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A CINCPAC Glossary of Commonly Used Abbreviations and Short Titles



Compiled by
LTC J. R. Johnson, USA, CINCPAC Command Historian
Senior Chief Yeoman D. E. Bentley, USN.
Staff Sergeant William J. Stanish, USAF.
Camp H. M. Smith, Hawaii

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AA   Air America; Antiaircraft
AAA   Antiaircraft Artillery; Army Audit Agency
AABFS   Amphibious Assault Bulk Fuel System
AADCP   Army Air Defense Command Post
AAF   Army Airfield
AAFES   Army and Air Force Exchange Service
AAFV   Australian Armed Forces, Vietnam
AAFWB   Army-Air Force Wage Board
AAM   Air-to-air Missile
AAOC   Antiaircraft Operations Center
AARMA   Assistant US Army Military Attache
AATTV   Australian Army Training Team, Vietnam
AAW   Antiaircraft Warfare
AAWEX   Antiaircraft Warfare Exercise
AB   Air Base
ABA   Airborne Assault
ABAD   Air Battle Analysis Division
ABAT   Air Base Advisory Team
ABC   American-British-Canadian
ABM   Anti-Ballistic Missile
ABMA   Army Ballistic Missile Agency
Abn   Airborne
ABNCP   Airborne Command Post
ABR   Airborne Resupply
ABWG   Air Base Wing
AC   Approach Chart
A/C   Aircraft
ACA   Airlift Clearance Authority
ACAAD   Authorized Commanders Atomic Air Defense
ACC   Army Component Command; Alternate Command Center; Air Control Center
ACCS   Airborne Command and Control Squadron
ACCSEATO   Air Component Commander(s) SEATO
ACDA   Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
ACE   Army Combat Engineers; Alternate Command Elements
ACEP   Airborne Emergency Communications Post
ACM   Air Chief Marshall; Additional Crew Member
ACNB   Australian Commonwealth Naval Board
ACofS   Assistant Chief of Staff
ACP   Allied Communications Publication
Acq   Acquisition
ACR   Aerial Combat Reconnaissance; Air Crew Rescue
ACS   Air Commando Squadron
ACTIV   Army Concept Team in Vietnam
AC&W   Aircraft Control and Warning
AD   Air Defense; Air Division
ADA   Air Defense Artillery
ADAR   Air Defense Area
ADC   Air Defense Command
ADCC   Air Defense Command Center
ADCSP   Advanced Defense Communications Satellite Project
ADDC   Air Defense Direction Center
Adee   Addressee
ADIZ   Air Defense Identification Zone
ADM   Admiral
ADMINO   Administrative Office
ADMSC   Automatic Data Message Switching Center
ADO   Auto Defense Ordinance
ADP   Automatic Data Processing
ADPS   Automatic Data Processing System
ADRI   Indonesian Army
ADT   Actual Departure Time
ADTAKE   Advise Action Taken
Adv   Advisor
ADV   Advanced Development Unit
ADVON   Advance Squadron
AE   Aeromedical Evacuation
A&E   Architectural and Engineering
AEAC   Alternate Emergency Action Center
AEACP   Airborne Emergency Alternate Command Post
AEW   Airborne Early Warning
AEWC(ADC)   Airborne Early Warning and Control (Aerospace Defense Command)
AF   Air Force
AFADGRU   Air Force Advisory Group
AFAG   Air Force Advisory Group
AFAK   Armed Forces Assistance to Korea
AFB   Air Force Base
AFCC   Air Force Component Commander
AFCENT   Allied Forces Central Europe
AFCRC   Air Force Cambridge Research Center
AFCS   Air Force Communications System
Aff   Affairs
AFIC   Air Force Intelligence Center
AFK   Armed Forces of the Republic of Korea
AFLC   Air Force Logistics Command
Afld   Airfield
AFM   Air Force Manual
AFMDC   Air Force Missile Development Center
AFP   Armed Forces of the Philippines
AFPSC   Armed Forces Philippines Supply Center
AFR   Air Force Regulation
AFRS   Armed Forces Radio Service

Armed Forces Radio and Television Service

AFSC   Armed Forces Staff College; Air Force Systems Command
AF-SEMP   Armed Forces Socio-Economic Program
AFSS   Air Force Security Services
AFSWC   Air Force Special Weapons Center
AFSWP   Armed Forces Special Weapons Project
AFTAC   Air Force Technical Application Center
AFWTR   Air Force Western Test Range
AGC   Amphibious Force Flagship
AGE   Associated Ground Equipment
AGIL   Airborne General Illumination Light System
AGS   Surveying Ship
AGSC   Coastal Surveying Ship
AGSS   Auxiliary Target Submarine
AH   Attack Helicopter; Hospital Ship
AID   Agency for International Development
AIF   Aerospace Intelligence File
AIG   Address Indicator Group
AIK   Aid in Kind; Assistance in Kind
AIR   Aircraft Recovery
AIRA   Air Attache
AIRRES   Air Rescue
AJCC   Alternate Joint Command Center
AJWR   Alternate Joint War Room (now ANMCC)
AK   Cargo Ship
AKL   Light Cargo Ship
AKP   Agence Khmer Press (Cambodian Newspaper)
ALA   Airland Assault
ALCJ   Army Logistics Command Japan
ALCON   All Concerned
Alft   Airlift
ALN   Accounting Line Number
ALR   Airland Resupply
ALRI   Indonesian Navy
ALUSLO   US Naval Liaison Officer
ALUSNA   US Naval Attache for Air
AM   Alert Message; Amplitude Modulation
AMA   Air Material Area
AMB   Ambassador
AMC   Army Materiel Command
AMCONGEN   American Consulate General
AMCONSUL   American Consul
AMD   Air Movement Designator
AMEMB   American Embassy
AMF   Australian Military Forces
AMFPA   Air Material Force Pacific Area
Amphib   Amphibious
AMS   Army Map Service
Amt   Amount
ANFE   Aircraft Non-Flying-Electronics
ANGLICO   Air and Naval Gunfire Liaison Company
ANMCC   Alternate National Military Command Center
AN/TSQ-51J   Air Defense Fire Distribution System
ANZAM   Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia
ANZUS   Australia, New Zealand, United States
AO   Oiler
AOB   Air Order of Battle
AOC   Air Operation Center
AOCP   Aircraft out of Commission for Parts
AOD   Aviation Operating Detachment
AOG   Auxiliary Oil and Gasoline Tanker
AP   Transport Ship
APA   Attack Transport
APACL   Asian Peoples Anti-Communist League
APC   Armored Personnel Carrier
APD   High speed transport
APL   Barracks Craft (non-self-propelled)
APRFE   Air Procurement Region Far East
APSF   Armed Public Security Force
AR   Armed Recce; Army Regulation
ARADCOM   Army Air Defense Command
ARDF   Airborne Radio Direction Finding; Air Reconnaissance Detection Force
AREFS   Air Refueling Squadron
ARFCOS   Armed Forces Courier Service
ARG   Amphibious Ready Group
ARGMA   Army Rocket and Guided Missile Agency
ARK   Royal Cambodian Army
ARL   Landing Craft Repair Ship
Arm   Armored
ARMA   Army Attache
Armd   Armed
ARPA   Advance Research Projects Agency
ARPAC   Army Pacific
ARS   Air Rescue Service
ARRS   Aerospace and Recovery Service; Air Rescue Squadron
Art   Article
Arty   Artillery
ARVN   Army of the Republic of Vietnam
ASA   Army Security Agency; Association for Southeast Asia
ASAP   As soon as possible
ASAPAC   Army Security Agency Pacific
ASCAC   Antisubmarine Classification and Analysis Center
ASCAT   Air Service Command Advisory Team
ASDF   Air Staff Defense Force; Air Self Defense Force (Japan)
ASD(I&L)   Assistant Secretary of Defense (Installations and Logistics)
ASD/ISA   Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs
ASD(M)   Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower
ASDO   Assistant Staff Duty Officer
ASESB   Armed Services Explosive Safety Board
ASH   Assault Support Helicopter
ASIF   Airlift Service Industrial Fund
ASL   Authorized Stock Level; Authorized Stockage List
ASMMCC   Armed Services Medical Material Coordination Committee
ASP   Annual Service Practice; Ammunition Supply Point
ASPAC   Asian and Pacific Council
ASPB   Assault Support Patrol Boat
ASPR   Armed Services Procurement Regulation
ASOC   Air Support Operation Center
ASR   Available Supply Rate
ASROC   Antisubmarine Rocket
ASRT   Air Support Radar Team
Asst   Assistant
ASTA   Aerial Surveillance and Target Acquisition
ASTIA   Armed Services Technical Information Agency
ASW   Antisubmarine Warfare
ASWBPL   Armed Services Whole Blood Processing Laboratory
AT   Artillery
ATA   Actual time of arrival
ATAC   Army Tank and Automotive Command
ATBAN   Atomic Bargain Analysis Report
ATC   Air Target Chart
Atchd   Attached
ATCO   Air Transportation Coordination Office
ATCU   Air Transportable Communication Unit
ATDS   Airborne Tactical Data System
ATF   Amphibious Task Force; Fleet Ocean Tug
ATMP   Air Target Materials Program
ATR   Soviet Rescue Ocean Tug
ATRAN   Automatic Terrain Recognition and Navigation (Guidance System)
ATSF   Automatic Target Selection File
Aug   Augment(ed); August
AURI   Indonesian Air Force
AUS   Australia
AUTHGRA   Authority Granted
AUTODIN   Automatic Digital Network
AUTOSEVOCOM   Automatic Secure Voice Communications System
AUTOVON   Automatic Voice Network
AUW   Antiunderwater Warfare
AVGAS   Aviation Gasoline
Avn   Aviation
AVRK   Cambodian Air Force
AW   Automatic Weapons; All Weather (acft)
AWCS   Automatic Weapon Control System; Air Weapons Control System
AWR   Ammunition War Reserve
AWRL   Ammo War Reserve Level
AWX   All Weather Interceptor


