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AARON -- Bulawatan, New Britain

ABACUS -- Kepler Point, Bawean Island, N.E.I.

ABATTOIR -- Dutch New Guinea

ABBEY and SLOANE -- United States and British policy in event of Japanese occupation of Kra Isthmus, Thailand

ABBOTT -- Airagalpua, Bismarck Archipelago

ABDOMEN -- Salmaga Island, Aleutian Islands

ABERCROMBIE -- Raid on French coast between Boulogne and Etaples (21-22 April 1942) (G.B.)

ABERCROMBIE -- U.S. Sixth Military District

ABERRATION -- Alexishaven, New Guinea

ABIGAIL -- Mandock Island, Bismarck Archipelago

ABLAZE -- Maradi, New Guinea

ABLUTION -- Nimrod Sound, China

ABNER -- Kaskas Island, Bismarck Archipelago

ABNORMAL -- Advance to Yeu (Yey), Burma

ABNORMAL -- Maie River, New Britain

ABOLITION -- Amoy, China

ABOVEBOARD -- Fort Randall, Alaska

ABRADE -- Langani, New Guinea

ABROGATE -- Lupin, New Britain

ABSALOM -- Getmata, New Britain

ABSCONDER -- Cape Merkus (Mulus), New Britain

ABSENCE -- Nakagusukuwan, Okinawa Jima, Nansei Shoto Islands, Japan

ABSENTEE -- Cape Beechey, New Britain

ABSORPTION -- Atka Island, Aleutian Islands

ABSTRACT -- Hansa Bay, New Guinea

ABSURD -- Shinko (Sin-Kang), Formosa

ABUSE -- Miyako Shima, Japan

ABUSIVE -- All remote-controlled expendable pilotless aircraft used as guided missiles

ACACIA -- Sydney, Australia

ACCENT -- Balabac Island, P.I.

ACCENTUATE -- Adak Island, Aleutian Islands

ACCENTUATE -- Canalasan Cove, Mindanao, P.I.

ACCLAIM -- Fort Greely, Alaska

ACCOLADE -- Kru, New Britain

ACCOLADE -- Operations in the Aegean Sea (canceled)

ACCOMMODATION -- Kagi, Formosa

ACCOMPANY -- Sasebo, Japan

ACCORDIAN -- Malala, Marianas Islands


ACCUMULATION -- Leyte Island, P.I.

ACCUSE -- Palembang, Sumatra, N.E.I.

ACEPIECE -- Ngesebus Island, Palau Islands

ACETATE -- Andru River, New Britain

ACETYLENE -- Potangeras Island, Ulithi Atoll, Yap Islands

ACIDITY -- Gavutu Island, Solomon Islands

ACIDORE -- Mamgak, New Guinea

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT -- Nanshi, Formosa

ACQUAINT -- Okino Erabu Jima, Nansei Shoto Islands, Japan

ACQUISITION -- Occupation by British of the Anglo-Persian Oil Companies areas in Southern Persia (23 July 1941) (G.B.)

ACROBAT -- Bonivat, Woodlark Island [Solomon Sea]

ACUMEN -- Wilwilan, New Guinea

ADDITION -- Evacuation of British troops from Bardia, Libya (19-20 April, 1941) (G.B.)

ADELPHI -- Sandakan, British North Borneo

ADEQUATE -- Little Quemoy Island, Formosa Strait

ADHERENT -- Dublon Island, Truk Lagoon, Caroline Islands

ADIPOSE -- Wotje Atoll, Marshall Islands

ADJECTIVE -- Ryuku-Sho, Lambai Island, Formosa Area

ADJOURN -- Tokuno Jima, Nansei Shoto Islands, Japan

ADJUTANT -- Miyako Jima, Nansei Shoto Islands, Japan

ADMEASURE -- Yawata, Japan

ADOBE -- Brisbane, Australia

ADONIC -- Yawi River, Madang, New Guinea

ADULATE -- Yungo River, New Guinea


ADZUKI -- Selib Creek, New Guinea

AFFABLE -- Sungum, New Guinea

AFFECTATION -- Amchitka Island, Aleutian Islands

AFFECTATION -- Kabacan, Mindanao, P.I.

AFFIRMATIVE -- Taihoku, Formosa

AFTERMATH -- Unmak, Alaska

AGADIR -- French Morocco, Africa

AGATE -- Ascension Island, Atlantic Ocean (canceled)

AGATE -- Pulo Cecir De Mir, French Indo China

AGGRAVATE -- Fassarai Island, Ulithi Atoll, Yap Islands

AGGREGATE -- Celebes, N.E.I.

AGOUTI -- Bizerte, Tunisia

AGRICULTURE -- Myitkyina, Burma

AGRIPPA -- Geographical area in connection with ARGONAUT

AGROUND -- Koto Sho (Antau Su), Formosa Area

AIREDALE -- Kanigia Island, Solomon Islands

ALABASTER -- Troop convoy from Greenock to Iceland (17 May 1940) (G.B.)

ALACRITY and OATMEAL -- Allied occupation of the Azores (October 1943)

ALADDIN -- German troops withdrawing from North Norway, the war continuing in South Norway and in Europe (3-31 May 1945) (G.B.)

