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How to serve your country in the WAVES

cover - How to serve your country in the WAVES

PDF Version [3.1MB]

Inside cover - How to serve your country in the WAVES

To every woman

who wants a part in

winning this war 

Never in history have America women been offered such a chance to serve their country. Never has there been such an urgent need for their service. 

This is total war --- a war in which every woman as well as every man must play a part. The men in the Navy are in for one reason alone --- to fight! They’re in to fly the planes, man the ships, smash the Nazis and Japs. 

But to keep them fighting, there are important service jobs that must be carried on at home -----man size, full-time jobs which you, the women of America, can fill ----- jobs in which you can serve your country in your country and release the men to fight at sea. 

This is what you ---- as a member of the WAVES --- can do to help win this war. How you can do it is explained in detail in this book. Read every word of it. The take a step you’ll be proud of all your life --- volunteer for the WAVES today.

Frank Knox

Secretary of the Navy 


On duty in the radio control tower- pg2

What are the Waves?

The WAVES is an organization of women whose job is to replace Navy men at shore stations. 

As a member of the WAVES, you can wear the same Navy blue, win the same ratings and earn the same pay as America’s finest fighting men. 

And you’ll hold the same shore jobs that are now filled by men. At Navy bases throughout the continental United States WAVES do all types of office work. They also are needed to fill jobs in radio, communications, storekeeping. Some are needed for important posts in mechanics and aviation ground work --- as machinists, for example, or as operators of the Link Trainer, that amazing device which teaches future Navy pilots the principles of flying.  Other Women are needed for various special or technical positions.  Many hundreds more can render valuable service in the Navy, doing a variety of tasks which are included in the daily routine of every efficiently operated shore establishment. 

Whatever your work, wherever you go, you can be sure that you are performing a very real, very vital service for your country. It won’t be any picnic. It’s not a part-time “glamour” job ----- and its not meant to be.You are as much a member of the service as any man with the fleet. It’s full-time work. It will be hard work. But as you’re the sort of woman who loves America and honors the brave men fighting to keep it free, it’s work you’ll be proud to do. 

There is a place in the WAVES for women with experience in practically every field of business and industry. Have you worked in an office as a typist, secretary, operator of business machines, filing clerk or bookkeeper? You will find ready use for your skill. Have you sold merchandise or checked stock in a store? Do you know anything about radio, telegraphy, photography? Did you ever work in a library, serve at an information desk or telephone switchboard, do tailoring or sewing? Have you a mechanical “bent”? If so, your knowledge and experience will be valuable to the Navy. And it will help you to rapid promotion and better pay. 

On the other hand, suppose you have no special skill or experience. There is a place for you, too, in the Navy. If you can meet the physical and educational requirements, Navy training will take care of the rest, fit you in a short time for the post where you will be of greatest service to your country and to yourself. The following pages tell you about this training and where you will get it.

Pleasant surroundings, you will share, good food and plenty of it, future radio operators - pg4

First, you’ll receive

excellent basic training 

    As an enlisted WAVE, you will receive four weeks of recruit training at government expense at the Naval Training School (WR) in the Bronx, New York. At the end of this time you may be ordered to active duty at once, or you may be transferred for further instruction in a special field to a naval air station, a naval hospital or one of several schools. 

    Typical  of these are the Naval Air Stations at Norman, Oklahoma ; Memphis, Tennessee ; Atlanta, Georgia ; and Lakehurst, New Jersey ; the Naval Hospitals at Bethesda, Maryland and San Diego, California ; and the campuses of Indiana University at Bloomington, Indiana ; Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical  College at Stillwater, Oklahoma ; University of Wisconsin at Madison, Wisconsin ; Iowa State Teachers College at Cedar Falls, Iowa ; Georgia State College for Women at Milledgeville, Georgia ; Miami University at Oxford, Ohio, etc. The school to which you may be assigned depends upon the type of job for which you will be trained.

You’ll be a real recruit 

    During your indoctrination training, you’ll live as a regular Navy recruit. In recruit school, your ability to take it cheerfully will be tested --- to take drill, to learn Navy language and Navy ways, to serve your turn at messenger or mess detail or any other chore which must be done to make the “ship” sail smoothly. 

You and your “shipmates” will share a brand new experience of study and work, and also share the thrills of donning uniform and passing in review with the colors flying. 

When you step out of recruit training you’ll look and act like a full-fledged seaman. You’ll be “in the Navy now.”

I'm making as much, Estelle Marshall, Julia Palmer, Former store buyer Helen King

Uniform for the WAVES - pg8

As an enlisted Wave you earn up to $126 monthly --- plus allowances 

    Many women are now earning as much money in the WAVES as they ever did in their civilian jobs. You will enlist as Apprentice Seaman at $50 a month. And remember, that money is just your base pay, just a part of your income --  because in addition, all your living expenses are paid. You’ll get good food, comfortable quarters, the finest medical and dental care, and $200 worth of clothing -- all free. In cases where government facilities are not available, you’ll receive,in addition to your pay, subsistence and quarters allowances totaling $2.75 a day. 

    If you suffer disability or death from disease or injury while on active duty you will be entitled to all the benefits prescribed by law for civil employees of the United States. You can buy life insurance at low government rates. And, like any other member of the uniformed services, you will get the privileges of free mail, reduced rates on transportation, movie and theatre tickets where granted, and you may benefit from such organizations as USO, Red Cross, and Navy Relief. 

    They Navy wants you to become skilled in your job. You don’t have to ask for promotion. If you are willing and able, you will be recommended for advancement. And each promotion is accompanied by a raise in pay. 

    The table below shows the steps by which you can advance and the base pay you’ll receive as an enlisted WAVE.

RATE                                                        MONTHLY BASE PAY*                               
Apprentice Seaman                    $   50 
Seaman, Second Class       54 
Seaman, First Class       66 
Petty Officer, Third Class       78 
Petty Officer, Second Class       96 
Petty Officer, First Class     114  
Chief Petty Officer, Acting Appointment     126 

*Allowances for your food and living quarters are granted.

These are both in addition to your base pay.

Sample question pg10

Can you meet these requirements?

Here are the requirements for enlisted women.

