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NHHC Bibliographies

No. 1, United States Naval History: A Bibliography, by Barbara A. Lynch and John E. Vajda. 1993. Out of print.

No. 2, Cruise Books of the United States Navy in World War II: A Bibliography, by Dean L. Mawdsley. 1993. Out of print.

No. 3, Historical Manuscripts in the Navy Department Library: A Catalog, by George W. Emery. 1994. Out of print.

No. 4, The Reestablishment of the Navy, 1787-1801: Historical Overview and Select Bibliography, by Michael J. Crawford and Christine F. Hughes. 1995. Out of print.

No. 5, The Spanish American War: Historical Overview and Select Bibliography by Michael J. Crawford, Mark Hayes and Michael D. Sessions. 1998. Out of print.


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