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CABARET -- Saui Point, New Guinea

CABBAGE -- Pagadian, Mindanao, P.I.

CABOOSE -- Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

CABRANK -- Abadan, Iran

CACAPON -- Aisalmpiua, New Britain

CACTUS -- Guadalcanal-Tulagi, Solomon Islands

CADAVEROUS -- Middle East

CADDIE -- Milli Atoll, Marshall Islands

CADILLAC -- Malai, Island, Solomon Sea

CAFTAN -- Helmholtz Point, New Guinea

CAIRN -- Raprap Creek, New Guinea

CALEFACTION -- Fefan Island, Truk Lagoon, Caroline Islands

CALENDER -- Aircraft for Malta from U.S.S. Wasp (20 April 1942)

CALLOUS -- Townsville, Australia

CALLOWAY -- Cape Ngogo, New Britain

CALUMET -- Vambu Island, Bismarck Archipelago

CAMEL -- Mankode Island, New Guinea

CAMEL -- Naso Point, Panay Island, P.I.

CAMELIA -- Tellosson Cove, Florida-Tulagi Group, Solomon Islands

CAMEO -- Good Passage, New Britain-Solomon Islands

CAMORRA -- Abadan, Iran

CAMOUFLAGE -- Namur Island, Gilbert Islands

CAMROSE -- Serragio, Corsica

CANARY -- Port Lamon, Mindanao, P.I.

CANCAN -- Moewe Harbor, New Britain

CANCER -- Kieta, Bougainville, Solomon Islands

CANINE -- Torgilsbu, Greenland

CANITE -- Commodore Bay, New Britain

CANTALOUPE -- Accra, Gold Coast, Africa

CANTLE -- Wab, New Guinea

CANTONMENT -- Kulanghsu Island, Amoy, China

CANVAS -- Occupation of ports of Kismayu and Matadishu, Italian Somaliland (25 February 1941) (G.B.)

CAPACIOUS -- Bangkok, Thailand

CAPILLARY -- Ocean Island

CAPITAL -- Plan outlined for operations in North Burma

CAPON -- Cape Calavite, Mindoro, P.I.

CAPSTAN -- Guasopa Plantation, Woodlark Island [Solomon Sea]

CAPUCHIN -- Argentina

CARAMEL -- Port Moresby, New Guinea

CARAWAY -- Tentative operations against the Istrian Peninsula

CARBONADO -- Offensive operations to be undertaken by China Theater forces in 1945

CARBORUNDUM -- Karachi, India [Pakistan]

CARBUNCLE -- Sarigan Island, Marianas Islands

CARDBOARD -- Ponak, Borneo

CARDIAC -- New Ireland, Bismarck Archipelago

CARDINAL -- Arupon Plantation, New Britain

CAREEN -- Adak Island, Aluetian Islands

CARIB -- Joint plan for Army-Navy Amphibious Combat Training

CARILLON -- Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands

CARLETON -- Widu Harbor, New Britain

CARLOW -- St. Laurent-sur-Mer, France

CARPETBAG -- St. Matthias Island, Bismarck Archipelago

CARRIER -- Fuko, Formosa

CARRION -- Indo-China Wing, Air Transport Command

CARROT -- Lamon Island, Florida-Tulagi Group, Solomon Islands

CARTER -- Langu, New Britain

CARTRIDGE -- Borgo, Corsica

CARTWHEEL -- Operation for the seizure of the Solomons Islands--New Guinea--New Britain--New Ireland area

CARVEL -- Cuyo Pass, P.I.

CASABA -- Buraku, Murray Island, Florida-Tulagi Group, Solomon Islands

CASCADE -- Buyuesi Bay, Woodlark Island [Solomon Sea]

CASHEW -- Nako Island, Forida-Tulagi Group, Solomon Islands

CASHMERE -- Mararamu, Long Island, New Guinea

CAST -- Iceland

CASTAWAY -- Poland

CASTOROIL -- Batavia, Java, N.E.I.

CATALPA -- Sunlight Channel, Florida-Tulagi Group, Solomon Islands

CATAPULT -- Attack on French warships at Oran, Algeria (3 July 1940) (G.B.)

CATARACT -- Marshall Islands Campaign

CATCHPOLE -- Operation against Kusaie, Eniwetok, and Wake Islands (February 1944)

CATENARY -- Huhukierak, New Guinea

CATERHAM -- Piscini Mendola, Sardinia

CATHEDRAL -- Bona Vista, Newfoundland

CATSMEAT -- Viru Harbor, New Georgia, Solomon Islands

CATTLE -- Salerno, Italy

CATTLE -- Sumba Strait, Flores Sea, N.E.I.

