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U.S. Naval Abbreviations

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Navy Numbers


Note: Where the same abbreviation has more than one meaning, the several meanings have been arranged alphabetically. Abbreviations preceded by an asterisk (*), other than Navy numbers, may never be used singly; those preceded by the symbol for number (#) are the Bureau of Personnel Condensation Code for use in dispatch orders to personnel.

M -- General Motors Corporation (Eastern Aircraft Division) (manufacturer's symbol)

 M -- Glenn L. Martin Co. (manufacturer's symbol)

 M -- Marine Corps; used as prefix with plane designation

 M -- Medium or 2-engine plane

 M -- Monoplane

 M -- Merchant Marine Reserve

 M1 -- Merchant Marine Reserve Seagoing

 M2 -- Merchant Marine Reserve Coastal Defense

 M -- Metalsmith

 M -- Model

 M -- Office of merchant Marine Safety (USCG)

 MA -- Manila, P.I.

 MA -- Mediterranean Area

 MA -- Military Attaché

 MAA -- Master-At-Arms

 MAAF -- Mediterranean Allied Air Force

 MAATC -- Mobile Anti-Aircraft Training Center

 MAB -- Marine Air Base

 MAB -- Munitions Assignment Board

 MABDG -- Marine Aircraft Base Defense Group

 MABDW -- Marine Air Base Defense Wing

 MABO -- Marianas-Bonins Group

 MABS -- Marine Air Base Squadron

 MAC -- Marine Amphibious Corps

 MAC(Air) -- Munitions Assignment Committee (Air) (Washington)

 MACAF -- Mediterranean Allied Coastal Air Forces

*MACH -- Machinery

 MACH -- Machinist

 MachGr -- Machine Group

 MACRI -- Mercantile Atlantic Coastal Routing Instructions

 MACTU -- Mine and Countermeasures Technical Unit

 MAD -- Magnetic Airborne Detector

 MAD -- Marine Aviation Detachment

 MAD -- Mine Assembly Depot

 MADepSq -- Marine Air Depot Squadron

 MADP -- Main Air Display Plot

 MAEE -- Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment

 MAF or  MAFac -- Marine Air Facility

 MAFOG -- Mediterranean Area Fighter Operations Grid

*MAG -- Magazine

 MAG -- Marine Aircraft Group

 MairMar -- Marine Air Depot Miramar

 MAIRU -- Mobile Aircraft Instrument Repair Unit

 Maj -- Major

 MajGen -- Major General

 MAL -- Malariology

 MAL -- Malariology Technician

 MaM -- Mailman

*MAN -- Manager

 Man -- Manual

 MAN or  MN -- Very high frequency voice radio (FM)

 MANDREL -- Electric Jammer (radar)

 ManMedDept -- Manual of the Medical Department

 MAP -- Ministry of Aircraft Production (GB)

 MAPRC -- Mediterranean Allied Photographic reconnaissance Command

 MAPUC -- Modified Area Production Urgency Committee

 MAQ -- Money allowance for quarters for dependents (W for wife; M, mother; F, father; LC, legitimate child; AC, adopted child)

*MAR -- Marine

 MarAirWing -- Marine Aircraft Wing

"Marauder" -- See JM-#

 MarBasScol -- Marine Corps Basic School

 MarBks -- Marine Barracks

 MarBrig -- Marine Brigade

 MARCOR -- marine Corps

 MarCorps -- Marine Corps

 MarDiv -- Marine Division

 MARE -- Mare Island

 MARegSq -- Marine Air Regulating Squadron

 MarFair -- Marine Fleet Air

 MarFAIRWest -- marine Fleet Air, West Coast

 MarGarFor -- marine Garrison Force

 MarGilsArea -- Marshalls-Gilberts Area

 MARI -- Mercantile Atlantic Routing Instructions

"Mariner" -- See PMB-1, PBM-3-5, PBM-3R

 Mark or  Mk -- Symbol used to distinguish different types of ordnance and certain other equipment. A newly developed type would be designated Mark (Mk) I; with the first minor change it would be MkI Mod (modification) I. Eventually these changes would become sufficient to start with MkII. On 17 April 1944, BuShips changed the numerals from Roman to Arabic; Mark II became Mk 2, etc.

