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Battle of Midway, 3-6 June 1942

Composition of U. S. Forces

United States Pacific Fleet and Pacific Ocean Areas

Adm. Chester W. Nimitz, USN, Commander in Chief

Carrier Striking Force
Rear Adm. Frank Jack Fletcher, USN

Task Force 17 (TF 17)
Rear Adm. Frank Jack Fletcher, USN
Chief of Staff, Capt. Spencer S. Lewis, USN

Task Group 17.5 (TG 17.5)
Carrier Group
Capt. Elliot Buckmaster, USN

USS Yorktown (CV-5) -Capt. Elliot Buckmaster, USN
Damaged by aircraft (bombs and torpedoes) from Japanese carrier Hiryu 4 June 1942,
torpedoed by Japanese submarine I-168 on 6 June 1942, 
and capsized and sank on 7 June 1942.

Commander Yorktown Air Group (CYAG) - Lt. Comdr. Oscar Pederson, USN

Fighting Squadron 3 (VF-3) (including elements of VF-42) Lt. Comdr. John S. Thach, USN
25 Grumman F4F-4 (Wildcat)

Bombing Squadron 3 (VB-3) Lt. Comdr. Maxwell F. Leslie, USN
17 Douglas SBD-3 (Dauntless)

"Scouting Squadron 5 (VS-5)" (the temporarily redesignated Bombing Squadron 5) Lt. Wallace C. Short Jr., USN
16 Douglas SBD-3 (Dauntless)

Torpedo Squadron 3 (VT-3) Lt. Comdr. Lance E. Massey, USN (KIA)
12 Douglas TBD-1 (Devastator)

Task Group 17.2 (TG 17.2)
Cruiser Group
Rear Adm. William W. Smith, USN

USS Astoria (CA-34)
USS Portland (CA-33)

Ship Units, Cruiser Scouting Squadron 4 (VCS-4) and Cruiser Scouting Squadron 6 (VCS-6)

8 Curtiss SOC/Naval Aircraft Factory SON (Seagull)

Task Group 17.4 (TG 17.4)
Destroyer Screen
Capt. Gilbert C. Hoover, USN
Commander Destroyer Squadron 2 (ComDesRon 2)

USS Hammann (DD-412) - torpedoed and sunk by Japanese submarine I-168 on 6 June 1942.
USS Hughes (DD-410)
USS Morris (DD-417)
USS Anderson (DD-411)
USS Russell (DD-414)
USS Gwin (DD-433) (diverted to join Yorktown, arrived on 5 June 1942)

Task Force 16 (TF 16)
Rear Adm. Raymond A. Spruance, USN
Chief of Staff, Capt. Miles R. Browning, USN
Task Group 16.5 (TG 16.5)

Carrier Group
Capt. George D. Murray, USN

USS Enterprise (CV-6)
Capt. George D. Murray, USN

Commander Enterprise Air Group (CEAG) - Lt. Comdr. C. Wade McClusky, USN

Fighting Squadron 6 (VF-6) Lt. James S. Gray, Jr., USN
27 Grumman F4F-4 (Wildcat)

Bombing Squadron 6 (VB-6) Lt. Richard H. Best, USN
15 Douglas SBD-2/SBD-3 (Dauntless)

Scouting Squadron 6 (VS-6) Lt. W. Earl Gallaher, USN
17 Douglas SBD-3 (Dauntless)

Torpedo Squadron 6 (VT-6) Lt. Comdr. Eugene E. Lindsey, USN (KIA)
14 Douglas TBD-1 (Devastator)

USS Hornet (CV-8)
Capt. Marc A. Mitscher, USN
Commander Hornet Air Group (CHAG) - Lt. Comdr. Stanhope C. Ring, USN

Fighting Squadron 8 (VF-8) Lt. Comdr. Samuel G. Mitchell, USN
27 Grumman F4F-4 (Wildcat)

Bombing Squadron 8 (VB-8) Lt. Comdr. Robert R. Johnson, USN
19 Douglas SBD-3 (Dauntless)

Scouting Squadron 8 (VS-8) Lt. Comdr. Walter F. Rodee, USN
15 Douglas SBD-1, SBD-2, and SBD-3 (Dauntless)

Torpedo Squadron 8 (VT-8) Lt. Comdr. John C. Waldron, USN (KIA)
15 Douglas TBD-1 (Devastator)

Task Group 16.2 (TG 16.2)
Cruiser Group
Rear Adm. Thomas C. Kinkaid, USN
Commander Cruiser Division 6 (ComCruDiv 6)

USS New Orleans (CA-32)
USS Minneapolis (CA-36)
USS Vincennes (CA-44)
USS Northampton (CA-26)
USS Pensacola (CA-24)

Ship Units, Cruiser Scouting Squadron 5 (VCS-5) and Cruiser Scouting Squadron 6 (VCS-6)

20 Curtiss SOC/Naval Aircraft Factory SON (Seagull)

USS Atlanta (CL-51)

