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The Navy Department Library

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Boston Public Library


Boston Public Library
Rare Books and Manuscripts
Boston, MA 02117


Barker, Josiah
Papers, 1838

Correspondence with the Navy Department concerning Great Western.

27 items


Beagle, USS
Records, 1824-1825

Log of U.S. schooner Beagle under the command of Lieutenant Commander Charles T. Platt on voyage in the West Indies in search of pirates with Commodore David Porter's West Indian Squadron.

1 volume


Boston Harbor Master
Records, 1863-1870

Journal of weather and events from 1 April 1863 through 15 March 1870.

1 volume


Chaplin, James P.
Papers, 1846-1847

Logbook containing the proceedings on the ship Newton from Boston to Calcutta, commanded by Captain Eben Sears.

1 volume


Cooper, John
Papers, 1809

Book of navigational memoranda with exercises and principles for various methods of sailing.

1 volume


Records, 1858-1862

Log of ship Criterion, Captain Samuel Harding.

1 volume


Curtis, Roger
Papers, 1809-1815

114 items


Cummings, Charles K.
Papers, 1917-1919

Contains information on voyages on USS Mount Vernon.

1 volume


Dolphin, USS
Records, 1849-1850

Abstract log of the U.S. Brig Dolphin, containing a nautical record of the course of Dolphin under Commander William S. Ogden during a cruise to China from Singapore. Also included is an abstract log of the U.S. Sloop of War Plymouth, Thomas R. Gedney, Commander, bearing the broad pennant of Commodore David Geisenger.


Garrett, L.O.
Papers, 1879-1880

Logbook kept by Midshipman L.O. Barrett while on board USS Alaska, covering a voyage begun on 2 August 1879 at Mare Island and ending there on 9 December 1880. Garrett includes navigational data, his daily duties, and the physical characteristics of the ship.

1 volume


Hardie, Charles F.
Papers, 1844-1846

Logbook and journal of a voyage on the brig McClellan, Isaac Orr, master, between Boston and Havana. Also contains notes on navigation and on voyages of the bark California and ship Clinton.

1 volume


Harris, Richard D.
Papers, 1820-1840

The collection includes claims to land occupied by the Charlestown Navy Yard and correspondence with several naval officials.


Henderson, John
Papers, 1762

Logbook of privateer Royall George, an account of a short, unsuccessful cruise in the West Indies.

1 volume


Hinman, Elisha
Papers, 1877

1 item


Hitch, John
Papers, 1775-1776

16 items


John Adams, USS
Records, 1855

Watch, quarter, and station bills.

1 volume


Kent, E.
Papers, 1821-1831

Log of service on board USS Nonsuch, 1821-1824, Cyane, 1825-1827, and Erie, 1830-1831.

1 volume


MacDonald, William R.
Papers, 1905

Journal and log of tour of duty on the training ship Enterprise by Commander William F. Low, while on a voyage from Boston to the Azores, Ireland, Madeira, and return to Boston.

1 volume


Massachusetts Commissary General
Records, 1778-1779

Receipts for supplies issued to state ships and units.


Naval Battles During Revolution
Collection, 1775-1783

Notebook with lists and short accounts of naval battles during the Revolutionary War.

1 item


Orsbon, George
Papers, 1807-1812

A book of navigation containing all the principle rules from trigonometry to astronomy, worked and written by George Orsbon wile a prisoner of war in France.  Also included is a journal from England to Charleston, kept by George Orsbon, Chief Mate while on board the ship Carolina.

1 volume


Niagra, USS
Records, 1860-1861

Logbook, kept by Thomas L. Swann, of a voyage from New York to Hong Kong, Japan, and return, including blockade service in Mobile Bay and other southern ports.

1 volume


Pickering, William
Papers, 1709

Journal kept while on board the brigantine Hope.

1 volume


Plymouth, USS
Records, 1844

Watch, quarter, and station bills, and ship's regulations.

1 volume


Porter, William D.
Papers, 1838-1864

3 volumes


Sheldon, Stephen R.
Papers, 1807-1808

Journal kept by Stephen R. Sheldon of a voyage from Providence, Rhode Island to Alexandria, Virginia and back to Providence on the brig George Washington, Joseph Sheldon, master, and of a voyage from Pawtucket, Rhode Island to Norfolk, Virginia on the sloop Lively, Simeon Smith, master.

1 volume


Trenton, USS
Records, 1877-1879

Watch, quarter, and station bills.

1 volume


United States, USS
Records, 1827

Navigational log.

1 item


Vincennes, USS
Records, 1861

Orderly book and muster roll.

1 volume

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