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SADDLEHORSE -- Meselia, New Britain

SADSACK -- Pulie River, New Britain

SAFCADIO -- Wabmete, New Britain

SAFEGUARD -- Alexishafen Airdrome, New Guinea

SAILFISH -- Cape Peiho, New Britain

SALAMANDER -- Kainau-A, New Britain

SALINE -- Nepui, New Caledonia

SALLY -- Verde Island Passage, P.I.

SALMON -- Search for U-Boats in North Atlantic

SALTPETER -- Via River, New Britain

SALUBRIOUS -- Tayabas Bay, Luzon, P.I.

SALUTATION -- Nizki Island, Aleutian Islands

SAM -- Tabian Village, Gilbert Islands

SAMARITAN -- Tamari River, New Britain

SAMPAN -- Basilan Strait, P.I.

SANATOGEN -- Long Island, New Guinea

SANCHO -- Simiutak, Greenland

SANDBAG -- Djailolo Airdrome, New Guinea

SANDBORN -- Sakar Island, New Britain

SANDTRAP -- Montagu Harbor, New Britain

SANDWAY -- Alghero, Sicily

SANDWICH -- Proposed protective invasion by British of Southern Thailand against Japanese (11 August 1941)

SAPO -- Isle of Pines, Cuba

SAPHIRE -- Kadai Island, New Guinea

SAPSUCKER -- Kobe, Japan

SARAH -- Buariki Island, Gilbert Islands

SAROTOGEN -- Long Island, New Guinea

SARTORIAL -- Lingayan Gulf, P.I.

SASSAFRAS -- Walanguo Island, New Britain

SATAN -- Gongo, New Britain

SATANIC -- Luzon, P.I.

SATINWOOD -- Operations to occupy remaining enemy held areas in the Southwest Pacific area upon collapse or surrender of Japan

SATURN -- Establishment of British forces in Turkey prior to her entry into the war

SATURN -- Paris, France

SATURN -- Vavosi, New Britain

SAUCER -- Fuiloro, Timor, N.E.I.

SAUCY -- Land operations in Burma

SAVORY -- Vigan, P.I.

SAVOY -- Serr Island, New Britain

SAVOYARD -- Albania

SAWDUST -- Catania, Sicily

SAXOPHONE -- Leghorn, Italy

SAXOPHONE -- Lolatola, New Britain


SCALPER -- Anwek River, New Britain

SCAMPER -- Garua Island, New Britain

SCANTLING -- Gulf of Naples, Italy

SCAPEGRACE -- Jaluit Island, Marshall Islands

SCARAMOUCH -- Port Moresby, New Guinea

SCARECROW -- North Borneo, N.E.I.

SCATTERBRAIN -- Operations in the Arafura Sea, Australia

SCATTERING -- Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, Japan

SCAVENGER -- Noumea, New Caledonia

SCHLEMIEL -- Gasam, New Britain

SCHOOLBOY -- Lae, New Guinea

SCHOOLGIRL -- Palau Islands

SCOOTER -- Baghdad, Irak [Iraq]

SCORCHER -- Occupation and evacuation of Crete by British (May-June 1941)

SCRAM -- Handing over of German warships to Russians (December 1945-June 1946)

SCREWDRIVER I -- Probable landings on Arakan coast, Burma (12 March 1944)

SCREWDRIVER II -- Landing of No. 5 Commando in Ton Chang, Arakan Coast, Burma (14 March 1944) (G.B.)

SCROUNGER -- Rekata Bay, Santa Isabel Islands

SEAGRAM -- Meibun Island, New Britain

SEAL -- Madagascar

SEALSKIN -- Haroekoe Airdrome, Ceram Island, N.E.I.

SEAMLESS -- Elmore (Ailinglaplap) Island, Marshall Islands

SEASHELL -- Motamalau Island, New Britain

SEAWASP -- Cold Bay, Alaska

SECLUSION -- Bonin Islands, Japan

SEDIMENT -- Tanaga Island, New Britain

SEIZURE -- Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands

SEMICIRCLE -- Samate, New Guinea

SEMICONIC -- Izuki (Izaku), Japan

SEMOLINA -- Rome, Italy

SENECA -- Tamgass Harbor, Alaska

SEPARATE -- Arno Atoll, Marshall Islands

SERENE -- Lifumatola Island, N.E.I.

SEVERITY -- Takao, Japan

SEXTANT -- Cairo Conference (22-26 November 1943); Roosevelt, Churchilll, Chiang Kai-shek

SHAGGY -- Cape Cretin, New Guinea

SHAKEDOWN -- Arawe Passage, New Britain

SHAKO -- Macclesfield Bank, South China Sea

SHAKO -- Banda Sea, N.E.I.

