.S. Beacon Light Steamer Lily for the years 1875 through 1878; Distinguishing pennants and night signals of the Mississippi Squadron.

8 volumes


Hurd, Jacob S.
Papers, 1863-1864

Hurd's copy of his reports and letters while Commander, USS Exchange during the Civil War, 1863-1864.  Also included are several lists of officers on board Exchange during this time period and a list of "contrabands on board" on two occasions.

1 volume


Noble, James
Papers, 1864-1865

Manuscript logbook of stores in the Yeoman's Department, covering the period June 1864 through June 1865.  Supplies are listed, with 5 columns of information: On hand at end of last quarter, Received during the quarter, Expended during the quarter, Remaining on hand, and Remarks.  Most monthly entries are signed James Noble Jr., Yeoman.  At the end is a 4-page list of the stores received by the Naval Depot, Mound City, Illinois, from USS Ozark.

1 volume

8 June 2002

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