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U.S. Naval Abbreviations

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Navy Numbers


Note: Where the same abbreviation has more than one meaning, the several meanings have been arranged alphabetically. Abbreviations preceded by an asterisk (*), other than Navy numbers, may never be used singly; those preceded by the symbol for number (#) are the Bureau of Personnel Condensation Code for use in dispatch orders to personnel.

F -- First letter in the Navy aircraft designation, incidcating a fighter plane

 F -- Columbia Aircraft Corporation (manufacturer's symnbol)

 F1 -- Commander-in-Chief, Plans Division (USN)

 F2 -- Commander-in-Chief, Combat Intelligence Division (USN)

 F3 -- Commander-in-Chief, Operations Division (USN)

 F37 -- Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Fleet

 F4 -- Commander-in-Chief, Readiness Division (USN)

 F -- Fairchild Aircraft, Ltd. (Canada) (manufacturer's symbol)

 2F -- Two-seater Fighter Aircraft (Naval)

 F -- Fitted as Flagship (suffix to plane designation); as: PB2Y-5F

 F -- Gruman Aircraft Engineering Corporation (manufacturer's symbol)

 F -- Officer designation for Fighter Director (used as suffix)

 F -- Fighter Field

 F -- Fireman

 F -- Fixed (a continuous steady light)

 F -- Fleet Reserve

 F2 -- Fleet Reserve, 4 or more years

 F3 -- Fleet Reserve, 16-20 years

 F5 -- Fleet Reserve, 20 or more years

 F -- Freight Boats (Army)

 F -- French

 F -- Frequency

 F -- Office of Finance and Supply; Chief, Office of Finance and Supply (USCG)

 FA -- Accounting Division (USCG)

 FA -- Family Allowance

 FA -- Field Artillery (Army)

 F2A-# -- "Buffalo"; single-engine Navy fighter (VF), manufactured by Brewster

 F3A-# -- "Corsair"; single-engine Navy fighter (VF), manufactured by Brewster

 FAA -- Family Allowance Class A

 FAA -- Fleet Air Arm (GB)

 FAAB -- Family Allowance, Class A and B

 FAB -- Family Allowance, Class B

 FAB -- Fleet Air Base

 FAB -- For'ca Aerea Brasileira

 FABU -- Fleet Air Base Unit

*FAC -- Factory

 FAC -- Frequency Allocation Committee (CCB)

 FAD -- Fleet Air Detachment

"Fade" -- Disappearance of echo from radar screen

 FADM -- Fleet Admiiral

 FAETUA -- Fleet Airborne Electronics Unit, Atlantic

 FEATUP -- Fleet Airborne Electronics Unit, Pacific

#FAGAIRTRANS -- (via) First Available Government Air Transportation

 FAGT -- First Available Government Transportation

 FAGTrans -- First Available Government Transportation

 FAIR -- Fleet Air

 FAIR -- Fleet Sir Wing

 Fairships -- Fleet Airships

 FairshipWing -- Fleet Airship Wing

#FAIRTRANS -- First Available Air Transportation

 FAIRWestPac -- Fleet Air Wing, Western Pacific Area

 FIARWing -- Fleet Air Wing

"Falcon -- See NSC-#

 FAMU -- Fleet Aircraft Maintenance Unit

 FANDT -- Fuel and Transportation

 FAO -- Fleet Administration Office

 FAPG -- Fleet Air Photographic Group

 FAPRon -- Fleet Air Photo Squadron

 FAS -- Free Alongside

 FASA -- Fleet Airships, Atlantic

 FASP -- Fleet Airships, Pacific

 FASRon -- Fleet Air Service Squadron

 FASTULant -- Fleet Ammunition Ship Training Unit, Atlantic

 FASTUPac -- Fleet Ammunition Ship Training Unit, Pacific

 FATU -- Fleet Air Tactical Unity

 FAW -- Fleet Air Wing

 FB -- Farrel-Birmingham (ship engines)

 FB -- Fighter Bomber Aircraft

 F/B -- Flying Boat

 FBI -- Federal Bureau of Investigation

 FBP -- Fleet Boat Pool

 FC -- Fire Control

 FC -- Fire Controlman

 F4C -- Fleet Reserve, 16-20 years

 FCA -- Farm Credit Administration

 FCA -- Fire Control Area (Army)

 FCA -- Flight Control Assemblies

 FCB -- Facility Clearance Board (WPB)

 FCC -- Federal Communication Commission

 FCE -- Fleet Civil Engineer

 FCNL -- French Committee of National Liberation

 FCO -- Fire Controlman, Operation

 FCO -- Flag Communications Officer

 FCO -- Flying Control Officer

 FCP -- Fire Control Personnel (USMC)

