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Ep. 1 - Navy Deck Logs and Sailor Poetry

Naval History and Heritage Command Archivist Alexis Van Pool and Fleet Historian Anna Holloway discuss the Navy's use of deck logs, command operations reports (CORs), and how Sailors have had a unique opportunity to express themselves while standing the New Year's Eve watch, writing the first watch of the year in poetic verse. Also discussed is the history of the Navy Deck Log Poetry Contest, its prizes, and deadlines for submission.

Download a digital transcript. (PDF, 76KB)

Show References:

Navy Deck Logs

·         What is a Deck Log?

·         Accessing Navy Deck Logs

·         NHHC Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Office

·         National Archives: An Introduction to Navy Deck Logs

·         National Archives: List of Online Navy Logbooks Through 1940

·         National Archives: List of Online Navy Logbooks 1941 and Later

Navy Command Operations Reports (CORs)

·         Command Operations Reports (CORs) Online Archive

·         How to Write and Submit a Command Operations Report (COR)

·         CORs for Navy Commands Being Decommissioned, Disestablished, or Deactivated

·         Command Operations Report (COR) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

·         Recent Examples of Well-Written CORs

New Year's Day Deck Log Contest

·         Voices Forged by the Sea: New Year's Day Deck Log Contest

·         2024 New Year’s Day Deck Log Contest Winners

Digital Resources

·         Infographic: Deck Logs Fleet Records Management Program (PDF, 168KB)

Published: Mon Jul 01 18:25:39 EDT 2024