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U.S. Naval Abbreviations

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Navy Numbers


Note: Where the same abbreviation has more than one meaning, the several meanings have been arranged alphabetically. Abbreviations preceded by an asterisk (*), other than Navy numbers, may never be used singly; those preceded by the symbol for number (#) are the Bureau of Personnel Condensation Code for use in dispatch orders to personnel.

N -- First letter in the Navy aircraft designation, including a training plane

 N -- A suffix which, when appended to a basic USNR officer classification, indicates special qualifications in electronics: officers who are qualified CIO Watch Officers and who are also qualified in aircraft control under all conditions.

 N -- Naval Aircraft Factory (manufacturer's symbol)

 N -- Navigation Department of a carrier

 N -- Night Fighter (suffix to plane designation); see F6F-5N

 N -- North

 NA -- Canada to United Kingdom (routing designation)

 NA -- National Archives

 NA -- Naval Academy

*NA -- Naval Air

 NA -- Naval Attaché

 NA -- Naval Aviator

 NA -- Not Appropriated

 NAA -- Naval Attaché for Air

 NAA -- Northern Attack Area

 NAAF -- Naval Auxiliary Air Facility

 NAAF -- Northwest African Air Force

 NAAS -- Naval Auxiliary Air Station

 NAB -- Naval Advanced Base

 NAB -- Naval Air Base

 NABA -- Naval Amphibious Base Annex

 NABU -- Naval Advanced Base Unit

 NAC -- Naval Academy

 NAC -- Naval Air Center

 NACA -- National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics

 NACAF -- Northwest African Coastal Air Force

 NACIO -- Naval Air Combat Information Office(r)

 NACIS -- Naval Air Combat Information School

 NACSB -- Naval Aviation Cadet Selection Board

 NACTU -- Night Attack Combat Training Unit

 NACU -- National Association of Colleges and Universities

 NAD -- Naval Air Depot

 NAD -- Naval Air Detail

 NAD -- Naval Ammunition Depot

 NADM -- Naval Administration

 NADU -- Naval Aircraft Delivery Unit

 NAEB -- North African Economic Board

 NAer -- Bureau of Aeronautics Publications; later, NAVAER

 NAES -- Naval Air Experimental Station

 NAF -- Naval Aircraft Facility

 NAF -- Naval Aircraft Factory

 NAF -- Northern Attack Force

 NAFC -- Naval Air Ferry Command

 NAFC -- Northern Attack Force Commander

 NAFI -- Naval Air Fighting Instructions

 NAFS -- Naval Air Fighter School

 NAGC -- Naval Armed Guard Center

 NAGCO -- Naval Air Ground Center

 NAGS -- Naval Air Gunners School

 NAIT -- Naval Air Intermediate Training

 NAIT(C) -- Naval Air Intermediate Training (Command)

 NALO -- Naval Air Liaison Officer

 NAM -- Naval Aircraft modification

 NAMB -- Naval Amphibious Base

 NAMC -- Naval Aircraft Material Center

 NAMD -- Naval Ammunition Depot

 NAMO -- Naval Aircraft Maintenance Orders

 NAMT -- naval Aircraft Mobile Trainer

 NAMU -- Naval Aircraft Material (Utility)

 NAMU -- Naval Aircraft Modification Unit

"NAN" -- Infra-red signalling system

 Nan -- "N" in the phonetic alphabet

 NANCF -- North Atlantic Naval Coastal Frontier

"NANCY" Gear -- Infra-red gear for night signalling; formerly, NAN Gear

 NANews -- Naval Aviation News

 NANFAC -- Naval Air Navigation Facility Advisory Committee

 NANS -- Naval Air Navigation School

 NAOT -- Naval Air Operational Training

 NAOTC -- Naval Air Operations Traiing Command

 NAP -- Naval Air Priorities

 NAP -- Naval Aviation Pilot

"Napalm" -- Fire bomb used in pre-invasion assaults

 NAP(G) -- Naval Aviation Pilot (Glider)