Check your qualifications against them.



enlist for the duration of the war.

You will be discharged within six

months after the war ends 

EDUCATION---You must have two

years of high school or business


CITIZENSHIP---You must be a

native-born American, or if you are

not native-born, you or your parents

must have naturalization papers.

You must show written proof of

citizenship when you apply. 

EXPERIENCE---You will be asked

to submit a record of your occupa-

tion since leaving school. 

AGE---On the date of enlistment,

you must e at lease 20 years old

and not yet have reached your 36th

birthday.  If you are under 21, you

must have the written consent of

your parents or guardians. 

PHYSICAL---With your completed

application blank you must fill out

a form which will give our

complete health record. 

MARRIAGE---A married woman

may enlist in the WAVES, provided

her husband is not in the same branch

of the service.  You may not marry during

the training period.  However, after the training

is over there are no marriage restrictions whatever. 

HEIGHT---You must be a least 5


DEPENDENTS---Women with children

under 18 will not be accepted

for enlistment in the WAVES 

WEIGHT---You must weigh at least

95 pounds, and your weight must

be in proportion to your general

body build. 

CHARACTER---The Nacy wants wo-

men of good character.  When you

enlist, you will be asked to furnish

3 references. 

EYES---Each eye must be correct-

able with glasses to 20/20 vision. 



---You must be able to

distinguish whispered words at 15



TEETH---Natural teeth must be in

sound condition, or you must have

satisfactory replacements. 


Naval Air Bases

Navy Air Bases

Officer in the WAVES pg14a

Officers in the Waves

    College women can earn commissions in the WAVES. Most of them qualify as Ensigns. A limited number (as specified by Act of Congress) can become Lieutenants (Junior Grade) and Lieutenants (Senior Grade). They will draw the same pay and allowances as men Officers of equivalent rank in the Navy. Uniforms for Officers will be the same as for the enlisted personnel except for the Officers’ hat, gold buttons, white dress shirt and reserve blue stripes designating their rank. 

    Officers in the WAVES will hold responsible positions. Previous experience in any of many different fields will be a valuable asset to the Officer candidate, but it is not by any means a “must” requirement. The chief qualifications, in addition to at least two years of college training, are alertness, energy, integrity,leadership qualities---and above all, the urge to serve your country. 

    Women who have had business experience in the fields of banking, retailing, insurance, manufacturing, etc., and those who are executives, accountants, statisticians, buyers, personal officers,


been engaged in civil life. Also needed are women who have had technical training and practical experience in engineering, communications, electronics, physics, radio and similar fields. 

    WAVE officer candidates take their indoctrination either at Smith College, Northampton, Mass., or at Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass. All candidates enter as Apprentice Seamen. They continue in this status for one month and then qualify as Reserve Midshipmen. At this point a division takes place. Those being trained for general duty must complete a second month of advanced indoctrination. Those selected for special duty enter upon a seven weeks’ course of study in their specialty. Upon the successful completion of their respective training, they are commissioned and ordered to duty. 


Requirements for Officers

Candidates for commissions in the WAVES must meet the same requirements as enlisted women except in 3 respects: 

AGE---At date of enlistment, 20 to

49 inclusive. 

PHYSICAL---Same as for enlisted

women with these two exceptions:

1.  Eyes: Minimum vision in each eye

12/20, corrected to 20/20

2.  Teeth:  Minimum of 18 sound

teeth, with at least 2 molars op-

posing on each side and 4

opposing front teeth. 

EDUCATION---College degree or two

years of college work plus at least

two years of acceptable business or

professional experience.  Also two

years of mathematics in high school

or college. 


For an application blank for a commission in the WAVES, write to the nearest Navy Recruiting Station or Office of Naval Officer Procurement listed on the last pages of this booklet.  Or if there is an office close by, you may call in person.  With your request enclose the following information: (1) age and date of birth; (2) education; (3) marital status; (4) the number and ages of your children; (5) husband's occupation.

ENLISTED WOMEN MAY BECOME OFFICERS.  The only way a non-college woman can win a commission in the WAVES is to come up "through the ranks."  Not many will qualify.  It calls for hard work and real ability, but it is a goal well worth trying for. 



Joining the WAVES pg16

Joining the WAVES pg17

Any questions about Waves?

You'll find the answers here

QAs a WAVE will I be expected to serve overseas?

A.  The law passed by Congress limits your service to the continental limits of the United States.

QWhat is the term of enlistment?

A.  For the duration of the war.  You will be discharged within six months after the war ends.

QAfter I have once joined, may I resign?

A.  A letter to your Commanding Officer, requesting discharge and stating your reason, will be forwarded for consideration.  But in wartime resignations are discharged.

QIf I am under 20 and my parents consent, can I enlist?

A.  No.  By law the minimum age is 20.

Q.  If I have no special training, will I be eligible?

A.  Yes. In additon to women with specialized training, the WAVES definitely want women of high calibre but no special training.

QAm I on active duty as soon as I am sworn in?

A.  Not necessarily.  You may be told to report home on inactive duty to await further orders or be ordered to proceed to a training school immediately.

QWhen does my pay begin?

A.  The day you report to training schol.

QShould I quit my old job as soon as I am sworn in?

A.  No.  Do not resign until you are ordered to training school.

QMust all enlisted women start as Apprentice Seamen?

A.  Yes. But after successfully completing the basic training you become a Seaman, Second Class.

QMay I later change the type f work I am doing?

A.  You may submit a request to your Commanding Officer to be forwarded consideration.

QDo I pay my own way to training school?

A.  No.  Your transportation is paid by the Navy.

QHow long will my training period be?

A.  Recruit training lasts about one month and you may be ordered to a shore station immediately after that.

QCan an enlisted woman request training in a particular field--for instance, radio--even if she has had no previous training in that field?

A.  Yes.  But it cannot be guaranteed that the request will be granted.

QWhen do I get my uniform?

A.  After you arrice at training school.  However, you should bring enough civilian clothing for a week or two.

QWhat will my hours be at training?

A.  The hours will depend on th school you attend.  However, they will be on a military basis.  Receille, taps, etc. 

QWill I learn military drill?

A.  Yes.

QWill there be organized exercise?

