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Appendix I

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List of Sixteen Millimeter Navy Films dealing With Amphibious Craft and Operations

I. Recently produced films directly related to the subject matter covered in this manual.

MN-4301a--Landing Boat Tactics (Attack) Running time: 18 minutes, 1944).* New films covering the attack phase of the Ship-to-Shore Movement.

MN-4301b--Landing Boat Tactics (Supply) (18 minutes, 1944). New films covering the supply phase of the Ship-to-Shore Movement.

MN-4305a--Salvage Operations (The Jeheemy) (18 minutes, 1944). Duties of the crew and Caterpillar tractor in the salvaging and moving of LCVP's.

MN-4306a--The LCVP (Landing Craft, Vehicle Personnel) Part I. Introduction and Nomenclature (14 minutes, 1944). States the characteristics of the LCVP and the nomenclature of the boat, its equipment, and its armament. Described the duties of the four-man crew.

MN-4306b--The LCVP, Principles of Boat Handling. (19 minutes, 1944). Equipment checks, before starting engine checks, gear checks, are demonstrated. Boat handling, including operation of the ramp, steering in reverse, towing, passing, getting away, coming alongside, and securing, are explained and demonstrated.

MN 4306c--The LCVP Surf Operations (20 minutes, 1944). This film shows the use of the LCVP in the surf, in beaching and retraction.

MN-4307a--LCM(3) Description. (15 minutes, 1944. Describes the LCM(3) or tank lighter: hull design, compartmentation, twin Gray Marine Diesel engine installation. Tells how the engines operate. Notes the duties of the crew of five. Illustrates in detail the daily maintenance procedures, including the checking of all equipment.

MN-4307b--LCM(3) Operations. (18 minutes, 1944). Shows the uses and best practices in using the LCM(3) in the landing operation.

MN-4311--Radio Communication in the Ship-to-Shore Operation. This is a new film scheduled to be released by March, 1945.


II. Recently produced training films on Amphibious Warfare, but covering equipment or phases not directly emphasized in this manual.

MN-4300--Artillery in Landing Operations. this is a new film scheduled to be released by 1 March 1945.

MN-4302a--The LST No. 1: Description.

MN-4302b--the LST No. 2: Employment.

MN-4303--The LSM. Description and Employment. these are new films scheduled to be released by 1 March, 1945.

MN-4304-The LVT No. 2: Part 3. Employment (20 minutes, 1944) Shows uses to be made of Landing Vehicle Tracked.

MN-4305c--Salvage Operations--The Crane (20 minutes, 1944) Shows the crane being used to unload and salvage a broached LCVP and the crane being unloaded and assembled.


* All films listed are sound films.


MN-4305d--Salvage Operations--The Caterpillar and Bulldozer. (20 minutes, 1944) Shows the uses of the Caterpillar, and Bulldozers by the Beach Party.

MN-4505e--The LVT No. 8: Part 1. A Report on Field Salvage. New film showing use of LVT No. 2 in the salvage operation.

MN-4308a--The LCI(L): Description and Employment (15 minutes). CONFIDENTIAL.

MN-4308b--The LCI(L) Docking and Coming Alongside. CONFIDENTIAL.

MN-4308c--The LCI(L) Towing. CONFIDENTIAL.

MN-4309--Handling the LCR(L) (Landing Craft Rubber). CONFIDENTIAL.

MN-4310--The LCS(L) No. 3 Description and Employment. New film scheduled to be released by 1 March, 1945.

MN-4312a and b--Air Support in Landing Operation. (Two reels, 20 minutes, 1944). New film covering the use of air support. Scheduled to be released by 1 March, 1945.

MN-4313--The DUKW (20 minutes, 1944). Shows the new model of the DUKW, and its uses afloat and ashore.

MN-4315--Shore Fire Control Party (16 minutes). CONFIDENTIAL.

MN-4326--Medical Support in the Ship-to-Shore Operation. (30 minutes, 1944). Shows how a wounded soldier is given medical attention and returned to the ship, and the medical planning that insured that medical care.

MN-4381--LVT(A) Landing Vehicle tracked (Armored) Mark 4 (16 minutes,l 1944). CONFIDENTIAL.


III. Training films produced prior to 1944, but containing material of value.

MN-942g--Amphibious Warfare--The Shore Party. (50 minutes). This film is classified as CONFIDENTIAL.

MN-942s--Amphibious Warfare--The Ship-to-Shore Movement in a Joint Amphibious Operation. (38 minutes). CONFIDENTIAL.

MN-942t--Amphibious Warfare--The Hydrographic and Boat Repair Sections of the Naval Beach Party. (16 minutes, 1942).

MN-942u--Amphibious Warfare--Naval Gunfire Support. (40 minutes). CONFIDENTIAL.

MN-942ab--Amphibious Warfare--Beaching the LST. (36 minutes, 1944). CONFIDENTIAL.

MN-942ac--Amphibious Warfare--Retracting the LST. (10 minutes, 1944). CONFIDENTIAL.

MN-942ak--Amphibious Warfare--The Amphibious Tractor LVT 2. Part I, Operational Use.

MN-942al--Amphibious Warfare--The Amphibious Tractor LVT 2. Part II. Field Expedients.


IV. Films of General Interest Containing Sections on Amphibious Warfare.

MA-4217--Battle for New Britain. (50 minutes, 1944).

MN-4439--Attack on Guam. (10 minutes, 1944).

MN-4994--Return to Guam. (10 minutes, 1944).


Note: The Current location of most of the films listed above is unknown. Researchers should contact Motion Picture Branch, National Archives and Records Administration, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, Maryland, tel. (301) 837-0526 to see if they have these films in their collection.

Some of the film listed above are commercially available (see information below).

Small Boat Landing Tactics, put out by Traditions Military Videos ( contains: MN-4301a – Landing Boat Tactics (Attack)MH-4301b – Landing Boat Tactics (Supply)MN 4306c – The LCVP Surf OperationsMN-4307a – LCM (3) DescriptionMN-4307b – LCM (3) Operations.

The LST-Description and Employment, DVD455, put out by Vintage Video Productions ( contains: MN-4302a – The LST No. 1: DescriptionMN-4302b - The LST No. 2: Employment.

LVT put out by Traditions Military Videos ( contains: MN-4304 – The LVT No.2: Part 3 Employment.

LSD & LCI (L) with Amphibious Craft Overview, put out by Traditions Military Videos ( contains: 
MN-4308b – The LCI (L) Docking and Coming Alongside.

LCS (L) & LSMR put out by Vintage Video Productions ( contains: MN-4310 – The LCS (L) No. 3 Description and Employment.

Amphibious Warfare – The DUKW DVD126 put out by Vintage Video Productions ( contains: MN-4313 – The DUKW.

Beaching the LST DVD124 put out by Vintage Video Productions ( contains: MN-942ab – Amphibious Warfare – Beaching the LST.

[End of Appendix I]

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