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ZEALOUS -- Bizerte, Tunisia

ZENOPHEN -- Wankum, New Guinea

ZEPHYR -- Ayuet Island, New Britain

ZEPHYR -- Kukum, Solomon Islands

ZIMMERMAN -- Cape Dampier, New Britain

ZIPPER -- Banu River, New Britain

ZIPPER -- Operations for the establishment of bridgehead in Port Swettenham-Port Dickson area preparatory to an advance southward on Singapore

ZIPPER I -- Operations for the capture of Port Swettenham-Port Dickson area and development of this area preparatory to an advance southward to Singapore

ZIPPER II -- Exploitation southward as far as the Johore Straits

ZOMBIE -- Method of defending a convoy attacked by U-Boats at night (G.B.)

ZONITE -- Palembang, Sumatra, N.E.I.

ZOOLOGY -- Prestwick, Scotland

ZOOTSUIT -- Awul, New Britain

ZOUAVE -- White Horse, Yukon Territory, Canada

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