BA   Burmese Army
BAC   Base Area Command
BADGE   Base Air Defense Ground Environment (Japan)
BAF   Burmese Air Force
BAHT   Thailand Currency
BAIS   Battlefield Airborne Illumination System
BAR   Browning Automatic Rifle
BARC   Barge - Amphibious Resupply Cargo
BAS   Bomb Alarm System
BASIC   Battlefield Area Surveillance & Integrated Communication
BBP   Border Boundary Police (Thailand)
BC   Body Count
BCT   Battalion Combat Team
BDA   Bomb damage assessment
Bde   Brigade
BDL   Beach Discharge Lighter
BDP   Base development planning
BDST   ARVN Military Intelligence Collection Company
BDSW   British Defense Staff, Washington
BE   Bombing Encyclopedia
BEF   Battalion Expeditionary Force
BEG   Brigade Engineer Group (USMC)
BG   Brigadier General; Battle Group
BI   Battalion Infantry
BIOS   Biological Investigation of Space
BIRDIE   Battery Integration and Radar Display
BLSG   Brigade Logistic Support Group (USMC)
BLT   Battalion Landing Team
BMEWS   Ballistic Missile Early Warning System
Bmr   Bomber
BMT   Beginning Morning Nautical Twilight (24 min before sunrise)
BMU   Beachmaster Unit
Bn   Battalion
BN   Burmese Navy
BOA   Broad Ocean Area (PMR Use)
BOB   Bureau of the Budget
BOD   Beneficial Occupancy Date
Bomb   Bomber
BOMREP   Bombing Report
BOPD   Bataan Ocean Petroleum Depot
BOQ   Bachelor Officer Quarters
BOS   Base Operating Support
BP   Baghdad Pact
BPD   Basic Planning Document (MAP)
BPP   Border Patrol Police
Br   Branch
Brig Gen   Brigadier General
BRL   Bomb Release Line
BRO   Base Requirements Overseas
BRMC   British Royal Marine Corps
BSA   Beach Support Area
BSD   Ballistic Systems Division
BSP   Barisan Socialist Party (Leftist-Malaysia)
BSTS   Battle Staff Teams
BSU   Boat Support Unit
BTW   Boat Wave
BUDOCKS   Bureau of Yards and Docks
BUPERS   Bureau of Naval Personnel
BUSANDA   Bureau of Supply and Accounts
BUSHIPS   Bureau of Ships
BUWEPS   Bureau of Naval Weapons
BW   Biological Warfare; Bango Whiplash
BWCC   Bomb to Warhead Conversion Components
BWI   Battle Wound Injury


CA   Civil Affairs; Chinese Army; Civic Action; Heavy Cruiser
CAB   Civil Affairs Branch
CAC   Civic Action Centers
CACP   Casualty Assistance Calls Program
CAF   Chinese Air Force
CAFOB   Combined Air Force Operating Base
CAG   Civic Action Group; Guided Missile Heavy Cruiser
CALSU   Combat Air Lift Support Unit
CAMRA   Consolidated Air Mission Results Analysis
CAMTT   Civil Affairs Mobile Training Team
CANCOMARPAC   Canadian Commander Army Pacific
CANT   Cantonment
CAO   Coordinated Atomic Operations; Communications Allocation Order
CAOC   Combat Air Operations Center
CAP   Combat Air Patrol; Country Assistance
CAPT   Captain
Car   Carrier
CAR   Commanders Availability Report
CAS   Controlled American Source; Close Air Support
CASF   Composite Air Strike Force(s)
CASS   Country Assistance Strategy Statement
CAT   Civil Air Transport
CATF   Commander Amphibious Task Force
Cav   Cavalry
CB   Construction Battalion (Sea Bees)
CBMU   Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit
CBR   Chemical, Biological and Radiological Warfare
CBU   Cluster Bomb Unit
CC   Commercial Consumables
CCA   Chinese Communist Army
CCACN   CINCPAC Command and Control Alert/Conferencing Net
CCAF   Chinese Communist Air Force
CCEWT   Central Control Evaluation and Warning Team
CCF   Corps Contingency Force; Chinese Communist Forces
CCG   Combat Cargo Group
CCI   Catalog of Completed Items "Target Materials"
C&CI   Contingency & Confidential Intelligence
CCK   Ching Chuan Kang
CCN   Chinese Communist Navy
CCRDES   Concept for a Radiological Detection System
CCRSFF   Commander, Central Region SEATO Field Forces
CCTS   Combat Crew Training School
CD   Combat Developments
C&D   Cover and Deception
CDC   Control Data Corporation
CDI   Control Director Intercept
CDNI   Committee for the Defense National Interest
CDR   Commander
CDTC   Combat Development Test Center
C-E   Communications-Electronics
CEC   Civil Engineer Corps - Navy
CEI   Communications Electronics Instruction
CEIP   Communications -Electronics Implementation Plan
CENTO   Central Treaty Organization
CEOI   Communications Electronics Operating Instruction
CFS   Contract Field Service
CG   Commanding General; Civil Guard
CGUSARF TAIWAN   Commanding General, United States Army Forces, Taiwan
CGUSARMAC   Commanding General, US Army Material Command
CGUSARYIS /IXCORPS   Commanding General, US Army Ryukyu Islands: IX Corps
CH   Chief
CHAFSEC   Chief Air Force Section
CHDLG INDONESIA   Chief, Defense Liaison Group, Indonesia
CHICOM   Chinese Communist
CHJUSMAG   Chief, Joint United States Military Advisory Group - Country
CHMAAG   Chief Military Assistance Advisory Group - Country
CHMEDT BURMA   Chief, Military Equipment Delivery Team, Burma
CHMILTAG   Chief Military Technical Advisory Group, Indonesia
CHMPO   Chief Military Planning Office
CHNAVADGRU   Chief Naval Advisory Group - Country
CHNAVSEC   Chief Navy Section
CHOP   Change Operational Control
CHPROVMAAGK   Chief, Military Assistance Advisory Group, Korea (Provisional)
CHUSAOSASF   Chief United States Army Overseas Supply Agency, San Francisco
CHUSMSI   Chief US Military Supply Mission India
CHWTO   Chief, Western Pacific Transportation Office
CI   Counterinsurgency; Counterintelligence
CIA   Central Intelligence Agency
CIB   Command Information Bureau
CIC   Combat Information Center
CIDG   Civilian Irregular Defense Group; Current Intelligence Digest
CIGCOREP   Counter Infiltration - Counter Guerrilla Concept and Requirement Plan
CIIC   Current Intelligence Indication Center
CIM   Communication Improvement Memo
CINC   Commander in Chief
CINCAL   Commander in Chief Alaska
CINCEUR   Commander in Chief Europe
CINCFES   Commander in Chief Far East Station (British)
CINCLANT   Commander in Chief Atlantic
CINCLANTFLT   Commander in Chief, United States Atlantic Fleet
CINCMEAFSA   Commander in Chief Middle East, Southern Asia, Africa South of the Sahara
CINCNELM   Commander in Chief US Naval Forces, Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean
CINCNORAD   Commander in Chief North American Air Defense Command
CINCPAC   Commander in Chief Pacific
CINCPACAF   Commander in Chief Pacific Air Force
CINCPACFLT   Commander in Chief United States Pacific Fleet
CINCPACREP   Commander in Chief Pacific Representative
CINCPACSTAFFINSTR   Commander in Chief Pacific Staff Instruction
CINCSAC   Commander in Chief Strategic Air Command
CINCSTRIKE   Commander in Chief of the Strike Command
CINCUNC   Commander in Chief United Nations Command
CINCUSARPAC   Commander in Chief, United States Army, Pacific
CIP   Counterinsurgency Plan
CIRADS   Counterinsurgency Research and Development Symposium
CIRVIS   Communication Involving Restricted Visual Information Sightings
CIVACTGP   Civic Action Group
CIVAD   Civil Administrator
CIVC   Combined Intelligence Center, Vietnam
CJCS   Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
CJOEP   Coordinated Joint Outline Emergency Plan
CJTF   Commander Joint Task Force
CL   Combat and Liaison; Light Cruiser
CLF   Commander Landing Force
CLIP   Country Logistics Improvements Plan
Cmbt   Combat
CMC   Commandant Marine Corps
Cmd   Command
Cmdo   Commando
CMF   Citizens Military Force (Australia)
CMPO   Chief, SEATO Military Planning Office
CMSO   Chief Japanese Maritime Staff Office
CN   Chinese Navy
CNO   Chief of Naval Operations
CO   Commanding Officer
COACT   Combat Air Activity Reports
COAMS   Computerization of Army Movement Schedules
COB   Close of Business
COC   CINCPAC Operation Center; Combat Operations Center
CODEL   Congressional Delegate/Delegation
COD   Flight Carrier on Board Delivery Flight
COFRAM   Control Fragmentation Munitions
CofS   Chief of Staff
COGARD   Coast Guard
COGL   Symbol for Medical Material
COI   Communications Operating Instruction
COIN   Counterinsurgency
COL   Colonel
COM   Commander
COMASWFORPAC   Commander Antisubmarine Warfare Force U. S. Pacific Fleet
COMBARPAC   Commander Barrier Pacific
Combt   Combat
Comd   Command
COMINT   Communications Intelligence
Comm/Elect   Communications /Electronics
COMNAVFOR   Commander Naval Forces
COMNAVFORJAP   Commander, US Naval Forces, Japan
COMNAVMARIANAS   Commander, US Naval Forces, Marianas
Comp   Composite
COMPHIBGRU   Commander Amphibious Group
COMPRADCO   Composite Radio Company
Compt   Comptroller
COMSAT   Communications Satellite
COMSEC   Communications Security
COMSTS   Commander Military Sea Transportation Service
COMSTSFE   Commander, Military Sea Transportation Service, Far East
COMSTSSEA   Commander, Military Sea Transportation Service Southeast Asia
COMTAIWANPATFOR   Commander, Taiwan Patrol Force
COMUS   Commander, United States Forces
COMUSARJAPAN   Commander, United States Army, Japan
COMUSJAPAN   Commander, United States Forces, Japan
COMUSKOREA   Commander, United States Forces, Korea
COMUSMACTHAI   Commander, United States Military Assistance Command, Thailand
COMUSMACV   Commander, United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
COMUSNAVSO   Commander, US Naval Forces, South
COMUSSEASIA   Commander, United States Forces, Southeast Asia
COMUSTDC   Commander, United States Forces, Taiwan Defense Command
COMWESTAF   Commander Western Transport Air Force (Travis AFB)
CONARC   Continental Army Command
CONEFO   Conference of New Emergency Forces
CONELRAD   Control of Electro-Magnetic Radiations
Const   Construction
CONUS   Continental United States
COPRL   Command Operational Priority List "Target Materials"
COS   Chief of Staff
COSAL   Consolidated Ship's Allowance List
COSTAR   Combat Service to the Army
COUSSF (P)   Commanding Officer US Special Forces (Provisional)
CP   Command Post
CPA   Closest Point of Approach
CPFF   Cost-plus-fixed-fee
CPFL   Contingency Planning Facilities Lists
CPR   Chinese Peoples Republic (Communist China)
CPRC   Combined Personnel Recovery Center
CPSVN   Comprehensive Plan South Vietnam
CPX   Command Post Exercise
CR   Command Representative; Communication Representative
CRA   Continuing Resolution Authority
CRAE   Combat Readiness Assessment Exercise
CRB   Cam Ranh Bay
CRC   Control and Reporting Center
CRCC   Central Rural Construction Command; Communist Rebel Combat Captives
CRITIC   Critical Intelligence Report
CROWN   Death Report
CRP   Chinese Peoples Republic; Control and Reporting Post; Coordinated Reconnaissance Plan
CRSFF   Central Region SEATO Field Forces
CS   Control Slip used on the CINCPAC Staff to control correspondence; A riot control agent
C/S   Chief of Staff
CSA   Chief of Staff, Army
CSAF   Chief of Staff, Air Force
CSBPD   CINCPAC Supplement to DOD Basic Planning Document
CSC   Coastal Surveillance Center
CSE   Committee of Security Experts
CSFF   Commander SEATO Field Forces
CSFOD   Combined Special Forces Operational Detachment
CSL   Combat Support Liaison
CSMAM   CINCPAC Supplement to the Military Assistance Manual
CSMP   Current Ship's Maintenance Project
CSP   Committed to Scheduled Programs; Concurrent Spare Parts
CT   Country Team
CTF   Commander Task Force
CTF 77   Commander, Attack Carrier Striking Force, Seventh Fleet
CTFC   Communications Technical Control Facility
CTG   Commander Task Group
CTG 31.7   Commander Panama Section, Western Sea Frontier
Ctrl   Control
CTSP   Contract Technical Service Personnel
CTZ   Corps Tactical Zone
CULT   Common User Land Transportation
CURTS   Common User Radio Transmission Sounding
CUS   Course (Ships)
CUWTF   Combined Unconventional Warfare Task Force
CVA   Attack Aircraft Carrier
CVA(N)   Attack Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear propulsion)
CVS   Antisubmarine Support Aircraft Carrier
CVW   Carrier Air Wing
CW   Cold War; Chemical Warfare; Continuous Wave
CWAG   Cold War Activities Group
CWF   Current Working Estimate
CWO   Communications Watch Officer
Cx   Canceled
CY   Calendar Year


