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The U.S Navy and the Korean War Series

Beginning in the year 2000, the Naval Historical Center—NHHC’s predecessor agency—began a project to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Korean War. In subsequent years, the editor, Dr. Edward Marolda, crafted a series that delves into the critical role of U.S. Navy in this conflict. Each of these five monographs seeks to reveal another facet of the transformation of the U.S. Navy in the midst of the first armed Communist challenge of the free world. The creation of digital versions of the original print editions is in process.

Series Editor: Edward J. Marolda

Series Titles: 

Fleet Operations in a Mobile War: September 1950–June 1951 by Joseph H. Alexander 

Naval Leadership in Korea: The First Six Months by Thomas B. Buell

Long Passage to Korea: Black Sailors and the Integration of the United States Navy by Bernard Nalty

Attack from the Sky: Naval Air Operations in the Korean War by Richard C. Knott

Sea Power on Call: Fleet Operations, June 1951–July 1953 by Malcolm Muir, Jr.



Published: Wed Apr 24 14:48:18 EDT 2024