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Director's Corner 

Director Cox with two Pearl Harbor survivors, 2016

NHHC Director Samuel Cox, left, and Pearl Harbor survivors Wetzel Sanders and Geb Galle attend the remembrance ceremony for the crew members of the USS Nevada killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor, at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii, 8 December 2016 (DoD photo by Lisa Ferdinando).

In this section, Director Sam Cox shares the stories behind historic photos, combat art, artifacts, and archival documents. In November 2016, Director Cox initiated a series of "H-grams." Inspired by Admiral Zumwalt’s series of Z-grams used to communicate with Sailors throughout the Navy, H-grams are an avenue by which NHHC provides significant historical context to aid today’s decision-makers. H-grams and associated attachments reflect Director Cox’s personal assessment, aided by NHHC historians, of significant events in U.S. Navy history. Each H-gram consists of a note from Director Cox with featured imagery, artifacts, or archival documents providing further context. In addition to the H-grams reproduced here, you’ll find links to Director Cox’s regular contributions to The Sextant, NHHC’s blog. The content below explores a variety of topics but consistently emphasizes the importance of honoring the service of Sailors throughout history and understanding the relevance of the past to today’s Navy.

Director Cox’s H-Gram 020 covers some oft-forgotten naval battles and campaigns, including the shoot-down of Iran Air Flight 655 by the Aegis cruiser USS Vincennes (CG-49) in July 1988 during the “Tanker War"; the battles of Kula Gulf, Kolombangara, Vella Gulf, and the loss of PT-109 during the Central Solomon Islands campaign; the engagement between the U.S. submarine AL-2 (SS-41) and the German U-boat UB-65 during World War I; the 1898 "suicide" mission of USS Merrimac; and the U.S. victory at the Battle of Santiago during the Spanish-American War.

Click the links below to access previously issued H-grams and earlier blogs from Director Cox. For biographical information and text of speeches given by Director Cox, please see his biography page.

Published:Fri Jul 27 09:09:13 EDT 2018