SHAMBLES -- Milli Island, Marshall Islands

SHAMPOO -- Wakis, New Britain

SHAMROCK -- Dagupan, P.I.

SHARECROPPER -- Willaumez Peninsula, New Britain

SHAREPUSHER -- Kabarei Bay, New Guinea

SHEKEL -- Faeringerhavnen, Greenland

SHELLPROOF -- Yamakawa (Zamakawa), Japan

SHEPHERD -- Cape Pedder, New Britain

SHERRY -- Waban Point, Woodlark Island [Solomon Sea]

SHINGLE -- Amphibious operations in the area south of Rome mounted from the Italian mainland and under command of the 15th Army Group (January 1944)

SHINPLASTER -- Makurazaki, Japan

SHIRT -- Hong Kong, China

SHOREHAM -- Sekul, New Britain

SHORTSTOP -- Habbaniya, Irak [Iraq]

SHOVELNOSE -- Taveliaio, New Britain

SHRIMP -- Saigon, Cochin-China [Vietnam]

SICKLE -- Buildup of the U.S. 8th Air Force in the United Kingdom

SIDELINE -- Oroport, New Britain

SIDNEY -- Binoinano Village, Gilbert Islands

SIGMA -- Surinam, N.E.I.

SILAS -- Baretoa Village, Gilbert Islands

SILENCER -- Polillo Island, P.I.

SILICON -- Aswan, Egypt

SILVER -- Puerto Rico

SILVERSAND -- Mindanao Island, P.I.


SILVERTOWN -- Duaga Harbor, New Britain

SILVERWARE -- Mindanao Island, P.I.

SINGLETREE -- Ningpo Peninsula, China

SINGSING -- Airfield on Eastern Island, Midway

SKATE -- Rutba, Irak [Iraq]

SKEEZIX -- Graah Point, New Britain

SKITTLEALLEY -- Snake Bay, Melville Island, Australia

SKUNK -- Pidu, New Britain

SLANESVILLE -- Anusnus Point, New Britain

SLAPSIE -- Put Put, New Britain

SLAPSTICK -- Occupation of Taranto, Italy (8 September 1943)

SLED -- Plaines des Gaiacs, New Caledonia

SLEDDING -- Aburatsu, Japan

SLEDGE -- Bombardment of enemy batteries near Reggio, Italy (2 September 1943)

SLEDGEHAMMER -- A landing on the Continent during October-November 1942 to take advantage of a crack in German morale

SLIPSTREAM -- Nabire, New Guinea


SLUMBERLAND -- Bosnek, Biak Island, New Guinea

SMALLPOX -- Alice Channel, British North Borneo

SNAKEBIRD -- Fukushima, Japan

SNAPDRAGON -- Landing on Island of Pantelleria, Mediterranean (May 1943)

SNOWBALL -- Reykyavik, Iceland

SNOWMAN -- Melbourne, Australia

SOAPSUD -- Melebo, New Britain

SOAPSUDS -- The bombing of Ploesti, Rumania [Romania]

SOLICITOR -- Seroei, Japen Island, New Guinea

SOLOIST -- Vivi ai Island, Solomon Sea

SOMNAMBULIST -- Manus, Admiralty Islands

SOMNAMBULIST -- Rabaul, New Britain


SOPHISTER -- Taniyama, Japan

SORDID -- Buka Island, Solomon Islands

SOUFFLE -- Sendai Gawa Gawa, Japan

SOUPCON -- Ujelang Atoll, Marshall Islands

SOUVENIR -- Opai, New Britain

SOYABEAN -- Tawi Tawi Islands, P.I.

SPAN -- A feint from Corsica against the flank of the enemy's position in Italy; carried out in connection with DRAGOON (14 August 1944)

SPARK -- Mia Island, New Britain

SPARROW -- Buton Pass, Halmahera Island, N.E.I.

SPARTAN -- Cape Ndoll, New Britain

SPASMODIC -- Tigalda, Alaska

SPASTIC -- Miyakenojo, Japan

SPAVEN -- Australia

SPEAKEASY -- Dodecanese Islands, Mediterranean Sea

SPEARMINT -- Lunga Signal Tower, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

SPENCER -- Senta Bay, Bismarck Archipelago

SPHINX -- Nuvaregi Island, New Britain

SPIDER -- Sasebo, Japan

SPIRIT -- Evacuation of Polish troops from southern France (February-April 1941)

SPIRITED -- Ivigtut, Greenland

SPIRITOUS -- Miyazaki, Japan

SPOILSMAN -- Kaimondake, Japan

SPOILSPORT -- Kamiri, Noemfoor Island, New Guinea

SPOOKY -- Novo Sibirsk, Siberia, U.S.S.R.

