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Operation Neptune - The Invasion of Normandy

Table of Contents - United States Naval Forces Europe, 7 vols.

United States Naval Administrative History of World War II #147E

NOTE: The following is a List of Volumes in the seven-volume set entitled: United States Naval Administration in World War II. United States Naval Forces, Europe. Histories. (Operation NEPTUNE is Volume Five of this set.)

Volume I General Administrative History.
Volume II General Administrative History.
Volume III Miscellaneous Activities and Staff Sections of COMNAVEU.
U.S. Naval Attaché, London; U.S. Naval Air Activities in Europe; Hydrographic Section and Staff Navigation Section; Staff Medical Office; The Chaplain Corps; Naval Technical Intelligence Activities, Staff of COMNAVEU; U.S. Naval Postal Service in Europe; Communications Section, Staff of COMNAVEU.
Volume IV Supply and Logistical Activities.
Lend-Lease and Reciprocal Aid in the United Kingdom; U.S. Naval Representative on the London Munitions Assignment Board; Logistical Planning and Support for Cross-Channel Operations; U.S. Naval Bases in the United Kingdom.
Volume V The Invasion of Normandy.
Operation NEPTUNE.
Volume VI Post-Hostilities Planning.
History of Post-Hostilities Planning in COMNAVEU Headquarters; Negotiating the Naval Terms of the Treaty of Peace with Italy.
Volume VII U.S. Naval Task Forces and Groups in Europe.
The U.S. Navy in France; U.S. Naval Forces, Germany; U.S. Ports and Bases, Germany (Task Force 126); Naval Division, U.S. Group, Control Council, Germany; U.S. Naval Division, U.S. Element, Allied Commission, Austria; U.S. Naval Components in SHAEF/USFET Missions to Liberated Countries; Belgium and Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway; U.S. Naval Forces, Azores; U.S. Naval Forces, Mediterranean (April, 1945 to February, 1946); Senior U.S. Naval Liaison Officer, Italy.
Volume I
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