DA   Department of the Army
Da   Damaged
DAAR   Daily Air Activity Report
DAC   Department of the Army Civilian; Development Assistance Committee
DACCC   Defense Area Communication Control Center
DACE   DA Alternate Command/Control Element
DAFD   Department of Army Forward Depot
DAIS   Defense Automatic Integrated Switch
DAN   Deployment Adjustment Notification
DAO   Defense Attache Office
DAR   Deployment Adjustment Request
DASA   Defense Atomic Support Agency
DASC   Direct Air Support Center
DASE   Defense Against Sound Equipment
DASH   Drone Antisubmarine Helicopter
DASO   Demonstration and Shakedown Operation
DAST   Direct Air Support Team
DATAFAX   Secure Data Facsimile System
DATOS   Detection and Tracking of Satellites
DATT   Defense Attache
DBL   Database List; Damage Before Launch
DCA   Defense Communications Agency
DC/GCI   Direction Center-Ground Controlled Intercept
DCI   Department of Central Intelligence. (Thai)
DCM   Deputy Chief of Mission
DC of S   Deputy Chief of Staff
DCPG   Defense Communications Planning Group
DCS   Defense Communication System
DCSLOG   Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics
DD   Destroyer
DDCA   Director Defense Communications Agency
DDD   Direct Distance Dialing
DDEP   Defense Development Exchange Program
DDR&E   Director, Defense Research and Engineering
DE   Escort Ship
DEA   Data Exchange Agreement
DECEM   Defense Communications-Electronics
Def   Defense
DEFCON   Defense Condition
DEFENSE   Department of Defense
Defol   Defoliation
DEMS   Defense Equipment of Merchant Ships
Dep   Deputy
DEPCH   Deputy Chief
DEPEX   NIKE-X Deployment Study
DEPTAR   Department of the Army
DEPUTY CHJUSMAG   Deputy Chief, Joint United States Military Advisory Group
DER   Radar Picket Escort Ship
Det   Detachment
DEW   Distant Early Warning
DF   Diverted Force; Diesel Fuel
DFA(Phil)   Department of Foreign Affairs
DFE   Division Force Equivalent
DFSC   Defense Fuel Supply Center
DGZ   Desired Ground Zero
DIA   Defense Intelligence Agency
DIANE   Digital Integrated Attack Navigation System
DICS   Taiwan Down-Island Communication System
DINS   Directorate for Inspection Services (Assistant Secretary of Defense for Administration)
Dir   Director
DIRLAUTH   Direct Liaison Authorized
DIRM   Defense Intelligence Requirement Manual
DIRNSA   Director, National Security Agency
DIRWSEG   Director Weapons Systems Evaluation Group
Disc   Discontinue
DISTAD   District Administrator
DISUM   Daily Intelligence Summary
Div   Division
DIW   Dead in Water
DLF   Development Loan Fund
DLG   Defense Liaison Group
DMSC   Defense Medical Supply Center
DMZ   Demilitarized Zone
DNBI   Disease and Non-Battle Injury
DNC   Directorate of National Coordination; Director of Naval Communications
DNI   Director, Naval Intelligence
DOB   Status Dispersed Operating Base Status
DOCA   Defense Orientation Conference Association
DOD   Department of Defense
DODDAC   Department of Defense Damage Assessment
DODEP   Department of Defense Exercise Planning
DODPRO   Department of Defense, Pacific Research Office
DOS   Days of Supply
DPRK   Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (Communist)
DPSC   Defense Petroleum Supply Center
DRC   Democratic Republic of China
DRCCC-FE   Defense Regional Communications Control Center, Far East
DRCCC-SEA   Defense Regional Communications Control Center, Southeast Asia
DRV   Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North)
DS   Defense Support; Direct Support
DSA   Defense Supply Agency
DSP   Democrat Socialist Party Japan
DSSC   Defense Subsistence Supply Center
DSTP   Director of Strategic Target Planning
DSTPS   Director of Strategic Target Planning Staff (Offutt AFB)
DTA   Division Tactical Areas
DTC   Desert Test Center
DTG   Date Time Group
DTS   Diplomatic Telecommunications System
DV   Distinguished Visitor


EA   Escort Aircraft
EAC   Emergency Action Console
EACC   Emergency Alternate Command Center
EAF   Emergency Actions File
EAM   Electronic Accounting Machine
EASTAF   Eastern Transport Air Force (McGuire AFB, NJ)
EBR   Emergency Bomb Release
EC   Escort Convoy
ECAD   Engineer Construction Advisor Detachment
ECB   Engineer Construction Battalion
ECBS   Engineer Combat Battalions
ECC   Emergency Control Center
ECCM   Electronic Counter Countermeasures
ECCOIL   Eastern Construction Company in Laos
ECM   Electronic Countermeasures
ECP   Engineering Change Proposal
EDCS   Extended Defense Communication System
EDFE   Engineer District Far East
EDP   Electronic Data Processing; Equipment Deadline Parts
EDPAC   Estimated Departure from Pacific
EDPS   Electronic Data Processing System
EDR   Experimental Development Requirements
E&E   Escape and Evasion or Evasion and Escape
EEI   Essential Elements of Information
EFTO   Encrypted for Transmission Only
EGA   East German Army
EG   PACOM Environmental Group, Pacific Command
EH   Escort Helicopter
EIC   Exercise Intelligence Center
EIP   Economic Inventory Procedure
EIR   Equipment Improvement Recommendation
ELE   Engine Lifetime Expectancy
Elec   Electronics
Elem   Element
ELG   European Liaison Group
ELINT   Electronics Intelligence
EM   Emergency Message
EM/AM   Emergency Message; Alert Message
EMATS   Emergency Message Automatic Transmissions System
EMCON   Emission Control
Emerg   Emergency
EMI   Electro-Magnetic Interference
Encl   Enclosure
Eng   Engineer
Engr   Engineer
EOB   Electronic Order of Battle
EOD   Estimated Operational Date
EOQ   Economic Order Quantity
E&P   Exercise & Plans
EPG   Eniwetok Proving Ground
Eqp   Equipment
ERBM   Extended Range Ballistic Missile
EROP   Executive Review, Overseas Program
ERSFF   Eastern Region SEATO Field Forces
ES   Escort Ships
ESI   Extremely Sensitive Information
ESSA   Environmental Science Services Administration
Est   Estimate
ESWL   Estimated Surface Wheel Load
ET   Escort Trains
ETA   Estimated Time of Arrival
ETAT   Education and Training Advisory Team
ETD   Estimated Time of Departure
EUSA   Eighth United States Army
Evac   Evacuation
Eval   Evaluate
EW   Electronic Warfare; Early Warning
EWOTS   Early Warning Observation Teams
EWT   Evaluation and Warning Team
EXA   Executing Agency Identifier
EXDIR   Exercise Director
Exec   Executive


FA   Field Artillery; Forces Armees; Flag Allowance; Special Forces Opns Team (2 Officers 10 EM)
FAA   Federal Aviation Agency
FAC   Forward Air Control; Facility(s)
FAD   Force Activity Designator; Force Activity Director
FAE   Field Advisory Element
FAFWC   Fuchu Air Force Weather Central
FAIAU   Fleet Air Intelligence Augmenting Unit
F/AIF   Field Automated Intelligence File
FAL   Forces Armees Laotiannes (Federated Army of Laos) (Friendly Force of Gen PHOUMA)
FALCON   An air-to-air Guided Missile
FALLEX   Fall Exercises
FAMF   Floating Aircraft Maintenance Facility
FAN   Forces Armees Neutralist
FAPS   Foreign Affairs Programming System
FAPUSMCEB   Joint Frequency Allocation Panel Military Communications Electronics Board
FAR   Forces Armees du Royaume (Royal Armed Forces of Laos)
FARELF   Far East Land Forces
FARK   Forces Armee Royal Khmere (Cambodian Army)
FAST   Forward Air Strike Task
FAU   Frequency, Allocation and Uses
FB   Special Forces Control Team (6 Officers and 17 EM) (Controls two or more FA's)
FBIS   Foreign Broadcast Information Service
FBM   Fleet Ballistic Missile
FCC   Federal Communications Commission
Fcst   Forecast
FEAREA   Far East Area
FEBA   Forward Edge of the Battle Area
FEC   Far East Command
FELG   Far East Liaison Group
FEN   Far East Network
FEPI   Filipino Employment Policy Instruction
FFAR   Folding Fin Aircraft Rockets
FFD   Forward Floating Depot
FFORCEV   Field Force(s) Vietnam
FFV   Field Force Vietnam
FIAB   Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
FICPAC   Fleet Intelligence Center Pacific
FIINS   Federal Item Identification Numbers
FIS   Fighter Interceptor Squadron
FLF   Friendly Laotian Forces
FLT   Fleet; Flight
FMAW   First Marine Air Wing
FMD   Frequency Management
FMFPAC   Fleet Marine Force Pacific
FMM   French Military Mission
FMS   Foreign Military Sales
FMSO   Fleet Materiel Support Office
FMT   Foreign Military Training
F/O   Force Objective
FOB   Forward Operating Base
FOCAF   Flag Officer, Commander Her Majesty's Australian Fleet
FOCCPAC   Fleet Operation Control Center, Pacific
FOEU   Foreign Organizational Employee Union
FOG   Flow of Gold
FOIC   Flag Officer in Charge
FOMIN   Foreign Minister
FONECON   Telephone Conversation
FOOT   Follow-on Operational Tests
FORSTAT   Force Status Report
FOS   Follow on Spares
FOUO   For Official Use Only
FPG   Force Planning Guide
FPSO   Forms and Publications Supply Office
FRAM   Fleet Repair and Modernization
FRG   Federal Republic of Germany
FRN   Force Requirements Number
FROG   Free Rocket Over Ground
FROKA   First Republic of Korea Army
FSCC   Fire Support Coordination Center
FSL   Foreign Service Local
FSN   Federal Stock Number
FSR   Force Service Regiment
FTB   Field Team Bulletin
FTD   Foreign Technology Division (USAF)
FTM   French Training Mission
Ftr   Fighter
FTS   Field Training Service
FTT   Field Training Team
FULRO   Front Unifie de la Lutte de la Race Opprime (United Front for the Struggle of Oppressed Races) [Montagnard tribal organization in South Vietnam]
Fwd   Forward
FWMA   Free World Military Assistance
FWMAF   Free World Military Assistance Forces
FY   Fiscal Year
FYI   For Your Information


