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U.S. Navy Ships Named for Individual Sailors 
to Commemorate their Actions during the Attack

Ship Name Person Named For Command at Pearl Harbor Award Post-
USS Bennion (DD-662) CAPT Mervyn S. Bennion, USN USS West Virginia Medal of Honor *
USS Cassin Young (DD-793) CAPT Cassin Young, USN USS Vestal Medal of Honor  
USS Flaherty (DE-135) Ensign Francis C. Flaherty, USNR USS Oklahoma Medal of Honor *
USS Frederick C. Davis, (DE-136) Ensign Frederick C. Davis, USNR USS Nevada Navy Cross  
USS Herbert C. Jones, (DE-137) Ensign Herbert C. Jones, USNR USS California Medal of Honor *
USS Hill (DE-141) Chief Boatswain Edwin J. Hill, USN USS Nevada Medal of Honor *
USS Kidd (DD-661) RADM Isaac C. Kidd, USN Commander, Battleship Div. ONE on USS Arizona Medal of Honor *
USS Miller (FF-1091) Ship's Cook 3rd C Doris Miller, USN USS West Virginia Navy Cross  
USS Pharris (FF-1094) LT Jackson C. Pharris, USN USS California Medal of Honor  
USS Reeves (DE-156) Chief Radioman Thomas J. Reeves, USN USS California Medal of Honor *
USSReeves (DLG-24) Vice Admiral Joseph Mason Reeves   Not Applicable    
USS Ross (DDG-71) LCDR Donald K. Ross, USN USS Nevada Medal of Honor  
USS Scott (DE-214) Machinist's Mate 1st C Robert R. Scott, USN USS California Medal of Honor *
USS Tomich (DE-242) Chief Watertender Peter Tomich, USN USS Utah  Medal of Honor *
USS Van Valkenburgh (DD-656) CAPT Franklin Van Valkenburgh, USN USS Arizona, commanding officer Medal of Honor *
USS J. Richard Ward (DE-243) Seaman First Class James Richard Ward, USN USS Oklahoma Medal of Honor *


Other Medals of Honor Awarded for Pearl Harbor Attack
LT John W. Finn, USN, NAS Kaneohe - Citation
CAPT Samuel G. Fuqua, USN - USS Arizona - Citation
Published: Mon Nov 09 12:19:43 EST 2020