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U.S. Naval Abbreviations

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Navy Numbers


Note: Where the same abbreviation has more than one meaning, the several meanings have been arranged alphabetically. Abbreviations preceded by an asterisk (*), other than Navy numbers, may never be used singly; those preceded by the symbol for number (#) are the Bureau of Personnel Condensation Code for use in dispatch orders to personnel.

I -- Incendiary

 I -- India

(I) -- To be inactivated

 IA -- Inspection Administration

 IAD -- Inactive Reservists: USN RET, USNR RET, USNR HON RET, and Fleet Reservists

 IADB -- Inter-American Defense Board

 IAS -- Indicated Air Speed

 IATCB -- Interdepartmental Air Traffic Control Board

 IAZ -- Inner Artillery Zone

 IB -- Incendiary Bomb

 IBH -- Initial Beachhead (Army)

 IBM -- International Business Machine

 IBS -- Island Base Section

 IC -- Information Center

 IC -- Interior Communications

 ICB -- Interior Control Board

 ICD -- Industrial Cooperation Division

 ICE -- Iceland

 IcePat -- Iceland Patrol

 ICG -- Interviewer's Classification Guide

 ICIR -- In Commission, In Reserve (vessel status)

 ICOC -- Instructions for Commodores of Convoys

 ICOMP -- Iceland Ocean Meeting Point

 ICPOA -- Intelligence Center, Pacific Ocean Areas

 IC&RR -- Inventory Control and Requirements Review Board (CNO)

 ID -- Identification

 ID -- Intelligence Duties

 IDA -- Idaho

 IDC -- Interdepartmental Committee (also INDEC)

 ID Card -- Identification Card

 IDFOR -- Idle Waiting Convoy Forward

 IDG -- Idle Waiting to Load

 IDLOD -- Inspector of Degaussing

 Id No -- Identification Number

 IDREA -- Idle Other Reasons

 IDS -- Instrument Development Section

 IDSTO -- Idle Used for Storage

 I&E -- Information and Education (Army)

 IE -- Initial Equipment (Aircraft)

 IF -- Intercept and Broadcast

 IFD -- Inter-Fighter Director

 IFF -- Identification, Friend or Foe

 IFHOM -- Idle Waiting Convoy Homeward

 IFIS -- Instrument Flight Instructors School

 IFU -- Intelligence Field Unit

 IG -- Inspector General (Army)

 IGD -- Inspector General's Department (Army)

 I/I -- Inventory and Inspection Report (Army)

 IL -- Illinois

 Illum -- Illuminating

 IMNP -- Symbol for thickened gasoline

 IMPACT -- Periodical, published monthly by Assistant Chief of Air Staff Intelligence

#IMREP -- Immediately Report

 IMS -- Industrial Manpower Section

 I & N -- Immigration and Naturalization Service (Naval Intelligence)

 IN -- Interpreter

 IN -- Journalist

 IN -- Key Punch Operator and Supervisor

 IN -- Radio Intelligence Specialist

 INA -- Inspector of Naval Aircraft

 InactFltLant -- Inactive Fleet, Atlantic Fleet

 InactFltPac -- Inactive Fleet, Pacific Fleet

 INACTLANT -- Inactive Fleet, Atlantic Fleet

 INACTPAC -- Inactive Fleet, Pacific Fleet

 INA/IC -- Inactive-In Commission, In Reserve (vessel status)

 INA/IS -- Inactive-In Service, in Reserve (vessel status)

 INA/OC -- Inactive-Out of Commission, In Reserve (vessel status)

 INA/OS -- Inactive-Out of Service, in Reserve (vessel status)

 INC -- Incorporated

#INCAIR -- Including Air

 INC Bomb -- Incendiary Bomb

*INCEP -- Interceptor

 Incl -- Include; including; inclusive

 IND -- Indiana

 Ind -- Induction

*IND -- Industry (ial)

 INDAIR -- Identification of Aircraft

 INDEC -- Interdepartmental Committee (also IDC)

 Indiv -- Individual

 IndMan -- Industrial Manager

 IndMgr -- Industrial Manager

 Inf -- Infantry (Army)

 INFO -- Information

#INFOREQ -- Information requested as to

 INIT CCA -- Initial Cash Clothing Allowance

 INM -- Inspector of Naval Machinery

 INM -- Inspector of Naval Material

 INS -- Inspection Division (USCG)

*INS -- Inspector (of)

