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War Chronology: November 1990

1 Nov (1990)
USS MIDWAY Carrier Battle Group relieves USS INDEPENDENCE in Gulf. 

3 Nov 
In Operation SHARP EDGE, USS NEWPORT (LST-1179) relieves BARNSTABLE COUNTY off Liberia. 

8 Nov 
Secretarv of Defense Dick Cheney announced that in addition to the 230.000 forces in the Persian Gulf region. more heavy divisions. Marines and ships will be headed for the Persian Gulf. Navy elements to be sent include: three aircraft carriers with appropriate escorts; one battleship, USS Missouri (BB-63); Amphibious Group Three, San Diego California; and Maritime Prepositioning Ship Squadron 1, Norfolk, Virginia.

13 Nov 
USS MISSOURI (BB-63) deploys for Persian Gulf region from Long Beach. 

14 Nov 
Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney authorized activation of 72,500 more military reservists, taking the first step toward fulfilling President Bush's decision to deploy up to 200,000 additional troops in the Middle East. The Navy's authorization ceiling was raised from 6,300 to 10,000.

15-21 Nov 
Joint Combined exercise IMMINENT THUNDER conducted inside Saudi Arabia, including amphibious exercises in the eastern province, air to air and close air support exercises and ground force training. The exercise included 16 ships, 1000 marines and 1100 aircraft. Authorization approved to extend Reserve call-up from 90 to 180 days. SECNAV announces call-up of 30 Naval Reserve units from 13 states and the District of Columbia.

22 Nov 
USS BIDDLE (CG-34) diverts a freighter in the N. Red Sea. 

26 Nov 
Operation SHARP EDGE continues, with a total of 2430 evacuations, including 225 U.S. citizens. Department of Defense announces 3800 merchant ships have been challenged, 450 ships boarded, 16 ships diverted since maritime intercept operations began. USS PHILIPPINE SEA (CG-58), USS THOMAS C. HART (FF-1092), and two multinational craft intercept KHAWLA BINT AL ZAWRA in northern Red Sea. The Iraqi-flagged cargo ship refused repeated requests to stop, permitted boarding and search after the PHILIPPINE SEA fired warning shots across the bow.

27 Nov 
DOD announces post-Christmas deployment of USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN-71) and USS AMERICA (CV-66) Carrier Battle Groups with appropriate escorts and embarked airwings. KHAWLA BINT AL ZAWRA was cleared to proceed on after boarding team of Navy personnel determined vessel was not carrying prohibited cargo. DOD updates numbers of intercepts - 4162; boardings - 500; diversions - 19; 85,635 Reserves recalled: 5421 Navy, 12,865 USMC.

28 Nov 
With OPERATION SHARP EDGE, ceasefire is accepted by opposing factions in Liberia.

29 Nov 
United Nations Security Council approves resolution authorizing use of military force unless Iraq vacates Kuwait by 15.1anuary 1991.

DOD announces 1 December deployment of 13-ship Amphibious Group Three, homeported in San Diego and Long Beach, with 5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB) embarked. DOD also announces new U.S. troop strength at over 240,000 in region; updates numbers of intercepts - 4217; boardings - 517; diversions - 19; 86,128 Reserves recalled: 5421 Navy, 12,865 USMC.

30 Nov 
In Operation SHARP EDGE. Iimited evacuation of noncombatants from Monrovia terminated. 2,609 evacuated, including 330 U.S. citizens.

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