A.  Yes.  There will be a physical director at each school, and the athletic program will be keyed to the type of work you will do.


QWill there be religious services?

A.  Yes.  Each training school will make appropriate arrangements.

QAm I allowed to have dates during training?

A.  Yes.  You may have dates during your free time.

QWill I get week-end leaves from training school?

A.  Yes, at the discretion of the Commanding Officer.

QWill I subject to military discipline after training?

A.  The extent of discipline depends on where you are stationed and what sort of work you are doing.  Obviously, those living in barracks will be subject to more discipline than those living along.

Q.  What about working hours, leaves, dates after training?

A.  All these will be determined by th work you are doing and the post where you are stationed.

QWhat supervision will there be over my living quarters?

A.  Wherever WAVES live in groups, they will be adequately supervised, and proper living standards will be maintained.  Where girls live individually, the Nacy will recommend suitable quarters.

Q Will I be permitted to marry after the training period?

A.  Yes, without any restrictions. If you become pregnant, you will be honorably discharged.

QMay I request duty at any particular Naval Station?

A.  Yes, but your request may or may not be granted.

QAs an enlisted woman, will I be subject to the same rules and regulations as an enlisted Navy man?

A.  Yes.

QWill I get the sam pay?

A.  Yes.

QCan I buy life insureance at the same low rates as Navy men?

A.  Yes.

QWill I get free mail privileges, discounts on transportation, movies, etc?  Will I benefit from USO, Red Cross, Navy Relief, etc.?

A.  Yes, on the same basis as male members of the armed services.

QMay I wear make-up?

A.  Yes, a reasonable amount.

QMust hair be cut short or worn in any particular style?

A.  You may wear it in any style that is becoming to you, but it should be short enough not to cover your collar.

QIf I do not received an application blank immediately after writing a letter for one, does it mean I am rejected?

A.  No.  Even though you are qualified, there may not be a position open at the moment which can properly utilize your talents.  You will be asked to come in for an aptitude test as soon as the need for your services develops.

QWhat papers would it be helpful for a candidate to start obtaining as soon as she decides she would like to join the WAVES?

A.  1.  Evidence of citizenship--birth or baptismal certificate.

     2..Transcript of your educational record.

     3.  Record of occupation since leaving school.

     4.  Three letters of recommendation from prominent citizens who know you.

     5.  Marraige certificate, if married, Divorce papers, if divorced.


Q. Can an enlisted woman ever work up to a commission?

A.  Yes. Your application will be judged on demonstrated capacity, educational qualifications, length of service and ability,

Q. What is the pay scale for Officers?

A.  Ensign: $150.00 base pay and allowances, amounting in all to about $216.00 a month.

Lieutenant (Junior Grade) : $166.67 base pay and allowances, amounting in all to about $216.00 a month.

Lieutenant (Senior Grade) : $200.00 base pay and allowances, amounting in all to about $296.00 a month.

Q. How much are Officers allowed for Uniforms?

A.  $250.

QWhat is the difference between the uniform of an enlisted woman and that of an Officer?

A.  LIttle difference -- except for hat, shirt, gold buttons instead of blue, and officer stripes on sleeves. Officers wear white shirts for dress, blue for work. Enlisted women wear reserve blue or dark blue shirts. In summer both Officers and enlisted women wear white shirts.

Q.   Could I qualify for a commission with only two or three years of college work?

A.  Yes, provided you have also had exceptional experience in administrative, executive or technical work. But you must have had at least two years of college.

Q.   If an Officer Candidate fails to complete her training period successfully, will she be transferred to the regular enlisted ranks or discharged?

A.  She may have her option.


How to apply for the Waves 

1.  First, go in person or write to the nearest Navy Recruiting Station (see pages 21-22-23-24) and ask for WAVES application blanks. Or, if more convenient , you may go or write to the nearest Office of Naval Officer Procurement listed on page 25.

2.  When you apply, be sure to give the following information: (a) your age and date of birth ; (b)  your education ; © your marital status ----- married, unmarried, widowed, divorced ; (d) if you have any children, how many and the age of each ; (e) if you are married, your husband’s occupation.

3.  If you appear to qualify on the basis of the information you give, you will receive an official application blank and other necessary papers. Fill in all the information requested about your qualifications, get your 3 character references and your properly filled out health report form and return all papers to the office from which you secured them.

4.  If your application is accepted, you will be sent -- with transportation paid -- to the nearest Office of Naval Officer Procurement for an interview, aptitude test and your Navy physical examination. If you pass these successfully, you will be sworn in -- ready to serve your country and release a man to fight at sea. If you fail, transportation will be paid to your home.


              Call or write for your application blank at the nearest office listed on the following pages:


Find your nearest Navy Recruiting Station on this list


New Court House &

Post Office Bldg., Post Office Square 

NEW YORK, N.Y.  383 Madison Ave. 
Attleboro, Mass.               Post Office Bldg.  Atlantic City, N.J.       Post Office Bldg            
Brockton, Mass.  Post Office Bldg. Annex  Bronx, N.Y.  8th Regiment Armory 
Fall River, Mass.  Post Office Bldg.  Brooklyn, N.Y.  Federal Bldg. 
Framington, Mass.  Post Office Bldg.  Camden, N.J. 

157th Field Artillery Armory

9th St., & Wright Ave. 

Haverhill, Mass  Post Office Bldg.  Jamaica, N.Y.  Post Office Bldg. 
Lawrence, Mass.  Post Office Bldg.  Jersey City, N.J.  Post Office Bldge. 
Lowell, Mass. 

New Post Office Bldg.

East Merrimack St. 

Long Island City, N.Y.  Post Office Bldg. 
Lynn, Mass.  Main Post Office Bldg.  Newark, N.J.  Post Office Bldg. 
New Bedford, Mass.  Parcel Post Bldg.  New Brunswick, N.J.  Post Office Bldg. 
Salem, Mass.  Post Office Bldg.  Newburgh, N.Y.  Post Office Bldg. 

Beacon Bldg.