CAULIFLOWER -- Upolu, Samoan Islands

CAUSEWAY -- Logistic movement to collect supplies at Guadalcanal and Purvis Ihiya Jima

CAUSEWAY -- Operations against Formosa

CAUTION -- Ihiya Jima, Japan

CAVALIER -- Guguan Island, Marianas Islands

CAVE -- Liquidation of enemy garrison of Piscopi, Dodecanese Islands, Aegean Sea (28 February-1 March 1945)

CAVERN -- Atka Island, Aleutian Islands

CAVIARE -- Timor Island, N.E.I.

CEDAR -- Basra, Iraq

CELEBRATION -- Buayan (Boayan), Mindanao, P.I.

CELERY -- New Georgia Island, Solomon Islands

CELLULOID -- Oro Bay, New Guinea

CENTERBOARD -- Monara, New guinea

CENTIMETER -- Uman Island, Truk Lagoon, Caroline Islands

CENTRAL -- New Guinea

CEREAL -- Nubara Island, Solomon Sea

CERISE -- Antiqua, Guatemala

CHAGFORD -- Sicily

CHAINMAIL -- Sea of Okhotsk, U.S.S.R.

CHAMPION -- Operations in Burma

CHAPEAU -- Bangkok, Thailand

CHAPEAU -- Nankina River, New Guinea

CHAPLAIN -- Johanna River, New Britain

CHAPLET -- Upper Frobisher Bay, Baffin

CHARIOT -- Ramming the lock gates at St. Nazaire harbor, France, by H.M.S. Cambelltown (28 March-3 April 1942) (G.B.)

CHARITY -- Nushacek, Alaska

CHARTERHOUSE -- Dominican Republic

CHATSWORTH -- St. Malo, France

CHEEKPOINT -- Vernon Channel (Heachi Men), Chusan Archipelago

CHEEKSTRAP -- New Caledonia

CHEESE -- Balintang Channel, P.I.

CHEETAH -- Bangkok, Thailand

CHEMIST -- Shortland Islands, Solomon Islands

CHENILLE -- Kasan, Sumatra, N.E.I.

CHEROKEE -- Karachi, India

CHERRY -- San Cristobal Island, Solomon Islands

CHERRYBLOSSOM -- Empress August Bay, Bougainville, Solomon Islands

CHERUB -- Tolock River, New Britain

CHERVIL -- Fiji Islands

CHESHUNT -- Jugoslavia [Yugoslavia]

CHESTERFIELD -- Sipul, New Britain

CHESTNUT -- Watson Island, Treasury Group

CHEVROLET -- Ulawa Island, Solomon Islands

CHEVRON -- Chinak (Kodiak), Alaska

CHICKASAW -- Colombo, Ceylon

CHICKASAW -- Mior, New Guinea

CHICKWEED -- Bombardment of the enemy in the Vasto area, Italy, by British destroyers (3 November 1943) (G.B.)

CHICORY -- Bonifacio, Corsica

CHICORY -- Tuam Island, Solomon Sea

CHIDING -- Mukden, Manchukuo [Manchuria]

CHIGOE -- Nomab River, New Guinea

CHILDHOOD -- Attack by motor torpedo boats from Malta on the Moles at Tripoli to interfere with demolition and blocking of harbor (20 January 1943) (G.B.)

CHIME -- Bun, New Britain

CHIMNEY SWEEP -- Hongkong, China

CHIMPANZEE -- Tripoli, Libya

CHINMUSIC -- Kaptimati, New Britain

CHIROPTER -- Keelung, Formosa

CHITTLING -- Ampul Islet, Solomon Sea

CHIVALRY -- Buna, New Guinea

CHLORATE -- Alesani, Corsica

CHOCTAW -- Madras, India

CHOKER I -- Airborne operation against the Siegfried Line in vicinity of Saarbrucken, Germany

CHOKER II -- Airborne operation for crossing the Rhine in vicinity of Frankfurt, Germany

CHOOCHOO -- Witnari, New Britain

CHRISTMAS -- Vassee Island, Solomon Sea

CHROME -- USCG Defense Project

CHRONICLE -- Operations in Kiriwina-Woodlark area, New Guinea

CHRONOMETER -- Capture by British of the port of Ascab, Eritrea, East Africa (11 June 1941)

CHRYSLER -- Commander Naval Base

CHRYSLER -- Kaskas Island, Solomon Sea

CHUCKLE -- Palawan Passage, P.I.

