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MABLE -- Aisega, Lottin Island, Dampier Strait, New Guinea

MADAM -- Wolwol, New Britain

MADCAP -- Au (North of Cape Anukur), New Britain

MADONNA -- Dumagerette, Negros Island, P.I.

MAELSTROM -- Okur, New Britain

MAESTRO -- Oahu, T.H.

MAGDELINA -- Didmop, New Britain

MAGGOT -- Cape Bolinao, Luzon, P.I.

MAGNET -- U.S. Forces in Northern Ireland

MAGNETO -- Geographic location in connection with ARGONAUT

MAGPIE -- Bombay, India

MAHATMA -- Haha Jima, Bonin Islands, Japan

MAILFIST -- Capture of the Singapore Coast Battery

MAINE -- Kwalakessi, New Britain

MAINLAND -- Rokko (Rokan) (Rokko-Gai), Formosa

MAINSHEET -- Brunei Bay, Northwest Borneo

MAINSPRING -- Germany or German

MAINSPRING -- Mt. Namur, Lottin Island, Dampier Strait, New Guinea

MAINSTREET -- Wadi Halfa, Sudan

MAINYARD -- Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

MAJESTIC -- Invasion of Kyushu, Japan (projected)

MAJESTIC -- Taliwaga, New Britain

MAJESTY -- A craft shelter and breakwater formed of sunken blockships for use against the Japanese

MALACANAN -- Cape St. Augustin, Mindanao, P.I.

MALACCA -- Godthaab, Greenland

MALICIOUS -- Palermo, Sicily

MALLARD -- Hyderabad, India

MALLARD -- Operation with 6th Airborne Division on evening of D-day

MALLEABLE -- Pingelap Island, Caroline Islands

MALLET -- Marilinan, New Guinea

MALVERN -- Brest, France

MAMMY -- Broome, Australia

MANASSAS -- Wogwog Island, New Britain

MANDRAKE -- Kavilpo River, New Britain

MANHOLE -- Hawaii

MANNER -- Shimchiku (Shinteku), Formosa

MANTELSHELF -- Woodlark Island [Solomon Sea]

MANURE -- Walinda River, New Britain

MAORI -- Visayan, P.I.

MAPLE -- Port Moresby, New Guinea

MAPLE -- Special minelaying operations in connection with OVERLORD

MARBLE -- Carnarvon, Australia

MARDIGRAS -- Kimbe Bay, New Britain

MARGE -- Surabaya, Java, N.E.I.

MARGERINE -- Gulei, New Britain

MARIGOLD -- Landing military personnel along East Coast of Sardinia (30 May-1 June 1943) (G.B.)

MARLOW -- Capri, Italy

MARMALADE -- Santa Lucia, Cuba

MAROON -- Trinidad, B.W.I.

MARQUEE -- Hobart, Tasmania

MARROW -- Maika, New Britain

MARROWBONE -- Eastern Siberia

MARSHMALLOW -- Mokmer, Biak Island, New Guinea

MARSHMALLOW -- "Torpedo Track Sighted"

MARTINI -- Dodecanese Islands, Mediterranea Sea

MARYLAND -- Bulu-Murli, New Britain

MASHIE -- Navalapua, New Britain

MASONITE -- Koskins Peninsula, New Britain

MASQUERADE -- Cape Reilnitz, Manning Strait, Solomon Islands

MASTHEAD -- Numundo Point, New Britain

MATCHABLE -- Panaon Strait, P.I.

MATCHWOOD -- Talasea Airdrome, New Britain

MATT I -- Abatiku Island, Gilbert Islands

MATTERHORN -- Plan for very long range air operations from the Chengtu area in China against vital targets in the Japanese inner zone

MATURE -- Kabunikau Point, Lusancay Island [Solomon Sea]

MAWSEED -- Tanamerah, New Guinea

MAXWELL -- Siwat Island, New Britain

MAYFLOWER -- Gilva, Lottin Island, Dampier Strait, New Guinea

MAYFLY -- U.S. Base, Midlands, England

MAZE -- Melbourne, Australia

McDUFF -- Boeroe Island, N.E.I.

