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Mystic Seaport

Mystic, CT

Mystic Seaport
G.W. Blunt White Library
P.O. Box 6000
75 Greenmanville Avenue
Mystic, CT 06355-0990


Arms, Frank H.
Papers, 1862-1863

1 volume


Barron, James
Papers, 1833-1843

Chiefly letters to Barron as commander of the Navy Yard at Philadelphia, relating to the construction of the store ship USS Relief, for the exploring expedition commanded by Charles Wilkes. Mention is made of Thomas Ap Catesby Jones, who was first given command of the expedition. Includes letters to Barron's successor, Charles Stewart, and to John C. Jay. Correspondents include Isaac Chauncey, Mahlon Dickerson, James Kirke Paulding, and John Rodgers.

72 items


Bentley, John W.
Papers, 1858-1866

John W. Bentley was a U.S. naval officer from Norwich, Connecticut.  He was acting master of USS Shenandoah and USS Bainbridge and served as prize master for schooners Mary Alice and Mary Stewart, and the ship Amelia. The collection contains a letter copybook/notebook (1861), watch and quarter book for USS Shenandoah, and navigation book from USS Bainbridge; together with other official correspondence and naval orders and instructions.

23 items


Colburn, Oliver
Papers, 1842-1890

Papers of Oliver Colburn, a merchant captain who was acting master of the Mallory-built clipper Pampero for the Union Navy from December 1864 to August 1866. The collection contains orders from U.S. Naval Headquarters in New Orleans and from the Gulf Squadron's flag ship Estrella in Pensacola Bay. Also material relating to veteran's pensions and Grand Army of the Republic awards in the 1880's, and to an 1890 congressional bill awarding salvage money to officers and crew of Union gunboats Kineo andChocura for cotton taken in 1864.

34 items


Cox and Stevens Company
Collection, 1941-1945

Ship plans from the Cox and Stevens Company, a naval architecture firm.


Cummings, John L.
Papers, 1823-1824

Journal kept by John L. Cummings on board the brig USS Spark.

1 volume


Howes, William B.
Papers, 1839-1841

Journal kept by William B. Howes on board the ship Portland of Sag Harbor, New York, William Payn, master, for a voyage to the Atlantic and Indian Ocean whaling grounds.

1 volume


John Adams, USS
Records, 1802-1803

Logbook, 1802-1803, kept on board the frigate John Adams, Commander John Rodgers, master, for a Mediterranean naval cruise. Contains illustrations, navigation data, mentions action at Tripoli, has account of explosion in gunners storeroom of New York in Company. Has notation of royal passengers to Leghorn, Italy, official correspondence in rear of log, and portrait of Commander John Rodgers frontispiece.

1 volume


John Adams, USS
Records, 1820-1822

Journal kept by John L. Cummings on board the frigate USS John Adams, A.S. Wadsworth, commanding, during a naval cruise on the African station in search of slavers.

1 volume


Perry, Oliver H.
Papers, 1860-1863

Business records and letters relative to the maritime interests of Oliver H. Perry of Danbury, Connecticut. The collection includes summary earnings statements for 13 voyages by the bark Texas and the bark Alamo (of which Perry owned 1/16 and 1/8 share, respectively) and 3 letters to Perry from Wakeman Dimon & Co. of New York, evidently agents. The brigs Sabine and Empore also mentioned.

21 pieces


Philbrick, William M.C.
Papers, 1885

Naval architect.

35 items


Pickering, Charles W.
Papers, 1862-1864

Journal kept while on board USS Kearsarge.

1 volume


Poole, Charles A.
Papers, 1861-1864

Journals of cruises on USS Kearsarge.

4 volumes


Stanton, Oscar F.
Papers, 1850-1900

204 items


Talbot, Silas
Papers, 1767-1867

Silas Talbot was a Revolutionary War figure, member of the New York General Assembly and of the United States House of Representatives, gentleman farmer, speculator in western lands, merchant, and naval officer during the Quasi-War with France. The collection includes both personal and official papers.

3,000 items


Wainwright, William
Papers, 1861-1864

Journals kept while on board USS Kearsarge.

3 volumes

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