ALAMO -- New Britain force

ALARM -- Kasho To (Hoisho To) Formosa Area

ALBUMOSE -- Hankow, China

ALCATRAZ -- Airfield at Sand Island, Midway

ALDER -- Townsville, Queensland, Australia

ALDERPOINT -- Cape Rizzuto, Italy

ALFALFA -- Ottana, Sicily

ALFALFA -- Purvis Bay, Florida-Tulagi Group, Solomon Islands

ALIBARA -- Russians

ALICE -- Tufi, New Guinea

ALKALI -- Goose Bay, Lake Melville, Labrador, Canada

ALLERGY -- Kiau Point, Soembawa, N.E.I.

ALLIGATOR -- Cape Muya, New Britain

ALLIGATOR I -- Little Makin Island, Gilbert Islands

ALMANAC -- Lakuk River, New Britain

ALMOND -- Tanambogo Island, Solomon Islands

ALPHA -- Aruba, N.W.I.

ALPHA -- Plan for the defense of Kunming, China

ALPHABET -- Evacuation of British troops from Narvik, Norway (5 June 1940) (G.B.)

ALPHABET -- Operation against flying-bomb carriers and E/Boats (3 December 1944) (G.B.)

ALPHONSE -- Northeast Passage, Truk Lagoon, Caroline Islands

ALSAB -- Kano, Africa

ALUMNUS -- Ballale, Bougainville Island, Solomon Islands

AMATEUR -- Cotabato, Mindanao, P.I.

AMATEUR -- Kiska Island, Aleutian Islands

AMATORY -- Brisbane, Australia

AMAZEMENT -- Mangejang Island, Ulithi Atoll, Yap Islands

AMBIDEXTER -- Port Elizabeth, Union of South Africa

AMBIGUITY -- Astrolabe Bay, New Guinea

AMBROSE -- Hein Island, Bismarck Archipelago

AMELIORATE -- Falalop Island, Ulithi Atoll, Yap Islands

AMITY -- Goropio, New Britain

AMMUNITION -- Hozan (Hozan-Gai), Formosa

AMNESIA -- Attu Island, Aleutian Islands

AMOEBA -- Goodenough Island, New Guinea

AMOROUS -- Madassar Straits, N.E.I.

AMOUNT -- Kyushito, Formosa

AMOUR -- Murien, New Britain

AMPERSAND -- Espiritu Santo Island, New Hebrides Islands

AMPUTATION -- Bone, North Africa

AMULET -- Tanaga Island, Aleutian Islands

ANACONDA -- Truk Island, Caroline Islands

ANAKIM -- Capture of Burma (November 1943-May 1944)

ANATHEMA -- Moen Island, Truk Lagoon, Caroline Islands

ANDIRON -- Balangori Bay, New Britain

ANEMONE -- Navy Landing Beach Three, Torokina, Solomon Islands

ANGEL -- Olutanga Island, P.I.

ANGELIC -- Nanking-Pukow, China

ANGLEFISH -- Adriatic Sea

ANGLO -- Bastia, Corsica

ANILINE -- Libia, Africa

ANISEED -- Planned amphibious raid by unit of special boat service on Lussin Piccolo, Adriatic Sea

ANKLET -- Combined Allied raid on the Lofoten Islands, Norway (26 December 1941)

ANNIVERSARY -- Shoko, Formosa

ANNUITY -- New Guinea operation subsequent to HOTPLATE

ANSWER -- Dairimpo, Formosa

ANTELOPE -- Vingora Islet, Bismarck Archipelago

ANTHONY -- Cerisy Peak, Long Island, Bismarck Archipelago

ANTHRACITE -- Newfoundland

ANTICS -- Tawai Point, Trobriand Island

ANTIPATHY -- Senorbi, Sicily

ANTIQUE -- West Africa

ANTITOXIN -- Milazzo, Sicily

ANVIL -- Allied operations in the Mediterranean against southern France in 1944

APARTMENT -- Medinilla Island, Marianas Islands

APERIENT -- New Georgia Island, Solomon Islands

APHORISM -- Nauru Island, Gilbert Islands

APOSTASY -- Manonuito Island, Caroline Islands

APOSTLE I -- Operation undertaken for the return to Norway following the unconditional surrender of Germany and the cessation of all organized resistance in Europe (May 1945)

APOSTLE II -- Operation undertaken for the return to Norway following the unconditional surrender of all German forces in Norway and the cessation of all organized armed resistance in that country while German resistance continues elsewhere

APOSTROPHE -- Nice, France


APPAREL -- Massawa, Eritrea

APPARITION -- Nadzab, New Guinea

APPEARANCE -- Landings east and west of Berbora, British Somaliland (16 March 1941) (G.B.)

APPEASE -- Talasea, New Britain

APPELLATION -- Churchill, Canada

APPENDAGE -- Minto Reef, Truk Lagoon, Caroline Islands

APPIAN -- Arrangements for transfer of naval amphibious forces

APPLE -- Avuavu, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

APPLE -- Ponum, New Britain

APPRAISE -- Duvuluk, New Britain

APPREHEND -- Dagupan, Luzon, P.I.

