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2023 CNO Naval History Essay Contest  

Professional Historian Essay Contest Winners

1st Prize: "A Double-Edged Sword: The Legacy Bases of the Central Pacific," Mr. Andrew Blackley

2nd Prize: "Fighting Sail and Submarines," Commander Jeff Vandenengel, USN

Rising Historian Essay Contest Winners

1st Prize: "Learning from History in the Making: Combining Lessons from Ukraine and Naval History," Major Ryan Ratcliffe, USMC and Dr. Douglas Bryant 

2nd Prize: "Disruptive Technologies and Great Power Conflict: The Maritime Propeller Case Study," Commander Richard. O. Morgan, USNR

3rd Prize: "Rekindling Innovation in Naval Exercises: Lessons from the Interwar Fleet Problems, 1923-1940," Lieutenant Vince Kindfuller, USN

Midshipmen/Cadet Historian

1st Prize: "Lessons for a Wartime U.S. Navy: STUFT Vessels in the Falklands War," Midshipman 1/C Liam Nawara, USNA 

2nd Prize: "The Invasion that Never Was: Operation Causeway and its Lessons," Midshipman 1/C Nels J. Waaraniemi, USNA

3rd Prize: "Rivalry and Confusion at Leyte: Lessons for Sea Control in the Pacific," Midshipman 3/C Pierre S. Briand, University of Southern California, NROTC

Published: Fri Sep 22 14:55:06 EDT 2023