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Speak Like a Sailor

Talk Like A Sailor Page Header

Cartoon postcard by Watson, circa 1915-17, on a Sailor's view of conflicting claims by World War I Combatant Nations. (NH 94270)

Have you ever wondered what a “field day” is? What is a “Ropeyarn Sunday?” How did the term “scuttlebutt” become synonymous with gossip? The language of the Navy can be just as interesting as its origins. In some instances, such as calling your morning coffee a “cuppa Joe,” Navy terminology has become part of common slang ─ but in other cases speaking like a Sailor can sound more like encrypted code. Crack the code and learn the origins of the language of the U.S. Navy by exploring the links, below.

Blog Posts on Nautical Terms and Navy Expressions

Nautical Terms and Navy Expressions Infographics

An Infographic of FINAL Nautical Terms Part 1

Nautical Terms and Naval Expressions

FINAL small Nautical Terms Part 3.jpg

Nautical Terms and Naval Expressions: The Holiday Edition

Nautical Terms and Navy Expressions-2  infographic

Nautical Terms and Naval Expressions – Part Two

Nautical Terms Part 5-Uniforms.jpg

Nautical Terms and Naval Expressions – Uniform Edition

Nautical Terms Part 4-Food.jpg

Nautical Terms and Naval Expressions: The Food Edition

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Published:Mon Feb 26 09:26:11 EST 2018