 NAPC -- Naval Air Priorities Office

 NAPP -- Naval Aviation Preparatory Program

 NAPRW -- Northwest African Photographic Reconnaissance Wing

 NAPT -- Naval Air Primary Training

 NAPT(C) -- Naval Air Primary Training (Command)

 NAPTCRO -- Naval Air Primary Training Command Regional Office

 NAR -- Naval Air Representative (British Admiralty Delegation, Washington)

 NARSTC -- Naval Air Rescue Training Command

 NARTC -- Naval Air Research Training Command

 NARTU -- naval Air Reserve Training Unit

 NAS -- Naval Air Station

 NASBERM -- Naval Air Station Bermuda

 NASCRIST -- Naval Air Station Corpus Christi

 NASD -- Naval Avaition Supply Depot (Philadelphia)

 NASDIEGO -- Naval Air Station San Diego

 NASGTMO -- Naval Air Station Guantanamo

 NASJAX -- Naval Air Station Jacksonville

 NASLAKE -- Naval Air Station Lakejurst

 LASPENSA -- Naval Air Station Pensacola

 NASQUON -- Naval Air Station Quonset Point

 NASS -- Naval Air Signal School

 NAT -- Naval Air Training

 NAT -- North African Theater

 NATAF -- Northewest African Tactical Air Force

 NATB -- Naval Aier Training Base

#NATBASES -- Naval Air Training Bases

 NATC -- Naval Air Testing Center

 NATC -- Naval Air Training Center

 NATEC -- Naval Air Training and Experimental Command (LTA, Lakehurst)

 NATechTraCen -- Naval Air Technical Training Center

#NATNAVMEDCEN -- National Naval Medical Center (Methesda, Maryland)

 NATOUSA -- North African Tehater of Operations United States Army

 NATS -- Naval Air Transport Service

 NATSFerry -- Naval Air Transport Service, Ferry Command

 NATSLant -- Naval Air Transport Service, Atlantic Wing

 NATSPac -- Naval Air Transport Service, Pacific Wing

 NatSup -- National Supply Company

 NATT -- Naval Air Technical Training

 NATTC -- Naval Air Technical Training Center

*NAV -- Naval; Navy; Navigation(al)

 NAVACT -- Communication directed to all Navy activities

 NAVAER -- Bureau of Aeronautics Publications

 NavAirFac -- Naval Air Facility

 NavAirTraCen -- Naval Air Training Center

 NAVALOT -- Allotment Division (BuSandA)

 NavAmDep -- Naval Ammunition Depot

 NAVAUTH -- Naval Authority

 NavBase -- Naval Base

 NAVBOILAB -- Navy Boiler Laboratory

 NAVC -- Naval Aviation Cadet

 NAVCG -- Cost Guard Publications

 NavCloDep -- Naval Clothing Depot

 NACVM -- Navigation countermeasures and deception

 NAVCOM -- Naval Communications

#NAVCONTRACEN -- Naval Construction Training Center

#NAVCONVHOSP -- Naval Convalescent Hospital

 NavDet -- Naval Detachment

 NavDis -- Naval District

 NavDiscBar -- Naval Disciplonary Barracks

 NavDisp -- Naval Dispensary

 NAVDIST -- Naval District

 NAVDOCKS -- Bureau of Yards and Docks Publications

 NavEu -- U.S. Naval Forces in European Waters

 NAVEXAM -- Naval Easmining Board

 NAVEXOS -- Executive Office of the Secretary Publications

 NavFac -- Naval Facility

 NavFlightPrepSchol -- Naval Flight Preparatory School

NavFor -- U.S. Naval Forces

 NavForces -- Naval Forces

 NavForEu -- U.S. Naval Forces Europe; later, NavEu

 NavForGer -- U.S. Naval Forces Germany

 NavFrOf -- Navy Freight Office

 NavFuelDep -- Naval Fuel Depot

 NAVGEN -- Navy General Publications

 NavGun -- Naval Gun Factory

 NavHome -- U.S. Naval Home (Philadelphia)