814 Elm St. 

Paterson, N.J.  Post Office Bldg. 
Claremont, N.H.  Post Office Bldg  Phillipsburg, N.J.  Post Office Bldg. 
Nashua, N.H.  City Hall  St. George, S.I.., N.Y.  Post Office Bldg. 
NEW HAVEN, CONN.  Chamber of Commerce Bldg., 185 Church St.  Trenton, N.J.  Post Office Bldg. 
Bridgeport, Conn.  Post Office Bldg.  White Plains, N.Y.  Post Office Bldg. 
Danbury, Conn.  State Armory  Wilmington, Del.  Post Office Bldg. 
Hartford, Conn. 

Post Office & Court House

Church & High Sts. 

Yonkers, N.Y.  Post Office Bldg. 
New London, Conn.  Post Office Bldg.  THIRD INDUCTION AREA 
Norwich, Conn.  Post Office Bldg.  BALTIMORE, MD. 

Post Office Bldg.

Calvert & Fayette Sts. 

South Norwalk, Conn.  Post Office Bldg.  Cumberland, Md.  Post Office & Court House 
Torrington, Conn.  Post Office Bldg.  Hagerstown, Md.  City Hall Bldg. 
Waterbury, Conn.  Post Office Bldg.  Salisbury, Md.  Post Office Bldg. 

Federal Court House 

Annex, 76-78 Pearl St.



Blackburn Bldg.

13 S 13th St. 

Auburn, Me.  County Court House  Allentown, Pa. 

Post Office Bldg.

5th & Hamilton Sts. 

Augusta, Me.  235 Water St.  Chester, Pa.  Post Office Bldg. 
Bangor, Me. 

Post Office Bldg.

Post Office Square 

Harrisburg, Pa. 

Post Office Bldg.

Walnut & 3rd Sts. 


Old Industrial Trust

Bldg., 49 Westminister St. 

Lancaster, Pa.  Post Office Bldg. 
Newport, R.I.  Post Office Bldg.  Reading, Pa.  Post Office Bldg. 
Pawtucket, R.I.  Post Office Bldg.  Scranton, Pa. 

U.S. Court House &

Post Office Bldg. 

Westerly, R.I.  State Armory  Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Post Office Bldg.

Main & South Sts. 

West Warwick, R.I.  Post Office Bldg.  Williamsport, Pa.  Post Office Bldg. 
Woonsocket, R.I.  Post Office Bldg.  York, Pa.  Post Office Bldg. 

Post Office Bldg.

Dwight St., between Lyman & Taylor 


Old Federal Bldg.

300 Smithfield St. 

Bellows Falls, Vt.  Post Office Bldg.  Altoona, Pa. 

Post Office Bldg.

1200-14 Eleventh ave. 

Burlington, Vt.  Police Station  Dubois, Pa.  Post Office Bldg. 
Fitchburg, Mass.  Post Office Bldg.  Erie, Pa. 

Court House

State St. & Perry Square 

Greenfield, Mass.  Post Office Bldg.  Greensburg, Pa. 

Post Office Bldg.

Pennsylvania Ave. 

Montpelier, Vt.  Post Office Bldg.  Johnstown, Pa.  New Post Office Bldg. 
Pittsfield, Mass.  Post Office Bldg.  Newcastle, Pa.  New Federal Bldg. 
Rutland, Vt.  Post Office Bldg., West St.  Uniontown, Pa.  Post Office Bldg. 
Worcester, Mass.  Post Office Bldg.  RICHMOND, VA. 

Parcel Post Bldg.

11th & Main Sts. 

SECOND INDUCTION AREA  Bristol, Va.  53 Piedmont St. 
ALBANY, N.Y.  P.O. Bldg. Broadway  Danville, Va.  Post Office Bldg. 
Binghamton, N.Y. 

Post Office Bldg.

Henry St. 

Lynchburgh, Va.  Post Office Bldg. 
Glens Falls, N.Y.  WPA Bldg  Newport News, Va.  City Armory 
Poughkeepsie, N.Y.  New Post Office Bldg.  Norfork, Va.  Post Office Bldg. 
Schenectady, N.Y.  New Post Office Bldg.  Petersburg, Va.  Post Office Bldg. 
Syracuse, N.Y. 

Post Office Bldg.

Clinton Square 

Roanoke, Va. 

Church & Commerce Sts.

Post Office Bldg. 

Troy, N.Y.  Renesslaer Co. Court House  Staunton, Va.  Post Office Bldg. 
Utica, N.Y. 

Federal Bldg.

Broad & John Sts. 


City Club Bldg.

1320 G. St., N.W. 

Watertown, N.Y.  Post Office Bldg.  FOURTH INDUCTION AREA 

Post Office Bldg.

Ellicot, Swan & Oak Sts. 


Post Office & Court

House Bldg., 5 th Ave., North bet. 18th & 19th Sts. 

Batavia, N.Y.  County Court House  Anniston, Ala.  Post Office Bldg. 
Elmira, N.Y.  Post Office Bldg.  Bessemer, Ala.  City Hall 
Jamestown, N.Y.  Post Office Bldg.  Dothan, Ala.  Post Office & Court House 
Niagara, N.Y.  Post Office Bldg.  Evergreen, Ala.  Jones & Deming Bldg. 
Olean, N.Y.  Post Office Bldg.  Florence, Ala.  Post Office Bldg. 
Rochester, N.Y. 

Post Office Bldg.

Church & Fitzhugh Sts. 



Gadsen, Ala.                  
Post Office Bldg.       FIFTH INDUCTION AREA 
Huntsville, Ala.  Post Office Bldg.  CINCINNATI, OHIO 

Court House & Post

Office Bldg., Government Square 

Mobile, Ala.  Court & Customs House Bldg.  Dayton, Phio  Post Office Bldg. 
Montgomery, Ala.  Post Office Bldg.  Portsmouth, Ohio  Post Office Bldg. 
Opelika, Ala.  Post Office Bldg.  Springfield, Ohio  Post Office Bldg. 
Tuscaloosa, Ala.  Post Office Bldg.  CLEVELAND, OHIO 

Old Post office

Bldg., E. 2nd & Superior Sts. 


First Nat'l Bank Bldg.

