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Navy Department Library: Donation Requirements and Procedures


The Navy Department Library welcomes gifts of books, publications, ephemera and newsletters that enhance the library’s collections and support the research of U.S. Navy personnel, historians, scholars, and other researchers. 

The Navy Department Library is particularly interested in the following Navy-related items:

  • cruise books for ships, Seabee and aviation units, and training activities
  • welcome aboard, launching, christening, commissioning, decommissioning, and transfer to a foreign government ship brochures
  • change of command and retirement ceremony brochures
  • manuals, ship and unit newsletters, and other official publications and ceremonial certificates.
  • menus, shipboard entertainment and sports programs (including "smokers"), and other paper ephemera
  • naval postal covers
  • naval, nautical, and military history books in foreign languages
  • naval war games. 

Please send the NHHC Library Donation Proposal Worksheet with a complete list of items you wish to donate to the library at the address below for review of your proposal for acceptance.

When listing materials, remember to including author and title of the offered items, and please do not send unsolicited items.

Navy Department Library

805 Kidder Breese Street SE
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5060

Materials obtained in excess need in the library may be transferred to other military and government libraries, or donated to other nonprofit agencies. Donors may request that books obtained in excess be returned to them.

Published: Mon Jun 10 14:01:38 EDT 2024