 NavHosp -- U.S. Naval Hospital

 Navig -- Navigation; Navigator

"Navigator" -- See SNB-2-2C

 NAVINGSEN -- Naval Inspector General

 NAVINTEL -- Naval Intelligence

 NAVJAG -- Judge Advocate General's Office Publications

 NavJap -- U.S. Naval Forces, Japan

 NavMag -- U.S. Naval Magazine

 NAVMC -- Marine Corps Publications

 NAVMED -- Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Publications

 NavMed -- U.S. Naval Forces, Mediterranean

 NavMinDep -- Naval Mine Depot

 NAVMIS -- Naval Mission

 NAVMUT -- Navy Mutual Aid Insurace (allotment for)

 NavNAW -- U.S. Naval Forces, Northwest African Waters; later, NavMed

 NavNetDep -- Naval Net Depot

 NavNorSols -- Naval Forces, Northern Solomons

 NavNZ -- NavalForces, New Zealand

 NAVOBSY -- Naval Observatory

 NavOpFac -- Naval Operation Facility

 NAVORD -- Naval Ordnance Publications

 NavPhil -- U.S. Naval Forces Philippines

 NavPowFac -- Naval Powder Factory

 NavPreFlightScol -- Naval PreFlight School

 NavPris -- Naval Prison

 NavProv -- Naval Proving Ground (Dahlgren, Va.)

 NAVPUBSConBd -- Navy Department Publications Control Board

 NavPur -- Navy Purchasing Office

 NavRadSta -- Naval Radio Station

 NavRes -- Naval Reserve

 NavResLab -- Naval Research Laboratory

#NAVRESMIDSCOL -- Naval Reserve Midshipmen's School

 NavRetrainCom -- Naval Retraining Command

 NavRoute -- Navy Routing Office

 NavRyukyus -- Naval Forces, Ryukyus

 NAVSANDA -- Bureau of Supplies and Accounts Publications; formerly, NSA

 NAVSHIPS -- Bureau of Ships Publications

 NavShipYd -- Naval Ship Yard

 NavSta -- Naval Station

 NavTechJap -- Naval Technical Mission to Japan (US)

 NavTechTraCen -- Naval Air Technical Training Center

 NavTecMisEu -- naval Technical Mission in Europe (US)

 NavTorpSta -- Naval Torpedo Station

#NAVTRADISTCEN -- Naval Training and Distribution Center

 NAVTRANSAIR -- For travel by Naval Transport Aircraft Class priority is hereby certified

 NavTraScol -- Naval Training School

 NavTraSta -- Naval Training Station

#NAVWARCOL -- Naval War College

 NavWesPac -- U.S. Naval Forces Western Pacific

 Navy No.--- -- Navy Number (mail address, disguised)

 Navy Regs -- U.S. Navy Regulations

 NB -- Naval Base

 NBAD -- Naval Bases Air Defense

 NBC -- Navy Beach Commando

 NBPA -- Navy Board for production Awards

 NBS -- Bureau of Ships Publications; later, NAVSHIPS

 NBSS -- Naval Beach Signal Section

 NC -- Naval Correspondence

 NC -- navy Cross

 NC -- North Carolina

 NC -- Petroleum Technician

 NC -- Special Projects

 NC -- USN officer designation for Nurse Corps USN

 NCA -- Naval Communications Annex

 NCAP -- Naval Air Combat Patrol

 NCAR -- North Carolina

 NCB -- Naval Communications Board

 NC&B -- Naval Courts & Boards

 NCD -- Notice of Credit Due

 NCDC -- Naval Contract Distribution Center

 NCDT&E Base -- Naval Combat Demolition Training and Experimental Base (Maui, T.H.)