GAO   General Accounting Office
GAM   Guided Air Missile
GAR   Guided Air Rocket
GCA   Ground Controlled Approach
GCI   Ground Controlled Intercept
GDF   Ground Diverted Force
GDR   German Democratic Republic
GEEIA   Ground Environment Electronic Installation Agency; Ground Electric Engineering Instruction Agency
Gen   General
GEOP   General Emergency Operations Plan
GEOREF   Geographic Reference
GHQ   General Headquarters
GM   Group Mobile
GMT   Greenwich Mean Time
GNP   Gross National Product
GOA   Government of Australia
GOB   Government of Burma
GOI   Government of Indonesia
GOJ   Government of Japan
GOM   Government of Malaysia
GOP   Government of the Philippines
GOPL   General Outpost Line
GOS   Government of Singapore
Gp   Group
GPV   General Purpose Vehicle
GPWD   General Political Warfare Department
GRC   Government of the Republic of China
GSA   General Services Administration
GSDF   Ground Self Defense Force (Japan)
GSSF   General Supplies Stock Fund
GUB   Government, Union of Burma
GVN   Government of the Republic of Vietnam
GW   Guerrilla Warfare


HAJC   Hawaiian Area Joint Committee
HA(L)   Helicopter Attack Squadron (Light)
HANG   Hawaii Air National Guard
HARNG   Hawaii Army National Guard
HAWTEL   Hawaiian Telephone Company
HC   Helicopter Combat Support Squadron
Hcptr   Helicopter
HDC   Helicopter Direction Center
HE   High Explosive
HED   Headquarters
HEDSUPPACT   Headquarters Support Activity
HEI   High Explosive Incendiary
Helo   Helicopter
HES   Hamlet Evaluation System
HF   High Frequency
HFP   Hostile Fire Pay
HHG   Household Goods
HICOM   High Commissioner
HICOMTERPACIS   High Commissioner Trust Territory Pacific Islands
HIGH HEELS VI   Worldwide Command Post Exercise
HIP   Habitability Improvement Program
HIPAR   High Powered Acquisition Radar
HIRAN   High Range Navigation
HIS   Heliborne Illumination System
Hist   History
Hist Br   History Branch
Hist Off   History Officer
HJ   Honest John (Surface-to-Surface Missile)
HMCS   Her Majesty's Canadian Ship
HMH   Marine Helicopter Squadron (Heavy)
HMM   Marine Helicopter Squadron (Medium)
HMO   Honolulu Magnetic Observatory
HMS   Her Majesty's Ship
H&MS   Headquarters and Maintenance Squadron
HNG   Hawaii National Guard
HOB   Height of Burst
Hon   Honorable
HONO   Honolulu
How   Howitzer
Hq   Headquarters
HQUSAF   Headquarters United States Air Force
HS   Helicopter Squadron
HSAS   Headquarters Support Activity - Saigon
HST   Helicopter Support Team
HUK   Hunter Killer Group
HUKS   Hukbong Mapagpalaya ng Bayan, (People’s Liberation Army, Philippines)
HUMINT   Human Resources Intelligence
HWPB   Heavy Weather Patrol Boats
Hwy   Highway


IADB   Inter-American Defense Board
IADPG   Intelligence Automatic Data Processing Group
IANCA   Inter-American Naval Coordinating Authority
IAW   In Accordance With
IBDA   Intermediate Bomb Damage Assessment
IBM   International Business Machine Company
IBOP   International Balance of Payment
ICA   International Cooperation Administration
ICAF   Industrial College of the Armed Forces
ICAO   International Civil Aviation Organization
ICBM   Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
ICC   International Control Commission
ICE   Index of Combat Effectiveness
ICF   Intelligence Contingency Funds
ICNND   Interdepartmental Committee on Nutrition for National Defense
ICP   Inventory Control Point
ICRC   International Committee Red Cross
IDA   Intrusion Detection Alarm
IDCSP   Initial Defense Communications Satellite Project; Interim Defense Communications Satellite Plan
IDCSS   Initial Defense Communications Satellite System
IDF   Inflight Diverted Force
IDHS   Intelligence Data Handling System
IDP   Internal Defense Plans
IECS   Intelligence Evaluation Center (Saigon)
IEG   Imperial Ethiopian Government
IF   Irregular Force
IFF   Identification, friend or foe
IFS   Inshore Fire Support
IJBS   Integrated Joint Broadband System
ILN   International Logistics and Negotiations
IMA   Initial Military Assistance
IMF   International Monetary Fund
IMHQ   International Military Headquarters
IMR   Initial Missile Report
INCREP   Incident Report
Ind   Indorsement
INDMAN   Industrial Manager
Inf   Infantry
Info   Information
INFOREP   Information Report
INSC   Internal Shape Components
INSURV   Inspection and Survey
Int   Interceptor
INTBUL   Intelligence Bulletin
Intcp   Interceptor
Intel   Intelligence
INTELSAT II   Intelligence Satellite
INTSUM   Intelligence Summary
Intv   Interview
IOC   Initial Operational Capability
IOL   Initial Outfitting List
IP   Initial Point
IPIR   Immediate Photo Interpretation Reports
IR   Infra-Red
I&R   Intelligence and Reconnaissance
IRAN   Inspect and Repair as Necessary
IRBM   Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile
IRC   Indications Review Committee
IROL   Imagery Reconnaissance Objectives List
ISA   International Security Agency
ISC   Infiltration Surveillance Center
ISP   Internal Security Plan
ISSA   Interservice Support Agreement
ISSC   Interservice Supply Support Committee
ISSL   Initial Spares Support List
ISSSC   Interservice Supply Support Sub-Committee
ITACS   Integrated Tactical Air Control System
ITO   Invitational/Individual Travel Order
ITT   Interrogation-Translation Team
IUW   Inshore Undersea Warfare
IWCS   Integrated Wideband Communications System
IWG   Intelligence Working Group


JAAF   Joint Action Armed Forces
JACC   Joint Alternate Command Center
JACE   Joint Alternate Command Element
JAEIC   Joint Atomic Energy Intelligence Center
JANAFPAC   Joint Army, Navy, Air Force, Pacific General Message (Serially Numbered)
JANAP   Joint Army, Navy, Air Force Publication
JAOC   Joint Air Operations Center
JAS   Joint Administrative Services
JASDF   Japanese Air Self Defense Force
JATF   Joint Amphibious Task Force
JCA   Joint Communications Agency
JCCDG   Joint Chiefs of Staff Command and Control Development Group
JCCRG   Joint Command and Control Requirements Group
JCEAG   Joint Civilian Employee Advisory Group
JCECPAC   Joint Communications -Electronics Committee, Pacific
JCEG   Joint Concepts and Evaluation Group
JCGRO   Joint Central Graves Registration Office
JCI   Joint Communications Instruction
JCP   Japanese Communist Party
JCS   Joint Chiefs of Staff
JCSAN   Joint Chiefs of Staff Alert Network
JCSM   Joint Chiefs of Staff Memorandum
JCSPF   Joint Cubi Point Photographic Facilities
JDA   Japan Defense Agency
JECFE   Joint Coordination Center, Far East
JEIT   Joint Equipment Identification Team
JEPAP   Joint Emergency Personnel Augmentation Plan
JFY   Japanese Fiscal Year
JGS   Joint General Staff (Vietnam)
JGSDF   Japanese Ground Self Defense Force
JGWTC   Jungle & Guerrilla Warfare Training Center
JHWC   Joint Hurricane Warning Center
JIB   Joint Intelligence Bureau
JMAAD   Joint Military Assistance Affairs Division
JMG   Joint Meteorological Group
JMP   Joint Manpower Program
JMPAB   Joint Materiel Priorities Allocations Board
JMSDF   Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force
JMTB   Joint Military Transportation Board
JNP   Joint Nuclear Plot
JNR   Japanese National Railroad
Jnt   Joint
JOC   Joint Operations Center
JOCARG   Joint Wideband Circuit Allocation and Requirement Group, Thailand
JOEG-V   Joint Operational Evaluation Group - Vietnam
JOREP   Joint Operational Reporting
JP   Joint Pacific
JP4   Jet Fuel
JP5   Jet Fuel
JPO   Joint Petroleum Office
JPV   Joint Pacific Voice
JRATA   Joint Research and Test Activity
JRC   Joint Reconnaissance Center
JS   Joint Staff
JSARC   Joint Search and Rescue Center
JSC   Joint Staff Council (Japanese)
JSCM   Joint Service Commendation Medal
JSCP   Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan
JSDF   Japan Self Defense Force
JSOP   Joint Strategic Objectives Plan
JSP   Japan Socialist Party
JSRK   Jeunesse Socialiste Royale Khmer (Cambodia)
JSTPS   Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff
JTB   PACOM Joint Transportation Board
JTD   Joint Table of Distribution
JTF   Joint Task Force
JTG   Joint Task Group
JTIG   Joint Target Intelligence Group
JTMB   Joint Transportation Movements Board
JUSMAG   Joint United States Military Advisory Group
JUSMAGPHIL   Joint United States Military Advisory Group, Philippines
JUSPAO   Joint United States Public Affairs Office
JUWTF   Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force
JWGA   Joint War Games Agency
JWGCG   Joint War Games Control Group
JWR   Joint War Room (JCS)
JWRA   Joint War Room Annex


