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The Navy Department Library

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Rhode Island Historical Society


Rhode Island Historical Society 
110 Benevolent Street
Providence, RI 02906


Alden, Georgianna A.
Papers, 1842-1846

The collection includes letters from her father, Reverend Charles H. Alden, a Navy chaplain.

0.25 feet


Brown Family
Papers, 1816-1892

The Brown Family Papers include material relating to Jeremiah Brown and William S. Brown, officers in the Texas Navy.

300 items


DeWolf Family
Papers, 1751-1864

The DeWolf Family Papers include documents referring to the privateers YankeeMacdonough, and Yankee Lass.

950 items and 5 volumes


Flint, Henry S.
Papers, 1841

Typescript reminiscences of a seaman on board USS Brandywine.

1 volume


Hopkins, Esek
Papers, 1677-1799

4 volumes


Kelly, Wilbur
Papers, 1862

A letter from Robert Kelly to his wife, written on board USS Mississippi.

1 item


Maritime Court
Records, 1776

Minute Book Number 3.

1 volume


Parsons, Usher
Papers, 1812-1868

15 items and 3 volumes


Perry, Oliver H.
Papers, 1811-1817

Includes original documents and research notes.

0.25 feet


Phillips, Samuel
Papers, 1779-1783

A memorandum of his naval service.

3 pages


Potter, Thomas M.
Papers, 1833-1890

Papers of naval surgeon Thomas M. Potter.

0.25 feet


Providence and Warren
Records, 1776 

Journal of the shipbuilding committee for these ships of the Continental Navy.

1 volume


Quonset Point-Davisville
Records, 1939-1946

Material documenting the growth of the Quonset Point Naval Air Station and Davisville Construction Battalion Center during World War II.

6 feet


Sessions Family
Papers, 1864-1865

Includes ten letters by Sandford D. Stalker on board USS Cincinnati.

10 items


Talbot, Silas
Papers, 1779-1781

3 volumes


Waterman, Zuriel
Papers, 1779-1781

The Papers of Zuriel Waterman include journals kept by a surgeon on board the privateers ProvidenceFortuneRambler, and Chace.

3 volumes


Whipple, Abraham
Papers, 1766-1786

40 items and 1 volume

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