 FCR -- Fire Controlman, Range-finder Operator

 FCS -- Fire Controlman, Submarine

 FCST -- Forecast

 FCT -- Fire Control Technician

 FD-# -- Twin-engine Navy Fighter (VF), manufactured by McDonnell

 FD -- Fighter direction

 FD -- Finance Department (Army)

 F3D -- Fleet Reserve, 20 or more years

 F4D -- Fleet Reserve, 20 or more years

 FDA -- Food Distribution Administration

 FDC -- Fire Direction Center (Army)

 FDCS -- Fighter Director Control Schools

 FDD -- Floating Drydock

 FD Net -- Fighter Direction Net

 FDO -- Fighter Director Officer

 FDS -- Fighter Director Ship

 FDT -- Fighter Director Tender

 FE -- Far East

 FEA -- Foreign Economic Administration

 FEAF -- Far Eastern Air Forces

 FEC -- (Office of) Foreign Economic Coordination

 FECB -- Far East Combined Bureau (Singapore, 1940)

*FED -- Federal

 FEO -- Flag Engineering Officer (GB)

 FEPC -- Farm Employment Practices Committee

*FER -- Ferry

#FERON -- If transferred, forward this directive immediately to his commanding officer for compliance or further transmittal as appropriate, notifying originator in each case the activity to which transferred and your action in forwarding

FF -- Force Flagship

 F2F-# -- Single-engine Navy fighter (VF), biplane, manufactured by Grumman

 F3F-# -- Single-engine Navy fighter (VF), biplane, manufactured by Grumman

 F4F-# -- "Wildcat"; single-engine Navy fighter (VF), manufactured by Grumman

 F6F-# -- "Hellcat"; single-engine Navy fighter (VF), manufactured by Grumman

 F6F-#K -- Navy target training drone (VTD), manufactured by Grumman (converted from F6F)

 F7F-# -- "Tigercat"; twin-engine Navy fighter (VF(M)), manufactured by Grumman

 F8F-# -- "Bearcat"; single-engine Navy fighter, (VF), manufactured by Grumman

 FFA -- For Further Assignment

 FFDO -- Force Fighter Director Officer

 FFI -- Forces Françaises de l'Interieur

 FFI -- Fixed and Flashing

 FFP -- Fleet Frequency Plans

 FFT -- For Further Transfer

 FG-# -- "Corsair"; single-engine Navy fighter (VF), manufactured by Goodyear

 FGO -- Flag Gunnery Officer

 FGpFl -- Fixed and Group Flashing

 FH -- Flag Hoist

 FHA -- Federal Housing Administration

 FIAT -- Field Information Agency, Technical (under G-2, SHAEF)

 FIDO -- Fog, Intensive Dispersal of

 FIGHT -- Fighting

 FightRon -- Fighting Squadron

 FIN -- Finance

 Fin O -- Finance Officer (Army)

 FinSupScol -- Finance and Supply School (USCG)

 FIO -- Fleet Intelligence Officer

"Fireball" -- See FR-#

 FirsTaskFlt -- First Task Fleet

 Fis -- Fiscal

 FIU -- Forward Interpretation Unit (Army)

 FJ -- Single-engine Navy fighter (VF), manufactured by North American

 Fl -- Flashing

 FL -- Florida

 FL -- Small Signal Search Light

 FLA -- Florida

 FlaGrp -- Florida Group

 Flak -- German anti-aircraft fire; now applied generally to all anti-aircraft fire

 FLC -- Foreign Liquidation Commission

 FldCk -- Field Cook (*USMC)

 FldCk(B) -- Field Cook (Baker (USMC)

 FldCK(C) -- Filed Cook (Commissary) (USMC)

*FLE -- Fleet

 FliCon -- Flight Controller

 FLO -- Florida

 FLO -- Follow(ing)

*FLOT -- Flotilla

 FLP -- Fighting Landplane

 FLP or Flt -- Fleet

 Flt -- Flight

 FltAct -- Fleet Activities

 FltCert -- Flight Certificate

 FltGunSch -- Fleet Gunnery School

 FltLOSCAP -- Fleet Liaison Officer, Supreme Commander Allied Powers

 FltServScol -- Fleet Service School

 FltSoundScol -- Fleet Sound School

 FltTraCen -- Fleet Training Center

*FLY -- Flight

"Flying Fortress" -- See PB-1W

 F.M. -- Fairbanks, Morse & Company

 FM -- Field Music (USMC)

 FM -- Field Manual (Army)

 FM -- Frequency Modulation

 FM -- Titanium Tetrachloride

 FM-# -- "Wildcat"; single-engine Navy fighter (VF), manufactured by General Motors

 FMAW -- First Marine Aircraft Wing

 FMCorp -- Field Music Corporal (USMC)

 FMCpl -- Filed Music Corporal (USMC)

 FMF -- Fleet Marine Force (USMC)

