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BABACOOTE -- Eniwetok Island, Marshall Islands

BABYDOLL -- Dagi River, New Britain

BACCHUS -- Crown Island, New Guinea

BACHELOR -- Mt. Reamur, Bismarck Archipelago

BACKBITER -- Midway Island

BACKFALL -- Konn, New Guinea

BACKGROUND -- Amur River, U.S.S.R.

BACKHANDER -- Cape Gloucester, New Britain

BACKSHEESH -- Kerama Retto, Nansei Shoto Islands, Japan

BADMINTON -- Kassia, New Britain

BAGASSE -- Garua Harbor, New Britain

BAGGY -- Ceram, N.E.I.

BAGWORN -- Masibang, New Guinea

BAIZE -- Wiwai, New Guinea

BAKER ROGER -- Plan for interception and sinking of 3 enemy blockade runners by American Task Groups in conjunction with air patrols from Natal and Ascension Island (January 1944)

BALANCE -- Almirante, Paname

BALCONY -- Turbo, Columbia [Colombia]

BALDHEAD -- Masibang, New Guinea

BADLNESS -- Gura, Eritrea

BALDPLATE -- Grand Cayman Island, B.W.I.

BALEFUL -- Cartagena, Columbia [Colombia]

BALIWICK -- Kogil River, New Britain

BALLCOCK -- Yaimas, New Guinea

BALLINTOY -- Siracusa, Sicily

BALLIOL -- Sub-port of embarkation, Excursion Inlet, Alaska

BALMY -- Old Providence Island, Caribbean Sea

BALSA -- Midway Island

BALSAM -- LCT landing inside Onorisi Pass, New Georgia-Munda Area, Solomon Islands

BALTIMORE -- Ilia River, New Guinea

BALUSTRADE -- Sililaling, New Guinea

BALUT -- Cape San Jacques, French Indo China

BAMBI -- Negros Island, P.I.

BAMBOO -- Operations against Hastings Harbor, Victoria Point Area, Burma

BAMBOOZLE -- Sibog, New Guinea

BANANA -- Doke Doke, New Georgia, Solomon Islands

BANDAGE -- Negros Island, P.I.

BANDBOX -- Casablanca, French Morocco

BANDYCOOT -- Sindama, New Guinea

BANJO -- Gozo Island, Mediterranean Sea

BANKNIGHT -- Arimegi Plantation, New Britain

BANKNOTE -- The Rhine River crossing (24 March 1945)

BANKRATE -- Marshall Islands Campaign

BANNERET -- St. Croix, Virgin Islands

BANNISTER -- Eten Island, Truk Lagoon, Caroline Islands

BANQUET -- Macclesfield Bank, South China Sea

BANTAM -- Arawe Harbor, New Britain

BANYAN -- Leru Island, Florida Group, Solomon Islands

BANZAI -- Cebu, P.I.

BAPTISM -- Air reconnaissance from North Russia apparently for German BB Tirpitz (May-June 1944)

BARBERRY -- Nasubata Channel, Palawan Island, P.I.

BARFLY -- Moljo, India

BARGAIN -- Kabib, New Britain

BARLEY -- Lua Point, Treasury Island

BARLEYCORN -- Capetown, Union of South Africa

BARNEY -- Groups of U.S. submarines to penetrate the minefields in the Tsushima Strait, Japan Sea, and carry out a 3 weeks offensive patrol against the enemy shipping (27 May-30 June 1945)

BARNYARD -- Rooke Island, Bismarck Archipelago

BARRACUDA -- Undaga Island, Bismarck Archipelago

BARRAGE -- Combined sea and air operation to intercept Japanese submarines carrying important officials from Germany to Singapore (11-13 November 1943) (G.B.)

BARRISTER -- Operation for capture of Dakar, Africa

BASE "1" -- U.S. Naval Base, Londonderry, Ireland

BASE "2" -- U.S. Naval Base, Gore Loch, Scotland

BASE "A" -- U.S. Naval Base, Laugh Erne, Ireland

BASE "B" -- U.S. Naval Base, Loch Ryan, Scotland

BASALT -- Malangas, Mindanao, P.I.

BASEBALL or BB -- England to Russia air shuttle


BASHFUL -- Moscow, U.S.S.R.


