Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) Director, Samuel Cox laid a wreath at the USS Maine Memorial Feb. 15, commemorating the 125th anniversary of the explosion and sinking of the U.S. battleship in Havana Harbor that resulted in the loss of 266 of its officers and crew. 

“Today we honor the extraordinary sacrifice and service of the Maine Sailors,” said Cox. “We remember not just the Maine, but her crew.”

Maine was sent to Havana, Cuba, in January 1898, to protect American interests during the long-standing revolt of the Cubans against the Spanish government. During the evening of Feb. 15, Maine sank when its forward gunpowder magazines exploded, killing nearly three-quarters of the battleship's crew.

While the cause of the great tragedy remains unsettled, contemporary American popular opinion blamed Spain, and the Spanish-American War followed in April 1898. Maine's wreck was raised in 1912 to clear the harbor and to facilitate an investigation into the cause of its sinking. USS Maine’s remains were subsequently sunk with military honors north of Havana.

As the deployment of USS Maine in 1898 demonstrated the nation’s commitment to enabling regional freedom and deterring aggression, today’s Sailors demonstrate the Navy’s continued commitment to these missions. With 70% of the Earth’s surface covered in water; 80% of the world population living near the ocean, and 90% of global commerce by sea, the Navy’s mission remains critical to preserving peace ensuring continued national prosperity.

Director Cox's Remarks

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