KADS   Korea Air Defense System
KANZUS   Korea, Australia, New Zealand and the United States
KBA   Killed by Air
KCAC   Korean Civil Action Corps
KIA   Killed in Action
KIP   Laotian Currency
KKK   Khmer Kampuchea Krom
KKO   Indonesia Marine Corps
KL   Kong Le
KLP   Korean Labor Party (Communist)
KLSC   Korean Logistic Service Corps
KMC   South Korean Marine Corps
KOCCCG   Kunia Operations Control Center Coordination Group
KOCO   Korea Oil Corporation
KOSCO   Korea Oil Storage Company
KSC   Korean Service Corps
Kw   Kilowatt
KY-9   Secure Voice Communication


LAAM   Light Antiaircraft Missile (Bn)
LABS   Low Altitude Bombing System
LAMP   Laos Ammunition Procedures
LANSHIPRON   Landing Ship Squadron
LANTFLT   US Atlantic Fleet
LAPES   Low Altitude Parachute Ejection System
LARA   Light Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft
LARC   Lighter, Amphibious, Resupply, Cargo (Amphibious Craft)
LAS   Long Range Assistance Strategy
LAW   Light anti-tank weapon
LBR   Local Base Rescue
LBS   Liberation Broadcasting Station
LCM   Landing Craft Medium
LCPL   Landing Craft Personnel, Large
LCU   Landing Craft Utility
LCVP   Landing Craft, Vehicle and Personnel
LDP   Liberal Democratic Party (Japan)
LF   Low Frequency
LFS   Landing Force Support
LFT   Light Fire Team
LLVMA   Light Light Support Counterinsurgency Aircraft
LNF   Local National Forces (SEATO Term)
LOC   Lines of Communication
LOFAR   Low Frequency Analysis and Recording Equipment
LOG   Logistics
LOGAIR   Logistical Air
LOGREQ   Logistic Requirements
LOH   Light Observation Helicopter
LORAN   Long Range Navigation
LOTS   Logistics Over the Shore
LOYAL   Wounded Report
LPD   Landing Platform, Deck
LPH   Landing Platform Helicopter
LPK   Lao Pen Kang (Laotian Neutralist Party)
LPLA   Lao Peoples Liberation Army
LP&P   Logistics Policy and Procedures
LRA   Long Range Aviation
LRC   Logistics Readiness Center
LSA   Logistic Support Area
LSD   Dock Landing Ship
LSIL   Landing Ship
LSM   Medium Landing Ship
LSMR   Landing Ship Medium Rocket
LSSL   Support Landing Ship (Large)
LST   Tank Landing Ship
Lt   Light
LTC   Lieutenant Colonel
Lt Col   Lieutenant Colonel
LTG   Lieutenant General
Lt Gen   Lieutenant General
Ltr   Letter
LVT   Landing Vehicle Track
LWR   Local Wage Rate


MA   Military Assistance
MAAG   Military Assistance Advisory Group
MAAMA   Middletown Air Material Area
MAB   Marine Amphibious Brigade
MABPD   Military Assistance Basic Planning Document
MABS   Marine Air Base Squadron
MAC   Military Airlift Command; Military Assistance Command
MACSOG   Military Assistance Command Studies and Observation Group
MACV   Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
MAE   Mean Area of Effectiveness
MAF   Marine Amphibious Force
MAG   Marine Air Group
MAGARLM   Military Assistance Advisory Group, Army Branch, Logistics-Medical
MAI   Military Assistance Institute
MAJCOM   Major Commands
Maj Gen   Major General
MAM   Military Assistance Manual
MAP   Military Assistance Program (Plan)
MAPETT   Military Assistance Program Evaluation Team, Thailand
MAPLA   Military Assistance Program Liaison Agency
MAPOM   Military Assistance Program Owned Material
MAPT   Military Assistance Program Training; Military Assistance Program Transfer
MAR   US Marine Corps
MARBO   Mariana-Bonin Islands
MARBRIG   Marine Brigade
MARCOMNAVADGRU   Marine Corps Component Navy Advisory Group
Mar Corps   Marine Corps
MARS   Marine Aircraft Repair Squadron
MAS   Military Airlift Squadron; Military Assistance Sales
MASF   Military Assistance Service Funded
MASH   Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
MASL   Military Assistance Program Articles and Services List
MASO   Military Assistance Sales Order
MATA   Military Assistance Training Advisor
MATP   Military Assistance Training Program
MAW   Marine Air Wing; Military Airlift Wing
MBA   Military Base Agreement
MBPA   Military Blood Program Agency
Mbr   Member
MCB   Mobile Construction Battalion
MCC   Movement Control Center
MCEB   Military Communication-Electronics Board
MC&G   Mapping, Charting and Geodesy
MCM   Manual for Courts-Martial
MCN   MAP Control Number
MCON (MILCON)   Military Construction
MCP   Malayan Communist Party
MCU   Mountain Commando Units
MDAA   Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement
MDB   Mutual Defense Board (US-Philippines)
MDC   MAP Data Center
MDCS   Mission Data Collection Sheets
MDL   Military Demarcation Line
MDRAF   Mekong Delta Riverine Assault Force
MDU   Mobile Development Units (Thailand)
MEA   Minister External Affairs
MEB   Marine Expeditionary Brigade
MEBLEX   Marine Expeditionary Brigade Landing Exercise
Mech   Mechanized
Med   Medium
MEDCAP   Medical Civic Action Program
MEDT   Military Equipment Delivery Team (Burma)
MEE   Military Essential Equipment
MEECN   Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Net
MEF   Minimum Essential Force; Marine Expeditionary Force
MELG   Mid-East Liaison Group
Memo   Memorandum
MEO   Tribal Group in Laos
MER   Multiple Ejection Racks
METASCOPE   Instrument to Detect Infra-red Rays
METU   Mobile Electronics Technical Unit
MEU   Marine Expeditionary Unit
MFP   Master Force Plan (Thailand)
MG   Major General
MGD   Military Geographic Documentation
MGRS   Military Grid Reference System
MHE   Materiel Handling Equipment
Mi   Missile
MICC   Military Information Control Committee
MICS   Military Integrated Communications System
MIDAS   Missile Detection Alert System
MIDEFO   Mission Debrief Forms
MIEC   Military Intelligence Exchange Center
Mil   Military
MILA   Medical Information & Intelligence Agency
MILAD   Military Advisor (SEATO or ANZUS Council)
MILADREP   Military Advisors Representative
MILBA   Military Base Agreement
MILCON   Military Construction
MILSTAG   Military Standardization Agreement
MILSTAMP   Military Standard Transportation & Movement Procedures
MILSTRIP   Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures
MILTAG   Military Technical Advisory Group (Indonesia)
MINIMIZE   A Term Used to Control Message Communications when a State of Emergency Exists
MIP   Materiel Improvement Program
MIUWSU   Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Surveillance Unit
MLI   Minimum Line of Interception
MLS   Mobile Logistic Support
MMC   Minelayer, Coastal
MMPC   Mobilization Materiel Procurement Capability
MMRBM   Mobile Medium Range Ballistic Missile
MMR&S   Military Medical Research & Services Program
MMSA   Military Medical Supply Agency
MND   Ministry of National Defense
MOB   Main Operating Base
MOBCON   Mobilization Construction
MOBEX   Mobility Exercise
MOC   Ministry of Communications
MOD   Ministry of Defense
MOGAS   Gasoline, Automotive
MOL   Manned Orbiting Laboratory
MOMAC   Monkey Mountain Advisory Center
MOREST   Mobile Arresting Gear (acft landing strip gear)
MOT   Ministry of Transportation
MOTBA   Military Ocean Terminal, Bay Area
MOTU   Mobile Ordnance Technical Unit
MOU   Memorandum of Understanding
MOVECAP   Movement Capabilities
MP   Military Police
MPC   Military Payment Certificate
MPI   Ministry of Public Information
MPO   Military Planning Office (SEATO)
MPR   Mongolian Peoples Republic
MPS   Military Planning Staff
M/R   Memorandum for the Record; Military Reserve
MRBM   Medium Range Ballistic Missile
MRC   Military Revolutionary Council; Movement Report Center
MRI   MILSTRIP Routing Indicator
MRK   Royal Cambodian Navy
MRO   Movement Report Office
MSB   Maritime Safety Board (Japan); Mine Sweeping Boat
MSC   Minesweeper, Coastal (non-magnetic)
MSDF   Maritime Staff Defense Force
MSEG   Missile Systems Evaluation Group
MSF   Minesweeper, Fleet (steel hull)
MSG   Mobile Support Group; Message
MSI   Minesweeper
Msl   Missile
MSMS   Mutual Security Military Sales
MSO   Maritime Self-Defense Office (Japanese Naval Staff)
MSOP   Mutual Security Objectives Plan
MSP   Mutual Security Program
MSR   Main Supply Route
MST   Mobile Support Team
MSTS   Military Sea Transportation Service
MSTSO   Military Sea Transport Service Officer
Mt   Mountain
MTA   Mobile Training Assistance
MTB   Motor Torpedo Boat
MTDS   Marine Tactical Data System
MTMTS   Military Traffic Management and Terminal Service
MTT   Mobile Training Team
MTU   Mobile Training Unit
MUST   Manpower Utilization Survey Team
MUX   Multiplex Equipment
MWDP   Military Weapons Development Plans
MWHG   Marine Wing Headquarters Group
MWSG   Marine Wing Service Group


