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Abbott, Samuel W.
Papers, 1861-1887

Letters (1862-1864) relating to medical matters written by Abbott during his service as assistant surgeon on board USS Catskill along the coast of South Carolina and on board USS Niagara in New York harbor. Postwar letters concern medical practice in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Includes notes (1861-1887) on patients treated and such subjects as alcohol, drugs, lead poisoning, parasites, and vaccination. Correspondents include George Clymer, John A. Dahlgren, Charles D. Maxwell, Gideon Welles, and William Whelan. Forms part of: Miscellaneous Manuscripts collection.

1 volume


Adee, Augustus A.
Papers, 1825-1844

Papers of Augustus Alvey Adee (1802-1844) include journals and correspondence, primarily to his wife, Amelia Kinnaird Graham Adee, written while serving as fleet surgeon on a cruise of the U.S. frigate Potomac along the coast of South America (1840-1841); notes on the Adee family of Scotland; Adee and Graham family records, including marriage and baptismal certificates; and catalogs of his book and shell collections.  Papers of David Graham Adee include manuscripts and newspaper clippings of his writings; letters from his brother, Alvey Augustus Adee (1842-1924), written while on a European tour (1867); and newspaper articles relating to the Civil War service of Major General George L. Hartsuff and his brother, Albert Hartsuff, assistant surgeon in the U.S. Army. Papers of Alvey Augustus Adee (1842-1924) include manuscripts of his writings; newspaper clippings concerning Adee's service in the U.S. State Department; an accession catalog of his books; a master's thesis by George Sheppard Hunsberger on Adee's diplomatic career, with special references to the Boxer Rebellion; and miscellaneous materials about Adee. Found in the Adee Family Papers.

1 foot, 300 items, and 3 containers 


Allen, William A.H.
Papers, 1793-1841

Journals, with photos, sketches, and illustrations, describing Allen's activities while serving on board USS Cayuga, assigned to blockade duty on the Gulf Coast during the Civil War, and subsequently on ships in the Mediterranean, Indian, and Pacific Oceans, and at stations on the east and west coasts of the United States and Europe. Contains descriptions of Malaya, Singapore, China, Japan, Peru, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and Egypt.

14 volumes


Andrew Doria
Records, 1776

 Journal of cruise under the command of Captain Nicholas Biddle. Contained in transcripts from the British Archives.

1 volume


Bancroft-Bliss Papers
Papers, 1788-1928

Family and general correspondence, diary, legal and financial papers, article and book galleys, invitations, and printed material, chiefly 1815-1875, of members of the Bliss and Bancroft families.  Persons represented include George Bancroft (1800-1891), historian, U.S. Secretary of the Navy, and U.S. minister to England and Germany, whose career is reflected in personal, official, and other papers, and includes an annotated galleys of his article on James K. Polk for Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography; his wife, Elizabeth Davis Bancroft (1803-1886), whose papers relate to conditions in England, France, and Germany during Bancroft's years abroad; her first husband, Alexander Bliss (1792-1827), lawyer and junior partner of Daniel Webster, who is represented by social and business correspondence (including 140 letters, 1816-1827, of Webster); and their son, Alexander Bliss (1827-1896), author, soldier, and secretary of the U.S. legation at Berlin, whose papers concern his service as an officer in the U.S. Quartermaster's Department during and after the Civil War and his observations of the social and economic conditions in the U.S. and Europe.

5,800 items


Barney, Joshua
Collection, 1780-1974

Naval officer. Forms part of the Library's Miscellaneous Manuscripts collection.

4 items


Barry, John
Papers, 1770-1801

Continental and U.S. naval officer and shipowner. Correspondence, ships' records and documents, and personal and biographical material, chiefly relating to naval matters and trade.

55 items


Bartlett, William
Papers, 1775-1776

Papers relating to prizes and captures.

136 items


Bayard Family
Papers, 1797-1855

James Asheton Bayard (1767-1815) and his son, Richard Henry Bayard (1796-1868), lawyers, senators, and diplomats, of the Bayard (Baird) family of Delaware. Correspondence, diaries, financial material, diplomatic documents, congressional material, newspapers and newspaper clippings, and printed matter relating to James Asheton Bayard and his son, Richard Henry Bayard.  Topics include Federalist politics, repeal of the Judiciary Act of 1800, Bank of the United States, War of 1812, Delaware politics, Delaware State Militia, and foreign affairs, especially the Treaty of Ghent (1814) and diplomatic relations with Belgium (1850-1853).

1,400 items


Benson, William S.
Papers, 1791-1941

U.S. naval officer and public official. Correspondence, memoranda, dispatches, speeches, reports, maps, naval appointments, family papers, photographs, and printed materials relating primarily to Benson's service as U.S. Chief of Naval Operations during World War I and including materials concerning the naval conference conducted by the Allies (1917), the House Commission appointed by President Woodrow Wilson to confer with the Allied and Associated Powers on naval strategy, Allied Naval Council, Allied Naval Armistice Commission, American Commission to Negotiate Peace, Paris Peace Conference (1919-1920), Senate Naval Affairs Committee hearings regarding naval operations in World War I (1920), and postwar naval disarmament. Papers also document Benson's service as commandant of the Philadelphia Naval Yard (1913-1915), his work related to shipping and the merchant marine as chairman and member of the U.S. Shipping Board (1920-1928), and his involvement in Catholic religious and fraternal organizations including his presidency of the National Council of Catholic Men (1921-1925).

14,000 items


Biddle, James
Papers, 1813

Naval officer. Forms part of: Miscellaneous Manuscripts collection.

2 items


Bixby, W. H.
Papers, 1882-1886

1 box


Bonaparte, Charles J.
Papers, 1760-1921

Correspondence, articles, speeches, memoranda, notes, personal miscellany, legal papers, real estate papers, biographical material, clippings, and other printed matter. Correspondence (1874-1921) comprises the bulk of the collection. Papers relate to Bonaparte's Progressive and Republican Party political activities, his service as U.S. Secretary of the Navy and U.S. Attorney General, and his positions as member and chairman of council of the National Civil Service Reform League, member of the board of overseers of Harvard, trustee of the Catholic University of America, president of the Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, Maryland, member of the Maryland Board of State Aid and Charities, president of the National Municipal League, and member of the executive committee of the National Civic Federation. Legal papers of Bonaparte, his family, and clients cover the period 1760-1920. Correspondents include Louis D. Brandeis, Champ Clark, Richard H. Dana, Charles W. Eliot, James R. Garfield, Elbert H. Gary, James Cardinal Gibbons, Henry Cabot Lodge, Theodore Roosevelt, Carl Schurz, William Howard Taft, Benjamin R. Tillman, Richard M. Venable, Owen Wister, and Clinton Rogers Woodruff.

80,000 items


Boone, Joel T.
Papers, 1759-1970

Physician and naval officer.

24,000 items


Bradford, John
Papers, 1776-1782

Letterbooks relating to his position as Continental Agent for Prizes at Boston.

