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2018 CNO Naval History Essay Contest  

Professional Historian Essay Contest Winners

1st Prize: "Anti-Access for Sea Control: The British Mining Campaign against Germany in the First World War," Rear Admiral James Goldrick, RAN (Ret.)

2nd Prize: "High Velocity Outcomes: People, Not Process," Lieutenant Commander Joel Holwitt, Ph.D., USN*

3rd Prize: "Sea Power in Great Power Competition: Britain Wins the First Global War," Francis (Frank) Hoffman, Ph.D.

Rising Historian Essay Contest Winners

1st Prize: "Fly to Fight, Fight to Win: Applying the Lessons Learned from Navy Helicopter Gunships in Vietnam to Expeditionary Rotary-Wing Naval Aviation Today," Lieutenant Robert E. Swain III, USN

2nd Prize: "ASW—Will We Ever Learn?," Vice Admiral James R. Fitzgerald, USN (Ret.) and Rear Admiral Richard F. Pittenger, USN (Ret.)

3rd Prize: "Achieving Dominance in the Cyber Domain: Lessons from Rickover’s Development of the Nuclear Navy," Lieutenant G. Creigh Greensmith, USN

Published:Tue Sep 04 11:14:44 EDT 2018