1210 Washington St. 

Akron, Ohio  New Post office Bldg. 
Charleston, S.C.  County Office Bldg.  Ashtabula, Ohio  Post Office Bldg. 
Columbia, S.C.  City Hall  Canton, Ohio  Post Office Bldg. 
Conway, S.C.  County Office Bldg.  Lorain, Ohio  Post Office Bldg. 
Florence, S.C.  Post Office Bldg.  Mansfield, Ohio  Post Office Bldg. 
Greenville, S.C.  P.O. Bldg., & Court House  Sandusky, Ohio  Post Office Bldg. 
Rock Hill, S.C.  Post Office Bldg.  Steubenville, Ohio  P.O. & Court House 
Spartanburg, S.C.  194 1/2 E. Main St  Youngstown, Ohio  Post Office Bldg. 
Spartanburg, S.C.  Post Office Bldg.  COLUMBIA, OHIO 

Old Post Office Bldg.

Third & State Sts. 


Post Office Bldg.

East Capitol & South West Sts. 

Athens, Ohio  Post Office Bldg. 
Greenville, Miss.  Public Library Bldg.  Cambridge, Ohio  Post Office Bldg. 
Greenwood, Miss.  Post Office Bldg.  Chillicothe, Ohio  43 N. Fourth St. 
Gulfport, Miss.  Hatten Bldg.  Zanesville, Ohio 

Zanesville Municipal


Hattlesburg, Miss. 

Sam Miller Bldg.

305 McCleod St. 

HUNTINGTON, W. VA.  Post Office Bldg. 
Meridan, Miss.  Post Office Bldg.  Beckley, W. Va.  Post Office Bldg. 
Natchez, Miss.  Post Office Bldg.  Bluefield, W. Va.  Post Office Bldg. 
Tupelo, Miss.  City-County Office Bldg.  Charleston, W. Va.  Post Office Annex 

Post Office Bldg.

311 W. Monroe St. 

Clarksburg, W. Va. 

Post Office Bldg.

500 W. Pike St. 

Gainesville, Fla.  Post Office Bldg.  Elkins, W. Va.  Post Office Bldg. 
Marianna, Fla.  Post Office Bldg.  Fairmont, W. Va. 

Post Office Bldg. &

Court House 

Orlando, Fla.  Post Office Bldg.  Martinsburg, W. Va.  Post Office Bldg. 
Pensacola, Fla.  Post Office Bldg.  Parkensburg, W. Va.  Old Federal Bldg. 
St. Petersburg, Fla.  Chamber of Com. Bldg.  Wheeling, W. Va.  Post Office Bldg. 
Tallahassee, Fla.  Post Office Bldg.  INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 

Post Office Bldg.

Ohio & North Pennsylvania Sts. 

Tampa, Fla.  Post Office Bldg.  Bloomington, Ind.  Post Office Bldg. 

Post Office Bldg.

Mulberry & Third Sts. 

Columbia, Ind.  Post Office Bldg. 
Albany, Ga.  Post Office Bldg.  Evansville, Ind. 

Post Office Bldg.

2nd & Sycamore Sts. 

Athens, Ga.  New Post Office Bldg.  Fort Wayne, Ind.  Post Office Bldg. 
Atlanta, Ga. 

New Post Office Bldg.

Forsyth & Hunter Sts. 

Gary, Ind.  Post Office Bldg. 
Augusta, Ga.  Post Office Bldg.  Kokomo, Ind.  Post Office Bldg. 
Columbus, Ga. 

Post Office Bldg.

12th St., 2nd Ave. 

Lafayette, Ind.  Post Office Bldg. 
La Grange, Ga.  112 Hines St.  Marion, Ind.  Post Office Bldg. 
Rome, Ga.  Post Office Bldg.  Muncie, Ind.  Post Office Bldg. 
Savannah, Ga.  Post Office Bldg.  Richmond, Ind.  Colonial Bldg. 
Valdosta, Ga.  Post Office Bldg.  Salem, Ind.  Post Office Bldg. 

Falls Bldg.

24-26 North Front St. 

South Bend, Ind.  Federal Bldg. 
Dyersburg, Tenn.  Post Office Bldg.  Terre Haute, Ind.  Post Office Bldg. 
Jackson, Tenn.  New Post Office Bldg.  Vincennes, Ind.  Post Office Bldg. 
Union City, Tenn.  Post Office Bldg  LOUISVILLE, KY 

Post office Bldg.

7th & Broadway 


Postal Bldg.

327 N. E. First Ave. 

Ashland, Ky.  Post Office Bldg. 
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.  315 S. Andrews Ave.  Bowling Green, Ky  Post Office Bldg. 
Ft. Myers, Fla.  Post Office Bldg.  Covington, Ky.  Post Office Bldg. 
Key West, Fla.  Post Office Bldg.  Danville, Ky.  Post Office Bldg. 
West Palm Beach, Fla.  Post Office Bldg.  Frankfort, Ky.  Post Office Bldg. 

U.S. Court House

Broad St., & 8th Ave. 

Hopkinsville, Ky.  Post Office Bldg. 
Chattanooga, Tenn. 

New Federal Bldg.

9th St. & Georgia Ave. 

Lexington, Ky.  Post Office Bldg. 
Cookeville, Tenn.  Court House & Post Office  Middlesboro, Ky.  Post Office Bldg.   
Johnson City, Tenn.  New Post Office Bldg.  Owensboro, Ky.  Post Office Bldg. 
Kingsport, Tenn.  Post Office Bldg.  Paducah, Ky.  New Post Office Bldg. 
Knoxville, Tenn.  Post Office Bldg.  Somerset, Ky.  City Hall 
McMinville, Tenn.  Post Office Bldg.  TOLEDO, OHIO 

Commercial Bldg.

713 Adams St. 

Morristown, Tenn.  Post Office Bldg.  Defiance, Ohio  410 1/2 Clinton St. 
Pulaski, Tenn.  Post Office Bldg.  Findlay, Ohio  Post Office Bldg. 

Federal Bldg.

Fayetteville & Martin Sts. 

Fremont, Ohio  Post Office Bldg. 
Asheville, N.C.  Post Office Bldg.  SIXTH INDUCTION AREA 
Charlotte, N.C.  Post Office Bldg. 