1 box


Bristol, Mark L.
Papers, 1887-1939

Correspondence, diaries, speeches, reports, memoranda, official dispatches, appointment sheets, press releases, and scrapbooks, pertaining to Bristol's naval career.  Primarily documents his duties (1919-1927) as Commander of the U.S. Detachment in Turkish Waters and as U.S. High Commissioner to Turkey, his role in the Conference on Near Eastern Affairs held in Lausanne, Switzerland (1922), and his command of the U.S. Asiatic Fleet (1927-1929).  Includes Bristol's observations on foreign relations between the United States, Turkey, and the Middle East, on conditions in the Middle East following World War I, on aspects of the Russian Revolution including the refugee situation in southern Russia, and on political events in China (1927-1929).  Also reflects Bristol's interests following his retirement, including the control of narcotics, his work in the Democratic League of the District of Columbia and the American Peace Society, and his efforts to establish a shipbuilding operation in Florida.  Includes the papers of Bristol's wife, Helen Moore Bristol, and other family papers.

40,000 items


Bristol, Mark L.
Papers, 1913-1918

Carbon copies of letters sent, speech, testimony before Congress, reports, memoranda, and list of officers relating to the naval aeronautics program, which Bristol served as director.  Recipients of letters include Washington Irving Chambers, Alan Ramsay Hawley, Thomas S. Martin, Henry Croskey Mustin, and Henry Woodhouse.

100 items


Brodhead, Daniel D.
Papers, 1821-1853

U.S. Navy Agent and broker; born 1802. Bound correspondence, account book, business records, and miscellaneous unbound papers chiefly relating to Brodhead's work as a Navy Agent in Boston, Massachusetts.

13,000 items


Cady, Horatio N.
Papers, 1823-1831

Logbook kept by Midshipman Horatio Nelson Cady, U.S.N.  Also contains "Remarks on board the USS Hornet," Samuel Woodhouse, commanding.

1 volume


Chandler, William E.
Papers, 1864-1917

Correspondence (166 v.) covering his career in Washington, D.C., where he held positions as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of the Navy, Senator, and Chairman of the Spanish Treaty Claims Commission.  Includes material reflecting Chandler's role as secretary of the Republican National Committee in the campaigns of 1868 and 1872, his part in the Hayes-Tilden election (1876), and the presidential election of 1880. Correspondents include Chester A. Arthur, James G. Blaine, Montgomery Blair, George S. Boutwell, W. L. Chambers, Jay Cooke, Walter Q. Gresham, William P. Kellogg, Philander C. Knox, William McKinley, William Orton, Orville H. Platt, Thomas C. Platt, and Lew Wallace.

25,000 items


Church, William C.
Papers, 1862-1924

Correspondence pertaining to Church's business and professional matters as editor of the Atlantic MonthlyGalaxyJournal of the Armed Forces, and New York Sun. Includes biographical writings in English and Swedish on the Swedish American engineer and inventor, John Ericsson. Correspondents include William W. Belknap, William C. Browness, William E. Chandler, Bradley A. Fiske, William Babcock Hazen, Stephen Bleecker Luce, Nelson Appleton Miles, Philip Henry Sheridan, William T. Sherman, Emory Upton, and Leonard Wood.  William Conant Church was founder of The Army and Navy Journal.

350 items


Clark, Joseph G.
Papers, 1838-1841

Journal (August 1838-May 1941) kept by Clark during the Wilkes Expedition (United States Exploring Expedition). Describes many details of the voyage on the U.S. Flagship Vincennes.

1 volume 


Cockburn, George
Papers, 1788-1847

British naval officer. Correspondence, logbooks, journals, fleet orders, reports, maps, and miscellany, chiefly 1800-1820, relating to Cockburn's naval career, his involvement in the War of 1812, and to British naval activities against France and Spain, especially in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Specific topics include Horatio Nelson's Mediterranean exploits, the attempt to rescue King Ferdinand VII of Spain, the burning of Washington, D.C., during the War of 1812, and the exile of Napoleon I. Also includes material relating to Spanish colonies in South America and the history of the West Indies. Correspondents include Henri-Gratien Bertrand, Sir Alexander Cochrane, William E. Gladstone, James Monroe, Charles-Tristan de Montholon, Horatio Nelson, and William Pinkney.

4,400 items


Confederate States of America
Records, 1861-1865

Official and semi-official records of the Confederate government, including the Departments of State, Justice, Treasury, Navy, War and the Post Office. The collection also includes correspondence of cabinet officers, leading officials, and diplomatic and consular missions; financial records; and pardons.

18,500 items


Conner, David
Papers, 1817-1847

Correspondence, reports, invoices, ships returns, extracts from ships logs, and other official naval papers, mainly from 1844 to 1847 when Conner was commander of U.S. naval forces in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.  Many of the letters are from commanders of vessels, such as BainbridgeFalmouthPorpoisePotomac, and Vandalia.  Includes material relating to the 1844 revolution in the Dominican Republic, naval operations in the Mexican War, and preparations for the attack on Veracruz Llave, Mexico, where Conner managed the landing of General Winfield Scott's army.

400 items


Cushman, William H.
Papers, 1855-1872

Forms part of: Miscellaneous Manuscripts collection.

28 items


Dahlgren, John A.
Papers, 1824-1889

Correspondence, reports, notes, memoranda, notebooks, mathematical calculations and charts, letter books, designs, drawings, and logbooks, relating to Dahlgren's development of ordnance for the U.S. Navy and his position as Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance. Includes correspondence with his son, Ulric Dahlgren, journals of cruises as midshipman, and logbooks kept during Civil War service in the South Atlantic.  Correspondents include Samuel Francis Du Pont, Andrew Hull Foote, Gustavus Fox, and Gideon Welles.

10,000 items


Dale, Richard
Papers, 1778-1918

Naval officer; served with the British Navy from 1776 to 1777 when he joined the Continental Navy, serving as first lieutenant to John Paul Jones on Bonhomme Richard.

Correspondence, commissions, mathematics notebook, and journal/logbook (1787-1789) kept on a voyage aboard a merchant ship to Canton, China, and to New Guinea.  Includes letterbook (1801-1802) of Dale's outgoing correspondence while in command of the U.S. frigate President in the Mediterranean during the Tripolitan War; and letterbook of incoming correspondence (1780-1845) to Dale, to his son-in-law, Rear Admiral George C. Read, and to several others.  Correspondents include William Bainbridge, John Paul Jones, John P. Kennedy, Robert Smith, and Benjamin Stoddert.

0.6 feet


Daniels, Josephus
Papers, 1806-1948

Correspondence (1878-1948), diaries (1913-1948), manuscripts of speeches, articles and books, papers of the Daniels, Bagley, Seabrook, and Worth families, and other material.  The bulk of the collection relates to events and policy decisions during Daniels' service (1913-1921) as Secretary of the Navy during the Wilson administration, but also concerns his career as editor of the Raleigh, North Carolina, News and Observer before and after his public service; his work with the Democratic Party; his role as U.S. Ambassador to Mexico (1933-1941), and his interest in such subjects as democracy, prohibition, public health and welfare, naval aviation, and radio communication.

331,000 items


Day, Joseph S.
Papers, 1839-1852

Naval officer. Forms part of the Library's Miscellaneous Manuscripts collection.

