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The Navy Department Library

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Center for American History


Center for American History
University of Texas at Austin
SRH 2.101
Austin, TX 78712


Belcher, E. H.
Papers, 1898-1938


Bollaert, William
Papers, 1841-1849

Papers relating to the Texas Navy.


Brooks, John S.
Papers, 1834-1856

38 items


Brown, Isaac N.
Papers, 1885

Autobiography of Isaac Newton Brown.


Bryant, Andrew J.
Papers, 1840

Papers of Andrew Jackson Bryant, Texas Navy, are found in the Charles G. Bryant Papers.


Bryant, Charles G.
Papers, 1842-1941

Papers relating to the Texas Navy.


Crisp, D. H.
Papers, 1837-1843

1 item


Dienst, Alexander
Collection, 1784-1929

Papers relating to the Texas Navy.


Eaton, William

William Eaton was an Army officer, diplomat, and naval agent.

33 items


Finn, Tim
Papers, 1854-1896

Includes his service in the U.S. Navy during the Civil War.

1 volume


Fisher, Samuel R.
Papers, 1836

Samuel Rhoads Fisher was Secretary of the Texas Navy.

1 volume


Gutsch, Milton R.
Papers, 1861-1923


Hendricks, Pearl
Papers, 1819-1946

Papers relating to the Texas Navy.


Hinton, Addison C.
Papers, 1835-1853

Addison Hinton was Commander of the Texas Navy ship Zavala from 1837 to 1840.

117 items


Hughes, Benjamin F.
Papers, 1835-1891

Benjamin Franklin Hughes served in the Texas Navy from 1842 to 1844 and the U.S. Navy, 1853-1861.

2 volumes


Huston, Felix

Papers relating to the Texas Navy, found in the Eberstadt Collection.


Johns, Edward
Papers, 1841-1845

Papers relating to the Texas Navy.


Junior Naval Reserve
Records, 1916-1936

Records of the Corpus Christi U.S. Junior Naval Reserve.


Lenz, Louis
Collection, 1688-1966

Papers relating to the Texas Navy.


Lining, Charles E.
Papers, 1855-1900

Surgeon Charles E. Lining served in the Union and Confederate navies.

8 feet


Litchfield, Charles W.
Papers, 1912-1919


Mann, William L.
Papers, 1834-1949

William Leake Mann was a naval officer and historian.

9 inches


McKinney, Thomas F.
Papers, 1828-1873

Thomas Freeman McKinney was a Texas naval officer and financier. Additional McKinney documents are found in other collections.

62 items


Plytheau, R. L.
Papers, 1886


Rice, Rob R.
Papers, 1925-1966


Robinson, S. M.
Papers, 1935-1946

Papers relating to the Texas Navy.


Sheppard, Morris
Papers, 1894-1953


Thomason, John W.
Papers, 1926-1950

Papers of author and Marine Corps officer John William Thomason, Jr.

216 items


Tod, John G.
Papers, 1833-1872

Papers of John Grant Tod, Texas Navy.

187 items

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