SPOONER -- New Zealand

SPOONFUL -- Ngulu Island, Caroline Islands

SPREADEAGLE -- Sorol Island, Caroline Islands

SPRIGHTLY -- Mindanao, P.I.

SPRINGFIELD -- Ring Ring Plantation, New Britain

SPRITSAIL -- Owi Island, New Guinea

SPRUCE -- Kukum Signal Tower, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

SPYGLASS -- Wisil Island, New Britain

SQUADRON X -- French ships under Admiral Godfrey in North African Ports (April-August 1943)

SQUAREPEG -- Nissan Island, Green Islands

SQUID -- Cuyo Pass (East), P.I.

SQUIRREL -- Mia Passage, New Britain

STADIUM -- Agusan, P.I.

STADIUM -- Tavalo, New Britain

STAGNATE -- Rongelap, Marshall Islands

STALEMATE -- Palau Island Operations

STAMP -- Basilan Strait, P.I.

STAMPEDE -- Ras Heilf, Oman

STARDUST -- Geographical location in connection with ARGONAUT

STARLIT -- Iwo Jima, Bonin Islands, Japan


STEM -- Ta Island, Solomon Islands

STENOGRAPHER -- Hyane Harbor, Los Negros Islands, Admiralty Islands

STEREOTYPED -- Bathurst Island, Australia

STERNUM -- Godhavn, Greenland

STERNWALK -- MacKenzie Bay, Greenland

STEVEDORE -- Guam Island, Marianas Islands

STICKATNOUGHT -- Wakde Island, New Guinea

STILETTO -- Turkey

STILO -- Lae, New Guinea

STIMULATE -- Rota Island, Marianas Islands

STINKER -- Mios Woendi Island, Schouten Islands, New Guinea

STIRRUPUMP -- Geelvink Bay, New Guinea


STOCKWELL -- Ajaccio, Corsica

STOMPING -- Gi (Gie), New Britain

STONEFACE -- Tawale, New Britain

STOPPER -- Coronado Point, P.I.

STOVEPIPE -- Cape Turane, French Indo China

STRAIGHTFLUSH -- Morobe, New Guinea

STRAIGHTLEFT -- Momote, Los Negros Islands, Admiralty Islands

STRAIGHTLINE -- Capture of Wakde Island, Dutch New Guinea (May 1944)

STRANGLEHOLD -- Sandakan, Borneo

STRAW -- Samoan Defense Group

STRAWBOARD -- Defense project for Wallis Island, Tonga Islands

STRAWHAT -- Upolu Island, Samoa Islands

STRAWMAN -- Savaii Island, Samoa Islands

STRAWSTACK -- Tutuila Island, Samoa Islands

STREAM -- Capture of Majunga, Madagascar by Allied Forces (10 September 1942) (G.B.)

STREAM -- Surigao Strait, P.I.

STREAMING -- Manila, P.I.

STREAMLINE -- Lipari Islands, P.I.

STRUCTURE -- Liberia, Africa

STUDEBAKER -- Point Cruz, P.I.

STYX -- Caracas, Venezuela

SUBJUNCTION -- Canton-Hong Kong Area, China

SUBLIME -- China

SUCROSE -- Moulmein, Burma

SULTAN -- Karimata Strait, Japan

SUMAC -- Australia

SUNBATH -- Nizki Island, Aleutian Islands

SUNBURN -- R.A.F. search off Levant for ships carrying illegal immigrants to Palestine (December 1945)

SUNDANCE -- Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands

SUNFLOWER -- Talisi Anchorage, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

SUNKIST -- Tomo, New Britain

SUNSHINE -- Ombai Strait, New Guinea

SUPERVISOR -- Accra, Gold Coast, Africa

SUSAN -- Port Harvey, New Guinea

SUSAN -- Solomon Islands

SUSCRIBE -- Karakelong Island, N.E.I.

SUSPECT -- Bwoi Bwoi, Woodlark Island [Solomon Sea]

SUSPENDER -- Yangla, New Britain

SUSPICION -- Southampton Island, Canada

SUXE -- Efate, New Hebrides

SWAGGERCANE -- Big Delta, Alaska

SWAMP -- Namoluk Island, Caroline Islands

SWASHING -- Kintang Island, Chusan Archipelago, China

SWEETACRES -- Mokmer Airdrome, Biak Island, New Guinea

SWEETPEA -- U.S. Eight Military District

SWIVELPIN -- Ascension Island, Atlantic Ocean

SWORD -- D-Day Beaches (Europe)

SYCAMORE -- Kokubona, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

SYLLABLE -- Tonelik Island, Caroline Islands

SYRACUSE -- Penguin Point, Solomon Islands

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