NAD   Naval Ammunition Depot
NADAC   Pacific Command North Vietnam Air Defense Analysis and Coordinating Group
NADAR   No After Duty Action Required
NAF   Naval Air Facility
NAFA   Non-Appropriated Fund Activity
NAFEC   National Aviation Facilities Experimental Center (Atlantic City)
NAG   Naval Advisory Group
NAMRU   Naval Medical Research Unit
NAMTC   Naval Air Missile Test Center (Pt Mugu, Calif)
NAN   No Action Necessary
NANAC   National Aircraft Noise Abatement Council
NARC   National Army Revolutionary Committee/Council (Laos)
NAS   Naval Air Station
NASA   National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASAR   North American Search and Ranging Radar
Nat   National
Natl   National
NATO   North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NATOPS   Naval Air Training & Operating Procedures
NATTU   Naval Air Technical Training Unit
NAVADGRU   Naval Advisory Group
NAVAIR   Naval Air
NAVBEACHGRU   Naval Beach Group
NAVCON   Naval Countermeasures
NAVCOSSACT   Naval Command Systems Support Activity
NAVFOR   Naval Forces
NAVFORV   Naval Forces, Vietnam
NAVIC   Naval Information Center
NAVOCEANO   Naval Oceanographic Office
NAVOPNET   Naval Operations Net
NAVSECGRU   Naval Security Group
NAW   Non All Weather
NBC   Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
NBL   Nuclear Bomb Line
NCC   Naval Component Command
NCI   Nuclear Capability Inspection
NCO   Non Commissioned Officer; Non Combatant Evacuation Order
NCR   National Constabulary Study
NCS   National Communication System; Net Control Station
NCSORG   Naval Control Shipping Organization
NDTA   National Defense Transportation Association
NEA   Northeast Asia
NEACP   National Emergency Airborne Command Post
NEC   Navy Enlisted Classification/Naval Exercise Coordinator
NECPA   National Emergency Command Post Afloat
NEFA   Northeast Frontier Agency (India)
NEFOS   New Emerging Forces
NEGDF   Naval Emergency Ground Defense Forces
NESEP   Navy Enlisted Scientific Education Program
NEWZAD   New Zealand Army Detachment
NFSO   Navy Fuel Supply Officer
NGF   Naval Gunfire
NHM   Non Hostile Missing
NICP   National Inventory Control Point (CONUS)
NIE   National Intelligence Estimate
NIKE   Surface-to-air Missile
NIPS   National Military Command System Information Processing System
NIS   National Intelligence Survey
NK   North Korea
NKA   North Korean Army
NKAF   North Korean Air Force
NKN   North Korean Navy
NLF   National Liberation Front (Communist in SVN)
NLH   New Lao Hak (Lao Patriotic Front). Variants: NLHS, HLHZ for Sat and Zat respectively.
NLT   Not Later Than
NM   Nautical Mile
NMCB   Navy Mobile Construction Battalion
NMCC   National Military Command Center
NMCS   National Military Command System
NMCSSC   National Military Control System Support Center
NMFRL   Naval Medical Field Research Lab
NNC   Neutral Nations Committee
NNSC   Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission
NOA   New Obligation Authority
NOBC   Naval Officer Billet Classification
NOFORN   Special Handling Required, Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals
NOP   Naval Objectives Plan
NOR   Number of Rounds
NORAD   North American Air Defense Command
NORM   Nuclear Ordinance Readiness Maneuver
NORS   Non-Operational Ready Supplies
NOTAL   Not to all
NOTS   Naval Ordnance Test Station
NP   National Police
NPA   National Police Agency (Japan)
NPIC   National Photographic Interpretation Center
NPP   National Policy Paper
NPSS   National Police and Security Service (RVN)
NRL   Naval Research Laboratory
NSA   National Security Agency
NSAM   National Security Action Memorandum
NSAPAC   National Security Agency Pacific
NSC   National Security Council; Naval Supply Center
NSDL   National Strategic DGZ List
NSFO   Navy Special Fuel Oil
NSO   National Security Organization (RTG)
NSTAP   National Strategic Targeting and Attack Policy
NSTDB   National Strategic Target Data Base
NSTL   National Strategic Target List
NSWG   Nuclear Safety Working Group
NTAP   National Targeting and Attack Policy
NTDS   Navy Tactical Data System
NTPL   Navy Technical Proficiency Inspection
NUCAP   Nuclear Capability Report
NUCREP   Nuclear Report
NUDET   Nuclear Detonation
NVA   North Vietnamese Army
NVN   North Vietnam
NWC   Navy War College
NWIP   Naval Warfare Information Publication
NWP   Naval Warfare Publication
NWRS   Nuclear Weapons Requirements Study
NWSB   Nuclear Warfare Status Branch
NZ   New Zealand


OA   Operational Analysis
OAO   Orbiting Astronomical Observatory
OAR   Office of Aerospace Research
OAS   Organization of American States
OASD   Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense
OASD/ISA   Office of Assistant Secretary of Defense International Security Affairs
OASD(SA)   Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Systems Analysis)
OB   Order of Battle
OBE   Overtaken by Events
Obsr   Observe
OCB   Operational Coordination Board
OCC   Operations Control Center (Kunia)
OCE   Officer Conducting the Exercise
OCMM   Office of Civilian Manpower Management
OCS   Officer Candidate School
ODMA   Office of the Director of Military Assistance
OEG   Operations Evaluation Group
OEM   On equipment materiel
Off   Officer
OHRI   Overhaul (Recurrent/Removal) Item
OIC   Officer in Charge
OICC   Officer in Charge of Construction
OIP   Operational Improvement Program
OIR   Office of Industrial Relations
OISP   Overseas Internal Security Program
OJT   On the job training
OLDFOS   Old Established Forces
O&M   Operations and Maintenance
OMPF   Official Military Personnel File
ONI   Office of Naval Intelligence
ONR   Office of Naval Research
Op   Operational
OPlans   Operation Plans
Opns   Operations
OPREP   Operational Reporting
OPSUM   Commander's Operational Summary
OPTEVFOR   Operational (Training/Test) and Evaluation Force
O&R   Overhaul and Repair
ORDALT   Ordnance Alteration
ORI   Operational Readiness Inspection
OSA   Office of Special Activities; Overseas Supply Agency
OSAP   Ocean Surveillance Air Patrol
OSASF   Overseas Supply Agency, San Francisco
OSD   Office of the Secretary of Defense
OSE   Officer Scheduling the Exercise
OSI   Offshore Islands; Office of Special Investigation
OSIR   Out of Service in Reserve
OSO   Ordnance Supply Office
OSP   Off-shore Procurement
OSPJ   Off-shore Procurement (Japan)
OST   Operational Suitability Test
OTA   Other than Air
OTAD   Overseas Terminal Arrival Date
OTC   Officer in Tactical Command
OTSR   Optimum Track Ship Routing
OUSA   Office of U.S. Army
OUSAIRA   Office of the United States Air Attache
OUSARMA   Office of the U. S. Army Attache
OVM   On vehicle material


PA   Philippine Army; Public Affairs
PAC   Peoples Army Congress
PACAF   Pacific Air Forces
PACAM   Punched Card Accounting Machine
PACE   Pacific Alternate Command Element
PACEX   Pacific Exchange System
PACFLT   Pacific Fleet
PACGEEIA   Pacific Area Ground Environment Electronic Installation Agency
PACOM   Pacific Command
PACOM ELINT   Center Pacific Command Electronics Intelligence Center
PACOMEP   Pacific Command Emergency Procedures
PACOMEW   Pacific Command Electronic Warfare
PACOMINTS   Pacific Command Intelligence School
PACSCAT   Pacific Ionospheric Scatter
PACV   Patrol Air Cushion Vehicle
PAD   Program Actions Directive
PADAF   Pacific Command Air Defense Analysis Facility
PADGERC   PACOM Air Defense Ground Environment Requirements Committee
PAF   Philippine Air Force
PAJG   Procurement Agency of the Japanese Government
PAKS   Pakistanis
PAL   Permissive Action Link; Price and Availability List
PAMPA   PACOM Movements Priority Agency
PAP   Peoples Action Party (Singapore)
PAO   Public Affairs Officer (USIS)
PARC   Pacific Air Rescue Center/Command
PARRC   Pacific Air Rescue Center
PARU   Police Aerial Reinforcement Unit (Thailand)
PASEP   Passed Separately (Message Transmission)
PAT   Peoples Action Teams
PATMRG   PACOM Air Target Materials Review Group
PAU   Pacific Command Frequency Allocation and Uses
PAVN   People's Army Vietnam (North)
PAX   Passenger
PBR   River Patrol Boat
PC   Philippine Constabulary; Submarine Chaser Ship
PCA   Permanent Change of Assignment
PCC   Political Consultative Council
PCE   Patrol Craft Escort
PCF   Patrol Craft Coastal (fast)
PCH&T   Packing, Crating, Handling and Transportation
PCP   Program Change Proposals
PCS   Permanent Change of Station
PDC   Pacific Defense College
PDJ   Plaine de Jarres
PDO   Property Disposal Office
PECM   Passive ECM
PEDMAN   PACFLT Enlisted Personnel Distribution Manual
PEG   Performance Evaluation Group
PEO   Programs Evaluation Office (Defunct)
PERGRA   Permission Granted
PESTAT   Personnel Status Report
PF   Popular Force; Patrol Escort Ship
PFD   Preliminary Functional Description
PFF   Police Field Force
PFIAB   President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
PFNS   Position Firing Navigational System
PG   Province Guard (Cambodia)
PGM   Motor Gunboat
PHIBLEX   Amphibious Landing Exercise
PHIL   Philippines
PHILCAGV   Philippine Civic Action Group Vietnam
PHS   Public Health Service
PIASTER   Vietnamese Currency
PIC   Photographic Interpretation Center (Navy)
PIM   Position Intended Movement
PKI   Party Communist Indonesia/Partai Komunis Indonesia
PKP   Party Communist Philippines
PL   Public Law; Pathet Lao
PLA   People's Liberation Army (CHICOM)
PLADS   Parachute Low Altitude Delivery System
PLD-PACOM   Petroleum Logistical Data Pacific Command
PLL   Prescribed Load List
PLOYREP   Unit Deployment Report
PLSP   Pre-Launch Survival Probability
PL-VM   Pathet Lao - Viet Minh
PMARP   Peacetime Manpower Allocation Requirements Plan
PMDAMT   Pacific Mobile Depot Activity Maintenance Team
PMDC   Pacific Command, Military Assistance Program Data Center
PMDL   Provisional Military Demarcation Line
PMEL   Precision Measuring Equipment Laboratory
PMR   Pacific Missile Range
PN   Philippine Navy
PNI   Democratic Party in Indonesia
PO   Psychological Operation
POA   Petroleum Operating Agreement
PODE   Pacific Ocean Division Engineers
POI   Program of Instruction
POL   Petroleum, Oils and Lubricants
POLAD   Political Advisor
POLO   Pacific Operations Liaison Office
POS   Peacetime Operating Stock
POW   Prisoner of War
PPC   Photo Processing Center
PPF   Peoples Police Force
PPP   Province Pacification Plan
PPRI   PACOM Priority Number
PR   Party Raayat (Leftist Organization in Singapore)
PRC   Planning Research Corporation
PREL   Priority Reconnaissance Exploitation List
PRERECPAC   Preplanned Reconnaissance Pacific
PRI   People's Revolutionary Party (RVN)
PRO   Pacific Research Office
Prod   Product
Prog   Progam(s)
PROP   Priority Production List
PROVMAAG   Provisional Military Assistance Advisory Group
PROVMAAG-K   Military Assistance Advisory Group, Korea (Provisional)
PRPL   PACOM Reconnaissance Priority List
PRSF   Peoples Revolutionary Struggle Force
PS   Patrol Ship
PSAC   President's Scientific Advisory Committee
PSFC   Provisional Special Forces Company
PSI   Socialist Party of Indonesia
PSIA   Public Security Investigation Agency (Japan)
PSO   Presidential Security Office (RVN)
PSP   Pierced Steel Planking
PSRL   Post Strike Reconnaissance List
Psy   Psychological
PSYOPS   Psychological Operations
PSYWAR/PW   Psychological Warfare
PT   Fast Patrol Boat
PTFMR   Peacetime Force Materiel Requirements
PTTMC   PACOM Tactical Target Materials Catalog
PUNCH   Illness Report
PVO   Soviet Air Defense System
Pvmt   Pavement
PW   Prisoner of War
PWG   Permanent Working Group (SEATO)
PX   Post Exchange