APPROPRIATE -- Boryo (Horyo), Formosa

APRICOT -- Ndeni Island, Santa Cruz Islands

AQUILA -- Air project for India (canceled)

ARABELLA -- Dodecanese Islands, Mediterranean Sea

ARABIC -- New Britain, Bismarck Archipelago

ARBALEST -- Bukama, Belgian Congo, Africa

ARCADIA -- Roosevelt-Churchill Conference, Washington, December 1941-January 1942

ARCHBISHOP -- Jaluit Island, Marshall Islands

ARCHDALE -- Kolom, New Guinea

ARCHERY -- Combined British raid on the Vaagao Area of the Norwegian coast to destroy enemy shipping and shore batteries (27 December 1941) (G.B.)

ARCHIBALD -- South Greece

ARCHIVE -- Moses Point, Alaska

ARCLIGHT -- Yumyello, New Britain

ARENA -- Proposed airborne operation in the Kassel-Fritzlau-Hofgeisar area, Germany

ARGENT -- Ghinda, Eritrea

ARGONAUT -- Malta and Yalta Conferences, January-February 1945; Malta (Roosevelt-Churchill), Yalta (Roosevelt-Churchill-Stalin)

ARGUS -- Night fighter development project

ARGUS -- Babo, New Guinea

ARIEL -- Evacuation of British Expeditionary Force from northwest French ports (16-18, 20, June 1940) (G.B.)

ARITHMETIC -- Agattu Island, Aleutian Islands

ARLINGTON -- Tacloban, P.I.

ARMAGEDDON -- Dutch Harbor, Alaska

ARMAMENT -- Tsugado-Iwa (Gadd Rock), Formosa Area

ARMCHAIR -- Wickham Anchorage, New Georgia Island, Solomon Islands

ARMLOCK -- Agattu Island, Aleutian Islands

ARROGANT -- Guasopa Plantation, Woodlark Island [Solomon Sea]

ARROGANT -- Whittier, Alaska

ARROWROOT -- Termini, Sicily

ARSENIC -- Marien Harbor, New Britain

ARSON -- Balabac Strait, P.I.

ARTERIAL -- Western Caroline Islands (Palau, Yap, Ulithi)

ARTERY -- Yoloplo, New Britain

ARTHRITIS -- Solomon Islands

ARTICHOKE -- Barakoma A, Vella Lavella Island, Solomon Islands

ARTIST -- Ponape Island, Caroline Islands

ARTISTIC -- London, England

ASCOT -- Guimere Lagoon, New Britain

ASH -- Vella Lavella Island, Solomon Islands

ASHPLANT -- The Hump, CBI Theater

ASPBITE -- Bugi Island, New Guinea

ASPEN -- Cape Honslow, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

ASPERITY -- Asiatic Theater

ASPHYXIA -- Chinha Point, Amoy, China

ASPIRIN -- Dumaguete, P.I.

ASSEMBLE -- Laikang Bay, Celebes Island, N.E.I.

ASSESSOR -- Nassau Bay, New Guinea

ASSISTANCE -- Garan-Bi (Goaram), Formosa

ASTER -- Bau Island (Naval Base), Rendova Island, Solomon Islands

ASTER -- Port Darwin, Australia

ASTEROID -- Asmara, Eritrea

ASTORIA -- Toulon, France

ASTRONOMY -- Schouten Islands, New Guinea

ATLAS -- Pinip Island, Solomon Sea

ATLAS -- Shipping Control Officer, Forward Area, Central Pacific

ATMOSPHERE -- Capture by British of Massawa, Eritrea, Red Sea (8 April 1941) (G.B.)

ATOM -- Wallis Island, Samoan Islands

ATROCITY -- Pilelo Island, Solomon Sea

ATROPHY -- Magier River, New Britain

ATTENDANCE -- Ghisonaccia, Corsica

ATTENTION -- Yoron Shima Island, Japan

ATTLEBOROUGH -- Dunkirk, France

AUBURN -- Gurinati, New Britain

AUCTION -- Tagbilaran, P.I.

AUGMENTATION -- Okayama, Japan

AUSTIN -- Hefele Point, New Britain

AUSTIN -- Tulagi, Solomon Islands

AUTHENTIC -- Karenko (Hoirenkau) (Karendo-Gai), Formosa

AUTOCAR -- Casablanda, Corsica

AUTOMAT -- Aomo River, New Britain

AUTOMOBILE -- Nadzab, New Guinea

AUTONOMOUS -- Gander Bay, Newfoundland

AUTONYM -- Leopoldville, Belgian Congo, Africa

AVALANCHE -- Amphibious assault against Naples (Salerno landings) (September 1943)

AVARICE -- Sitka, Alaska

AVOCADO -- Lyons Point, Florida-Tulagi Group, Solomon Islands

AVONMORE -- Calais, France

AWKWARD -- Cape Masas, New Britain

AZALEA -- Cape Torokina, Torokina [Bougainville], Solomon Islands

AZTEC -- Norfolk Island, Pacific Ocean

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