 InsAir -- Inspector Naval Aircraft

#INSCRUIT -- Inspector of Navy Recruiting and Induction, Joint Service Induction Area

 InsEng -- Inspector Naval Engineering Material

#INSEREC -- Indicate by appropriate entry pages 9-10 service records, and in orders, rating for which men have been trained, to insure assignment to appropriate duty

#INSERECAV -- Indicate by appropriate entry pages 9-10 service record, and in orders, rating for which nonrated men have been trained, to insure assignment to aviation duty

#INSERECSUB -- Indicate by appropriate entry pages 9-10 service record, and in orders, rating for which men have been trained, to insure assignment to submarine duty

 InsGen -- Inspector General (Navy)

 InsGenPac -- Inspector General, Pacific Fleet and Pacific Ocean Areas

 InshorePat -- Inshore Patrol

 InsMach -- Inspector of Naval Machinery

 InsMat -- Inspector of Naval Material

 InsNavMat -- Inspector of Navigational Material

 InsOrd -- Inspector of Ordnance (Naval)

 Insp -- Inspector

*INSP -- Inspection

 INSPAT -- Inshore Patrol

 InsPetRes -- Inspector Petroleum Reserves

 Insp-Instr -- Inspector-Instruction (USMC)

 INST -- Instantaneous

*INST -- Instruction (s)

#INSTFURASPERS -- For course of instruction and further assignment by Bureau of Naval Personnel

 Instn -- Instruction

 Instr -- Instructor

 INSUR -- Allotment for commercial life insurance

 InSurv -- Board of Inspection and Survey

 INT -- Ad Interim Specification (BuShips)

 INT -- Intelligence and Law Enforcement Division (USCG)

 INT -- Interest

*INT -- International

 INTCO -- International Code of Signals

*INTEL -- Intelligence

 IntelCen -- Intelligence Center

 IntelCenPac -- Intelligence Center Pacific Ocean Areas

 Intell -- Intelligence

*INTERM -- Intermediate

 IntermTra -- Intermediate Training (Air)

#INTERP -- Interpretation

 InterpRon -- Photo Interpretation Squadron

 Int O -- Intelligence Officer (Army)

"Invader" -- See JD-#

*INVEST -- Investigation

 IO -- Intelligence Officer

 IO -- Intercept Officer

 IO -- Issuing Office

 IOL -- Initial Outfitting List (for Advanced Bases)

 IP -- Initial Point (Army)

 IPRB -- Inter-Allied Post-War Requirements Bureau

 IR -- Infra-Red Equipment

 IRAA&A -- Increase and Replacement of Armor, Armament and Ammunition (appropriation title)

 IRAC -- Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee

 IRB -- Industrial Readjustment Branch

 IRB -- Industrial Relations Board

 IRC -- Industrial Relations Counselors

 IRC&M -- Increase and Replacement of Construction and Machinery (appropriation title)

 IREC -- Increase and Replacement of Emergency Construction (ships) (appropriation title)

 IRNV -- Increase and Replacement of Naval Vessels (appropriation title)

 IRS -- Induction and Recruiting Station (USMC)

 I&S -- (Board of) Inspection and Survey)

 IS -- Invalided from Service (Medical)

 IS -- Island

 ISA -- Inductee Special Assignment

 ISBIC -- Interservice Balkan Intelligence Committee

 ISCB -- Inter-Allied Staff Communications Board

 IsCom -- Island Commander

 ISD -- Industrial Survey Division; now, OIS

 ISIC -- Immediate Superior-in-Command

 ISinC -- Immediate Superior-in-Command

 ISIR -- In Service, In Reserve (vessel status)

 ISIS -- Inter-Service Information Series (GB)

 ISLD -- Inter-Service Liaison Department (GB)

 ISN -- Indefinite SecNav Allotments

 ISRB -- Inter-Service Research Bureau (GB)

 ISTD -- Inter-Service Topographical Department (British Admiralty)

 ITANDT -- International Telephone and Telegraph

 ITEM -- "I" in the phonetic alphabet

 ITM -- Inspector of Torpedoes and Mines

 ITO -- Inspecting Torpedo Officer

 IV -- Initial Velocity

 IV -- Inverted Vertical (aircraft engine)

 I-V(S) -- USNR designation for commissioned intelligence officers qualified for specialist duties. This classification was abolished in September 1944 and replaced by S(I).

 IX -- Miscellaneous Unclassified (for any unclassified ships in the Navy)

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Navy Numbers

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