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The Museum of the Confederacy


The Museum of the Confederacy 
Eleanor S. Brockenbrough Library
1201 East Clay Street
Richmond, VA 23219


Confederate States of America Military
Collection, 1861-1865

The collection includes private journals kept on CSS Shenandoah and Florida; logs of Shenandoah and Georgia; crew lists of Tennessee and commissions and papers of naval personnel.

50-75 items


Fox, Gustavus V.
Papers, 1874-1876

Correspondence of Assistant Secretary of the Navy Gustavus V. Fox with Commander Catesby Ap Roger Jones, CSN, regarding the Battle of Hampton Roads, consisting primarily of Fox's letters to Jones with a few notes by Jones.

23 items


Harris, Mrs. James W.
Papers, 1862-1863

Correspondence of Mrs. James W. Harris of the Ladies Defense Association of Columbus, Mississippi.

9 items


Ladies Defense Association
Records, 1862-1863

Minute book and correspondence.

24 items


Littlepage, Hardin B.
Papers, 1891-1900

Letters and assignments to Hardin B. Littlepage (formerly of the Confederate Navy), Office of Naval War Records from U.S. Navy Department officials regarding his work in gathering documents for the Navy War Records Project.


Maury, Matthew F.
Papers, 1864-1865

50 items


Porter, John L.

Plan of ironclad CSS Jackson (Muscogee).

2 items


Porter, John L.

Account of the construction of CSS Virginia.

1 item


Rains, Gabriel

"Torpedo Book," describing naval and land mines.

1 item


Shenandoah, CSS
Records, 1864-1865

Includes journals of Assistant Surgeon Lining and Midshipman Mason.

3 items


Shenandoah, CSS

Shipping articles.

2 items


Stonewall, CSS
Records, 1865

Log of the chief engineer.

1 item


Records, 1865

List of officers and men.

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