 NCDU -- Naval Combat Demolition Unit

 NCG -- Coast Guard Publications; later, NAVCG

 NCI -- Naval Coast Inspector

 NCO -- Non-Commissioned Officer

 NCOinC -- Non-Commissioned Officer-in-Charge

 NCPI -- Navy Civilian Personnel Instructions

 NCSL -- Naval Code and Signal Laboratory

 NCSC -- Naval Control Service Office (World War II British Routing Service)

 NCTC -- Naval Construction Training Center

 NCUSA -- Navy Club of the United States of America

 NCWTF -- Naval Commander Western Task Force

 ND -- Naval District

 ND -- Navy Department

 NDAC -- National Defense Advisory Commission

 NDAK -- North Dakota

 NDB -- Naval Disciplinary Barracks

 NDB -- Navy Department Bulletin

 NDBS -- Naval Despatch Boat Service

 NDBulCumEd -- Navy Department Bulletins, Cumulative Editions

 NDD&RF -- Naval Dry Dock and Repair Facility

 NDF -- Naval Dairy Farm

 NDGO -- Navy Department General Order

 NDO -- Navy Disbursing Officer

 NDOS -- National Defense Operations Section (FCC)

 NDP -- Navy Department Personnel

 NDRC -- National Defense Research Council

 NE-# -- "Grasshopper"; single-engine Navy utility plane (VJ), manufactured by Piper

 NE -- Northeast

#NEARNAVDIST -- Commandant of the nearest Naval District

 NEBR -- Nebraska

 NEF -- Naval Emergency Fund (appropriation title)

 NEGAT -- Negative

 NEI -- Netherlands East Indies

 NEL -- naval Electronics Laboratory

 NEL -- Naval Explosive Laboratory

"Neptune" -- See P2V-2

 NES -- Naval Experimenting Station

 NEV -- Nevada

*NEWFO -- Newfoundland

 NEWLON -- New London, Connecticut

 NF or N/F -- Night Fighter aircraft

 NF -- Norfolk

 NF -- Norfolk, Virginia (Navy Yard)

 NF -- Nose Fuse

 NFA -- Naval Fuel Annex

 NFB -- Naval Frontier Base

 NFD -- Naval Fuel Depot

 NFIS -- Naval Fighting Instruction School

 NFPS -- Naval Flight Preparatory School

 NFTB -- Naval Fleet Training Base

 NFTS -- Naval Flight Training School

 NG -- New York to Guantanamo (routing designation)

 NGA -- A two frequency supersonic sounding gear for use with WFA (sonar)

 NGF -- Naval Gun Factory

 NGF -- Naval Gunfire

 NGLO -- Naval Gunfire Liaison Officer

 NGS -- Naval Gunfire Support

NH -- Naval Home

 NH-# -- "Nightingale"; single-engine Navy trainer (VN), manufactured by Howard

 NH -- Naval Hospital

 NH -- New Hampshire

 NHA -- National Housing Administration

 NHAMP -- New Hampshire

 NHO -- Hydrographic Office Publications

 NHOS -- Naval Hospital

 NI -- Naval Intelligence

 NIA -- Navy Industrial Association

 NICO -- Navy Inventory Control Office

 NID -- Naval Intelligence Division(British Admiralty)

 NID -- U.S. Naval Intelligence Division; usually, ONI

 NIDS -- Navigation Instrument Development Unit

 NIG -- Naval Inspector General

"Nightingale" -- See GH-#, NH-#

 NIM -- Naval Inspector of Machinery

 NInst -- Nose Instantaneous

 NIO -- Naval Inspector Ordnance

 NIO -- Navigational Information Office

 NIP -- Nipponese

 NIS -- Naval Inspection Service

 NITE -- Night

 NiteDevRon -- Night Development Squadron

 NIU -- Naval Intelligence Unit

 NJ -- New Jersey

 NJC -- Navy Job Classification manual

 NJPMB -- Navy Jet Propelled Missile Board

 NK -- New York to Key West (routing designation)

 NL -- Naval Lighter (5x5x7 welded steel pontoons)

 NL -- New London, Connecticut

 NLD -- Navy Lighter (Pontoon) Dock

 NLDF -- Naval Local Defense Forces

 NLFED -- Naval Landing Force Equipment Depot

 NLFM -- Noise Level Monitor (sonar)

 NLO -- Naval Liaison Officer

 NLRB -- National Labor Relations Board

 NLSC -- Navy Lockheed Service Center

 NLT -- Night Letter

 NM -- Nautical Miles

 NM -- Naval magazine

 NM -- New Mexico

 NM -- Sounding gear (fathometers); for use with WCA and WDA installations for sonar

