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U.S. Naval Abbreviations

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Navy Numbers


Note: Where the same abbreviation has more than one meaning, the several meanings have been arranged alphabetically. Abbreviations preceded by an asterisk (*), other than Navy numbers, may never be used singly; those preceded by the symbol for number (#) are the Bureau of Personnel Condensation Code for use in dispatch orders to personnel.

R -- Aeronca Aircraft Corporation (manufacturer's symbol)

 R -- American Aviation Corporation (Glider)

 R -- Brunswick-Balke-Callender (aircraft company) (manufacturer's symbol)

 R -- Damage Control, Construction and Repair Division of a carrier

 R -- Interstate Aircraft and Engineering Corporation (manufacturer's symbol)

 R -- Maxson-Brewster (W.L. Maxson Corporation) (aircraft) (manufacturer's symbol)

 R -- Radial (aircraft engine)

 R -- Radio Phone Company

(R) -- Reduced Operation

 R -- Resister; Resistance

 R -- Ryan Aeronautical Company (manufacturer's symbol)

 R -- Converted to a transport (suffix to plane designation); as, PBM-3R

 R -- A suffix which, when appended to a basic USNR officer classification, indicates special qualifications in Electronics

 R30-2 -- Twin-engine Navy Transport (VR(ML)), manufactured by Lockheed

 R50-# -- "Lodestar"; two-engine Navy transport (VR(ML)), manufactured by Lockheed

 RA -- Regular Army

 RA -- Rental Agreement

 RAACEF -- Rear Admiral Aircraft Carriers, Eastern Fleet (GB)

 RA(A)EF -- Rear Admiral (Administration) Eastern Fleet (GB)

 RAAF -- Royal Australian Air Force

 RAB -- Radio Receiver (HF)

 RAC -- Rear Admiral Commanding (GB)

 RAC -- Rubber Allocation Committee

 RACOB(WA) -- Rear Admiral Commanding Combined Operational Bases (Western Approaches) (GB)

 RACON -- Radar Beacon

 RAD(NO.) -- Radar Bulletin; as, RADSIX (Radio Bulletin, No. 6)

*RAD -- Radio

 RAD -- Released from Active Duty

 RAD -- Reported for Active Duty

 RAD -- Reservists on Active Duty under "Appropriation Chargeable Naval Reserve" (Does not include Reservists on annual training duty)

 Radar -- Radio detection and ranging

 RAD (BPF) -- Rear Admiral Commanding Destroyers (British Pacific Fleet)

 RadCM -- Radar Countermeasures and Deception

 Radex -- Radar countermeasures training

 RADM -- Rear Admiral

 RadOp -- Radio Operator

 RadPlanBd -- Radio Planning Board

 RAF -- Royal Air Force (GB)

 RAFT -- Rear Admiral Fleet Train (British Pacific Fleet)

 Rainbow -- War plans for use in war against a coalition of enemies

 RAK -- Radio Receiver (HF)

 RAL -- Radio Receiver (HF)

 RAL -- Rear Admiral Alexandria (GB)

 RAN -- Royal Australian Navy

 RAN(V)R -- Royal Australian Naval (Volunteer) Reserve

 RAO -- Radio Receiver (HF)

 RAO -- Received for record purposes only. Individual not received physically.

 RAOB -- Radio Meteorograph Sounding

 RARC -- Revoked appointment and returned to civilian status

 RAS -- Radio Receiver (MF to HF)

 RASC -- Royal Army Service Corps (GB)

 Rasta -- Radio Station (USCG)

 Rat(s) -- Ration(s)

 RATT -- Radio Teletypewriter

 RAWA -- Rear Admiral West Africa (GB)

 RAWIND -- Radio Wind (USCG)

 R/B -- Radio Beacon

 RB-# -- "Conestoga"; twin-engine Navy Transport (VR(ML)), manufactured by Budd

 RBB -- Radio Receiver (MF)

 RBC -- Radio Receiver (HF)

 RBH -- Radio Receiver (HF)

 RBH -- Regimental Beachhead (Army)

 RBK -- Radio Receiver (VHF)

 RBO -- Radio Receiver (HF)

 R5C-# -- "Commando"; twin-engine Navy transport (VR(ML)), manufactured by Curtiss

 RC -- Reception Center (Army)

 R/C -- Request for checkage

 RCA -- Radio Corporation of America

 RCAF -- Royal Canadian Air Force

 RCL -- Ramped Cargo Lighter

 RCM -- Aviation Radio and Radar Countermeasures Technician

 RCM -- Radio and Radar Countermeasures

 RCN -- Reconnaissance

 RCN -- Royal Canadian Navy

 RcnLR -- Reconnaissance Long Range (Army)

 RCN(V)R -- Royal Canadian Naval (Volunteer) Reserve

 RCO -- Radar Control Officer

 RCO -- Radio Receiver (VHF)

 RCO -- Remote Control Office

 RCo -- Rifle Company (Army)