BASTILLE -- Wu Hsii Island, Formosa Strait

BASTION -- Mt. Kabat, Solomon Sea

BATCH -- Foochow, China

BATHTUB -- First U.S. Naval Training Base, British Isles

BATTERUP -- Seward, Alaska

BATTERY -- Jitsugetsutan, Formosa

BATTING -- Port Sudan, Sudan


BAWBEE -- Yakutsk, Sibera

BAYTOWN -- First assault on mainland of Italy by 8th Army, ferried from West Sicilian ports to landing beaches north of Reggio (3 September 1943) (G.B.)

BEADLE -- Thule, Greenland

BEADSMAN -- Samarai, New Guinea

BEARCAT -- Flores Strait, N.E.I.

BEARSKIN -- Release of certain information to Tito to coordinate peak of Partisan activity

BEAST -- Dungun, Malaya

BECKY -- Awio, New Britain

BEDFORD -- Kembul, New Britain


BEDPOST -- Pulap Island, Caroline Islands

BEDROCK -- Nusam Island, Solomon Sea

BEDSACK -- Koma Creek, New Guinea

BEDSIDE -- La Perouse Strait, Santa Cruz Islands

BEECHNUT -- U.S. First Military District

BEEFSTEAK -- Emirau Island, Admiralty Islands

BEEMAN -- Makari, Bougainville, Solomon Islands

BEERHOUSE -- Jenkins Bay, Sideia Island

BEESWING -- Keflavik, Iceland

BEETHOVEN -- Richtofen Bay, New Britain

BEFRIEND -- Taroa Island, Maloelap Atoll, Marshall Islands

BEGONIA -- Siota, Florida-Tulagi Group, Solomon Islaznds

BEGRUDGE -- Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall Islands

BEGUILE -- Operations against Hokkaido, Japan

BEHEAD -- Seydisfjorjur, Iceland

BELABOR -- Cape Croisilles, New Guinea

BELLOWS -- Babuyan Channel, P.I.

BELLTENT -- Ladd Field, Alaska

BELMONT -- 1st Marine Raiders

BELSHAZZER -- Sumatra, N.E.I.

BENEFICE -- Anatahan Island, Marianas Islands

BENEFIT -- Man Le, Burma

BENEVOLENT -- Milne Bay, New Guinea

BEQUEST -- Yap Island, Caroline Islands

BERLIN -- Awab Point, New Britain

BERRY -- Wake Island (canceled)

BESTRIDE -- Faisi, Bougainville, Solomon Islands

BETA -- South Seymour Island, Galapagos Islands

BETHESDA -- Luxor, Egypt

BETTY -- Porlock Harbor, New Guinea

BEULAH -- Mairi Creek, New Guinea

BEVY -- Guadalcanal Island, Solomon Islands

BEWILDER -- Annenberg, New Guinea

BEWITCH -- Hollandia, New Guinea

BIAS -- Nteni, New Britain

BIBLICAL -- Kolomi, New Britain

BICARBONATE -- Seeadler Harbor, Manus Island, Bismarck Archipelago

BICYCLE -- Pambukan Sur, Samar, P.I.

BIDDIE -- Bongomol, New Britain

BIGCLUB -- Khartoum, Sudan

BIGELOW -- Igashik, Alaska

BIGHEART -- Pointe Noire, French Africa

BIGHUSKY -- American Mission, Fortaleza, Brazil

BIGTOP -- Accra, Gold Coast, Africa

BIGWIG -- Luya, New Guinea

BILGE -- Mission Pier, Trobriand Island, New Guinea

BILIOUS -- Central Pacific

BILLFISH -- Mave (Rahe) River, New Guinea

BILLSTICKING -- Huon Peninsula, New Guinea

BILLYCAN -- Alexandria, Egypt

BINDWEED -- Boeroe Island, N.E.I.

BINGHAM -- Sorrento, Italy

BINGO -- Nome, Alaska

BINOCULAR -- Lae, New Guinea (canceled)

BIOCELATE -- Yakot, New Guinea

BIPED -- Ivigtut, Greenland

BIPED -- The British

BIRCH -- Christmas Island, Pacific Ocean

BIRCH -- Doma Cove, Solomon Islands

BIRTHDAY -- Trobriand Island, New Guinea

BISHOP -- Covering operation for DRACULA (27 April-6 May 1945) (G.B.)