8 items


Decatur House
Papers, 1801-1957

Makes up part of the Beale Family Papers, and includes papers of Captain Stephen Decatur and architect Benjamin Latrobe's sketches of Decatur House.

8 feet


Dewey, George
Papers, 1805-1949

Correspondence, letterbooks, diaries, journal, military papers, financial papers, scrapbooks, and photographs chiefly relating to Dewey's activities as naval commander in the Far East during the Spanish-American War, especially at the battle of Manila Bay; as admiral and president of the General Board of the Navy (1899-1917); as president of the court of inquiry (1901) concerning Winfield Scott Schley; and as commander-in-chief of naval winter maneuvers (1902-1903).  Also includes Dewey's letters to his second wife, Mildred McLean Hazen Dewey, her correspondence, financial records, and papers pertaining to her estate.

25,000 items


Duncan, Silas
Papers, 1812-1813

Journal kept while on board the U.S. Frigate President.

1 volume


Eagle, Henry
Papers, 1861-1862

Log of the frigate Santee serving in the Union Navy and commanded by Henry Eagle.

2 volumes


Edon, John J.
Papers, 1821

Found in the Peter Force Collection, this document concerns Apollon.

1 item


Edson, Merritt A.
Papers, 1906-1955

Correspondence, diaries, speeches, writings, military records, reports, notes and notebooks, financial papers, clippings, printed material, awards, certificates, memorabilia, and other papers.

19,000 items


Eld, Henry
Papers, 1831-1849

Letters from Eld to his father and other family members describing his activities while serving on board USS Delaware in the Mediterranean; on board USS Peacock and USS Vincennes while visiting South America, the South Pacific, and the northwest coast of the U.S., as a member of the U.S. Exploring Expedition led by Charles Wilkes; on board USS Flirt, USS John Adams, and USS North Carolina; in Washington, D.C., where he helped in the preparation of Wilkes' narrative of the expedition; and on board USSOhio during the War with Mexico in the siege of Vera Cruz, and later, when he escorted the American minister to Brazil and joined the Pacific Squadron.  Topics include naval matters, places of interest, family affairs, and speculative ventures in Lake Superior mining and in California land.

150 items


Eliot, George F.
Papers, 1939-1971

A journalist and military analyst, the George Eliot Papers include correspondence with Admiral Arleigh Burke and other naval officers.

5,000 items


Elliott, Jared L.
Papers, 1838-1842

Naval chaplain and Presbyterian minister. Journals (v. 1, 1838 Aug. 2-1840 Oct. 31; v. 2, 1840 November 1-1842 May 6) kept on board USS Vincennes during the U.S. Exploring Expedition led by Charles Wilkes, describing the areas visited (South America, Australia, New Zealand, Samoan Islands, Hawaii, and other Pacific islands), with notes on missionary activity and on the religious, educational, and cultural history of places visited.  Includes descriptions of Elliott's travels through Mexico and various parts of the U.S., including the Pacific Northwest and the Ohio and Mississippi River valleys

2 volumes


Elseffer, Harry S.
Papers, 1874-1886

Naval officer. Family correspondence, journal, an account of the signing of the U.S. treaty with Korea (1883), cruise itineraries, reports, drawings, clippings, photographs, and memorabilia relating to shipboard life and naval duty off the west coast of North America and Elseffer's visits to ports of China, Japan, Zanzibar, Cape Town, and Barbados.

80 items


Ericsson, John
Papers, 1803-1899

Swedish-born engineer and inventor; emigrated to the United States in 1839. Correspondence, writings, design specifications, articles, memoranda, technical notes, financial and legal papers, drawings, printed matter, and miscellany, chiefly 1842-1886, relating primarily to Ericsson's activities in marine engineering, especially his work on screw propellers and his design of USS Princeton and the ironclad Monitor.  Includes some correspondence of Ericsson's biographer, William C. Church.

1,500 items


Fabbri, Alessandro
Papers, 1917-1922

Naval reserve officer. Correspondence, biographical material, memorabilia, and photographs.  Correspondence relates to Fabbri's service as officer in charge of the radio station at Otter Cliffs, Bar Harbor, Maine, during World War I, and hence contributes to the early history of transatlantic radio communication. One item is described as the original wireless message from the German government received at Otter Cliffs, November 10, 1918 (the day before the Armistice), asking for mitigation of conditions imposed by the Allies. Includes correspondence of Samuel C. Hooper.

1,000 items


Farragut, David G.
Papers, 1810-1869

Naval officer. Correspondence (including letterbooks), biographical file, invitations, and other material, chiefly 1834-1860, relating primarily to Farragut's naval activities, especially his role in the protection of American interests in Mexico during the pre-Civil War period.  Includes letters to Farragut from Charles Folsom and copies of letters from Farragut to James Barron, Charles Baudin, Alexander J. Dallas, John A. Dahlgren, Lyman Copeland Draper, Duncan N. Ingraham, William D. Jones, John Lenthall, Stephen R. Mallory, Matthew F. Maury, Charles Morris, James K. Paulding, Antonio López de Santa Anna, and Isaac Toucey.

12 items


Fahs, Charles T.
Papers, 1858-1859

Surgeon, U.S. Navy. Diary, covering the period of the cruise of USS Water Witch to Paraguay.

1 volume


Fairfield, John
Papers, 1828-1867

Principally letters (1835-1847) from Fairfield to members of his family in Saco, Maine, while he was serving in Congress and as governor, relating to personal and family affairs, politics, and life and society in Washington, DC, and Augusta, Maine.  Other correspondence relates to such topics as dueling, politics in Maine, the administration of James K. Polk, and the Aroostook War and other events relating to boundary disputes between Maine and Canada.

900 items


Foote, Andrew H.
Papers, 1838-1863

Correspondence, letterbooks, manuscript of Africa and the American Flag (1854), journals, logbooks, miscellaneous ships' records, and other papers relating principally to Foote's command (1849-1851) of the U.S. brig Perry off the west coast of Africa as part of a joint effort with Great Britain to suppress the slave trade and to his command (1856-1858) of USS Portsmouth as part of the U.S. East India Squadron, including material relating to the Battle of the Barrier Forts (1856) near Canton, China.  Other topics include trade with Japan, missionaries in Hawaii, Civil War naval actions, including the attack on Fort Donelson, and Foote's personal life.  Also includes a journal (1845-1847) kept by Madison Rush on a cruise from New York to China and South America.

800 items


Force, Peter
Collection, 1170-1961

This collection contains many documents relating to the American Revolution, including naval documents.

50,000 items


Forton Prison, England
Papers, 1777-1779

Journal (June 15, 1777- July 22, 1779) kept by an American prisoner, Thomas McKinney, with a contemporary copy of a letter (1778 September 19) from Benjamin Franklin, Arthur Lee, and John Adams to the prisoners at Forton, list of prisoners, and financial entries (1793-1797) of Reuben Locke, Lexington, Massachusetts; and copybook of naval prisoners' songs (1778), with list of financial expenditures.

2 items


Foxardo Affair
Papers, 1824

Relates to a raid by David Porter against a pirate base in Foxardo, Puerto Rico.  An Exposition of the Facts and Circumstances Which Justified the Expedition to Foxardo, United States. Navy. Courts of inquiry. Porter. 1825 Washington, Printed by Davis & Force, 1825.

