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Source: Uniform for Officers of the United States Navy, As Prescribed in Regulations for the Uniform of the U.S. Navy, Jan. 28, 1864. Tomes, Melvain & Co., 6 Maiden Lane, New York. Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1864, BY TOMES, MELVAIN & CO., in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States, in and for the Southern District of New-York. The text is reproduced here exactly as in the original, following the original use of capitalization and italics.

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General Regulations: Full Dress, Undress, Service Dress




Frock coat, epaulettes, cocked hat, sword, and plain pantaloons; the coat to be worn fully buttoned. The epaulettes cocked hat, and sword-knot, are to be dispensed with during the war.


The same as full dress, but without cocked hat or epaulettes, and with or without sword.


The same as undress. Swords to be worn at quarters and on leaving a navy yard or vessel on duty.

Officers are to wear their uniform, either full or undress, whenever they make official visits to the president of the United States, the Secretary of the Navy, or to foreign authorities and vessels of war; when acting as members of courts-martial, courts of inquiry, boards of examination, or of special boards, or when attending such boards as witnesses, or in any other capacity.

It is left optional with officers to wear their uniform while on duty in the Navy Department, at the Observatory, or on light-house duty ashore.

Uniform is to be worn by all officers when attached to any vessel of the navy or Coast Survey, to any navy yard or station, or to any hospital or other naval establishment, for duty, unless when absent on leave.

Officers on furlough will not wear their uniform, and officers are strictly prohibited from wearing any part of it while suspended from duty by sentence of a court martial.

On all occasions of ceremony, abroad or in the United States, when a commanding officer may deem it necessary to order the attendance of the officers under his command, he shall be careful in such order to prescribe the particular dress to be worn.

Officers attached to vessels of the United States Navy in foreign ports will not visit the shore without being in uniform.

Officers appointed on "temporary service" are not required to supply themselves with full-dress uniforms, but are required to obtain undress uniforms and side arms.

Officers holding executive appointments in the volunteer service of the navy are to wear the same uniform as is authorized for their respective grades in the regular service.

Before a vessel proceeds to sea, there will be a general muster for the purpose of ascertaining whether the officers and crew are provided with the uniform prescribed by the regulations, and the commanding officer of the vessel will see that all deficiencies are supplied.

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