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War of 1812


Painting depicting Constitution's "great escape," 17-19 July 1812.
United States Frigate Constitution Chased by a British Fleet. Oil on copper by J. Font Mahan, 1841. Depicts the “great escape” of Constitution, 17-19 July 1812, off the coast of New Jersey. Courtesy Navy Art Collection.


This infographic shares the history of the War of 1812. (U.S. Navy graphic by Annalisa Underwood/Released)

<p>NH 43088 A sailor of the War of 1812 period</p>

A sailor of the War of 1812 period. (NH 43088)

War of 1812 Naval Hat

War of 1812 Naval Hat (USN 901320)

Enlisted Uniform, War of 1812

Enlisted Uniform, War of 1812. (K-22598)

<p>A colored image of three glazed bowls, one white plate, one tin cup, one clay pipe, one iron artifact, one tooth key, and one surgical scissors.</p>

A selection of the artifacts recovered from the hold of a War of 1812 vessel in the Patuxent River, Maryland. The closed-deck sailing ship is believed to be either Barney's flagship Scorpion or the hired schooner Islet. In addition to the medical artifacts, personal items, such as a clay pipe and tin cup, were found, along with military paraphernalia, such as the iron vent pick in the center of the grouping. 

Published: Wed Mar 23 12:54:23 EDT 2022