 RCRC -- Revoked commission, returned to civilian status

 RCS -- Radar Control Ship

 RCT -- Regimental Combat Team

 Rctg -- Recruiting

 RCU -- Requisition Control Unit

 R3D-# -- Twin-engine Navy transport (VR(ML)), landplane, manufactured by Douglas (El Segundo)

 R4D-1-5-6-7 -- "Skytrain"; twin-engine Navy transport (VR(ML)), landplane, manufactured by Douglas

 R4D-2-3-4 -- "Skytrooper"; twin-engine Navy transport (VR(ML)), manufactured by Douglas

 R5D-4 -- "Skymaster"; four-engine Navy transport (VR(HL)), manufactured by Douglas

 RDB -- Ramped Dump Barge

 RDEM -- Released from active duty result demobilization

 RDep -- Recruit Depot

 RDF -- Radio Direction Finder

 RDFSta -- Radio Direction Finder Station

 RDM -- Radarman

 RDM -- Ramped Dumped Barge

 RDO -- Radio; Wireless

 RD OPR -- Radar Operator

 Rdr -- Raider (USMC)

 Rds -- Rounds of ammunition

 RDU -- Receipt and Despatch Unit (Aircraft)

 RE -- Radio Electrician

 Rear Adm -- Rear Admiral

*REC -- Receive(ing)

 RecBaks -- Receiving Barracks

 Recce -- Reconnaissance

 RECD -- Received

 Recg -- Receiving

 Recipro -- Reciprocating

 Recl -- Reclamation

*RECOG -- Recognition

 Recom -- Recommend(ed); Recommendation

*RECON -- Reconnaissance

 ReconCo -- Reconnaissance Company (USMC)

 RecruitSta -- Recruiting Station

 RecShip -- Receiving Ship

 RecSta -- Receiving Station

 RedAS -- Reduced to Apprentice Seaman

 Reefer -- Refrigeration; Cold Storage locker

 REEN ALLOW -- Reenlistment Allowance

 Reenl -- Reenlist(ed); Reenlistment

*REF -- Refer(ence)

 Regrig -- Refrigeration

 REFURDIS -- Reference your dispatch

 REFURLTR -- Reference your letter

 Reg -- Registered

 REGS -- Regulations

 Regt -- Regiment

 Rehab -- Rehabilitation

 Rein -- Reinforced

 Reinf -- Reinforced

*REL -- Relief

 Rel -- Relieve(d)

#RELBY-- -- When relieved by--

#RELDET -- When relieved detached from duty indicated and from such other duty as may have been assigned

#RELDIRDET -- When relieved and when directed by the commanding officer or commander designated detached from duty indicated and from such other duty as may have been assigned

 RELE -- Radio Electrician

 RELES -- Released to War Shipping Administration

 Rem -- Remit(ed)

 Rem-Rand -- Remington-Rand

 Ren MR -- Reconnaissance medium Range (Army)

 RENT -- Allotment for payment of rent when specifically authorized by the Secretary of the Navy

*REP -- repair

 Rep -- Repairman

 REPAR -- repairing

 RepComDesPac -- Representative of Commander Destroyers, Pacific Fleet

 RepForMaint -- Representative of maintenance Force

#REPISC -- Report to immediate superior in command if present, otherwise by dispatch, for duty indicated

 REPL -- Replacement

 Repln -- Replacement

#REPLTR -- Report(ing) by letter to--

 RepO -- Reporting Officer

*REPT -- Report(ing)

#REPTRANS -- Report for transportation to the port in which ship or commander designated may be, or to location designated. Upon arrival report for duty or purpose indicated.

 Req -- Request; Requisition

 REQN -- Requisition

#REQNOM -- Request nomination

 REQREC -- Request recommendation

 Requal -- Requalify; Requalified

 RER -- Rubberized Equipment Repair

*RES -- Reserve

*RESC -- Rescue

ResDist -- Reserve District

 Resgd -- Resigned

 RES/IC -- Reserve-In Commission (vessel status)

 RES/IS -- Reserve-In Service (vessel status)

 ResLab -- Research Laboratory

 RES/OC -- Reserve-Out of Commission (vessel status)

 RES/OS -- Reserve-Out of Service (vessel status)

 Rest -- Restricted

 Restd -- Restricted

 Rest ltr -- Restricted letter

 RESTR -- Restricted

 Ret -- Retain(ed)

 RET -- Retired

 RETAN -- Retained

 Retd -- Retired

 RETRO FA -- Retroactive Family Allowance checkage

 Ret ser -- Retained in the service

 Reurad -- Refer to (Regarding) your message

#REVAR -- Authorized to revisit any of the above mentioned places and to vary the above itinerary as may be deemed necessary

 RF -- Radio Frequency

 RFA -- Royal Fleet Auxiliary (GB)

