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What is the due date for our Command Operations Report?

All command’s CORs are due no later than March 1st.  

How can my command request an extension?

Your command can request an extension via email (, or phone (202-433-9873). Include your command’s name, UIC, a reason the report is late, and the date it will be submitted.

Does my command need to submit a COR if we are not listed in the SNDL?

Yes. If your command has 25 or fewer full-time employees ─ military, civilian, and contractor combined ─ your ISIC can submit on your behalf.

My command has 25 or fewer full-time employees. Do we have to submit our own report?

No, your ISIC can submit on your behalf.

Our CO or XO is unable to sign our COR’s cover sheet. Do we need to wait for them to sign it before submitting our COR?

No. Someone can sign on their behalf or copy your CO/XO on your email submission.

My CO insists on a signed physical copy of our COR. How should we send it to you?

Scan the signed cover letter and include it with your original COR file.

Do we need to submit paper and digital copies of our COR?

No. Please do not send any paper material. We are only accepting digital files unless the classification is TS//SCI.

In which format(s) can we submit our COR?

PDF files are preferred. We also accept Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and text (.txt) file types, along with JPEGs and TIFFs for images and mp4 files for videos.

Should we use a specific email subject line for our COR submission?

Yes. Please use the following subject line naming convention when submitting CORs: UIC_CommandAcronym_YYYY_COR.

Is there a file transfer system available for submitting large files digitally?

Yes, your command may submit unclassified digital COR files via DoD SAFE: Please be sure to contact to confirm that someone is available to pull the materials down from the site. Similar to AMRDEC SAFE (no longer available), DoD SAFE deletes the materials transferred after 7 days. 

How can my command request our COR or a subordinate command's COR submission updates?

Your command can request a copy of its COR or an update on a subordinate command's COR submissions via email (, Include your command’s name, UIC, all requested subordinate commands names and UICs, and the year of the CORs requested.

We have over 50 files included in our COR. How should we send them?

If your command has over 50 files included in your COR, then burn the files to a CD and mail it to the following address:

Naval History and Heritage Command
Attn: COR Program
805 Kidder Breese Street, SE
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5060

Windows 10 uses Roxio to burn CDs, and it requires a password. What should I use?

Per our CIO shop, please assign a password to the CD and then, in separate correspondence, provide the password. Do not include the password in the same package as the CD.

Can NHHC confirm receipt of my command’s COR?

We review CORs in the order received and confirm receipt after we review them for content, data integrity, and accessibility. The received receipt will also include any clarification questions or suggestions for improvement.

Should I submit a classified report?

Yes. If your command participated in classified activities, this should be included in the report. The majority of CORs should be submitted at the SECRET level. CORs classified SECRET and below should be emailed to You can contact that email address to receive the JWICs contact information for TS//SCI submissions.

I have already submitted my report, but I found something else I think should be included. What should I do?

Please email the file(s) to or In the email, include your command’s full name, acronym, UIC, and a short description of the file.

I heard that a new version of the COR OPNAVINST will be released soon. Can you tell me more about it?

Our goal with the new version is to make the whole process more user-friendly. We are still working on finalizing the new Instruction (OPNAVINST 5757.1), but hope that it will be ready in time for the CY18 submissions. The main changes are: 1) only digital submissions will be accepted; and 2) instead of basing the submission list off the SNDL that changes quarterly, we are simply requiring submissions from every command with a UIC. We started to implement these changes with the CY17 submissions and have received positive feedback so far. As soon as the new Instruction is approved, a NAVADMIN will go out and information will be posted on the NHHC website.

The following FAQs reference specific sections of the OPNAVINST5750 Template Guidance, which can be downloaded as an MS Word file from the previous page, Submit a Command Operations Report.


My command is submitting on behalf of our subordinates. What do we need to include in our COR to do this?

List the UICs, full names, and preferred abbreviations of all commands included in your COR on your cover letter and in the Command Data section of your COR. If a command has more than 25 full-time members, they are required to submit their own COR.


What should be included in the Commander’s Assessment? 

The Commander’s Assessment, written by the commanding officer, should be an honest analysis of the command’s ability to complete its mission over the duration of a calendar year. It should include information on how the command fared during difficult events, how they succeeded, and what can be done to increase success and stability in the future.


Should we list the actual dates of events in our Chronology?

Yes, include dates of important milestones for the command.

What is the difference between the Chronology and the Narrative?

Although they are listed together in the OPNAV, it is important to understand that both a Chronology and Narrative are required for the COR. The Chronology lists the dates and events. The Narrative expands on the events listed in the Chronology.

Do we need to submit an acronym list with our COR?

Yes. Include it in the Supporting Reports section.


Should we embed files into our COR file?

No. Please submit supporting files as PDF attachments or as one compressed PDF file. When naming your files please include the ordering of the files. An example of this file naming is: 1_TitleYouGive, or 1_CommandersBrief.

Should we submit web links to news articles in the Published Documents section?

Please submit PDF versions of any web links that your command wishes to include with your COR. Submit either the approved original file or save the link as the full article in PDF format.


Does my command need to submit photographs with our COR?

Yes. You are required to submit a photo of your command triad. We also encourage submission of other photographs that best represent events or processes integral to your command’s operations and complement your COR submission. Please do not submit more than 25 photographs. Each image must include a caption with the names of individuals, name of event, date, and location. Please include your photographs in JPEG format. This allows future use of the images. In addition to submitting separate JPEGs, you may also embed photographs in your COR.

Do we need to submit separate JPEGs of photographs embedded in our COR?

Yes. Please include your photographs as separate files in JPEG format. This allows future use of the images. It is also acceptable to embed the photographs in your COR, but they must also be submitted as separate jpeg files.

Do our photographs need captions?

Yes. Include the names of individuals, name of event, date, and location with each photograph.

Can we submit videos with our COR?

Yes. We accept videos in mp4 format only. Videos also need to have captions that include the names of individuals, name of event, date, and location.

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