 FMFPac -- Fleet Marine Force, Pacific Ocean Areas

 FMO -- Fleet Maintenance Office(r)

 FMO -- Fleet Medical Officer

 FMR -- Fairbanks Morse Reversible Diesel Drive

 FMS -- Field Music School (USMC)

 FMSgt -- Field Music Sergeant (USMC)

 FNOIO -- Fleet Naval Ordnance Inspecting Officer

 FO -- Field Order (Army)

 FO -- Flag Officer

 FO -- Flight Order

 FOB -- Forward Observer Bombardment

 FOB -- Free On Board

 FOBAA -- Flag Officer British Assault Area (GB)

 FOCWA -- Flag Officer Commanding West Africa (GB)

 FOIC -- Flag Officer-in-Charge (British controlled port)

 FONAP -- Flag Officer, Naval Air, Pacific (GB)

 FONF -- Flag Officer Newfoundland (GB)

 FOO -- Forward Observation Officer

*FOR -- Force(s)

 FORD -- Foreign Office Research Department (GB)

"Forwarder" -- See GK-#

 FOTALI -- Flag Officer Taranto and Adriatic and for liaison

 FOWABPF -- Flag Officer Western Area, British Pacific Fleet

 Fox -- "F" in the phonetic alphabet

 Fox -- A broadcast method of communication which does not require an answer from the stations addressed

 FP -- Freight and Passenger Vessels (Army)

 FPA -- Food Production Administration

 FPC -- Federal Power Commission

 FPHA -- Federal Public Housing Authority

 FPL -- Final Protective Line (Army)

 FPO -- Fleet Post Office

 FPT -- Full Power Trial

 FR -- Fighter Reconnaissance

 FR-# -- "Fireball"; single-engine Navy fighter (VF) manufactured by Ryan

 FR -- Flash Ranging (Army)

 FR -- Fleet Reserve

 FR -- Fragmentation

 FR -- From

 FRAG Bomb -- Fragmentation Bomb

 FRB -- Federal Reserve Bank

 FRC -- Faculty Review Committee

 Frcu -- Fractocumulus

 Frd Enl -- Fraudulent Enlistment

 FREN -- French

 Freq -- Frequency

 FrF -- Free French

 FRO -- Fleet Records Office

 FrOF -- Freight Office

*FRON -- Frontier

 Fr P -- Parachute Fragmentation Bomb

 FRPS -- Foreign Research and Press Service (GB)

 FRRU -- Freight Receiving and Redistribution Unit

 FRS -- Federal Reserve System

 FRU -- Fleet Requirements Units (Aircraft)

 FRUPac -- Fleet Radio Unit, Pacific

 FS -- Feet per second (ordnance)

 FS -- Final Settlement

 Fs -- Fractostratus

 FS -- Sulphur Trioxide in Chlorosulfonic Acid

 FS -- Supply Division (USCG)

 FSA -- Travel chargeable to applicable allotment authority under Finance Service, Army

 FSB -- Federal Specifications Board

 FSD -- Foreign Sea Duty

 FSEC -- Federal Specifications Executive Committee (now FSB)

 FSO -- Fleet Supply Officer

 F.S.Powder -- Flashless, Smokeless Powder (for ammunition)

 FSR -- Field Service Regulations (Army)

 FSR -- Fin Stabilized Rockets

 FSS -- Fleet Service School

 FSS -- Foreign Shore Service (USMC)

 FS Ships -- Fire Support Ships

 FSU -- Ferry Service Unit

 F&T -- Fuel and Transportation

 FT-# -- "Black Widow"; two-engine Navy fighter (VF(M)), manufactured by Northrop

 FTC -- Federal Trade Commission

 FtgDives -- Footage Drives

 FTP -- Fleet Training Publication

 Ftr -- Fighter

 FTT -- Fever Therapy Technician

 FTU -- Field Torpedo Unit

 F4U -- "Corsair"; single-engine Navy fighter (VF), manufactured by Chance Vought

(FUBAR) -- (Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition)

(FUMTU) -- (Fouled Up More Than Usual)

 Fur -- Furlough

#FURAS -- For Further Assignment

#FURASPERS -- For Further Assignment by the Bureau of Naval Personnel

#FURASUB(S) -- For Further Assignment to Duty in Submarine(s)

 FURNARSER -- Furnish full names, rates, and service numbers of men transferred in accordance with this directive

 FUSA -- First United States Army

 FUSAG -- First United States Army Group

 FUT -- Fleet Utility

 FW -- Foster Wheeler (boilers)

 FWA -- Federal Works Agency

 FWD -- Forward

 FwdArea -- Forward Area

 FWI -- French West Indies

 FWOP -- Furloughed Without Pay

 FX -- Tenth Fleet

 FY -- Fiscal Year

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Navy Numbers

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