 RFAD -- Released from active duty not result of demobilization

 RFC -- Reconstruction Finance Corporation

 RFD -- Rural Free Delivery

 RFP -- Radio Finger Printing

 RFS -- Ready for sea

 RgPh -- Registered Pharmacist

 RHO -- Railhead Officer

 RHQ -- Regimental Headquarters

 RI -- Recruit Instruction

 RI -- Rhode Island

 Rig -- Rigger

 RIIA -- Royal Institute of International Affairs (GB)

 RIN -- Royal Indian Navy (GB)

 RINA -- Resident Inspector of Naval Aircraft

 Ring -- Airborne television system

 RINM -- Resident Inspector of Naval Material

 RInsMat -- Resident Inspector of Naval Material

 RInsOrd -- Resident Naval Inspector of Ordnance

 RKO -- Range Keeper Operator

 RL -- Rocket Launcher

 RLO -- Repairs Liaison Officer (Landing Craft and Barges)

 RM -- Radioman

 RM Armd Sp Gp -- Royal Marine Armored Support Group (GB)

 RME -- Royal Marine Engineers (GB)

 RML -- Rescue Motor Launch (Air/Sea Rescue)

 RMN -- Reserve Material (Account) Navy

 RMO -- Radio (Radar) Material Officer

 RN -- Royal Navy (GB)

 RNAMY -- Royal Naval Aircraft Maintenance Yard (GB)

 RNATE -- Royal Naval Air Training Establishment (GB)

 RNBC -- Royal Naval Beach Commando (GB)

 RNGHQ -- Royal Navy General Headquarters (Cairo) (GB)

 RNIO -- Resident Naval Inspector of Ordnance

 RNLO -- Royal Naval Liaison Officer

 RNN -- Royal Netherlands Navy

 RN(V)R -- Royal Naval (Volunteer) Reserve (GB)

 RNZAF -- Royal New Zealand Air Force

 RNZN -- Royal New Zealand Navy

 RNZN(V)R -- Royal New Zealand Naval (Volunteer) Reserve

 RO -- Recruiting Officer

 RO -- Regimental Orders (Army)

 RO -- Routing Office(r)

 ROB -- Reserve on Board

"Roc" -- Television system for guiding bombs

 ROCCM -- Guided Missile Countermeasures

"Roger" -- "I understand"

"Roger" -- "R" in the phonetic alphabet

 ROinC -- Resident Officer-in-Charge

*RON -- Squadron

 RONLY -- Receiver only

 RONS -- Reserve Officers of the Naval Service

 RORET -- Authorized Rotational Retention

 ROTATE -- Return to

 ROTC -- Reserve Officers Training Corps (usually NROTC)

 ROVNITE -- Remaining overnight

 RP -- Raid Plotter

 RP -- Rocket Projectile

 RPA -- Radium Plaque Adaptometer

 RPAO -- Radium Plaque Adaptometer Operator

 RPC -- Registered Publication Clerk

 RPD -- Radar Planning Device

 RPH -- Registered Pharmacist

 RPIO -- Registered Publications Issuing Office

 RPM -- Registered Publication Manual

 RPM -- Registered Publication Memorandum

 RPM -- Revolutions Per Minute

 RPPI -- Remote Plan Position Indicator

 RPS -- Registered Publications Section

 RPS-DL -- Registers Publications Section--District Library

 R&PSec -- Radio and Panel Section

 RPSM -- Registered Publication Shipment Memorandum

 RPS-PL -- Registered Publications Section--Personnel Library

 R&PT -- Rifle and Pistol Team

 RPU -- Radio Phone Unit

 RPU -- Registered Publication Unit

 RR -- Railroad

 RR -- Recruit Roll

 RR -- Rifle Range

 RRC -- Requirements Review Committee (AstSecNav)

 RRC -- Rubber Reserve Committee

 RS -- Passenger Transportation Specialist

 RS -- Radio Duties--Special

 RS -- Receiving Ship or Station

 RS -- Recruiting Station

 R/S -- Report of Survey (Army)

 RS -- Revised Statutes

 RSC -- Reserve Service Control

 RSO -- Regimental Supply Officer (Army)

 R&SSq -- Repair and Salvage Squadron

 RT -- Radio Technician

 RT or R/T -- Radio Telephony

 RTC -- Replacement Training Center (Army)

 RTL -- Regimental Training Line (Army)

 RTO -- Railroad Transportation officer (Army)

 RTTY -- Radio Teletype

 RUDAOE -- Report of Unsatisfactory or Defective Aviation Ordnance Equipment

 RUDM -- Report of Unsatisfactory or Defective Material (aircraft)

 RUG -- Electronic Jammer (radar)

 RUSNO(Location) -- Resident United States Naval Officer (Location)

 RVA -- Retailer's Uniform Agency

 RW -- Recreation and Welfare

 RW -- Recruiting Warrant

 RY-# -- "Liberator"; four-engine Navy transport (VR(HL)), manufactured by Consolidated-Vultee

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Navy Numbers

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