1 item


Fulton, Robert
Papers, 1798-1814

Artist, engineer, and inventor. Treatise on submarine navigation and attack (1786) submitted in support of Fulton's claims against Great Britain under contract with William Pitt.  Also includes miscellaneous manuscripts. (1809-1814).

1 box


Geisinger, David
Papers, 1814-1853

The collection includes a journal kept while serving on USS Wasp.

33 items


Privateer General Sullivan
Records, 1777-1781

Minutes of meetings, receipts, accounts, and other papers relating to the business of this group, organized in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in November 1777, for the purpose of preying on the British West Indies trade.  The proprietors included Joshua Wentworth, George Wentworth, Moses Woodward, Nathaniel Folsom, John Taylor Gilman, and Robert Parker.  The minutes record that General Sullivan was commanded first and unsuccessfully by Thomas Dalling and later by Thomas Manning, whose prizes included the brigantine Charlotte.

1 volume


Glenn Jr., John H.

90,000 items


Goldsborough, Louis M.
Papers, 1817-1874

Correspondence, military records, financial papers, printed material, illustrations, and other papers concerning the U.S. Navy.  Includes material on the capture of the castle of San Juan de Ulúa, Mexico (1847) and Goldsborough's work as superintendent of the United States Naval Academy (1853-1857).  Civil War material relates to the blockade of Charleston Harbor, Ambrose Everett Burnside's Roanoke Island expedition, naval operations on the James River, Goldsborough's command of the frigate Minnesota at Hampton Roads while awaiting attack by Merrimack, the scuttling of Merrimack, visits to the front lines by Abraham Lincoln and his cabinet, and the capture of John H. Surratt.  Includes the draft of Stephen Decatur's letter to James Barron that led to their duel.  Correspondents include Jeremiah S. Black, J. L. Cabell, Salmon P. Chase, John J. Crittenden, Samuel Francis Du Pont, Edward Everett, Gustavus Vasa Fox, John Lothrop Motley, Joseph Smith, Josiah Tatnall, A. P. Upshur, Gideon Welles, and Charles Wilkes.

 8,000 items


Great Britain, Admiralty
Records, 1689-1917

41,400 items


Habersham, Alexander W.
Papers, 1861

Found in the Habersham Family Papers.  Georgia family headed by Richard Wylly Habersham (1786-1842), lawyer and U.S. Representative from Georgia, and including his four sons: Richard Wylly Habersham (b.1812), artist; the Rev. Barnard Elliott Habersham; Alexander Wylly Habersham, U.S. naval officer and merchant in Japan; and Stephen Elliott Habersham, physician. Correspondence, chiefly of the sons of Richard Wylly Habersham (1786-1842).  Most of the letters are between the Rev. Barnard Elliott Habersham, his wife Emma Matthews Habersham, and their son, Richard Wylly Habersham, who served in the Hampton Legion of the Confederate Army and settled in Brazil after the Civil War.  Includes letters from Alexander Wylly Habersham, who resigned from the U.S. Navy in 1857 to pursue mercantile interests in Japan and was imprisoned at Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland, as a Southern sympathizer after his return in 1861; and some letters from the related Barker family of New York and the Pacific Northwest.

265 items


Hallock, Isaac
Papers, 1814-1916

Correspondence, journals, financial papers, orders, and printed matter relating primarily to Hallock's visits to China while serving with the merchant marine and as a private in the 13th New York Infantry (Brooklyn) at Annapolis and Baltimore, Maryland, and also to his service in the Navy (1861-1868) on board USS State of Georgia and USS Mercedita (part of the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron off the coasts of Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland), on board USS Eureka, USS Dragon, and USS Don (part of the Potomac Flotilla), and on USS Wasp at various ports in South America.  Includes papers relating to other family members.

200 items


Hamersly, Thomas S.
Papers, 1821-1824

Journal of Thomas S. Hamersly.

1 volume


Harris, Thomas J.
Papers, 1824-1827

Logbook kept by Midshipman Thomas J. Harris on board Peacock during a cruise from Norfolk, Virginia, to the Pacific, and back to New York (1824-1827).  Peacock visited the harbors of Rio de Janeiro, Valparaiso, Nukahiva, Tahiti, Honolulu, and the Society Islands.

2 volumes


Hewitt, Edward L.
Papers, 1864

Technical notes and drawings relating to steam-navigation in the U.S. Navy during the Civil War. Prepared on board USS Mahaska.

1 volume


Hobson, Richmond P.
Papers, 1889-1966

Correspondence, analyses, articles, lectures, memoranda, notes, orders, reports, speeches, press clippings, photographs, and other papers chiefly dating from 1890 to 1937.  Hobson's naval career is documented by material on operations in Cuba and the Philippines during the Spanish American War; descriptions of his visits to Chinese, Japanese, and British colonial navy-yards; and correspondence and lecture notes relating to the first course on ship construction taught by Hobson at the United States Naval Academy.  The congressional file (1907-1915) documents Hobson's efforts on behalf of the prohibition amendment and the enlargement of the U.S. Navy.  Other topics include his advocacy of a permanent fleet in the Pacific and increase in the number of battleships, his opposition to Franklin D. Roosevelt's expansion of the Supreme Court, and his predictions of global conflict prior to both world wars, women's suffrage, the sinking of Lusitania, and industrial recovery during the Depression.  Organizations represented include the Alcohol Education Society of America, Anti-saloon League of America, International Narcotic Education Association, Woman's Christian Temperance Union, and World Narcotic Defense Association.  Correspondents include his wife, Grizelda Hull Hobson, and other family members, and Theodore Roosevelt.

27,300 items


Hoes, Roswell R.
Papers, 1895-1912

Correspondence, notebooks, ship records, and printed matter relating to the Spanish-American War and its aftermath. Includes letters from Hoes soliciting material for his Spanish-American War collection, replies from members of Congress consisting of copies of speeches and legislation, materials relating to Gen. Leonard Wood's tenure in Cuba, the U.S. Senate committee's inquiry into Wood's governorship, the history of the Navy Chaplin Corps and its personnel from 1799 to 1899, notes on the establishment of the U.S. Naval Academy, and other related naval data. Correspondents include Marcus Alonzo Hanna, G. C. Rathbone, Theodore Roosevelt, Elihu Root, Henry Moore Teller, and the family and military colleagues of Leonard Wood.

700 items


Hull, Isaac
Papers, 1811-1930

Naval officer. Forms part of the Library's Miscellaneous Manuscripts collection.

14 items


Hunt, William H.
Papers, 1881-1882

William Henry Hunt served as Secretary of the Navy from 1881 to 1882.

500 items


Hurst, George
Papers, 1825-1827

This journal forms part of Miscellaneous Manuscripts collection.

1 volume


International Naval Conference, London
Records, 1909

Found in U.S. Navy Miscellany.