 MarPac -- Headquarters, Department of the Pacific (USMC)

"Mars" -- See JRM-#, PB2M-1R

 MarTra&ReplComs -- Marine Training and Replacement Commands

 MAS -- German and Italian craft corresponding to United States MTB

 MAS -- Low-powered guided missile jammer (radar)

 MASAF -- Mediterranean Allied Strategic Air Force

 MA/SB -- Motor Anti-Submarine Boat

 MASCU -- Marine Air Support Control Unit

 MASG -- Marine Air Support Group

 MASS -- Massachusetts

 MAT -- Material

 MAT -- mechanical Aptitude Test

 MATAF -- Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Force

 MATD -- Mine and Torpedo Detector (sonar)

 MATMU -- Mobile Aircraft Torpedo Maintenance Unit

 MATS -- Mediterranean Air Transport Service

 MAW -- Marine Aircraft Wing

 MAWC -- Marine Air, West Coast

 MAWP -- Marine Air Wing, Pacific

 MAWS -- Marine Air Warning Squadron

MB -- Main Battery

 MB -- Marine Barracks

 M/B -- Medium Bomber

 MB -- Motorboat (USCG)

 MBC -- Mediterranean Bombardment Code

 MBDG -- Marine Base Defense Group

 MBMU -- Mobile Base Maintenance Unit

 MDNAD -- Marine Barracks, Naval Ammunition Depot

 MBNAS -- Marine Barracks, Naval Air Station

 MBNMD -- Marine Barracks, Naval Mine Depot

 MBNOB -- Marine Barracks, Naval Operating Base

 MBNS -- Marine Barracks, Naval Station

 MBNYd -- Marine Barracks, Navy Yard

 MBSB -- marine Barracks, Submarine Base

 MSW -- Munitions Assignment Board (Washington)

 MBY&D -- Maintenance, Bureau of Yards and Docks (appropriation title)

 MC -- Marine Corps

 MC -- Maritime Commission

 MC -- Megacycles

 MC -- USN officer designation for Medical Corps

 MCA -- Maritime Control Area

 MCA -- Material Coordinating Agency

 MCAAF -- Marine Corps Auxiliary Air Facility

 MCAAS -- Marine Corps Auxiliary Air Station

 MCAB -- Marine Corps Air Base

 MBAD -- Marine Corps Air Depot

 MCAF -- Marine Corps Air Facility

 MCAF -- Mediterranean Coastal Air Force Headquarters

 MCAS -- Marine Corps Air Station

 MCB -- Marine Corps Base

 MCk -- Master Cook

 MCM -- Manual for Court Martial (Army)

 MCM -- Marine Corps Manual

 MC-M -- USNR designation for Merchant Marine officers qualified for General Service in the Medical Corps; this classification was abolished in September 1944 and replaced by MCM.

 MCM -- USNR officer designation for General Service, Medical Corps, Merchant Marine

 MCMR -- USNR officer designation for General Service, Medical Corps, Merchant Marine. Formerly MCM.

 MCMS -- USNR officer designation for Special Service, Medical Corps, Merchant Marine. Formerly MCM(S).

 MCO -- Marine Corps Order

 MCPD -- Marine Corps Procurement District

 MCR -- Marine Corps Reserve

 MCR -- USNR officer designation for General Service, Medical Corps. Formerly MC.

 MCS -- Marine Corps Schools

 MCS -- Megacycles

 MCS -- USNR officer designation for Special Service, Medical Corps. Formerly MC(S).

 MCT -- Mechanical Comprehension Test

 MCV -- Maritime Commission, Victory hip

 MCVG -- Marine Carrier Group

 MC-V(G) -- USNR designation for medical officers, qualified for general detail afloat or ashore. This classification was abolished in September 1944 and replaced by MC or MC(S).

 MC-V(S) -- USNR designation for medical officers qualified for specialist duties. This classification was abolished in September 1944 and replaced by MC or MC(S).

 MCW -- Modulated Continuous Wave

 MCW -- USNR officer designation for Women's Reserve, Medical Corps. Formerly MC(W).