321 South Plymouth Court 

Plymouth Court Bldg. 
Greensboro, N.C.  Post Office Bldg.  Aurora, Ill.  New Post Office Bldg. 
New Bern, N.C.  Post Office Bldg.  Peoria, Ill. 

Post Office Bldg.

Monroe & Main Sts. 

Salisbury, N.C.  Post Office Bldg.  Quincy, Ill.  Post Office Bldg. 
Wilmington, N.C.  Post Office Bldg.  Rockford, Ill.  Post Office Bldg. 
Winston-Salem, N.C.  Post Office Bldg.  Rock Island, Ill.  Post Office Bldg. 


DETROIT, MICH.              

New Federal Bldg. 

Fort & Shelby Sts.        

Eveleth, Minn.            Post Office Bldg.          
Alpena, Mich.  Post Office Bldg.  Fargo, N.D.  Post Office Bldg. 
Benton Harbor, Mich.  Post Office Bldg.  Fergus Falls, Minn.  P.O. & Court House 
East Grand Rapids, Mich.  Naval Armory  Grand Forks, N.D.  Post Office Bldg. 
Escanaba, Mich.  Post Office Bldg.  Hibbing, Minn.  Village Hall 
Flint, Mich.  Post Office Bldg.  Jamestown, N.D.  Post Office Bldg. 
Jackson, Mich.  New Post Office Bldg.  Mankuto, Minn.  Post Office & Court House 
Kalamazoo, Mich.  New Post Office Bldg.  Minot, N.D.  Post Office & Court House 
Lansing, Mich.  New Post Office Bldg.  Montevideo, Minn.  Post Office Bldg. 
Marquette, Mich.  Federal Bldg.  Rochester, Minn.  Post Office Bldg. 
Pontiac, Mich.  Y.M.C.A. Bldg.  St. Cloud, Minn.  Post Office Bldg. 
Port Huron, Mich.  Federal Bldg.  St. Paul, Minn. 

Uptown Station &

Federal Courts Bldg. 

Royal Oak, Mich.  Post Office Bldg.  Wahpeton, N.D.  Post Office Bldg. 
Saginaw, Mich  New Federal Bldg.  Willistown, N.D.  Post Office Bldg. 
Traverse, Mich.  Post Office Bldg.  OMAHA, NEBR. 

Baird Bldg.

1704 Douglas St. 


Plankinton Bldg.

161 West Wisconsin Ave. 

Aberdeen, S.D.  Post Office & Court House 
Chippewa Falls, Wis.  Post Office Bldg.  Beatrice, Nebr.  Post Office Bldg. 
Green Bay, Wis.  Federal Bldg.  Deadwood, S.D.  Post Office Bldg. 
LaCrosse, Wis.  Federal Bldg.  Falls City, Nebr.  Post Office Bldg. 
Madison, Wis.  Post Office & Court House  Fremont, Nebr.  Post Office Bldg. 
Oshkosh, Wis.  Federal Bldg.  Hasting, Nebr.  Post Office Bldg. 
Racine, Wis.  Post Office Bldg.  Huron, S.D.  Post Office Bldg. 
Wausau, Wis.  Post Office Bldg.  Lincoln, Nebr.  Post Office Bldg. 

State Register Bldg.

613 East Monroe St. 

McCook, Nebr.  Red Window Co. Court House 
Champaign, Ill.  Post Office Bldg.  Mitchell, S.D.  Post Office Bldg. 
Effingham, Ill.  County Court House  Nebraska City, Nebr.  Post Office Bldg. 
Marion, Ill.  Post Office Bldg.  Norfolk, Nebr.  Post Office Bldg. 
SEVENTH INDUCTION AREA  North Platte, Nebr.  Post Office Bldg. 
CHEYENNE, WYO.  2000 Capitol Ave.  Rapid City, S.D.  Amer. Legion Hall 
Casper, Wyo.  Post Office Bldg.  Scott's Bluff, Nebr.  Post Office Bldg. 
Rock Springs, Wyo.  City Hall  Sioux Falls, S.D.  Co. Court House Annex 
Sheridan, Wyo.  Post Office Bldg.  Valentine, Nebr.  Cherry County C'rt House 

U.S. Customs House

19th & California Sts. 

Watertown, S.D.  Post Office Bldg. 
Colorado Springs, Colo.  Post Office Bldg.  Yankton, S.D.  Post Office Bldg. 
Durango, Colo.  Post Office Bldg.  ST. LOUIS, MO. 

U.S. Court & Customs

House, 12th & Market Sts. 

Grand Junction, Colo.  Post Office Bldg.  Cape Girardeau, Mo.  Post Office Bldg. 
Greeley, Colo.  Post Office Bldg.  Jefferson City, Mo.  New Post Office Bldg. 
Pueblo, Colo.  Post Office Bldg.  Moberly, Mo.  Post Office Bldg. 
Sterling, Col.  Federal Bldg.  Poplar Bluff, Mo.  Post Office Bldg. 

Old Post Office

Bldg., 5th & Court Sts. 

Springfield, Mo.  New P.O. & Court House 
Burlington, Iowa  Post Office Bldg.  EIGHTH INDUCTION AREA 
Carroll, Iowa  Carroll City Hall  DALLAS, TEX 

Post Office & Court House

St. Paul & Ervay Sts. 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa  Post Office Bldg.  Abilene, Tex. 

Post Office & Court House

300 Block, Pine Sts 

Council Bluffs, Iowa  Post Office Bldg.  Big Springs, Tex.  Court House Bldg. 
Creston, Iowa  Post Office Bldg.  Fort Worth, Tex.  U.S. Court House 
Davenport, Iowa  New Federal Bldg.  Longview, Tex.  Post Office Bldg. 
Decorah, Iowa  Winneshiek Co. Court House  Lubbock, Tex. 

Post Office Bldg.

802 Broadway 

Dubuque, Iowa  Post Office Bldg.  Paris, Tex.  Post Office & Federal Bldg. 
Fort Dodge, Iowa  Post Office Bldg.  San Angelo, Tex  Federal Bldg. 
Mason City, Iowa  Post Office Bldg.  Sherman, Tex  P.O. & Court House Bldg. 
Ottumwa, Iowa  Federal Bldg.  Tyler, Tex. 

