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United States Navy Regulations, 1920, Reprinted, 1941, with all changes up to and including No. 22 (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1941): 364

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US Navy Libraries,  World War II


E-6101. ALLOWANCE LIST.—Libraries are supplied upon commissioning to all ships except tugs and other small craft. The number of volumes allowed varies with the number of personnel aboard. The following is a partial allowance list for ships of various types:

Battleships 1,100, 2,000
Aircraft carriers 900, 1,100, 2,000
Heavy cruisers and light cruisers (10,000 ton) 900
Light cruisers, tenders and repair ships 600
Destroyers 150, 200, 300
Submarines, minesweepers and river gunboats 150
Gunboats 400

E-6102. BOOK SUPPLY.—After commissioning, books are supplied to ships from the appropriation “Libraries.” Monthly shipments of new books are automatically made from this bureau without request to all ships in full commission except submarines, tugs, and other small craft. Additional books to replace worn and obsolete or any other books desired should be requested by the ship from the Bureau of Naval Personnel. The charges for these books are made at the time of issue and are not a charge against any ship’s allotment.

E-6103. SHIPS NOT OPERATING DIRECTLY UNDER THE GENERAL SUPPLY SYSTEM. – On ships not operating directly under the general supply system, fiction books are carried under title V and not title B. Nonfiction books are carried in title B. This permits the exchange of fiction between vessels of this class without paper work. The bureau does not duplicate fiction to destroyers in the same division, so that more titles may be available and exchanged.

E-6104. ALLOWANCE OF NAVY DEPARTMENT PUBLICATIONS TO SHIPS.—The following is the allowance of Navy Department publications under cognizance of the Bureau to ships.

  Battleships, aircraft carriers












Landing Force Manual 25 15 5 2 1 2

E-6105. OFFICER IN CHARGE. – On board ships to which chaplains are assigned the chaplain is responsible for the library. In the absence of the chaplain, the navigating officer shall be responsible. ( U.S. Navy Regulations, art. 1-28.)



E-6201. BOOK SUPPLY.—Books for the libraries of shore stations are provided from the appropriation “Libraries.” New books are supplied monthly without request. Additional books desired, as well as replacements for those worn out or obsolete, should be requested from the Bureau of Naval Personnel. Books issued under the direction of the bureau are not a charge against the allotment of any appropriation made to stations.

E-6202. CIVILIAN LIBRARIANS. –Civilian librarians appointed from the eligible list maintained by the United States Civil Service Commission, Washington, D.C., are provided for the larger stations and hospitals, insofar as funds permit.

Section 3. LOAN

E-6301. LOAN LIBRARIES. – The normal peacetime operation of the Bureau of Naval Personnel Loan Library has been suspended for the duration of the war.


E-6401. RECORDS. – All battleships, cruisers, and larger stations should have a card index of all library books. This index should include an author list, a title list of fiction, and a classified list of all nonfiction. A record of books loaned should be kept by all ships and stations. Forms B.N.P. 140 and B.N.P. 141 are furnished especially for this purpose.

Section 5. SURVEYS

E-6501. SURVEYS.—The total number of books surveyed during a fiscal year should not exceed the number of books added during the previous fiscal year. Only such books as have become worn out, obsolete, or lost shall be surveyed. It is not considered necessary to replace surveyed books with the same titles. Inventory shall be taken annually and request for survey shall be made before the third quarter of the fiscal year. (U.S. Navy Regulations, Art. 1222.) Surveyed books shall be turned into store at navy yard, Mare Island, Calif.; or at the Naval Supply Depot at Norfolk, Va., depending upon the location of the ship.


E-6601. RECONDITIONING OF WORN LIBRARY BOOKS. – Worn library books from the ships and stations on the Atlantic coast can be reconditioned at the naval prison, Portsmouth, N.H. A list of books to be reconditioned shall be forwarded to this Bureau, which will authorize the work. No work is done by the prison without authority in advance from this Bureau.


Source: Bureau of Naval Personnel Manual (Revised). (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1942): 352-53.

US Navy Regulation Article no. 1222:



Annual Inventory



(1) The supply officer of the ship shall take a yearly inventory of equipage and supplies in his custody, reporting their condition to the commanding officer and correcting the accounts in accordance with the quantities to be found on hand. The supply officer shall also correct his accounts for survey for “Equipage in use” to agree with the certified inventory taken by the respective heads of the departments (Art. 1393 (8).)

C.N.R. 21. (2) The supply officer shall notify the heads of departments in advance of the date upon which he shall begin his inventory of equipage, and such inventory shall be completed within one month and undertaken at such time as to insure its completion before the end of third quarter of the fiscal year.
C.N.R. 18. (3) The supply officer will prepare all requests for surveys on equipage in use on a memorandum request of the head of the department concerned.
  (4) On each quarterly balance sheet submitted, the date of the last inventory shall be noted.


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