Jackson, Alonzo C.
Journal, 1841-1846

2 volumes


Jones, John Paul
Papers, 1775-1788

Chiefly letters received, holograph drafts of letters sent, and a journal (fair copy, in French) written for King Louis XVI of France relating to Jones' experiences during the American Revolution.  Correspondents include John Adams, Edward Bancroft, the Continental Congress, Benjamin Franklin, John G. Frazer, Esek Hopkins, the Marquis de Lafayette, Arthur Lee, John Manley, James Moylan, John De Neufville & Son, John Ross, Daniel Tillinghast, Jonathan Williams, and various French officials.

800 items


Klyce, Horace C.
Papers, 1911-1933

4,800 items


Knox, Franklin
Papers, 1898-1954

Franklin Knox served as Secretary of the Navy from 1940 to 1944.

13 boxes and 7 volumes


Lackawanna, USS
Papers, 1873-1877

1 box


Land, Emory S.
Papers, 1901-1972

Correspondence, diary notes, speeches, copies of orders, photos (many inscribed), scrapbooks, clippings, and other papers chiefly relating to Land's forty-eight years of government service particularly as chief of the U.S. Navy Bureau of Construction and Repair (1932-1937), chairman of the U.S. Maritime Commission (1938-1946), and chief administrator of the U.S. War Shipping Administration (1942-1946). Includes material relating to shipbuilding (1932-1946), the need of ships during World War II, trade-unions, use of the U.S. Army to control labor disorders, the strikes of 1941-1942, Land's position as vice president and treasurer of the Daniel Guggenheim Fund for the Promotion of Aeronautics, Inc., his role as advisor for Charles A. Lindbergh (his cousin) on his tours (1927-1928), and Land's testimony in the Lindbergh kidnapping case (1938).

5,700 items


Leahy, William D.
Papers, 1897-1959

Diaries (1897-1956), correspondence, scrapbooks (1936-1959), documents, photographs, and other papers relating to Leahy's personal life and to his career as chief of the Bureau of Ordnance, commander of the Destroyer Scouting Force, chief of the Bureau of Navigation, admiral commanding the Battle Force, Governor of Puerto Rico, Ambassador to France (1940-1942), and Chief of Staff during and after World War II.  Includes correspondence (1948-1950) and production materials relating to the publication of Leahy's book, I Was There: The Personal Story of the Chief of Staff to Presidents Roosevelt and Truman, based on his notes and diaries made at the time (1950); copies of two letters (1945 June 12) from President Truman to Joseph Edward Davies relating to Davies' talks with Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden prior to the Potsdam Conference.  Correspondents include Bernard M. Baruch, François Darlan, Joseph C. Grew, Cordell Hull, George C. Marshall, Philippe Pétain, Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, and Sumner Welles.

8,000 items


LeJeune, John A.
Papers, 1815-1950

Family and general correspondence, memoranda, speeches and writings, notes, military papers, and printed materials relating to Lejeune's education at Louisiana State University and the U.S. Naval Academy and to his military career. Includes material on his service aboard USS Vandalia during the 1889 hurricane in Samoa; his service aboard USS Cincinnati during the Spanish-American War; Marine operations in Haiti and Panama and Veracruz Llave, Mexico; his service with the American Expeditionary Forces in France and Germany during World War I; and his work as Superintendent of the Virginia Military Institute.

6,000 items


Lenthall, John
Papers, 1843 

The journal of architect John Lenthall forms part of the Library's Miscellaneous Manuscripts collection.

1 volume


Lever, Charles
Papers, 1855

Journal (May 6-September 12, 1855) of Charles Lever, captain's clerk, USS Release, on a voyage to rescue Elisha Kent Kane's Arctic Exploring Expedition.

1 volume


Levy, Uriah P.
Papers, 1842-1857

The papers of this naval officer form part of the Library's Miscellaneous Manuscripts collection.

2 items


Lovell, William S.
Papers, 1850-1855

 Journal (May 22, 1850-September 30, 1851) kept by Midshipman Lovell on board the U.S. Brig Advance (commanded by Edwin J. De Haven) and notes of a cruise to the Arctic in the U.S. Bark Release (June 11-August 29, 1855).  Includes log entries.

1 volume


Maas, Charles O.
Papers, 1917-1925

Correspondence, including letters (1917-1919) from Maas to his wife and diaries (ca. 1917-1919) concerning his duties as assistant naval attaché in Paris, France.  Among his papers are reports on Josephus Daniels, Roald Amundsen, Bainbridge Colby, and Franklin D. Roosevelt and an account of the arrival of President Woodrow Wilson in Paris in 1918.

350 items


Mahan, Alfred T.
Papers, 1824-1914

1,000 items


Mangum, Willie P.
Papers, 1771-1906

Willie Person Mangum was Chairman of the Senate Committee on Naval Affairs from 1841-1843.  Correspondence, memoranda, diaries, speeches, legal papers, genealogical materials, financial papers, and printed materials concerning local, southern, and national politics, the Whig Party in the South, economic and social conditions in North Carolina, the Mangum plantation, and education of the Mangum children. Includes business papers of Arthur Mangum (Willie Mangum's grandfather), Priestly Hinton Mangum (1795-1850; Willie Mangum's brother), Priestly Hinton Mangum, Jr. (b. 1829; agriculturist of North Carolina), and Willie Person Mangum (1827-1881; Mangum's nephew and consul to China and Japan); correspondence of Willie Mangum's wife, Charity Alston Cain Mangum, with her husband and other members of the Mangum and Cain families; and genealogical and biographical material compiled by Stephen B. Weeks.

5,000 items


Martin, Glenn L.
Papers, 1910-1955

Correspondence; scrapbooks; subject files of organizations including the All American Baseball Association, Ducks Unlimited, and League of Maryland Sportsmen; manuscripts and photographs concerning his gift to the University of Maryland of the Glenn L. Martin Institute of Technology; collection of photographs of airplanes developed by Martin; and papers relating to the Glenn L. Martin Company, the Diamond Corporation of America, and a number of Mr. Martin's real estate holdings.

55,000 items


MacDonough, Thomas
Papers, 1815-1825

2 volumes


Maury, Matthew F.
Papers, 1825-1960

Correspondence, letterbooks, diaries, journals, drafts and printed copies of speeches, articles, and other writings, notebooks, electrical experiment book, charts, and printed material relating chiefly to Maury's naval career, scientific activities and interests, service as a Confederate agent in England, and work as an immigration official for Southern expatriates in Mexico, and to the Maury (Morey) family.  Documents Maury's service as a midshipman in the U.S. Navy in the 1820s and 1830s and as superintendent of the U.S. Depot of Charts and Instruments and of the U.S. Naval Observatory between 1842 and 1861.  Also documents his resignation as an officer of the U.S. Navy and commission as commander in the Confederate Navy (1861).  Topics include meteorology, mines, oceanography, torpedoes, and the physical geography of Virginia.  Includes papers of Charles Alphonso Smith regarding Maury and a typescript of a life of Maury by Catherine Cate Coblentz.

14,650 items


McCormick, Lynde D.
Papers, 1909-1959

Correspondence, reports, notes, scrapbooks, photos, clippings, and miscellaneous printed matter. The bulk of the collection relates to McCormick's duty as Supreme Allied Commander of the Atlantic, 1952-1954. Includes trip reports and subject files of the nations of NATO.

