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Impact on American Public and Broader War 

Naval History and Heritage Command historian Robert J. Cressman answers questions about the attack on Pearl Harbor and the historical impact in a series of video sound bites. Here, he discusses the reactions of the American public and the Allies. He also describes the other Japanese attacks on or about December 7, 1941. Videos may be downloaded from DVIDS.

What was the reaction of the American public to the attack?

What was the reaction of the Allies to the attack?

Admiral Chester Nimitz was installed not long after—why was he selected and what did leaders think he brought to the effort?

What impact did the attack have on Americans of Japanese descent?

In addition to targets in Hawaii, where else did the Japanese attack on or about December 7, 1941?

Watch the next set of videos: Impact on Fleet Composition  

Published:Thu Nov 02 11:16:29 EDT 2017