MEADOWS -- "Dangerous Ground"

MECHANISM -- Gosei, Formosa

MEDICO -- Anurio Island, New Britain

MEETINGHOUSE -- Tokyo, Japan

MEGAPHONE -- American Mission, Salinas, Ecuador

MELINITE -- Argentia, Newfoundland

MEMBER -- Sao, Formosa

MEMSAHIB -- Rabaul, New Britain

MENACE -- Plan to establish Free French Forces at Dakar under General De Gaulle (23-25 September 1940)

MENDICANT -- Malakal Island, Palau Islands


MERCANTILE -- Manus Island, Bismarck Archipelago

MERCEDES -- Sealark, Santa Isabel Island, Solomon Islands

MERCENARY -- Honshu Island, Japan

MERCURY -- Panama

MERIDIAN -- Attack on Palembang, Sumatra, refineries by carrier borne aircraft (January 1945)

MERITORIOUS -- Aineman Island, Jaluit Atoll, Marshall Islands

MERRYMAID -- Bohol, P.I.

MERRYMAKER -- Petropavlovsk, U.S.S.R.

MESPOT -- Cover and deception policy for Western Europe from 1 January 1944 until NEPTUNE plus 21

MESSMATE -- U.S. Army, North Africa

METAL -- Newfoundland

METAPHOR -- Cold Bay, Unimak, Alaska

METFIELD -- Bulgaria

METRO -- Sarhe, New Britain

METTLE -- Grass Point, New Britain

MICHAELMAS -- Saidor, New Guinea

MICHIGAN -- Puspun, New Britain

MICROCOSM -- Goodenough Island, New Guinea

MICROSCOPE -- Nagoya, Japan

MIDWIFE -- Salier Strait, Celebes, N.E.I.

MIKE ONE -- Landing on Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, P.I.

MILD -- Canton Island, Phoenix Islands

MILLET -- Diversionary operation in the form of an air strike within the Southeast Asia Command to coincide with major operations by U.S. Forces in the Philippines (15-21 October 1944) (G.B.)

MILLRACE -- Pulusuk Island, Caroline Islands

MINERAL -- Caucasus

MINERVA -- Embarkation of General Giraud in Bormes Road, 20 miles east of Toulon, South France (6 November 1942)

MINIVER -- Djailolo Pass, Halmahera, N.E.I.

MIRACLE -- Namatutu, New Britain

MOBILE -- Ongaia, New Britain

MOCCASIN -- Wake Island

MODEL -- Marine Movement

MODEST -- Kukurio, New Britain

MOLAR -- Dabanu Village, Woodlark Island [Solomon Sea]

MOLEHILL -- Ellice Islands

MONARCH -- Spratly Island, South China Sea


MONOCLE -- Siberia

MONSOON -- Otta Pass, Truk Lagoon, Caroline Islands

MONTCLAIR -- Operations to reoccupy the Visayas-Mindanao-Borneo-Netherlands East Indies area

MOONMAN -- Skagway, Alaska

MOONSHINE -- Kulumadau, Woodlark Island [Solomon Sea]

MOONSTRUCK -- Vogelkop Peninsula, New Guinea

MORINO -- Singapore

MOROCCO -- Sunpanam, Umboi Island, Bismarck Archipelago

MOSCOW -- Reilly's Creek, Woodlark Island [Solomon Sea]

MOSSBANK -- Pierre Laval

MOTHER -- Cape Selatan, Borneo

MOTOROLA -- Cape Mensing, New Britain

MOTTLED -- Limassol, Cyprus

MOZART -- Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

MUDBANK -- Operations against Ponape, Caroline Islands

MUDBATH -- U.S. Army occupation of Martinique, Guadaloupe and French Guiana

MULBERRY -- Artificial harbors for OVERLORD

MULE -- Suva, Fiji Islands

MULTITUDE -- Ngargol Island, Palau Islands

MUMMY -- Sibuyan Island, P.I.

MUNSTER -- Le Havre, France

MURDER -- Esaihi, New Britain

MURSLEY -- Loire River, France

MUSCATEL -- Kaurai, New Britain

MUSKET -- Operations against the heel of Italy

MUSKETEER -- Landing on Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, P.I.

MUSK-OX -- Exercise to be conducted by Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Force during the winter, 1945-46

MUTUAL -- Nus Nus, New Britain

MYSTERY -- Reu Island, Solomon Sea

MYTHOLOGY -- Canton Island, Phoenix Islands

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