3,600 items


Viscount Melville
Papers, 1661-1829

Papers of Henry and Robert Dundas, First and Second Visount Melville, who served as First Lord of the Admiralty, 1804-1805 and 1812.

100 items


Meyer, George von Lengerke
Papers, 1901-1909

George von Lengerke Meyer served as Secretary of the Navy from 1909-1913.  Nine volumes of diaries and a few pieces of family correspondence and memorabilia. Diary entries record social and family life, as well as the national and international events to which Meyer was close. Includes references to the negotiations leading to peace after the Russo-Japanese War and reports of conversations (1907-09) with President Theodore Roosevelt and of their companions: Jean Jules Jusserand, Henry Cabot Lodge, Elihu Root, and others. Other subjects mentioned are the Post Office Dept., Cabinet meeting summaries, and the Republican Party.

50 items


Mitchell, Benjamin
Papers, 1861-1925

Volume containing correspondence (1862-1865) with G. W. Blunt, Gideon Welles, Hiram Paulding, Kingston Bruse, John A. B. Dahlgren, C. N. Scott, and others; and general orders, reports, circulars, and printed materials.

1 volume


Mitscher, Marc A.
Papers, 1910-1952

Approximately 250 personal and semiofficial letters, 100 sets of duty orders (1919-1945), 50 certificates of awards, decorations, and honors, and 50 maps and charts of World War II Pacific theater naval operations (including many with Mitscher's annotations and markings); 6 aviator's flight logs (1915-1938), a personal sea-duty log (1910-1919), a folder of printed matter relating to Mitscher's career; and approximately 75 personal papers of his wife, Frances S. Mitscher, and 150 letters and telegrams of condolence on Mitscher's death. The bulk of the correspondence dates from 1940-1945 and includes letters relating to Mitscher's command of USS Hornet during the Tokyo raid and the Battle of Midway. A few letters concern his role as pilot during the first naval overseas flight (1919).

900 items


Moody, William H.
Papers, 1879-1916

U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Attorney General, Secretary of the Navy, and Representative from Massachusetts. Correspondence and other papers.

3,000 items


Morse Family
Collection, 1806-1865

Letter (1852) to Isaac Edward Morse (1809-1866), U.S. Representative from Louisiana, suggesting that he run for Governor of Louisiana, and autograph collection, probably collected by Representative Morse; letter (1832) to Nathan Morse (1784-1833), recorder for the City of New Orleans, La., notifying him of his reelection to that post; correspondence (1806-1810) of P. C. Wederstrandt (1776-1835?) relating primarily to his activities as a naval officer; correspondence and orders to duty (1854-1864) of Charles Nathan Morse (1837-1880), Confederate Army officer; correspondence (1835) between William Moore, U.S. Army officer, and his wife, Chess; 9 letters of the Marquis de Lafayette, l letter each from Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Sam Houston, Andrew Jackson, and Martin Van Buren; and miscellaneous biographical material.

75 items 

Newcomb, Simon
Papers, 1854-1936

Correspondence, diaries, commonplace books, drafts of speeches, articles, reviews, and books, financial papers, genealogical papers, charts, tables, computations, photos, and printed matter, chiefly 1865-1909, reflecting Newcomb's personal and family life, his work in mathematics and astronomy, his writing of articles for encyclopedias and other publications, and his work as president of the International Congress of Arts and Sciences.

46,000 items


Ontario, USS
Records, 1817-1819

Journal kept on USS Ontario.

1 volume


Osborn, Joseph B.
Papers, 1862-1865

Mainly Civil War correspondence of Osborn, who served in Company F, 26th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry and in the U.S. Navy; together with a diary (1862-1863) and a biographical sketch of Osborn.

295 items


Palmer-Loper Papers
Papers, 1767-1930

Includes papers of Master Nathaniel Brown Palmer and other seagoing members of the family.  Correspondence, logs and journals, financial and business papers, miscellany, and printed materials of various members of the seafaring and merchant Palmer and Loper families of Stonington, Connecticut.  Includes papers of Nathaniel Brown Palmer (1799-1877) relating to his discovery (1820) of the Antarctic subcontinent, to various whaling and sealing enterprises, and to the China trade; papers of his younger brother Alexander Smith Palmer (1806-1890?) relating chiefly to his mercantile and shipping interests; and papers of Richard Fanning Loper (1800-1880) relating principally to his shipbuilding activities and his business contracts with the Army and Navy during the Civil War.  Also includes logs or log extracts for the AnnawanCharles AdamsFrederickGarrickHeroHouquaMary of LondonOlive BranchPenguin, and Southerner.

7,630 items


Peale, Titian R.
Papers, 1819-1842

Journal (1819-1820) kept from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Fort Osage, Missouri, while Peale served as assistant naturalist on an expedition to the Rocky Mountains under the direction of Major Stephen H. Long; and journals (1838-1842) kept as assistant naturalist on Captain Charles Wilkes' U.S. Exploring Expedition to the South Pacific, with Peale's observations of plant and animal life, climate, physical terrain, and culture of the people encountered.  Includes maps.

6 volumes


Perry, Matthew C.
Papers, 1839-1931

Official correspondence; order book (1847-1848) kept on board the U.S.F. Cumberland at Veracruz Llave, Mexico; and printed matter from the America-Japan Society.  Represented in the correspondence are Perry Belmont, Gouverneur Kemble, Eugene A. Vail, and Kenkichi Yoshizawa.

10 items


Perry, Raymond H.
Papers, 1812-1814

Journal kept by Perry while he served on the frigate President under Commodore John Rodgers during the War of 1812.

1 volume


Porter, David D.
Papers, 1799-1899

Correspondence, journals, logbooks, orders, reports, memoranda, family papers, drafts of articles, memoirs, poems, short stories, and other literary writings, sketches, photographs, and printed matter documenting David D. Porter's naval career.  Includes material on his years as a midshipman, his service in the Mexican War, his trips to the Mediterranean to secure camels for the use of the U.S. Army, his Civil War service, his superintendency of the United States Naval Academy, his mission to Santo Domingo concerning the lease of Samaná Bay in the Dominican Republic, and his career as an advisor to the Navy Department (1870-1891) and chairman of the U.S. Navy Board of Inspection (1877-1891).  Includes material on Union naval strategy during the Civil War and the need for naval reform.  Correspondents include his mother, Evelina Anderson Porter, and Charles A. Boutelle, David Glasgow Farragut, Gustavus Vasa Fox, Gwinn Harris Heap, George M. Robeson, William T. Sherman, and Gideon Welles.

Papers of Porter's father, David Porter (1780-1843), also a naval officer, relate to his command of the schooner Enterprize (1805-1806) and the frigate Essex (1811-1814), his command of the West Indies squadron for the suppression of piracy in the Caribbean, the naval expedition to Fajardo, P. R., his role as Commander-in-chief of the Mexican Navy (armada), and his American diplomatic service in Algeria and Turkey.  Correspondents include his wife, Evelina Anderson Porter, and Paul Hamilton, Joel Roberts Poinsett, John Rodgers, Thomas Shields, Samuel L. Southard, and Oliver Wolcott.