CHURCH -- Shark Bay, Australia

CHURCHTOWN -- Dieppe, France

CICERO -- Awrin Island, Solomon Sea

CIGARS -- Flores Sea, N.E.I.

CIRCUIT -- Daihanratsu, Formosa


CISTERN -- Dampier Strait, New Guinea

CITADEL -- Cairns, Australia

CITRUS -- Bau Island, Rendova Area, Solomon Islands

CLARIDGES -- Uruguay

CLARION -- Coordinated attack on transportation over length and breadth of Germany by combined air forces

CLEANSLATE -- Russell Islands, Solomon Islands

CLEVER -- Anping (Ampin) (An-Pieng), Formosa

CLIMATE -- St. Paul Island, Pribilof Islands

CLIPBOARD -- Hung, New Britain

CLIVE -- An artificial harbor for use against the Japanese

CLOCK -- Bombardment of Durazzo Harbor and installation on coast of Albania by British destroyers (2-3 November 1943) (G.B.)

CLOCK -- Boagis Passage, Woodlark Island

CLOVE -- Amboina, Ceram

CLOVER -- Halvavo, Tulagi-Florida Islands, Solomon Islands

CLUBHOUSE -- Artificial harbors for Southeast Asia Command (canceled: CLIVE substituted)

COCACOLA -- Suloga Island, New Guinea

COCAINE -- Koepang, Timor, N.E.I.

COCKATOO -- Mur and Kieng Plantations, New Guinea

COCKER -- Eskimonaes, Greenland

COCKNEY -- Sasag, New Britain

COCKPIT -- Air strike against Sabang, Sumatra, with Eastern Fleet in support (19 April 1944) (G.B.)

COCKTAIL -- Marshall Bennett Islands, Solomon Sea

COCONUT -- Blancho Channel, New Georgia-Munda Area, Solomon Islands

COCOON -- Luscancay Groups, Solomon Sea

CODLING -- Param Island, Truk Lagoon, Caroline Islands

COFFEETREE -- Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy, USN

COLABOR -- Awi River, New Guinea

COLDRIDGE -- Luxembourg

COLDSTREAM -- Move of the 3rd Army units into southern Austria to relieve units of the 5th British Corps in Lienz-Spittsl-Tamdsweg-Judenberg area

COLLAR -- Saleier Island, Flores Sea, N.E.I.

COLLATE -- Fort Morrow, Alaska

COLLEEN -- Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King, USN

COLLEGE -- Vahsel Harbor, New Britain

COLLIE -- Bangka Strait, N.E.I.

COLLIERS -- U.S. Fourth Military District


COLLODION -- Secretary of State Edward R. Stettinius

COLONNA -- Paronga, New Britain

COLTER -- General of the Army Henry H. Arnold, USA

COLUMN -- Ishigaki Jima, Nansei Shoto Islands, Japan

COMET -- Commander Forward Area, Central Pacific

COMMON -- Suiteiryo, Formosa

COMPEER -- Suva, Fiji Islands

COMPLAINT -- Ailinglapalal Atoll, Marshall Islands

COMPLEMENT -- Okayama (Akoateaniu), Okayama-Gai, Japan

COMPOST -- Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden

COMPOSURE -- Anzio, Italy

COMPOUND -- Linden Harbor, New South Wales, Australia

CONCERTINA -- North Greece

CONCOURSE -- Angles River, New Britain

CONDENSER -- Cap Benat, France

CONEY -- Alexandria, Egypt

CONFERENCE -- Fuki-Kaku (Puki-Kaku), Formosa

CONFORMIST -- Nicosia, Cyprus

CONNIVANCE -- Hainan Island, China

CONQUEROR -- Cape William, Celebes, N.E.I.

CONSERVE -- Agattu Island, Aleutian Islands

CONSOLE -- Bangalore, Mysore, India

CONSOMME -- Tewfik, Egypt

CONTANGO -- Beakhead Channel, Chusan Archipelago, China

CONTOUR -- Tainan, Formosa

CONVICTION -- Huon Gulf, New Guinea

COOKER -- Landing at beaches on South Crete (19 April 1944)

COOKHOUSE -- Shikoku Island, Japan

COOLTIPT -- Ninigo Islands, Bismarck Archipelago

COPPER -- Territory of Hawaii

COPPERHEAD -- Project for decreasing vigilance of enemy in Northwestern Europe prior to OVERLORD

COPPERSMITH -- Efman Island, Admiralty Islands

CORDIAL -- Maleolap, Marshall Islands

CORKSCREW -- Grote, New Guinea

CORKSCREW -- Operations against Pantelleria, Italy (June 1943)