Task Group 16.4 (TG 16.4)
Destroyer Screen
Capt. Alexander R. Early, USN
Commander Destroyer Squadron 1 (ComDesRon 1)

USS Phelps (DD-360)
USS Worden (DD-352)
USS Monaghan (DD-354)
USS Aylwin (DD-355)

Destroyer Squadron 6 (DesRon 6)
Capt. Edward P. Sauer, USN

USS Balch (DD-363)
USS Conyngham (DD-371)
USS Benham (DD-397)
USS Ellet (DD-398)
USS Maury (DD-401)

Oiler Group

USS Cimarron (AO-22)
USS Platte (AO-24)
USS Dewey (DD-349)
USS Monssen (DD-436)

Task Force 7 (TF 7)

Rear Adm. Robert H. English, USN
Commander Submarine Forces, Pacific Fleet (ComSubPac)
Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii

Task Group 7.1 (TG 7.1)
Midway Patrol

USS Cachalot (SS-170)
USS Flying Fish (SS-229)
USS Tambor (SS-198)
USS Trout (SS-202)
USS Grayling (SS-209)
USS Nautilus (SS-168)
USS Grouper (SS-214)
USS Dolphin (SS-169)
USS Gato (SS-212)
USS Cuttlefish (SS-171)
USS Gudgeon (SS-211)
USS Grenadier (SS-210)

Support Patrol
Task Group 7.2 (TG 7.2)

USS Narwhal (SS-167)
USS Plunger (SS-179)
USS Trigger (SS-237)

Task Group 7.3 (TG 7.3)

USS Tarpon (SS-175)
USS Pike (SS-173)
USS Finback (SS-230)
USS Growler (SS-215)

Patrol Wings, Task Force 9 (TF 9)
Rear Adm. Patrick N. L. Bellinger, USN
Shore-Based Air, Midway

Capt. Cyril T. Simard, USN Patrol Wing 1 Detachment (PatWing 1 Det)
Comdr. F. Massie Hughes, USN
Patrol Wing 2 Detachment (PatWing 2 Det)
Lt. Comdr. Robert C. Brixner, USN
32 Consolidated PBY-5 and PBY-5A (Catalina)
Torpedo Squadron 8 Detachment (VT-8 Det)
Lt. Langdon K. Fieberling, USN (KIA)
6 Grumman TBF-1 (Avenger)
Marine Aircraft Group 22 (MAG 22)
Second Marine Aircraft Wing
Lt. Col. Ira L. Kimes, USMC

Marine Fighting Squadron 221 (VMF-221) 
Maj. Floyd B. Parks, USMC (4 June 1942) (KIA)
Capt. Kirk Armistead, USMC (4-6 June 1942)
20 Brewster F2A-3 (Buffalo)
7 Grumman F4F-3 (Wildcat)

Marine Scout Bombing Squadron 241 (VMSB-241) 
Maj. Lofton R. Henderson, USMC (4 June 1942) (KIA)
Maj. Benjamin W. Norris, USMC (4-5 June 1942) (KIA)
Capt. Marshall A. Tyler, USMC (5-6 June 1942)
11 Vought SB2U-3 (Vindicator)
16 Douglas SBD-2 (Dauntless)

Seventh Army Air Force Detachment
Maj. Gen. Willis P. Hale, USAAF
Capt. William F. Collins, Jr., USAAF
2 Martin B-26 (Marauder)
2 Martin B-26B (Marauder)

Lt. Col. Walter C. Sweeney Jr., USAAF
13 Boeing B-17 (Flying Fortress)

Maj. George A. Blakey, USAAF
6 Boeing B-17 (Flying Fortress)

Midway Local Defenses
Capt. Cyril T. Simard, USN

Sixth Marine Defense Battalion (reinforced), Fleet Marine Force 
Col. Harold D. Shannon, USMC

Reinforcing Units

2d Raider Battalion, Company "C" (Sand Island) 
2d Raider Battalion, Company "D" (Eastern Island) 
Antiaircraft and Special Weapons personnel, Third Defense Battalion
22d and 23rd Provisional Infantry Companies

Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 1 (MTBRon 1) 
Lt. Clinton McKellar Jr., USN

Midway Island

USS PT-20 
USS PT-21 
USS PT-22 
USS PT-24 
USS PT-25 
USS PT-26 
USS PT-27 
USS PT-28 

Kure Island 

USS PT-29 
USS PT-30 

District Craft

Tamaha (YNT-12)

Island Patrols

French Frigate Shoals 

USS Thornton (AVD-11)
USS Ballard (AVD-10)
USS Clark (DD-361)
USS Kaloli (AOG-13)

Pearl and Hermes Reef 

USS Crystal (PY-25)
USS Vireo (ATO-144)



Gardner Pinnacles






Midway Refueling Unit
Comdr. Harry R. Thurber, USN

USS Guadalupe (AO-32)
USS Blue (DD-387)
USS Ralph Talbot (DD-390)


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