QRA   Quick Reaction Alert
QRC   Quick Reaction Capability
QRF   Quick Reaction Force


RAAF   Royal Australian Air Force
RAC   Research Analysis Corporation
RADFO   Radioactive Fallout
RADM   Rear Admiral
RADS   Ryukyu Air Defense System
RAG   Replacement Air Group; River Assault Group
RALLY   Coalition of Conservative Parties in Laos (Also known as LHL)
RAMAB   Ready Afloat Marine Amphibious Brigade
RAS   Replenish at Sea
RATT   Radio Teletype
RAV   Restricted Availability (Ship in for Repairs)
RB   Reconnaissance Bomber
RCATS   Radio Controlled Aerial Targets
RCC   Rescue Control Center
RCN   Listing Record Control Number Listing
RCS   Reports Control Symbol
RCT   Regimental Combat Team
RD   Revolutionary Development
RDD   Required Delivery Date
RDT&E   Research, Development, Test and Engineering
Recce   Reconnaissance
RECOMP   Recommended Completion Date
Recon   Reconnaissance
REDLOG   Logistic Readiness Report
REDNON   Operational Readiness Report (Non -atomic)
REDOPS   Operational Status Reports
Ref   Reference
REFNO   Reference Number
Regt   Regiment
Reinf   Reinforced
Res   Reserve
Ret   Retired
RF/PF   Regional and Popular Forces
RFS   Ready or Readiness for Sea
RHP   Rural Health Program
RIEL   Cambodian Currency
RISOP   Red Integrated Strategic Offensive Plan
RITOP   Red Integrated Tactical Operational Plan
RKAF   Royal Khmere Air Force-Cambodia
RKG   Royal Cambodian Government
RLAF   Royal Laotian Air Force
RLG   Royal Laotian Government; Regional Liaison Group
RLT   Regimental Landing Team; Rolling Liquid Transporter
RNMC   Royal Netherlands Marine Corps
R/O   Requisitions/Objectives
ROAD   Reorganization of Army Division
ROC   Republic of China
ROCAF   Republic of China Air Force
ROCMC   Republic of China Marine Corps
ROCN   Republic of China Navy
ROE   Rules of Engagement
ROK   Republic of Korea
ROKA   Republic of Korea Army
ROKAF   Republic of Korea Air Force
ROKAP   Republic of Korea Civic Action Program
ROKFV   Republic of Korea Forces in Vietnam
ROKG   Government of the Republic of Korea
ROKMC   Republic of Korea Marine Corps
ROKN   Republic of Korea Navy
RON   Squadron; Remain Over Night
ROP   Republic of the Philippines
RO/RI   Redistribution Out/Redistribution In
RO/RO   Roll On/Roll Off
ROT ABCCC   Rotational Airborne Command and Control Center
ROT AWS   Rotational Air Weather Squadron
ROT BS   Rotational Bomb Squadron
ROT AREFS   Rotating Air Refueling Squadron
ROT FIS   Rotating Fighter Interceptor Squadron
ROT FIS DET   Rotating Fighter Interceptor Squadron Detachment
ROT RCS   Rotational Radar Calibration Squadron
ROT TAS   Rotational Tactical Assault Squadron
ROT TBS   Rotational Tactical Bomber Squadron
ROT TCS   Rotational Troop Carrier Squadron
RP   Route Package; Reporting Point; Release Point
RPC   River Patrol Craft
RPI   Federated Republic of Indonesia
RPS   Registered Publication System
RR   Radio Relay; Railroad
R&R   Rest and Recuperation
RSC   Regional Service Center
RSR   Required Supply Rate
RSSZ   Rung Sat Special Zone
RST   Rolling Stock
RTA   Royal Thailand Army
RTAF   Royal Thailand Air Force
RTAFB   Royal Thailand Air Force Base
RTARF   Royal Thailand Armed Forces
RTAV   Royal Thailand Army in Vietnam
RTEG   River Transport Escort Group
RTF   Reconnaissance Task Force
RTG   Royal Thai Government
RTMC   Royal Thailand Marine Corps
RTN   Royal Thailand Navy
RTS   Reconnaissance Technical Squadron
RTSD   Royal Thai Survey Dept
RTTL   Rolling Thunder Target List
RTVAR   Royal Thailand Army Volunteer Regiment
RVN   Republic of Vietnam
RVNAF   Republic of Vietnam Air Force
RVNMC   Republic of Vietnam Marine Corps
RVNN   Republic of Vietnam Navy
RW   Radiological Warfare


SAC   Strategic Air Command
SACC   Supporting Arms Coordination Center
SACSA   Special Assistant for Counterinsurgency and Special Activities
SAC XRAY   A Detachment of the Strategic Air Command
SAF   Secretary of the Air Force; Special Action Force
SAG   Scientific Advisory Group
SAGE   Semi-automatic Ground Environment
SALG   South American Liaison Group
SAM   Surface to Air Missile; Space Available Mail
SAM   Flight Special Air Mission Flights
SAO   Single Airlift Organization
SAPO   Sub Area Petroleum Office
SAR   Search and Rescue
SARC   Search and Rescue Center
SARDS   Special Air Route Designators
SARPF   Strategic Air Relocatable Photographic Facility
SAS   Sealed Authenticator System
SATCOM   Satellite Communications
SATM   Supply and Training Mission, Laos
SAW   Special Air Warfare
SAWS   Small Arms Weapons System
SC   Submarine Chaser
SCC   SC Security Consultative Committee Sub-Committee
SCDA   SEATO Central Distribution Authority
Sch   School
SCIP   Sea Counter-Infiltration Patrol
SCORE   Selective Conversion and Retention Program
S&D   Search and Destroy
SDC   Self Defense Corps (RVN)
SDO   Staff Duty Officer
SEA   Southeast Asia
SEABU   Southeast Asia Buildup
SEACOORD   Coordinating Committee for U.S. Missions Southeast Asia
SEAITACS   Southeast Asia Integrated Tactical Air Control System
SEAL   Sea, Air and Land (Team)
SEAMARF   Southeast Asia Military Air Reservation Facility
SEAMIL   Separate Military Committee (under SEACOORD)
SEAP   SEATO Military Publication
SEASIA   Southeast Asia
SEASTAG   SEATO Standardization Agreement
SEATELCOM   Southeast Asia Telecommunications
SEATO   Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
Sec   Section(s)
SECDEF   Secretary of Defense
SECNAV   Secretary of the Navy
SECO   Second Stage Engine Cutoff
Secy   Secretary
SEDSCAF   Standard ELINT Data System Code and Format
S&E   Funds Supplies and Equipage Funds
SELF   Short Expeditious Landing Field
SEMP   Socio-Economic Military Program
SERE   Survival, evasion, resistance and escape
SF   Special Forces
SFARG   SIOP Force Application Review Group
SFCO   Special Forces Company
SFF   SEATO Field Forces
SFOB   SEATO Forces Operating Base
SFOD   Special Forces Operational Detachment
SHAD   Shipboard Hazards Appraisal and Defense
SHAPE   Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
SHEDS   Ship Helicopter Extended Delivery System
SHOB   Shore Based
SIC   Survey Information Center
SICR   Specific Intelligence Collection Requirements
SID   Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances; Special Intelligence Detachment
SIF   Selective Identification Feature
SIGINT   Signal Intelligence
SIOP   Single Integrated Operational Plan
SITREP   Situation Report
SJA   Staff Judge Advocate
SJS   Secretary Joint Staff
S&L   Systems and Logistics
SLAR   Side Looking Airborne Radar
SLAT   Special Logistics Actions Thailand
SLAV   Special Logistic Actions for South Vietnam
SLBM   Submarine Launch Ballistic Missile
SLF   Special Landing Force
SMIAT   Special Military Intelligence Activities Team
SMPO   SEATO Military Planning Office
SMRIS   Soviet Missile Range Instrumented Ship
SNDL   Standard Navy Distribution List
SNO   Senior National Officer (SEATO)
SO   Sail Only Junk; Special Order
SOA   Speed of Advance
SOAP   Supply Operations Assistance Program
SOC   Squadron Operations Center
SOCPAC   Special Operations Center Pacific Command
SOCS   Special Operations Center
SOD   Special Operations Detachment
SOFA   Status of Forces Agreement
SOFAR   Sound Fixing and Ranging (Aircraft and Sub)
SOFT   Special Operational Forces Taiwan
SOG   Studies and Observation Group
SOKA GAKKI   Value Creation Society (Japan)
SOLOG   Standardization Agreements on Operations and Logistics (US, British and Canadian)
SOP   Standing Operating Procedure
SOPA   Senior Officer Present Afloat
SOR   Specific Operational Requirements
SOTS   Special Operations Team
SOSUS   Sound Surveillance System
SP   Starting Point
SPADATS   Space Detection and Tracking System
SPCC   Ship's Parts Control Center
SPDHF   Special Pay for Duty Subject to Hostile Fire
Spec   Special
SPIREP   Spot Intelligence Report
SPM   Single Point Manager
SPMD   Saigon Municipal Police Directorate
SPOS   Strong Point Obstacle System
SPR   Supply Performance Report
Spt   Support
SPWAR   Special Warfare
Sq   Squadron
Sqdn   Squadron
Sq. Mi.   Square Mile
Sqn(s)   Squadron(s)
Sr   Senior
SRG   Systems Research Group
SROKA   Second Republic of Korea Army
SRY   Ship Repair Yard
SS   US Navy Submarine
SSB   Single Side Band
SSBN   Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine (nuclear powered)
SSD   Space Systems Division
SSESS   Soviet Space Event Support Ships
SSG   Special Support Group
SSO   Special Security Office
SSODIA   Special Security Office, Defense Intelligence Agency
SST   Safe Separate/Timing
STAG   Strategy and Tactics Analysis Group
STANAG   NATO Standardization Agreement
STAR   Selective Training and Retention Program
STARCOM   Strategic Army Communications System
STAT   Sea Bee Technical Assistance Team
STATE   Department of State
STOL   Short Take-off and Landing
STP   Standard Temperature and Pressure
Str   Strength
STRA   Supply & Training Mission
STRAC   Strategic Army Corps
STRICOM   Strike Command
STRIP   Standard Requisition and Issue Procedures
STS   Strategic Technical Service
SUA   Small Unit Action
Subj   Subject
SUBS   Submarines
Sup   Supply
Supp   Support
Supt   Support
SVN   South Vietnam
SWAD   Special Warfare Aviation Detachment
SWIM   Sea Warfare Interim Model
SWOG   Special Weapons Overflight Guide
SYNCOM   Synchronous Communication Satellite System


