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QUADRANT -- Quebec Conference (August 1943); Roosevelt-Churchill

QUANDRY -- Urin, New Britain

QUANTUM -- Alu-U, New Britain

QUARTZ -- Kiep Plantation, New Britain

QUERPO -- Tablas Strait, Mindoro Island, P.I.

QUEST -- Didi, New Britain

QUEUE -- Monglo (Manglo) River, New Britain

QUIBBLE -- Crocodile Point, New Britain

QUICKSILVER -- Kubua River, New Britain

QUINCE -- St. Lucia, Windward Islands, Caribbean Sea

QUININE -- Arawe Island, New Britain

QUITCLAIM -- Luwang Island, Chusan Archipelago, China

QUIVER -- Juneau, Alaska

QUIXOTE -- Samudo Island, New Britain

QUORUM -- Laut Island, Java, N.E.I.

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