 NMAA -- Navy Mutual Air Association

 NMAG -- Naval Magazine

 NMB -- Naval Model Basin

 NMC -- Marine Corps Publications; later, NAVMC

 NMC -- Naval Medical Center

 NMC -- Navy Mail Clerk

 NMCJS -- Naval Member Canadian Joint Staff

 NMCLK -- Navy Mail Clerk

 N&MCM -- Navy and Marine Corps Medal

 NMD -- Naval Mine Depot

 NMDS -- Naval Mine Disposal School

 NMEX -- New Mexico

 NMG -- Navy Military Government

 NMP -- Naval Management Program

 NMRC -- Navy Material Redistribution Center

 NMR&DA -- Navy material Redistribution and Disposition Administration (BuSandA)

 NMR&DO -- Naval Material Redistribution and Disposal Office(r)

 NM&S -- Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Publications

 NMS -- Naval Meteorological Service

 NMSB -- Navy manpower Survey Board

 NMSD -- Naval Medical Supply Depot

 NMSHC -- Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Hospital Corps Publications; later, NAVMED

 NMTS -- Naval mine Testing Center

 NMWS -- Naval Mine Warfare School

 NMWTS -- Naval Mine Warfare Test Station

 N3N -- Navy training plane (CV), manufactured by Naval Aircraft Factory

 NN -- Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company

 NNAV -- Bureau of Navigation Publications; later, BPN; the, NAVPERS

 NNC or

 NC -- Navy Nurse Corps

 NND -- Naval Net Depot

 NNI -- Office of Naval Intelligence Publications

 NNMC -- National Naval Medical Center (Bethesda, Maryland)

 NNSB&DDCo -- Newport news Shipbuilding and Drydock Company

 NNYd -- Norfolk Navy Yard

NO -- Naval Observatory

 NO -- New Orleans, Louisiana

 No -- Number

 NO -- Civil Works Contracts (BuSandA symbol)

 NOa -- Miscellaneous contract, written by BuAer (BuSandA symbol)

 NOa(F) -- Purchases by Bureau of Aeronautics (Facilities) (BuSandA symbol)

 NOa(S) -- Purchases by Bureau of Aeronautics (Supplies); contracts written by BuAer (BuSandA symbol)

 NObs -- Contract for BuShips; written by BuShips (BuSandA symbol)

 NObs(F) -- Purchases by Bureau of Ships (Facilities) (BuSandA symbol)

 NOd -- Contract for Adjutant-General (BuSandA symbol)

 NOd -- Contract written by Secretary of Navy's Office (BuSandA symbol)

 NOIC -- Naval Officer-in-Charge (British controlled port)

 NOm -- Contract for U.S> Marine Corps (BuSandA symbol)

 NOm -- Purchases by the Quartermaster, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps (BuSandA symbol)

 Non -- Nonclassified

 NOp -- Purchases by Bureau of Naval Personnel; contract written by BuPers (BuSandA symbol)

 NOrd -- Purchases by Bureau of Ordnance; contract written by BuOrd (BuSandA symbol)

 NOrd(F) -- Purchases by Bureau of Ordnance (Facilities) (BuSandA symbol)

 NOs -- Contract for Bureau of Supplies and Accounts (BuSandA symbol)

 NOy -- Contract for Bureau of Yards and Docks (BuSandA symbol)

 NOy -- Purchases by Bureau of Yards and Docks; contract written by BuDocks (BuSandA symbol)

 NOyr -- Contract for real estate (BuSandA symbol)

 Nps -- Payments by Office of the Under Secretary of the Navy for personal services (BuSandA symbol)

 N5sa -- Purchases by Bureau of Supplies and Accounts for Bureau of Aeronautics (BuSandA symbol)

 N5sd -- Purchases by Bureau of Supplies and Accounts for the Office of the Secretary (BuSandA symbol)

 N5sm -- Purchases by Bureau of Supplies and Accounts for the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BuSandA symbol)