7,000 items


Preble, Edward
Papers, 1680-1912

Correspondence, diary, journals, account books, ships' papers and logbooks, muster rolls, signal books, family papers, and other material relating primarily to Preble's naval service. Includes Preble's journals (1803-1804) as commander of the U.S. Navy Mediterranean Squadron, flagship Constitution (Frigate), during the Tripolitan War; Isaac Chauncey's journal (25 June-6. Aug. 1804) on board John Adams (Ship); and logbooks and other records of Argus (Brig), Constitution (Frigate), Essex (Frigate), John Adams (Ship), Ranger (Sloop), Pickering (Brig), and Traveller (Smack).  Of special note is a letter from officers of Philadelphia (Frigate) regarding its loss at Tripoli (1804). Microfilm edition of logbook (1803-1804) of the frigate Constitution available, number 18,525.

5,000 items


Reid, Samuel C.
Papers, 1807-1963

Family members represented include Samuel Chester Reid (1783-1861), naval officer, and his son, Samuel Chester Reid, lawyer, (1818-1897). Correspondence, diaries, journals, speeches, writings, biographical and genealogical material, financial and legal papers, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, maps, lithographs, and other papers.  Subjects include the claim filed by Samuel Chester Reid (1783-1861), captain of the privateer General Armstrong, in connection with scuttling the privateer in a battle with British warships at Faial Island, Azores, during the War of 1812; Reid's recommendation for the design of the U.S. flag; the Mississippi Valley & Brazil Steamship Company, St. Louis, Missouri, founded by Reid and others in 1874 to provide river and ocean freight between St. Louis and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; the activities of Samuel Chester Reid (1818-1897) in Ben McCulloch's Texas Rangers during the Mexican War and as a correspondent in the South during the Civil War; John Rowan and his residence, Federal Hill, Bardstown, Kentucky; and activities of the U.S Army 6th Cavalry stationed in Texas, 1866-1868.

 2,580 items


Remey Family
Papers, 1778-1949

Correspondence, diaries, journals, genealogical papers, photographs, and other papers of Remey and Mason family members.  Primarily the papers of Charles Mason Remey relating to his activities on behalf of the Bahai Faith.  Also includes papers of George Collier Remey (1841-1928) pertaining to his service with the U.S. Navy during the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, the Philippine Insurrection, and the Boxer Rebellion; papers of Iowa jurist and temperance and women's rights advocate, Charles Mason (1804-1882); and papers of Mary Josephine Mason Remey (1845-1938).

1,225 items


Rives, William C.
Papers, 1674-1939

U.S. Senator and Representative from Virginia.  Other individuals represented in the collection include the grandfather of Rives's wife, Judith Page Walker, Thomas Walker (1715-1794), U.S. Army officer, guardian of Thomas Jefferson, physician, and explorer; and of Walker's son, Francis (1764-1806), U.S. Representative and lawyer from Virginia. Papers of William C. Rives include correspondence, journals, diaries, draft of Rives's incomplete "Life and Time of James Madison," and drafts of speeches, novels, and an unpublished autobiography.  Subjects include Jacksonianism, Whig political movement, diplomatic relations with France, slavery, Civil War, and Reconstruction.  Papers (1744-1835) of Thomas Walker and papers (1760-1795) of his son, Francis Walker, consist chiefly of accounts, invoices, receipts, and other financial papers, with some correspondence, printed material, miscellany, and journal (1750) kept by Walker during his exploration of the Loyal Land Company's holdings.  Correspondents include Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, and George Washington.

50,400 items


Roberts, Edmund
Papers, 1803-1905

Official and family correspondence, journals, manuscript drafts of Roberts' book Embassy to the Eastern Courts of Cochin-China, Siam, and Muscat . . . During the Years 1832-3-4 (1837), diplomatic documents (1832-1836), legal and financial papers, and miscellaneous items consisting of maps, drawings, and printed material.  Documents Robert's service as a special agent of the U.S. to negotiate treaties with Siam, Muscat, and Cochin China, and his difficulties in obtaining remuneration from Congress for expenses incurred during his voyages.  Some of the papers are in Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese.  Correspondents include Mahlon Dickerson, Edward Livingston, Eugene A. Vail, and Levi Woodbury.

1,000 items


Robinson, Lydia S. M.
Papers, 1914-1942

Secretary of the Navy League of the United States, Dept. 6, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Correspondence, data sheets, military service records, clippings, and card index relating to participation in World War I by U.S. citizens fighting for and under other Allied Powers, including men who were rejected for service and men who joined the fighting before the official entrance of the United States into the war. The collection consists principally of military service record data sheets for these men giving their branch of service and country served in addition to basic biographical and personal data.

13,500 items


Rodgers Family
Papers, 1740-1987

Correspondence, diaries, journals, accounts, notebooks, military records, financial papers, biographical and genealogical material, scrapbook, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other papers relating to chiefly to John Rodgers's naval service and to family affairs.  Documents Rodgers's command of the naval squadron in the Mediterranean Sea during the Tripolitan War and again in 1826-1827, his command of the New York Naval Shipyard and of the flotilla enforcing the embargo along the East Coast (1807-1810), and naval encounters during the War of 1812.  Letters from Minerva Rodgers pertain primarily to family life on the Rodgers's estate, Sion Hill, Havre de Grace, Maryland, and in their Washington, DC, home.  Other family correspondents relate their experiences as a U.S. Army topographical engineer in New Mexico in the 1850s and during the Civil War, as cattle ranchers in Wyoming in the 1880s, as a member of the consular service in Germany in the 1890s, and in ports around the world as a naval officer in the 20th century. Correspondents also include William Bainbridge, Samuel Barron, Stephen Decatur, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Isaac Hull, Tobias Lear, Douglas MacArthur, Matthew Calbraith Perry, Oliver Hazard Perry, David Porter, Samuel L. Southard, Robert Traill Spence, Benjamin Stoddert, John Trippe, and Daniel Webster.

14,850 items


Roosevelt, Theodore
Papers, 1759-1993

Family, personal, and official correspondence, speeches and executive orders, press releases and proclamations, personal and official diaries, magazine articles, scrapbooks, and other material, chiefly 1889-1919, documenting Roosevelt's terms as U.S. Civil Service Commissioner, New York City police commissioner, Governor of New York, and Vice President and President of the United States and his career after leaving the White House. Among the family papers are letters and memorabilia of his sons, Archibald B. and Quentin Roosevelt.

276,000 items


Saunders, John L.
Papers, 1844-1857

Correspondence, orders, and other papers covering primarily the period of Saunders' command of USS St. Mary's (1844 November 1-1847 June 7) and relating to U.S. naval operations off the Mexican coast, the blockade of the ports of Tampico and Veracruz Llave, and the transportation of American agents and dispatches. Principal correspondents include George Bancroft, Franklin Chase, Commodore David Conner, Commodore Robert F. Stockton, and General Zachary Taylor.

350 items


See, Thomas J. J.
Papers, 1887-1960

Thomas J. J. See was a naval astronomer and mathematician.

30,000 items


Selden, George L.
Papers, 1828-1830

Logbook (1828 Aug. 20-1830 Apr. 30) kept by Selden on board USS Fairfield, describing a voyage from New York to the Mediterranean and maneuvers there.  Includes color drawings of Le Pont de Rialto, Venice, and various national flags.