TA   Table of Allowances
TAAM   Transportation Army Aviation Maintenance
Tac   Tactical
TAC   Tactical Air Control, Tactical Air Command
TACAMO   Nickname for Airborne Very Low Frequency Radio Broadcasting
TACAN   Tactical Air Navigation
TACC   Tactical Air Control Center
TACP   Tactical Air Control Party
TACRON   Tactical Air Control Squadron
TACS   Tactical Air Control System
TADC   Tactical Air Directional Center
TAE   Tactical Aeromed Evacuation
TAF   Stores Ship (MSTS)
TAFDS   Tactical Airfield Fuel Dispersing System
TAK   Cargo Ship (MSTS)
TAKV   Cargo Ship and Aircraft Ferry (MSTS)
TAMIRAD   The Army's Tactical Missile Range Air Defense Program
TAMP   Thailand Ammunition Manufacturing Plant
TANGO   A Message Released by the Commander in Chief Pacific, while away from the Headquarters.
TANWERE   Tactical Nuclear Weapons Requirements
TAO   Tactical Air Observer
TAOG   Gasoline Tanker (MSTS)
TAOR   Tactical Area of Responsibility
TAP   Transport Ship (MSTS)
TAPS   Technical Aerial Positioning System
TAR   Tactical Aircraft Recovery
TAS   Troop Airlift Squadron
TASC   Tactical Air Support Center
TASS   Tactical Air Support Squadron
TAW   Troop Airlift Wing
TAX   Tactical Air Exercise
TBC   Taiwan Base Command
TBDL   To be Designated Later
TCMD   Transportation Control & Movement Document
TCS   Troop Carrier Squadron
TCTO   Time Compliance Technical Order
TCW   Troop Carrier Wing
TD   Table of Distribution
TDC   Taiwan Defense Command
TDI   Target Data Inventory
TDY   Temporary Duty
TE   Table of Equipment
TEA   Thai Exiles Association
TED   Troop Exercise Director
TELECON   Telecommunication Conference
TEMADD   Temporary Additional Duty
TERM   Temporary Equipment Recovery Mission
TEWS   Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron
TFS   Tactical Fighter Squadron
TFW   Tactical Fighter Wing
TG   Task Group
Tgt   Target
THAI   Thailand
TI   Technical Information
TIF   Target Intelligence File
TIPI   Tactical Interpretation and Processing of Information
TIS   Target Information Sheet
TLRG   Target List Review Group
TMA   Traffic Management Agency
TMC   Transportation Materiel Command (US Army)
TMG   Tactical Missile Group
Tng   Training
Tnk   Tank
TNP   Thailand National Police
Tnsp   Transportation
TO   Technical Order; Table of Organization
TOA   Total Obligation Authority
TOC   Technical Order Compliance; Tactical Operations Center
TO& E   Table of Organization and Equipment
TOT   Telephone Organization of Thailand; Time on Target
TOW   Tube-Launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided Missile
TPI   Technical Proficiency Inspection
TPP   Thermal Power Plant
TQMG   The Quartermaster General
TR   Transportation Request
TRAC   Target Research Analysis Center
Trans   Transport
TRANS-PAC   A Commercial Trans-Pacific Cable
TRPCAR   Troop Carrier
TRPCAR(M)   Troop Carrier (Medium)
TRS   Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
TRTF   Tactical Reconnaissance Task Force
TRW   Tactical Reconnaissance Wing
TTI   Tactical Target Illustrations
TTMP   Tactical Target Materials Program
TTY   Teletype
TUC   Type Unit Code
TUCRs   Troop Unit Change Requests
Tv   Television
TW   Trail Watcher
TYCOM   Type Commander


UAL   Unit Allowance List
UDT   Underwater Demolition Team
UDU   Underwater Demolition Unit
UE   Unit Equipment Allowance
UFN   Until further notice
UHF   Ultra High Frequency
UIR   Urban Intelligence Reports
UK   United Kingdom
UMIPS   Uniform Material Issue Priority System
UN   United Nations
UNAAF   Unified Action Armed Forces
UNC   United Nations Command
UNCMAC   United Nations Command, Military Armistice Commission
UNESCO   United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNODIR   Unless Otherwise Directed
UNREP   Underway Replenishment
UNTEA   United Nations Temporary Executive Authority
UPIR   Unifile Photo Interpretation Report
UPS   Universal Polar Stereographic
UQC   Underwater Telephone
URG   Underway Replenishment Group
US   United States
USA   United States Army
USAB & VAPAC   US Army Broadcasting and Visual Activity Pacific
USADCJ   US Army Depot Command, Japan
USAEIGHT   Eighth United States Army
USAERDL   US Army Engineer Research and Development Laboratories
USAF   United States Air Force
USAFI   United States Armed Forces Institute
USAIRA   United States Air Attache
USAIRLO   United States Air Liaison Officer
USALCJ   US Army Logistics Center Japan
USAMC   United States Army Material Command
USAMICOM   US Army Missile Command
USAOSA   United States Army Overseas Supply Agency
USARHAW   United States Army Hawaii
USARJ   United States Army, Japan
USARMA   United States Army Attache
USARPAC   United States Army Pacific
USARV   United States Army, Vietnam
USARYIS   United States Army, Ryukyus Islands
USASA   United States Army Security Agency
USASCC   United States Army Strategic Communication Command
USASCV   US Army Support Command Vietnam
USASF   United States Army Special Forces
USASGV   United States Army Support Group Vietnam
USCINCSO   Commander in Chief, United States Southern Command
USCONARC   United States Continental Army Command
USDAO   United States Defense Attache Officer
USF   United States Forces
USFJ   United States Forces Japan
USFK   United States Forces Korea
USG   United States Government
USIA   United States Information Agency
USIB   US Intelligence Board
USIS   United States Information Service
USM   Underwater-Surface Missile
USMC   United States Marine Corps
USMCP   United States Military Construction Program
USMILADREP   United States Military Advisor's Representative
USMILADREPSMPO   United States Military Advisor's Representative, Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, Military Planning Office
USMSMI   United States Military Supply Mission, India
USN   United States Navy
USNAVSUPACT   United States Naval Supply Activity
USNS   US Naval Ship
USOM   United States Operations Mission
USS   United States Ship
USSF(P)   United States Special Forces (Provisional)
USSOUTHCOM   United States Southern Command
USSR   Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
USTDC   United States Forces, Taiwan Defense Command
USUN   United States United Nations Delegation
USW   Underseas Warfare
UTM   Universal Transverse Mercator
UTT   Utility Tactical Transport
UTWING   Utility Wing
UW   Unconventional Warfare


VACRS   Vocational Assistance Commission for Retired Servicemen
VADM   Vice Admiral
VAMP   Vietnam Ammunition Procedures
VAP   Heavy Photographic Squadron
VAW   Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron (USN)
VC   US Navy Composite Squadron; Viet Cong
VCC   Viet Cong Captured
VCS   Viet Cong Suspect
VCSS   Value Creation Study Society
VDC   Volunteer Defense Corps (Thailand)
VDS   Variable Depth Sonar
VFP   Light Photographic Squadron
VFR   Visual Flight Rule
VLF   Very Low Frequency
VM   Viet Minh
VMA(AW)   Marine Corps Attack Squadron (All Weather)
VMCJ   Marine Corps Composite Reconnaissance Squadron
VMFA   Marine Fighter/Attack Squadron
VMF(AW)   Marine Corps Fighter Squadron (All Weather)
VMGR   Marine Transport Refueling Squadron
VMO   Marine Corps Observation Squadron
VN   Vietnam
VNN   Republic of Vietnam Navy
VNQDD   Vietnamese Nationalist Party
VNRS   Vietnamese National Railway System
VNSF   Vietnamese Special Forces
VOA   Voice of America
VOCOM   Voice Communications
VP   US Navy Patrol Squadron
VP(L)   US Navy Patrol Squadron (Land)
VPRON   US Navy Patrol Squadron
VP(S)   US Navy Patrol Squadron (Sea based)
VQ   Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron
VR   Visual Recce
VRC   Fleet Tactical Support Squadron
V/STOL   Vertical/Short Take-off and Land
VUNC   Voice of the United Nations Command
VW   US Navy Airborne Early Warning Squadron


WAAPM   Wide Area Anti-Personnel Mine
WALLEYE   Television Guided Air to Surface Bomb
WAPG   High Endurance Coast Guard Cutter (Now Known as WHEC)
WAR   Warfare
WAVP   High Endurance Coast Guard Cutter (Now Known as WHEC)
WBLC   Waterborne Logistic Craft
WEA RCN   Weather Reconnaissance
WESTAF   Western Transport Air Force (Travis AFB)
WESTPAC   Western Pacific
WESTPACNORTH   Western Pacific North
WETWASH A   A Military Cable from the Philippines to Vietnam
Wg   Wing
WHO   World Health Organization
WIA   Wounded in Action
WID   Weekly Intelligence Digest
WIR   Weekly Intelligence Review
WO   Warrant Officer
WOC   Wing Operations Center
WPL   War Plan, Long Range
WPM   War Plan, Mid-Range
WPS   War Plan, Short Range; War Planning Slate
WRA   War Reserve Allowance
WRM   War Reserve Mobilization
WRS   Weather Reconnaissance Squadron
WSEG   Weapons Systems Evaluation Group
WSMTT   White Star Mobile Training Teams
WSRT   Weapons System Reliability Test
WTO   WESTPAC Transportation Office
WWMCCS   World Wide Military Command and Control System
Wx   Weather


YAG   Miscellaneous Auxiliary (Service Craft)
YF   Covered Lighter (self-propelled)
YFD   Yard Floating Dry Dock
YP   Patrol Craft (Service Craft)
YRB   Submarine Repair and Berthing Barge
YTB   Large Harbor Tug
YTL   Small Harbor Tug
YW   Water Barge (self-propelled)


ZI   Zone of Interior


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