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U.S. Naval Aviation in the Pacific

Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, 1947

Grumman F6F-5N "Hellcat" night fighters

Grumman F6F-5N "Hellcat" night fighters fly in formation, August 1945 (80-G-468301).


Available free in the following format: PDF (988 KB)

This study was prepared by naval aviators and naval intelligence officers in the immediate aftermath of World War II. Its primary purpose was to analyze the relationship between sea and air power in the recent conflict, and it drew heavily on the experience of naval aviation in the war against Japan. As such, the study is also based on data from wartime Navy operations reports and findings of the joint United States Strategic Bombing Survey. Its contents are as follows:

  • Mission and Organization of Naval Aviation
  • Components and Weapons of Naval Aviation
  • Special Aspects of the Air War
  • The Japanese Offensive—Pearl Harbor to Midway
  • Offensive–Defensive—Guadalcanal to Bougainville
  • The United States Offensive—Tarawa to Tokyo
  • Tactical Effectiveness of Naval Aviation
  • Lessons Learned


Published: Tue Dec 15 18:21:01 EST 2020