 MCWR -- Marine Corps Women's Reserve

 MD -- Marine Detachment

 MD -- Maryland

 MD -- Medical Department

 MD -- Methldichlorarsine

 MD -- Mine Disposal

 MDW -- Military District of Washington (Army)

 ME -- Maine

 ME -- Middle East

 MEBD -- Medical Examining Board

 Mech -- Mechanical

*MECZ -- Mechanized

 MED -- Medical

 Med -- Mediterranean

 MEDICOS -- Mediterranean Instructions to Convoys

#MEDOFCOMD -- Medical Officer-in-Command

 MedSupDep -- Medical Supply Depot

 MEF -- Forces in the Middle East (GB)

 MEI -- Manual of Engineering Instructions

 MEIU -- Middle East Interpretation Unit (GB)

 MEIU -- Mobile Explosives Investigation Unit

 MEMO -- Memorandum

 MEO -- Major Engine Overhaul

*MER -- Merchant

 MER -- Merchant Shipping Control Plan

 MER-1 -- Merchant Shipping Control Operating Plan for the United States

#MERAIR -- Including commercial air

#MERAIRDIR -- In performing the above travel, commercial air is directed where necessary (or between points specified) to expedite completion of this duty

 MERCO -- Mercantile Communications

 MERCO -- Merchant Ship Movement Reports

 MERCOS -- Merchant Codes

 MERSIGS -- Merchant Ships' Signal Books

 MERSIGS -- Merchant Signals

#MERTRANSUB -- Commercial transportation and subsistence authorized

 MESC -- Middle East Supply Center

 MesCpl -- Mess Corporal (USMC)

 MESS -- Messman

 MessSgt -- Mess Sergeant (USMC)

*MET -- Meteorological

 Metal -- Metallurgical

 METON -- Measured tons discharged or loaded

 MEW -- Microwave Early Warning (radar)

 MEW -- Ministry of Economic Warfare (GB)

 MEX -- Mexico, Mexican

MF -- Medium Frequency

 MF -- Midget peeper radar jam

 MFA&A -- Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives (SHAEF)

 MFairWest -- Marine Fleet Air, West Coast

 MFT -- Medical Field Service

 MFT -- Medical Field Service Technician

 MFWC -- Marine Fleet Air, West Coast

 MG -- Machine Gun

 MG -- Machine Gunner

 MG -- Mark I Machine Gun Trainer

 MG -- Military Government

 MG -- Mississippi Rover to Galveston (routing designation)

 Mgas -- Motor gasoline

 MGB -- Motor Gunboat (GB)

 MGDA -- Multiple Degaussing Cable

 MDM -- Mailgram

 MDU -- Military Government Unit

 MGUN -- Marine Gunner

 MGunSgt -- Master Gunnery Sergeant (USMC)

 MGYSGT -- Master Gunnery Sergeant (USMC)

 MH -- Congressional Medal of Honor

 MHB -- Master Horizontal Bomber

 MI -- mare Island

 MI -- Medical Illustrator

 MI -- Mile(s)

 MI -- Military Intelligence (Army)

 MIA -- Missing In Action

 MICH -- Michigan

"Mickey Mouse" -- Chartlet showing estimated positions at specific times during invasions

 Mid -- Middle

 Mid -- Midshipman

 MID -- Military Intelligence Division (War Department)

 MIDN -- Midshipman

 MidPac -- Middle Pacific (Army)

 MIDS -- Movement Information Distribution Station

 Mike -- "M" in the phonetic alphabet

*MIL -- Military

 MIME -- Ministry of Information middle East (GB)

*MIN -- Mine; Minecraft

 MIN -- Minute

 MinBatFor -- Minecraft Battle Force, Pacific Fleet

 MinDiv -- Mine Division

 MineCtrMeasSta -- Mine Counter-Measure Station

 MINN -- Minnesota

 MinRon -- Mine Squadron

 MINSY -- Mare Island Naval Shipyard

 MINU -- Mobile Instrument Investigation unit

 MINY -- Mare Island Navy Yard

 MIO -- Mobile Issuing Office

 MIRS -- Military Intelligence Research Section

 MIS -- Material Inspection Service

 MIS -- Military Intelligence Services (Army)