 N5so -- Purchases by Bureau of Supplies and Accounts for the Bureau of Ordnance (BuSandA symbol)

 Ntsp -- Purchases by Bureau of Supplies and Accounts for the Bureau of Naval Personnel (BuSandA symbol)

 N5sr -- Purchases by Bureau of Supplies and Accounts for the Bureau of Ships (Radio) (BuSandA symbol)

 N5ss -- Purchases by Bureau of Supplies and Accounts for the Bureau of Ships (BuSandA symbol)

 N5sx -- Purchases by the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts for the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts (BuSandA symbol)

 N5sy -- Purchases by the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts for the Bureau of Yards and Docks (BuSandA symbol)

 NOB -- Naval Operating Base

 NOBDUCHAR -- Naval Operating Base, Dutch Harbor

 NOBFRAN -- Naval Operating Base, San Francisco

 NOBNEWT -- Naval Operating Base, Newport

 NOBSOLO -- Naval Operating Base, Coco Solo

 NOBSY -- Naval Observatory

 NOBTRIN -- Naval Operating Base, Trinidad

 NOCT -- Navy Overseas Cargo Terminals

 NODC -- Naval Operating Development Center

 NodE -- Netherlands Forces in the East

 NO EFF -- No effects

 NOF -- Naval Operating Facility

 NOFT -- Naval Overseas Freight Terminal

 NOI -- Non-Operational Intelligence

 NOIC -- Naval Officer-in-Charge

 NOIO -- Naval Ordnance Inspecting Officer

 NOL -- Naval Ordnance Laboratory

 NOLa -- New Orleans, Louisiana

"Nomad" -- See PBN-#

 NOP -- Naval Officer Procurement

 NOP -- Naval Ordnance Plant

 NOPCL -- Naval Officer Personnel Circular Letter

 Nor -- Normand (boiler)

*NOR -- North(ern)

 NORBS -- Northern Base Section (Corsica)

 NorCalSec -- Northern California Section, Western Sea Frontier

 NOrd -- Bureau of Ordnance Publication; later, NAVORD

 NorPac -- North Pacific Area; North Pacific Force

"Norseman" -- See JA-#

 NorSols -- Northern Solomons Area

 NorVa -- Norfolk, Virginia

 NorVaGrp -- Norfolk, Virginia Group

 NorWesSeaFron -- Northwestern Sea Frontier

 NorWesSec -- Northwestern Sector, Western Sea Frontier

 NOTAL -- Not at all

 NOTS -- Naval Ordnance Test Station

 NOTU -- Naval Operational Training Unit

 NP -- Naval Prison

 NP -- Newport, Rhode Island

 NPA -- naval Procurement Account

 NPA -- Postal Affairs Section Publications

 NPAB -- Navy Price Adjustment Board

 NPANX -- Naval Potomac Annex

 NPC -- Neuropsychiatry Clerical Procedure

 NPC -- Neuropsychiatry Clerical Technician

 NP-CLT -- Neuropsychiatry Clerical Procedure Technician

 NPDI -- Non-performance of duty because imprisoned

 NPF -- naval Powder Factory

 NPF -- Naval Procurement Fund (appropriation title)

 NPF&PP -- Naval Prison Farms and Prison Personnel (appropriation title)

 NPFS -- Naval Pre-Flight School

 NPG -- Naval Proving Grounds

 NPO -- Naval Port Officer

 NPR -- Naval Petroleum Reserve

 NPSC -- Naval Personnel Separation Center

 NPSD -- naval Photographic Services Depot (Hollywood)