Post Office Bldg.

Ferguson & Bois D'Arc Sts. 

Sioux City, Iowa 

Post Office & Court House

County Court House 

Waco, Tex.  Post Office Bldg. 
Spencer, Iowa  County Court House  Wichita Falls, Tex.  Post Office Bldg. 
Waterloo, Iowa  Post Office & Court House  HOUSTON, TEX. 

Post Office Bldg.

Capitol & San jacinto Sts. 


U.S. Court House

9th & Grand Sts. 

Austin, Tex.  Old Post Office Bldg. 
Chillicothe, Mo.  Post Office & Court House  Beamont, Tex.  Post Office Bldg. 
Dodge City, Kan.  Post Office Bldg.  Corpus Christi, Tex.  Federal Bldg. 
Hutchinson, Kan.  Post Office Bldg.  El Paso, Tex. 

U.S. Court House

501 San Antoio St. 

Joplin, Mo.  Post Office Bldg.  Galveston, Tex.  New Post Office Bldg. 
St. Joseph, Mo.  Court House & P.O. Bldg.  Harlingen, Tex.  Post Office Bldg. 
Salina, Kan.  New Post Office Bldg.  Lufkin, Tex.  209 S. First St. 
Topeka, Kan.  Post Office Bldg. 

San Antonio, Tex.

612 East Houston St. 

New Post Office Bldg. 
Wichita, Kan.  Post Office Bldg.  Temple, Tex.  Post Office Bldg. 

Federal Office

Bldg., Washington & 2nd Ave, South 

Victoria, Tex.  Post Office Bldg. 
Bismarck, N.D.  Post Office & Court House  LITTLE ROCK, ARK. 

Donaghey Trust

Bldg., 621 Main St. 

Brainerd, Minn.  415 S. Sixth St.  Arkadelphia, Ari  Post Office Bldg. 
Crookston, Minn.  102 W. Second St.  Eldorado, Ark.  Post Office Bldg. 
Devil's Lake, N.D.  Memorial Bldg.     
Dickerson, N.D.  Post Office Bldg.     
Duluth, Minn.  New Federal Bldg.     


Fort Smith, Ark.  Federal Bldg.  Inglewood, Calif.  Grevillea Park 
Helena, Ark.  Post Office Bldg.  Long Beach, Calif.  Post Office Bldg. 
Jonesboro, Ark.  Post Office Bldg.  Pasadena, Calif.  Y.M.C.A. 
Russellville, Ark.  Forestry Bldg.  Pomona, Calif.  Post Office & Federal Bldg. 
Texarkana, Ark.  Post Office Bldg.  Riverside, Calif.  Post Office Bldg. 

U.S. Customs

House, 423 Canal St. 

San Bernardino, Calif.  Federal Bldg. 
Alexandria, La.  Post Office & Court House  San Diego, Calif. 

Post Office Bldg.

8th & E Sts. 

Baton Rouge, La.  Post Office Bldg.  San Fernando, Calif.  Post Office Bldg. 
Lafayette, La. 

Butcher Bros. Bldg.

111 East main St. 

San Pedro, Calif.  P.O. & Customs House 
Lake Charles, La.  Post Office Bldg.  Santa Ana, Calif.  Post Office Bldg. 
Monroe, La.  P.O. & Court House Bldg.  Santa Barbara, Calif.  Post Office Bldg. 
Natchitoches, La.  104 Third St.  Santa Maria, Calif.  125 West Church St. 
Shreveport, La. 

Slattery Bldg.

509 Marshall St. 

Santa Monica, Calif.  Post Office Bldg. 

Post Office

Bldg, 3rd & Robinson Sts. 

Ventura, Calif.  11 South Ash St. 
Ada, Okla.  Post Office Bldg.  Whittier, Calif.  535 South Greenleaf 
Altus, Okla.  Post Office Bldg.  PHOENIX, ARIZ. 

Heard Bldg.

114-120 No. Central Ave 

Ardmore, Okla.  Post Office Bldg.  Douglas, Ariz.  Post Office Bldg 
Bartlesville, Okla.  Post Office Bldg.  Flagstaff, Ariz.  County Court House 
Chickasha, Okla.  Post Office Bldg.  Miami, Ariz.  Town Hall Bldg. 
Clinton, Okla.  Post Office Bldg.  Prescott, Ariz.  Post Office Bldg. 
Enid, Okla.  New Post Office Bldg.  Safford, Ariz.  Post Office Bldg. 
Lawton, Okla.  Post Office Bldg.  Tucson, Ariz.  Post Office Bldg. 
McAlester, Okla.  Post Office Bldg.  Yuma, Ariz.  City Hall 
Muskogee, Okla.  Federal Bldg.  PORTLAND, ORE. 

Elks Temple

620 S. W. Eleventh St. 

Oklahoma City, Okla.  240 S. W. Commerce St.  Astoria, Ore.  Post Office Bldg. 
Ponca, Okla.  Post Office Bldg.  Bend, Ore.  Post Office Bldg. 
Poteau, Okla.  Post Office Bldg.  Corvallis, Ore.  Post Office Bldg. 
Seminole, Okla.  Post Office Bldg.  Eugene, Ore.  Post Office Bldg. 
Stillwater, Okla.  Municipal Bldg.  Grants Pass, Ore.  Federal Bldg. 
Tulsa, Okla. 

Post Office Bldg.

Third St. & Boulder Ave. 

Klamath Falls, Ore.  Federal Bldg. 
Vinita, Okla.  Post Office Bldg.  McMinnville, Ore.  Chamber of Com. Bldg. 

New City Hall Bldg.

Washington AVe. & Marcy St. 

Marshfield, Ore.  Federal & Post Office Bldg. 
Albuquerque, N.M.  Federal Bldg.  Medford, Ore.  U.S. Court House & P.O. 
Carlsbad, N.M.  Elks Bldg.  Salem, Ore.  Post Office Bldg. 
Clovis, N.M.  Post Office Bldg.  The Dalles, Ore.  Civic Auditorium 
Gallup, N.M.  Post Office Bldg.  SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH 

P.O. Bldge.

