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Submit a Command Operations Report

Chief of Naval Operations Instruction (OPNAVINST) 5750.12K CH-1 requires all Navy commands to submit an annual Command Operations Report (COR), formerly known as the Command History Report. Browse our collection of digitized CORs for examples, and find instructions and guidelines for submitting your command's report below. CORs are due every year on March 1st and should contain information to reflect commands' activities for the previous calendar year.

Submission Method

Please review the complete submission guidance included in the Command Operations Report Fillable Form listed in the next section. Note that only one full version of the report needs to be submitted, and that the preferred submission method is via email to NHHC_COR@navy.(smil.)mil. Write the report at the highest classification level necessary to completely explain your command's activities during the year. For Top Secret and SCI submissions, please contact the COR Program via email to coordinate the transfer of material. If material must be sent through the mail, submit it via commercial courier and not through the postal service.

Guidance and Submission Form

Command Operations Report Fillable Form


Decommissioning and Disestablishing

Point of Contact

For questions regarding the writing and submission of Command Operations Reports, please email or call (202) 433-9873. Please consult our directory for questions and concerns regarding other offices within the NHHC Archives Branch.

Published:Fri Oct 27 09:11:44 EDT 2017