 MIS -- Mine Issuing Ship

*MIS -- Mission

 MISC -- Allotments for miscellaneous purposes

 MISS -- Mississippi

 MIT -- Massachusetts Institute of Technology

 Mit -- mitigate(d)

"Mitchell" -- See PBJ-#

#MITRE -- Authorized to omit or revisit any of the above mentioned places as may be deemed necessary

#MITREVAR -- Authorized to omit or revisit any of the above mentioned places and to vary the above itinerary as may be deemed necessary

#MITVAR -- Authorized to omit any of the above mentioned places and to vary the above itinerary as may be deemed necessary

 MJAO -- Mediterranean Joint Air Orders

 Mk -- Mark; see Mark

 Mks -- Marksman (USMC)

 MKUD -- People's Commissar for Internal Affairs (USSR)

 M/L -- Minelayer (GB)

 ML -- Molder

 ML -- Money List

 ML -- Motor Launch

 ML -- Small Mine Sweeper

 MLC -- Major Landing Craft

 MLC -- Military Landing Craft

 Mldr -- Molder

 MLR -- Mail Line of Resistance (Army)

 MLSR -- Molder, Ship Repair

 MLSRC -- Molder, Ship Repair, Cupola Tender

 MLSRF -- Molder, Ship Repair, Foundryman

 MLSRM -- Molder, Ship Repair, Molder

 MM -- Machinist's Mate

 MM -- Millimeters

 MMCBE -- Machinist's Mate, Construction Battalion, Equipment Operator

 MMD -- Manual of the Medical Department

 MME -- Machinist's Mate, Engineman

 MG -- Machinist's Mate, Industrial Gas Generating Mechanic

 MMNIC -- Main Mediterranean Naval Intelligence Center

 MMP -- Merchant Marine Personnel Division (USCG)

 MR -- Machinist's Mate, Refrigeration

 MMS -- British vessel corresponding to U.S. YMS [Motor Minesweeper]

 MMS -- Machinist's Mate, Shop Mechanic

 MMS -- Motor Minesweeper

 MMSR -- Machinist's Mate, Ship Repair

 MMSRE -- Machinist's Mater, Ship Repair, Engine Operator

 MMSRO -- Machinist's Mater, Ship Repair, Instrument Maker

 MMSRS -- Machinist's Mater, Ship Repair, Outside Machinist

 MMT -- Merchant Marine Technical Division (USCG)

 MN -- Mineman

 MN or  MAN -- Very high frequency voice radio (FM)

 MNA -- Missing, not enemy action

 MNAO -- Mobile Naval Airfield Organization

 MNAU -- Mobile Naval Airfield Unit

 Mngr -- Manager

 MO -- Medical Officer

 MO -- Missouri

*MO -- Mobile

 MO -- Monthly Order

 Mob -- Mobile

"Moby Dick" -- Experimental Navy rocket engine

 Mod -- Modification; used especially to distinguish successive modifications of a type of ordnance equipment. See Mark.

*MOD -- Modify (ied) (ing)

 MOF -- Ministry of Food (GB)

 MoGas -- Motor Gasoline

 MOI -- Ministry of Information (GB)

 MOIC -- Medical Officer-in-Charge

 MOINC -- Medical Officer-in-Charge

 MoMM -- Motor Machinist's Mate

 MoMMSR -- Motor Machinist's Mate, Ship Repair

 MOMP -- Mid-Ocean Meeting Point

 MONAB -- Mobile Naval Air Base

 MONT -- Montana

"Moonshine" -- RCM countermeasure device

 MOP -- Mustering Out Pay

*MOR -- Moroccan

 Morest -- Mobile Arresting Gear

 MoroccanSeaFron -- Moroccan Sea Frontier

 MorSeaFron -- Moroccan Sea Frontier

 MOS -- Marking of Overseas Shipments

 MOS -- Ministry of State (GB)

 Mo(s) -- Month(s)

 MOSC -- Military Oil Sub-Committee (of North African Economic Board)

