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The Naval Quarantine of Cuba, 1962: Glossary

Glossary of Selected Terms

AD - Douglas "Skyraider": single-engine piston attack aircraft (US)
AGS - surveying ship
ALFA 66 - Cuban refugee anti-Castro organization
ASW - antisubmarine warfare
AVP - seaplane tender

B-47 - Boeing "Stratojet": six-engine jet bomber (US)
B-50 - Boeing "Superfortress": four-engine bomber (US)
BLUEMOON - low-level photo reconnaissance missions over Cuba
BRASS KNOB - high-altitude U-2 photographic missions over Cuba
BUSHIPS - Bureau of Ships

C-119 - Fairchild "Flying Boxcar": twin-engine transport plane (US)
C-123 - Fairchild "Provider": twin-engine transport plane (US)
CAG - guided missile cruiser
CENTO - Central Treaty Organization
CINCARIB - Commander in Chief, Caribbean
CINCLANT - Commander in Chief, Atlantic
CINCLANTFLT - Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet
CINCONAD - Commander in Chief, Continental Air Defense Command
CINCSTRIKE - Commander in Chief, Strike Force
CINCUSNAVEUR - Commander in Chief, US Naval Forces Europe
CJCS - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
CNO - Chief of Naval Operations
COMASWFORLANT - Commander, Antisubmarine Warfare Force, Atlantic
COMDESRON - Commander, Destroyer Squadron
COMKWESTFOR - Commander, Key West Force
COMNAVAIRLANT - Commander, Naval Air Force, Atlantic
COMNAVBASE - Commander, Naval Base
COMSECONDFLT - Commander, Second Fleet
COMSOLANT - Commander, South Atlantic
COMTACAIR - Commander, Tactical Air Command
CVA - attack aircraft carrier
CVS - antisubmarine carrier

DD - destroyer
DE - destroyer escort
DDG - Guided missile destroyer
DDR - radar picket destroyer 
DER - radar picket escort ship

EDD - experimental (ASW) destroyer
Elint - electronic intelligence

F-class SS - Soviet "Foxtrot" diesel-electric submarine
F4D - Douglas "Skyray": single-engine jet fighter (US)
F4H - McDonnell "Phantom II": single-engine jet fighter (US)
F8U - Vought "Crusader": single-engine jet fighter (US)
F-100 - North American "Super Sabre": single-engine jet fighter (US)
F-102 - Convair "Delta Dagger": single-engine jet fighter (US)
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

GMAIC - Guided Missile and Astronautics Intelligence Committee
GV - Lockeed "Hercules": twin-engine tanker (US)

HAWK - Close-range Surface to Air Missile System (US)
HSS - Sikorsky "Sea Bat": helicopter (US)

IL-28 - Ilyushin "Beagle": twin-engine jet bomber (Soviet)
IRBM - Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile

JCS - Joint Chiefs of Staff

LAAM - Light Antiaircraft Missile Battery

MATS - Military Air Transportation Service
MCAS - Marine Corps Air Station
MEB - Marine Expeditionary Brigade
MEZ - Military Emergency Zone
MIG-17 - Mikoyan "Fresco": single-engine jet fighter (Soviet)
MIG-21 - Mikoyan "Fishbed": single-engine jet fighter (Soviet)
MRBM - Medium Range Ballistic Missile
MSO - minesweeper, ocean
MSTS - Military Sea Transportation Service

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

OAS - Organization of American States

P2V - Lockheed "Neptune": twin-engine patrol plane (US)
P3V - Lockheed "Orion": four-engine patrol plane (US)
P5M - Martin "Marlin": twin-engine patrol flying boat (US)
PHIBRIGLEX - Amphibious Brigade Landing Exercise
PHIBRON - Amphibious Squadron
PHIBTRALEX - Amphibious Training Landing Exercise

R4Q - Fairchild "Packet": twin-engine transport plane (US)
RC-121 - Lockheed "Warning Star": four-engine reconaissance plane (US)

S2F - Grumman "Tracker": twin-engine antisubmarine patrol plane (US)
SA-2 - "Guideline" Surface to Air Missile (Soviet)
SA-16 - Grumman "Albatross" triple-engine flying boat (US)
SAC - Strategic Air Command
SAM - Surface to Air Missile
SEATO - South East Asian Treaty Organization
SECDEF - Secretary of Defense
SECSTATE - Secretary of State
SLBM - Submarine-launched Ballistic Missile
SS - diesel-electric submarine

TACAN - Tactical Aircraft Navigation
Tass - Soviet Press Agency

U-2 - Lockheed "U-2": single-engine high-altitude reconaissance aircraft (US)
UN - United Nations
UNITAS - Spanish for "Unity;" refers to an annual US-South American naval exercise
USAF - US Air Force
USIA - US Information Agency
USN - US Navy
USCINCEUR - US Commander in Chief, Europe

VA - Navy attack squadron
VADM - Vice Admiral
VP - Navy patrol squadron
VU - Navy utility squadron

WF-2 - Grumman "Tracer": twin-engine airborne early warning plane (US)

Z-class SS - Soviet "Zulu" diesel-electric submarine


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