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Source: Uniform for Officers of the United States Navy, As Prescribed in Regulations for the Uniform of the U.S. Navy, Jan. 28, 1864. Tomes, Melvain & Co., 6 Maiden Lane, New York. Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1864, BY TOMES, MELVAIN & CO., in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States, in and for the Southern District of New-York. The text is reproduced here exactly as in the original, following the original use of capitalization and italics.

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Straw Hats, Sword and Scabbard, Sword-Belt, Sword-Knot, Buttons, Cravat


In tropical climates, or during the warm seasons, officers may wear white straw hats, under the same restrictions as in the case of jackets; the body of the hat to be not more than four and a half nor less than four inches in height, and the rim not more than three and a half nor less than three inches in width, with a plain band of black ribbon.


For all officers, shall be a cut-and-thrust blade, not less than twenty-six nor more than twenty-nine inches long; half-basket hilt; grip white. Scabbards of black leather; mounting of yellow gilt.


For all officers, shall be of plain black glazed leather, not less than one inch and a half nor more than two inches wide, with slings of the same not less than one-half nor more than three-quarters of an inch wide, an a hook in the forward ring to suspend the sword. Belt-plate of yellow gilt in front, two inches in diameter. The belt to be worn over the coat.


For a Captain and Commander, shall be blue and gold cord twenty-four inches long, including the tassel; gold and blue slide; tassel of twelve gold bullions one and three-fourths of an inch long, enclosing five blue bullions, with basket-worked head.

For all other Commissioned Officers, a strap of gold lace, one-half inch wide and eighteen inches long, including the tassel; gold slide; tassel of gold bullion, with basket-weave head.

N.B.-- Sword-Knots are dispensed with during the war.


Shall be gilt, convex, and of three sizes in exterior diameter: large, seven-eighths of an inch; medium, seven-tenths of an inch; and small, nine-sixteenths of an inch. Each size is to have the same device.


For all officers, to be of black silk or satin, with a white shirt collar showing above it.

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