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US Navy Bureau of Naval Personnel. Navy Casualties: Lost and Wrecked Ships, 1801-1941... Washington, DC: 1941? [Rare fragile typescript located in Navy Department Library rare book room.]

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List of Naval Personnel Who Died in the Honda Point Disaster

USS Young

Buchan, Ralph Kenneth   Chief Pharmacist's Mate
Duncan, Earl   Seaman 2 class
Grady, Everett William   Fireman 2 class
Harrison, Earnest Carl   Fireman 1 class
Jones Ernest   Cabin Cook
Kirby, Edward Clinton   Fireman 3 class
Kirk, Henry Thompson   Fireman 3 class
Martin, James Tidwell   Seaman 1 class
Morris, Wade Hampton   Seaman 2 class
Overshiner, Gordon Jerome   Seaman 2 class
Reddoch, Clitus Allen   Radioman 1 class
Rogers, Leo Floyd   Seaman 2 class
Salzer, Charles Alfred   Coxswain
Skipper, Hugh Woodfan   Seaman 2 class
Slimak, Joseph John   Seaman 2 class
Taylor, Max H.   Engineman 2 class
Torres, Enrique   Cabin Steward
Van Schaack, Vern Russell   Fireman 2 class
Young, John   Fireman 2 class
Zakrzewski, August   Fireman 2 class

USS Delphy

Conway, James Wheaton H.   Seaman 2 class
Dalida, Sofronio   CC [Cabin Cook?]
Pearson, James Thomas   Fireman 1 class


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