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How to Write and Submit a

Command Operations Report


Approximately 2500 commands are required to submit CORs annually. Archivists review reports in the order received for content, data integrity, and accessibility. A received receipt is sent after a report has been completely reviewed. This method allows archivists to send only one email that simultaneously verifies receipt, provides suggestions for improvement, and asks clarification questions about the report. Thank you for your patience.

NHHC is currently completing the revision of OPNAVINST 5757.1, the Instruction that will govern the Command Operations Reports (CORs) program. Unfortunately, this new Instruction has not yet been finalized. In the interim, commands can continue to use OPNAVINST 5750.12K CH-1 and its corresponding template to prepare and submit their 2018 reports.

NHHC asks that commands adhere to the following upcoming changes for the COR Instruction, regardless of the template used or when the report is submitted:

  1. Every command with a Unit Identification Code (UIC) will continue to submit their own report. However, UICs with 25 or fewer full-time employees – military, civilian, and contractor combined – can have their ISIC submit on their behalf.
  2. Only digital submissions to include email, FTP, and CD will be accepted unless the material is TS/SCI. Submissions should be the original electronic material and not scanned copies. Command approval for the completed COR can be shown by CCing the CO or XO on the submission.
  3. NHHC not only accepts but encourages classified submissions. Commands should strive to document the full range of their operations within their annual report.
  4. The large file transfer system AMRDEC SAFE is no longer available for use. If your command would like to submit their COR via a file transfer system, they may do so via DoD SAFE:

CORs are due every year on March 1st and must contain text and attachments that reflect all command activities during the previous calendar year.

Browse our collection of digitized CORs for examples, and find instructions and guidelines for submitting your command's report below. The template includes section-by-section guidance as well as submission instructions.

This website will be updated with the new Instruction, OPNAVINST 5757.1, and its matching template when they are finalized. A message to the fleet will go out simultaneously.

Guidance and Submission Forms


Command Operations Report Template (Word)


Information for Decommissioning and Disestablishing Commands

Point of Contact

For questions regarding the writing and submission of Command Operations Reports, please email or, or call (202) 433-9873. For questions regarding research or requesting past copies of CORs, please email or Please consult our directory for questions and concerns regarding other offices within the NHHC Archives Branch. 

Published: Thu Aug 15 12:09:57 EDT 2019