 MOSRD -- Motor Machinist's Mate Ship Repair, Diesel Engineering Mechanic

 MOSRG -- Motor Machinist's Mate, Ship Repair, Gasoline Engine Mechanic

*MOT -- Motor

 MoTarDiv -- Mobile Target Division

 MOTG -- Marine Operational Training Group

"MOTHER" -- Land-based radio homing beacon (YG)

 MotoGas -- Motor Gasoline

 MotPict -- Motion Picture

 Mov -- Movement

 MOWT -- Ministry of War Transport (GB)

 MP -- Military Police

 MP -- Motion Picture Production

 MPC -- Manpower Priorities Committee

 MPCo -- Military Police Company (USMC)

 MPCRI -- Mercantile Pacific Coastal Routing Instructions

 MPH -- Miles Per Hour

 MPO -- Motion Picture Operator

 MPRI -- Merchant Pacific Routing Instructions

 MPSC -- Material Planing Schedule and Control (Division of Inspection Offices, Navy)

 MQO -- Marksmanship Qualification Order (USMC)

 MR -- Medium Range Planes

 MR -- Mobilization Regulation (Army)

 M/R -- Morning Report (Army)

 MRC -- Material Redistribution Center

 MRC -- Movement Report Center

 MR&D -- Material Redistribution & Disposal

 MRI -- Machine Records Installation

 MRM -- Medical Repair Technician

 MRO -- Maintenance, Repair and Operating Supplies

 MRO -- Management Review Officer

 MRO -- Movement Report Office

 MRS -- Military Railway Service

 MRS -- Movement Report Sheet

 MRU -- Machine Records Unit (Army)

 MRU -- Material Recovery Unit

 MS -- Medical Survey

 M&S -- Bureau of Medicine & Survey

 MS -- Medium Steel

 MS -- Minesweeper

 M/S -- Minesweeper (GB)

 MS -- Mine Sweeping

 MS -- MotorShip

 MSCI -- Mediterranean Secret Convoy instructions

 MSCS -- Merchant Ship Control Service

 Msg -- Message

 MsgCen -- Message Center

 MSGO -- Mediterranean Secret General Orders

 Msgr -- Messenger

 Msm -- Messman (USMC)

 MSmth -- Metalsmith

 MSR -- Metalsmith, Ship Repair

 MSR -- Monthly Status Report

 MSRB -- Metalsmith, Ship Repair, Blacksmith

 MSRC -- Metalsmith, Ship Repair, Coppersmith

 MSRF -- Metalsmith, Ship Repair, Forger-Anglesmith

 MSRS -- Metalsmith, Ship Repair, Sheet Metal Worker

 MStd -- Master Steward (USMC)

 MSU -- Material Salvage Unit

 M/T -- Measurement Tons

 MT -- Military Transport

 MT -- Motor Transport(ation)

 MTAF -- Mediterranean Tactical Air Force Headquarters

 MTB -- Maintenance of True Bearing

 MTB -- Motor Torpedo Boat

 MTBRon -- Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron

 MTBSTC -- Motor Torpedo Boat Squadrons Training Center (Melville, R.I.)

 Mtcl -- Motorcycle

 MTD -- Mobile Target Division (Mine Forces)

 MTF -- Mechanical Time Fuse

 MTk -- Medium Tank

 MTO -- Medical Transport Officer

 MTO -- Mediterranean Theater of Operations

 MTO -- Mission, Task, Objective

 MTP -- Mobilization Training Program (Army)

 MTSgt -- Master Technical Sergeant (USMC)

 MTSgt(C) -- Master Technical Sergeant (Commissary) (USMC)

 MunBg -- Munitions Building (War Department)

 Mus -- Musician

 MV -- Cargo Ship (GB)

 M/V -- Merchant Vessel

 MVI -- Merchant Vessel Inspection Division (USCG)

 MVSS -- Marine Wing Service Squadron

 MWB -- Marine whaleboat

 MWT -- Ministry of War Transport (GB)

 MWTR -- Ministry of War Transport Representative (GB)

 MYDIS -- My dispatch

 MYLTR -- My letter

 MYMGM -- My mailgram

 MYMSG -- May message

 MYRAD -- My radio

 MYSER -- My serial

 MYTEL -- My telegram

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Navy Numbers

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