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World War II Profiles in Duty

Assault Wave Cox'n

"Assault Wave Coxswain," watercolor on paper, Dwight C. Shepler, 1944 ( 88-199-EN).


Bain, Allen W.: "Ensign William W. Bain and Minneapolis (CA-36)," 1942

Barham, Eugene A.: "Lieutenant Eugene A. Barham and Laffey (DD-459)," 1942

Best, Richard H.: "Lieutenant Richard H. Best of VB-6," 1942 

Callahan, Joseph W.: "Lieutenant Commander Joseph W. Callahan and Ralph Talbot (DD-390)," 1942

Coffin, Albert P.: "Lieutenant Albert P. 'Scoofer' Coffin of Torpedo Ten," 1942

Crouter, Mark H.: "Commander Mark H. Crouter of San Francisco (CA-38)," 1942

Dana, Robert L.: "Float Plane Pilot in the Pacific, 1944" 

Erickson, Frank A.: "Commander Frank A. Erickson and the First Helicopter Rescue Mission," 1944 

Evans, Ernest E.: "Commander Ernest E. Evans of Johnston (DD-557)," 1944 

Fahy, James: "Seaman First Class James Fahy and the Eternal Aspects of War," 1944 

Gaido, Bruno P: "Aviation Machinist's Mate 1st Class Bruno Gaido of VS-6," 1942 

Hancock, Joy Bright: "Leadership at Its Best: Captain Joy Bright Hancock," 1942  

Harmon, Leonard R.: "MAtt1/c Leonard R. Harmon of San Francisco (CA-38)," 1942 

Jolly, Harvey P.: "Float Plane Pilot in the Pacific, 1944"  

Kleinsmith, Charles: "Chief Water Tender Charles Kleinsmith and Yorktown (CV-5)," 1942 

Layton, Edwin T.: "Lieutenant Commander Layton of Pacific Fleet N2," 1942


Leslie, Maxwell F.: "Lieutenant Commander Maxwell F. Leslie of VB-3," 1942 

Lindsey, Eugene E.: "Lieutenant Commander Eugene E. Lindsey of VT-6," 1942 

Lipes, Wheeler: "PhM1/c Wheeler B. Lipes and a Submerged Appendectomy," 1942

Lynch, Donald W.: "Ensign Donald W. Lynch and Mugford (DD-389)," 1942

Marshall, Theodore W.: "Ensign Theodore W. Marshall of Patrol Squadron 22," 1941 

Massey, Lance E.: "Lieutenant Commander Lance E. Massey of VT-3," 1942 

McMahon, Bernard F.: "Lieutenant Commander Bernard F. McMahon and Drum (SS-228), " 1942 

Rasmussen, Oliver: "Downed over Japan: Aviation Radioman First Class Oliver Rasmussen," 1945

Roach, Melvin C.: "Guadalcanal Fighter Pilot," 1942

Rochefort, Joseph J.: "Commander Joseph J. Rochefort and 'Station Hypo'," 1942 

Smith, William A.: "Chief Machinist William A. Smith and Enterprise (CV-6)," 1942

Steffenhagen, Lawrence F.: "Lieutenant Junior Grade Lawrence F. Steffenhagen and Shōhō," 1942 

Waldron, John C.: Lieutenant Commander John C. Waldron of VT-8," 1942 

Widhelm, William J.: "Lieutenant Commander William J. 'Gus' Widhelm of Scouting Eight," 1942

Willett, Kenneth M.: "Lieutenant Junior Grade Kenneth M. Willett, D-V(G), a Naval Armed Guard Officer," 1942 

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