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Division of the Pacific Station into Two Stations: General Order No. 175, 8 July 1872

Navy Department,
Washington, July 8 1872.

[Division of the Pacific Station into Two Stations]

On and after the first day of October next the Pacific Station will be divided into two Stations, to be named, respectively, the North Pacific Station and the South Pacific Station.

The North Pacific Station will embrace all that portion of the present Pacific Station lying north of the Equator, except so much of the west coast of South America and of the Isthmus as lies between the Equator and Panama.

The South Pacific Station will embrace the west coast of the Isthmus and of South America lying between Panama and the Equator, and the west coast of South America and the islands and waters of the Pacific lying south of the Equator as far west as the 150th meridian, and will include, in addition the coast and seaports of Australia.

The harbor of Panama will be considered as attached to both Stations.

Secretary of the Navy.

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