 NPT -- Neuropsychiatry

 NPT -- Neuropsychiatry Technician

 NR -- U.S. Naval Reserve

 NR -- U.S. Naval Regulations

 NR -- Number

 NRA -- Naval Radio Activity

 NRAB -- Naval Reserve Aviation Base

 NRAF -- Naval Reserve Auxiliary Field

 NRB -- Naval Repair Base

 NRB -- Navy Reservation Bureau

 NRD -- Office of Naval Research and Development

 NRDFS -- Naval Radio Direction Finder Service

 NRES -- Naval Receiving Station

 NRL -- naval Research laboratory

 NRLO -- Royal Naval Liaison Officer

 NRMC -- Naval Records Management Center

 NRMS -- Naval Reserve Midshipmen's School

 NROTC -- Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps

 NRPB -- National Research Planning Board

 NRPB -- National Resources Planning Board

 NRPIO -- Naval Registered Publications Issuing Office

 NRPM -- Non-Register Publications Memoranda

 NRS -- Naval Radio Station

 NRS -- Navy Recruiting Station

 NRS -- Navy Relief Society

 NRT -- Vessels assigned Naval Districts for training Naval Reserves

 N2S -- "Kaydet"; Navy training plane (VN), manufactured by Stearman

 NS -- Naval Station

 NS -- Nimbostratus

 NSA -- Navy Stock Account

 NSA -- Naval Supply Account

 NSB -- Naval Submarine Base

 NSC -- Naval Supply Center

 NSCF -- Naval Small Craft Facilities

 NSD -- Naval Supply Depot

 NSDA -- Naval Supply Depot Annex

 NSF -- Naval Stock Fund

 NSHO -- Naval Service Headquarters, Ottawa

 NSI -- National Service Life Insurance

 NSMG -- Naval School of Military Government

 NSMG&A -- Naval School of Military Government and Administration

 NSPD -- Naval Shore Patrol Detachment

 NSRS -- Naval Supply Radio Station

 NS&T -- Naval Science and tactics

 NSU -- Naval Scout Unit

 NSY -- Naval Shipyard

 NSYd -- Naval Shipyard

 NT -- Naval Training

 N2T -- "Tutor"; single-engine Navy training plane (VN), manufactured by Timm

 NTC -- Naval Training Center

 NT&DC -- Naval Training and Distribution Center

 NTE -- Navy Teletypewriter Exchange (now NTX)

 NTI -- Naval Travel Instructions

 NTORS -- Naval Torpedo Station

 NTTC -- Naval Technical Training Center

 NTTR -- Naval Torpedo Testing Range

 NTS -- Naval Target Sub-division (G-2, SHAEF)

 NTS -- Naval Torpedo Station

 NTS -- Naval Training School

 NTS -- Naval Training Station

 NTS -- Naval Transportation Service

 NTSch -- Naval Training School

 NTU -- Naval Training Unit

 NTX -- Navy Teletypewriter System (previously NTE)

 NUSL -- Naval Underwater Sound Laboratory

 NW -- Northwest

 NWB -- New War Department Building

 NWC -- Naval War College

 NWF -- Naval Working Fund

 NWI -- Netherlands West Indies

 NWLB -- National War Labor Board

 NWSF -- Northwest Sea Frontier

 Nxs -- Contract for BuSandA; written by BuSandA (BuSandA symbol)

 Nxss -- Contract for BuShips; written by BuSandA (BuSandA symbol)

 NY -- Navy Yard

 NY -- New York

 NY -- New York (Navy Yard)

 NYA -- National Youth Administration

 NYAL -- National Yugoslav Army of Liberation

 NYBos -- Navy Yard Boston

 NYCharl -- Navy Yard Charleston

 NYD, NYd or

 NY -- Navy Yard

 NYK or

 Nyk -- New York, New York

 NykGrp -- New York Group

 NYMI -- Navy Yard Mare Island

 NYNor -- Navy Yard Norfolk

 NYNyk -- Navy Yard New York

 NYPE -- New York Port of Embarkation

 NYPH -- Navy Yard Pearl Harbor

 NYPhil -- Navy Yard Philadelphia

 NYPort -- Navy Yard Portsmouth, New Hampshire

 NYPS -- Navy Yard Puget Sound (Bremerton)

 NYS -- New York Shipbuilding Company

 NYWash -- Navy Yard Washington (D.C.)

 NZ -- New Zealand

 NZLO -- New Zealand Liaison Officer

 NZNB -- New Zealand Naval Board (Wellington)

 NZSeaFron -- New Zealand Sea Frontier

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Navy Numbers

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