BISHOP -- Mappi River, New Guinea

BISON -- Kumbum Village, New Guinea

BITING -- Combined operation for capture of prisoners and equipment from the enemy Radio Direction Finder Station at Bruneval, France (27-28 February 1942) (G.B.)

BIVALVE -- Ceuta, Spanish Morocco, Africa

BLACKBERRY -- Enogai, New Georgia, Solomon Islands

BLACKBOY -- Segi Village, New Georgia Island, Solomon Islands

BLACKLIST -- Operations of Commander-in-Chief, Air Forces, Pacific, to occupy Japanese held territory after the surrender

BLACKSMITH -- Wewak Airdrome, New Guinea

BLACKSTONE -- Safi, French Morocco, Africa

BLANCMANGE -- Safi, French Morocco, Africa

BLAZEUP -- Davao, P.I.

BLEACHER -- Tongatabu, Tonga Islands

BLENNY -- Yembokau, New Guinea

BLISSFUL -- Choiseul Island, Solomon Islands

BLONDIE -- Sand Island, New Guinea

BLOODSUCKER -- Roumania [Romania]

BLOSSOM -- Madu Island, Flores Sea, N.E.I.

BLUEBEARD -- Lama, Ceram, N.E.I.

BLUEBELL -- Kaylan Point, Florida - Tulagi Group, Solomon Islands

BLUEBERRY -- Daly Rock, Treasury Island

BLUEGRASS -- Hate Tabako Airdrome, Halmahera Island, N.E.I.

BLUFF -- Iran

BLUIE -- Greenland (canceled)


BOARSHEAD -- Sourabaya, Java, N.E.I.

BOBCAT -- Bora Bora Island, Society Islands

BODKIN -- Sondrestromfjord, Greenland

BOGGY -- Port Sufaga, Egypt

BOILINGPOINT -- Vitiaz Strait, New Guinea

BOISTEROUS -- Operations for the capture of Malaya

BOLERO -- Operation of transferring American armed forces from the United States to the United Kingdom

BOMBARDON -- Cruciform steel silos (part of MULBERRY)

BONUS -- Tui Island, Bismarck Archipelago

BOODLE -- Kiska Island, Aleutian Islands

BOODLE -- Seuri, New Guinea

BOOKIE -- Fort Chimo, Province of Quebec, Canada

BOOKWORM -- Dilli, Timor, N.E.I.

BORAX -- Military Attaché, Haiti, West Indies

BOREALIS -- Alaskan-Siberian Air Ferry Project

BOTANICAL -- Kawasaki, Kaga' Hara

BOTANY -- Rome, Italy

BOTTLE -- Yulinkan, French Indo China

BOULDER -- Saidia, Algeria

BOURGEOIS -- Reykjavik, Iceland

BOWERY -- Aircraft for Malta from U.S.S. Wasp and H.M.S. Eagle (8-15 May 1942)

BOWLER -- Dar Es Salaam, Tanganykia, Africa

BOWSTRING -- Petropavlovsk, U.S.S.R.

BOXCAR -- Belem, Brazil

BOXCAR -- Moemi Airdrome, New Guinea

BOXCLOTH -- Apamama, Gilbert Islands

BOXER -- Tawi Tawi Bay, P.I.

BOXWOOD -- Norupena Point, Torokina Island, Solomon Islands

BOYLE -- Capua, Italy

BRACKER -- Fotuna Point, Treasury Island

BRANCHPIPE -- Menado, Celebes, N.E.I.

BRANGLE -- Singor, New Guinea

BRASENOSE -- Haiti, West Indies

BRASS -- Alesani, Corsica

BRASSARD -- Amphibious operation launched from Corsica with the object of capturing Elbe in Mediterranean (17 June 1944)

BRASSHAT -- Amphibious Training Group, Southwest Pacific

BRASSIERE -- Ulamaingi, New Britain

BRAVES -- Perth, Australia

BRAWN -- Operation to deliver a second heavy air strike on the German BB Tirpitz in Altenfiord and incapacitate her for the rest of the war (19 May 1944) (G.B.)

BRAWNY -- Port Say, Algeria

BREACH -- Denial to enemy of Mogadishu, Italian Somaliland, and reception base; destruction of shipping and harbor facilities and minelaying of approaches (2 February 1941) (G.B.)