1 volume


Selden, Robert R.
Papers, 1843-1846

Volume including journal and log entries (1843 June 17-Dec. 28) for a cruise on the U.S. Brig Truxtun from Hampton Roads to Gibraltar; journal and log (1846 September 30-November 1) for a cruise on board the U.S. Schooner Flirt from Anton Lizardo to Norfolk; and miscellaneous commonplace entries.  Reverse of volume has been used as a scrapbook and German copybook.

1 volume


Semmes, Raphael
Papers, 1817-1830

Correspondence and other documents relating to land transactions in Charles County, Maryland  Correspondents include Edward Brawner, Alexander Gray, Samuel Hanson, and Henry Posey.

6 items


Sever, James
Papers, 1794-1956

Chiefly correspondence between Sever as Captain of the U.S. Frigate Congress and various government officials including Henry Knox, Joseph Saunders, Benjamin Stoddert, Thomas Truxtun, and Oliver Wolcott.  Also includes Sever (Sievers) family papers and other materials relating to James Sever.

310 items


Shankland, William F.
Papers, 1862

Private journal of the Commander of the U.S. gunboat Currituck.

1 volume


Shaw Manuscripts
Collection, 1775-1782

Found in the Peter Force Collection, the Shaw Manuscripts chiefly relate to privateering and naval prisoners, and include papers relating to Thomas Shaw, Commissary for Prisoners, New London.

1 volume


Smith, Robert
Papers, 1800-1815

Robert Smith served as Secretary of the Navy from 1801-1809.

11 items


Southard, Samuel L.
Papers, 1809-1842

U.S. Secretary of the Navy and U.S. Senator from and Governor of New Jersey. Correspondence, 1808-1848, with James Monroe, Francis L. Brooke, Richard B. Coxe, and John C. Calhoun; printed speeches and broadsides; and appointments with related material.

97 items


Sperry, Charles S.
Papers, 1862-1912

Naval officer and diplomat. General and family correspondence, orders to duty, journals, reports, memoranda, and other papers relating to Sperry's naval career, particularly his activities in the Philippines (1898-1900), and to his role as a U.S. delegate to the Geneva Convention (1906) and the Second Hague Conference (1907). Includes letters from Theodore Roosevelt concerning the world cruise (1908-1909) of the Battle Fleet commanded by Sperry.

2,300 items


Sproston, John G.
Papers, 1854

Journal (February-August 1854) kept by Sproston as a member of the U.S. naval expedition to Japan led by Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry.

1 volume


Stoddert, Benjamin
Papers, 1784-1812

The papers of Benjamin Stoddert, U.S. Secretary of the Navy, politician, and businessman, include correspondence and other papers. Correspondents include Robert Carter, George Beall, John Templeman, Henry Glen, Thomas W. Griffith, and James McHenry.

37 items


Thompson, Charles C. B.
Papers, 1806

Journal kept on USS Franklin.

1 volume


Thorn, Herman
Papers, 1813-1843

The papers of this naval officer form part of the Library’s Miscellaneous Manuscripts collection.

1 volume


Tracy, Benjamin F.
Papers, 1870-1924

Correspondence, telegrams, speeches, subject file, and newspaper clippings relating primarily to Tracy's service as U.S. Secretary of the Navy.  Includes correspondence (1892-1907) of Theodore Roosevelt relating to naval matters in the Spanish American War and correspondence (1889-1899) of Benjamin Harrison, much of it concerning the Venezuelan boundary dispute.  Correspondents include William P. Clyde, Eugene Hale, Jessie Johnson, George Foster Peabody, and Thomas C. Platt.

13,000 items


Trevett Jr., Samuel R.
Papers, 1810-1821

The papers of Samuel Trevett form part of the Library’s Miscellaneous Manuscripts collection.

1 volume


Truxton, Thomas
Papers, 1795-1820

158 items


Tucker, Samuel
Papers, 1777-1781

150 items


Tuve, Merle
Papers, 1901-1982

Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, articles, reports, laboratory and personal notebooks, notes, personnel records, printed material, blueprints, diagrams, photographs, and other papers relating to Tuve's administration of government-sponsored scientific projects such as the development of the proximity fuze for the U.S. Navy during World War II. Documents his work as director (1945-1946) of the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University and as director (1946-1966) of the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, as well as his involvement with the International Geophysical Year, National Academy of Sciences, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Greenbank, West Virginia, and a conference on theoretical physics, Washington, D.C. (1939-1940).  Subjects include astronomy, composition of the upper atmosphere, cosmic ray flares, geomagnetism, high voltage, conversion of war industries to peacetime uses, magnetism, physics, nuclear physics, seismology, and the Van de Graaff generator.  Includes scientific notebooks (1930-1931) of his wife, Winifred Gray Whitman, who collaborated with Tuve in analyzing the effect of high frequency resonance radiation on animals. Correspondents include Vannevar Bush, Sir J. A. Fleming, Lawrence Hafstad, John C. Merriam, Howard Tatel, Robert Jemison Van de Graaff, Carl Van Doren, and James Lloyd Weatherwax.

147,000 items


U.S. Navy Miscellany

250 items


U.S. Navy Prizes and Captures
Collection, 1776-1781

11 items


VanGieson, Ransford E.
Papers, 1856-1878

350 items


Vernon, Edward
Papers, 1654-1773

Correspondence of Vernon and Sir Charles Wager (1666-1743), British admirals, relating to English operations in the West Indies, the naval expedition against Cartagena and Cuba, a proposed expedition against Georgia and Florida, attempts to suppress piracy on the Spanish Main, the slave trade, the commercial operations of the South Sea Company, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and the Philippines. Some of the correspondents include Sir Jeffery Amherst, Martin Bladen, Lieutenant Governor Francis Fauquier, Major Gen. Thomas Gage, Lieutenant Governor Charles Lawrence, Sir John Norris, Andrew Stone, Sir Edward Trelawny, James O'Hara Tyrawly, and Major General Thomas Wentworth.

2,000 items


Waterman, Alan T.
Papers, 1918-1967

Includes material relating to the Office of Naval Research, 1946-1951.

22 feet


Welles, Gideon
Papers, 1777-1911

Gideon Welles served as Secretary of the Navy from 1861 to 1869.

15,000 items


Whitney, William
Papers, 1757-1904

William Whitney served as Secretary of the Navy from 1885-1889.

20,000 items


Wilbur, Curtis D.
Papers, 1924-1929

Curtis Dwight Wilbur served as Secretary of the Navy from 1924 to 1929.

700 items


Wilkes, Charles
Papers, 1607-1959

6,500 items


Wise, Henry A.
Papers, 1836-1858

Henry Wise was Chairman of the House Committee on Naval Affairs from 1842-1843.

350 items


Woodbury, Levi
Papers, 1638-1899

Levi Woodbury served as Secretary of the Navy from 1831 to 1834.

19,350 items


Woodward, Clark H.
Papers, 1926-1950

1,100 items


Wotherspoon, Alexander S.
Papers, 1917-1918

Found in the Wotherspoon Family Papers.


Yarnell, Harry E.
Papers, 1936-1939

3,500 items

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