350-60 South Main St. 

Hobbs, N.M.  City Hall  Cedar City, Utah  Post Office Bldg. 
Las Cruces, N.M.  115 Griggs Ave.  Elko, Utah  Federal Bldg. 
Las Vegas, N.M.  Post Office Bldg.  Las Vegas, Nev.  Post Office Bldg. 
Raton, N.M.  Hotel Yucca  Ogden, Utah  Post Office Bldg. 
Roswell, N.M.  Post Office Bldg.  Provo, Utah  Post Office Bldg. 
Silver City, N.M.  Grant co. Crt. House  Reno, Nev.  J.R. Bradley Bldg. 

Captiol Securities Bldg

805 Idaho St. 

Eureka, Calif.  Post Office Bldg. 
Idaho Falls, Idaho  Post Office Bldg.  Fresno, Calif. 

New Court House &

Post Office Bldg., Tulare & North Sts. 

Pocatello, Idaho  Post Office Bldg.  Oakland, Calif.  Post Office Bldg. 
Twin Falls, Idaho  Fidelity Nat. Bank Bldg.  Redding, Calif.  City Hall 

Gold Block Bldg.

50 North Main St. 

Sacramento, Calif. 

New Federal Bldg.

Eight & Eye Sts. 

Billings, Mont.  Federal Bldg.  Salinas, Calif.  Natinal Guard Armory 
Butte, Mont. 

Federal Bldg.

North Main & West Copper Sts. 

San Jose, Calif.  Post Office Bldg. 
Glasgow, Mont.  Post Office Bldg.  Santa Rosa, Calif.  Sonoma Co. Court House 
Glendive, Mont.  Post Office Bldg.  Stockton, Calif.  Post Office Bldg. 
Great Falls, Mont.  Federal Bldg.  SEATTLE, WASH. 

Mann Bldg

1411 1/2 Third Ave. 

Havre, Mont.  Federal Bldg.  Aberdeen, Wash.  Post Office Bldg. 
Miles City, Mont.  705 Main St.  Bellingham, Wash.  Post Office Bldg. 
Missoula, Mont.  Forestry An., Fed. Bldg.  Bremerton, Wash.  249 Fourth st. 
Plentywood, Mont.  Sheridan Co. C'rt House  Chehalis, Wash.  New Post Office Bldg. 

P.O. & Court

House, Main & Temple Sts. 

Everett, Wash.  2732 Colby Ave. 
Alhambra, Calif.  24 North Stoneman Ave.  Kelso, Wash.  Cowlitz County Court House 
Bakersfield, Calif.  Post Office Bldg.  Olympia, Wash.  Old Capitol Bldg. 
Beverly Hills, Calif.  9431 S'ta Monica Blvd.  Port Angeles, Wash.  Post Office Bldg 
Burbank, Calif.  Post Office Bldg.  Tacoma, Wash.  City Hall Annex 
Compton, Calif.  Band Stand City Hall Park  Vancouver, Wash.  600 1/2 Main St. 
Culver City, Calif.  9538 Washington Blvd.  SPOKANE, WASH. 

Welch Bldg.

610 Main Ave. 

El Centro, Calif.  Post Office Bldg.  Baker, Ore.  Post Office Bldg. 
El Monte, Calif.  205 East Valley Blvd.  Coeur d'Alene, Idaho  Post Office Bldg. 
Glendale, Calif.  City Hall  La Grande, Ore.  Post Office Bldg. 
Hollywood, Calif. 

Amer. Legion Club House

Post 43 

Lewiston, Idaho  Post Office Bldg. 
    Pendleton, Ore.  Post Office Bldg. 
    Sandpoint, Idaho  Post Office Bldg. 
    Walla Walla, Wash.  Post Office Bldg. 
    Wenatchee, Wash.  Post Office Bldg. 
    Yakima, Wash.  Post Office Bldg. 


    Offices of Naval Officeer Procurement


ATLANTA, GEORGIA                                              Healey Building                                                      
   Columbia, South Carolina   University of South Carolina 
   Jacksonville, Florida  915 Lynch Building 
   Knoxville, Tennessee  Room 326, New Post Office Building 
   Miami, Florida  Room 905, Langford Bldg., 121 S.E. First Street 
   Raleigh, North Carolina  North Carolina State College 
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS  150 Causeway Street 
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS  Board of Trade Bldg., 141 West Jackson 
   Cincinnati, Ohio  617 Vine Street 
   Cleveland, Ohio  6th Floor, Marshall Building 
   Des Moines, Iowa  Room 115, Old Post Office Building 
   Detroit, Michigan  9th Fl., Book Bldg., 1249 Washington Blvd. 
   Kansas City, Missouri  202 Finance Bldg., 1009 Baltimore Ave. 
   Milwaukee, Wisconsin  110 E. Wisconsin Ave. 
   Minneapolis, Minnesota  4th Fl., Roanoke Bldg. 109 South 7th St. 
   St. Louis, Missouri  6th Fl., Missouri Pacific Bldg., 210 N. 13th St. 
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA  Title Guarantee & Trust Co. Bldg., 411 South 5th St. 
   San Diego, California  615 Broadway Street 
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA  Louisiana Bldg., 217-227 Camp Street 
   Birmingham, Alabama  601-609 Jackson Building 
   Dallas, Texas  1530 Allen Building 
   Houston, Texas  824 Niels Esperson Building 
   Memphis, Tennessee  1212 Sterick Building 
   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  805 APCO Tower 
NEW YORK, N.Y.  33 Pine Street 
   Rochester, N.Y.  Genesee Valley Trust Bldg. 
PHILADELPHIA, PA.  17th Fl., Widener Bldg., Juniper & Chestnut Sts. 
   Pittsburgh, Pa.  Keystone Hoel Bldg., 3rd AVe. & Wood St. 
RICHMOND, VA.  Fifth and Cary Streets 
   Charleston, West Virginia  Kanawha Hotel Building 
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON  117 Marion Street 
   Portland, Oregon  1233 American Bank Building 
WASHINGTON, D.C.  1320 G Street, N.W. 
   Baltimore, Maryland  Richmond Market Armory, North Howard St. 


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