BREAKDOWN -- Markham River Valley, New Guinea

BREAKFAST -- Arafura Sea, Australia

BRED -- Missana Island, Celebes, N.E.I.

BRETHREN -- Trinidad, B.W.I.

BREWER -- Admiralty Islands, Bismarck Archipelago

BRICABRAC -- Ndeni Island, Santa Cruz Islands

BRICKLAYER -- Removal of General Kreipe and party from Crete (14 May 1944)

BRIDE -- Western Entrance to Gulf Bone, Celebes, N.E.I.


BRIAR -- Laiana Beach, New Georgia-Munda Area, Solomon Islands

BRIGANTINE -- Borneo, N.E.I.

BRIMSTONE -- Operations for capture of Sardinia

BRINDLE -- Kra Peninsula, Thailand

BROADBEAN -- Dry Sand Cove, Florida-Tulagi Group, Solomon Islands


BROADSWORD -- Operations for the liberation of Malaya and to open the Straits of Malacca

BROCADE -- Puluwat Island, Truk Lagoon, Caroline Islands

BROCCOLI -- Olson's Landing, New Georgia-Munda Area, Solomon Islands

BROCKTON -- Aghione, Corsica

BRONCHITIS -- Kahili Airfield, Bougainville, Solomon Islands

BRONX -- Sindangan, P.I.

BRONZE -- Alaska

BROOKFIELD -- Gizarum, New Britain

BROOM -- Subsidiary HUSKY

BROOMSTICK -- Nankina River, New Guinea

BROOMSTICK -- Operation to counter an enemy breakout, either through the English Channel or through the Northern Passage, with the object of attacks on shipping (March 1945)

BROTHER -- Naha, Okinawa Jima, Nansei Shoto Islands, Japan

BROWN -- British Guiana, South America

BRUSH -- Palmyra Island, Line Islands

BRUSHWOOD -- Fedala, French Morocco

BUCCANEER -- Operation against Andaman Islands, Bay of Bengal (21 June-15 November 1943)

BUCHAN -- Geographical location in connection with ARGONAUT

BUDDY -- Mt. Lambe, Solomon Islands

BUFFALO -- Attack by 6th Corps to establish base north of Cisterina, west coast of Italy (23 May-4 June 1944) (G.B.)

BUFFALO -- Wough Bay, Tetipari, Solomon Islands

BUICK -- Ablingi, New Britain

BUICK -- Nura Island, Solomon Islands

BULKHEAD -- Hai K'au (Kaiko), Formosa

BULLFROG -- Amphibious operations for capture of Akyab, Burma (21 June-15 November 1943)

BULLION -- Ile Rousse, Sardinia

BULLY -- Marshall Islands

BULRUSH -- Amoy Island, Amoy, China

BUMBLEPUPPY -- Map Island, Yap, Caroline Islands

BUMBOAT -- Kajartalik, Greenland

BUMPER -- Pre D-day Exercise

BUMPKIN -- Apamama, Gilbert Islands

BUNCHBERRY -- Omura, Japan

BUNDLE -- Na-Pi River, Formosa

BUNGALOW -- Projected Navy capture of Martinique and Guadaloupe, Caribbean Sea

BUNKER -- Establishment of allied officers at German Naval Headquarters at Trento and Trieste, Italy, on surrender (30 April-1 June 1945)

BUNKHOUSE -- Ryukyu Islands, Japan

BUNKUM -- Reconnaissance on the beaches of Sumatra by a naval party (23-24 April 1944) (G.B.)

BURLESQUE -- Roi Island, Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands

BURNISHED -- Dilli, Timor, N.E.I.

BURNSALL -- Special force operation mounted by Headquarters, Allied Armies in Italy

BUSTLE -- Djilolo Passage, Halmahera Island, N.E.I.

BUSYBODY -- Winguru, New Britain

BUTCHER -- Oued Bou Reg, French Morocco

BUTTERBALLS -- "Attack at night expected"

BUTTERCUP -- Woleai, Caroline Islands

BUTTERFLY -- South China Sea

BUTTON -- Espiritu Santo Island, New Hebrides Islands

BUTTRESS -- Operations against Reggio-Sangiovanni Area, Italy

BUZZARD -- Arot, New Britain

BUZZER -- Operations for the capture of Wake Island

BYPRODUCT -- Trobriand Island (Kiriwina)

BYRON -- Unea Island, Bismarck Archipelago


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