CORNCOB -- Block ships used in OVERLORD to form artificial harbors (MULBERRIES)

CORNERSTONE -- Attu Island, Aleutian Islands

CORNFIELD -- Itne River, New Britain

CORNLOFT -- Oran, Algeria

CORONACH -- Pier equipment for artificial harbors for use against the Japanese

CORONET -- Intended invasion of Honshu, Japan

CORPUSCLE -- Cape Padaran, Annam, French Indo-China

CORROLLARY -- Shanghai, China

CORRUPT -- Oristano, Sicily

CORTICATED -- Applies to a control airplane for pilotless aircraft

COSMIC -- Dispositions in the event of a breakout from Altenfiord, Norway by the German BB Tirpitz (March 1944)

COSMOPOLITAN -- Blackwall Island, Chusan Archipelago, China

COSMOS -- Aolavbav, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

COSTELLO -- Gomlongon, New Britain

COTTONGRASS -- Applies to a ground-controlled airplane used as a missile

COUNCILLOR -- Molucca Passage, N.E.I.

COUNTENANCE -- Occupation of Persia by British (25 August 1941) (G.B.)

COUNTER -- Dodoma, Tanganyika [Tanzania], Africa

COWARD -- Whasela Point, Woodlark Island, New Guinea

COWBOY -- Gasmata Airdrome, New Britain

COXCOMB -- Ormed Island, Wotje Atoll, Marshall Islands

CRANBERRY -- Lever Point, Florida-Tulagi Group, Solomon Islands

CRASHER -- Operations against Luzon-Formosa-Southeast Coast of China area

CRAWFISH -- Alto, Corsica

CRAYON -- Tanimbar Island, N.E.I.

CREOSOTE -- Wotje Atoll, Marshall Islands

CRETONNE -- Akyab, Burma

CRICKET -- Geographical location in connection with ARGONAUT

CRIMSON -- Canada

CRINGLE -- Netherlands East Indies

CROCKET -- Mareka, New Britain

CROCODILE -- Au Bay, New Britain

CROFTER -- Token Norwegian force to Northern Russia

CROMLECH -- Bora Bora Island, Society Group

CROONER -- San Bernadino Straits, P.I.

CROSBY -- Mt. Munlulu, New Britain

CROSSBOW -- Attacks against rocket launching sites

CROSSKEYS -- Naval plan for entry into Denmark

CROSSROADS -- Atomic Bomb Test, Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands

CROSSWORD -- Surrender of German and Italian land, sea and air forces under command of German Commander-in-Chief, Southwest Mediterranean (May 1945)

CROTCHET -- Richmond Gulf, Canada

CRUSADER -- 8th Army advance to drive enemy out of Cyrenaica, Libya (18 November 1941) (G.B.)

CRUSTACEAN -- Kendari, Celebes, N.E.I.

CUBBYHOLE -- Rhone River, France

CUCKOLD -- Babelthuap Island, Palau Islands

CUCUMBER -- Sweep to intercept enemy convoys off Dutch Coast (August 1943-April 1944) (G.B.)

CUDDY -- Ecuador

CUDGEL -- Land operations on Arakan coast north of Akyab, Burma

CULTURE -- Formosa Strait Area

CULVERIN -- Operation for North Sumatra (21 June-15 November 1943) (G.B.)

CULVERT -- Chunking, China

CUMBERLAND -- Fulleborn Harbor, New Britain

CURIO -- Angmagssalik, Greenland

CURIOUS -- Naples, Italy

CURMUDGEON -- Mota Tau Island, Chusan Archipelago, China

CURRYCOMB -- Venezuela

CURTAIN -- Vesuvius Baai, Soela Island, N.E.I.

CURTAINPOLE -- Nubia, New Guinea

CUSPIDOR -- Genoa, Italy

CUSTODY -- Keishu, Formosa

CUSTOM -- Roi Island, Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands

CUTTING -- Cutting and picking up of Dakar-Pernambuco cable in order to clear American Neutrality Zone area (18 August 1941) (G.B.)

CYANIDE -- Santa Cruz Islands

CYCLE -- Evacuation of British troops from Havre, France (11-13 June 1940) (G.B.)

CYCLONE -- Leyte, P.I.

CYCLONE LF -- Landing Force landing at Sawar, New Guinea

CYCLONE TF -- Task Force landing at Noemfoor Island, New Guinea

CYCLORAMA -- Kalaloa River, New Britain

CYLINDER -- Gallipoli

CYNICAL -- Kau Island, Bismarck Archipelago

CYRIL -- Marseilles, France


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