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U.S. Naval Abbreviations

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Navy Numbers


Note: Where the same abbreviation has more than one meaning, the several meanings have been arranged alphabetically. Abbreviations preceded by an asterisk (*), other than Navy numbers, may never be used singly; those preceded by the symbol for number (#) are the Bureau of Personnel Condensation Code for use in dispatch orders to personnel.

G -- First letter in the Navy aircraft designation, indicating a transport plane (single-engine)

 G -- Globe Corporation (Aircraft Division (manufacturer's symbol)

 G -- Goodyear Aircraft Corporation (manufacturer's symbol)

 G -- Great Lakes Engineering Corporation (plane manufacturer's symbol)

 G -- Group; e.g.: as, CVG (Aircraft Carrier Group)

 G-1 -- Personnel (War Department General Staff or USMC)

 G-2 -- Intelligence (War Department and USMC)

 G-3 -- Operations (War Department and USMC)

 G-4 -- Supply (War Department and USMC)

 G-5 -- PWB Branch of SHAEF

 G-6 -- CAD Branch of SHAEF

 GA -- Gage Man

 GA -- Gasoline Stowage and Fuel System Man

 GA -- Georgia

 GA -- Ground Attacker Aircraft

 GAA -- General Account of Advances

 GAF -- German Air Force

 GAI -- General Accounting Instructions

 Gal -- Gallon

 GAO -- General Accounting Office

 GAO -- General Administrative Order

*GARN -- Garrison

 GAS -- Gasoline

 GAT -- Guantanamo to Aruba to Trinidad (routing designation)

"Gators" -- "Alligators"; members of beach battalion at Little Creek Amphibious Training Base

 GB -- General Board

 GB -- Great Britain

 GB -- "Traveler"; single-engine Navy utility (VJ), biplane, manufactured by Beech

 GC -- Green Cove Springs, Florida

 GC -- Gun Captain

 GCA -- Ground Control Approach (radar)

 GCI -- Ground Control Intercept (radar)

 GCM -- General Court Martial

 GCMed -- Good Conduct Medal

 GCMP -- General Court Martial Prisoner

 GCT -- Greenwich Civil Time

 Gd -- Guard

 GDP -- Gun Director Pointer

 GDP(CL) -- Gun Director Pointer (Cross Leveler)

 GDP(L) -- Gun Director Pointer (Leveler)

 GDP(P) -- Gun Director Pointer (Pointer)

 GDP(SS) -- Gun Director Pointer (Sight Setter)

 GDP(T) -- Gun Director Pointer (Trainer)

 GE -- General Electric Company

 GE -- Great Exuma

 GED Tests -- General Educational Development Tests

*GEN -- General

 GEN -- USNR officer designation for General Service Reserve Pay Clerk

 GenBoard -- General Board

 GENDET -- General Detail (USCG)

 Genl -- General

 George -- "G" in the Phonetic alphabet

 GER -- Germany

 GFE -- Government Furnished Equipment

 GH-# -- "Nightingale"; single-engine Navy utility plane (VJ), manufactured by Howard

 GHQ -- General Headquarters (Army)

 GI -- Government Issue (Army)

 GI -- U.S. Government Life Insurance (allotment for)

 GI Bill -- Veterans Benefits Act, PL345, 1944

 GIRO -- General Instructions for Routing and Reporting Officers

 GIU -- General Intelligence Unit (US) (London)

 GK-# -- "Forwarder"; single-engine Navy utility plane (VJ), manufactured by Fairchild

 GK -- Guantanamo to Key West (routing designation)

 Gldr -- Glider

 GLO -- Gunnery Liaison Officer

"Glomb" -- Navy glider equipped with "Block"

 GM -- Galveston to Mississippi River (routing designation)

 GM (GMC)-- General Motors Corporation

 GM -- (Pertaining to) Guided Missiles

 GM -- Guard Mail

 GM -- Gunner's Mate

 GMCB -- Gunner's Mate, Construction Battalion

 GMCBG -- Gunner's Mate, Construction Battalion, Armorer

 GMCBP -- Gunner's Mate, Construction Battalion Powderman

 GMCM -- Guided Missile Counter-Measures

 GMSR -- Gunner's Mate, Ship Repair

 GMSRP -- Gunner's Mate, Ship Repair, Powderman

 GMT -- Short Hull, General Motors Tandem Diesel Drive

 GMT -- Greenwich Mean Time

 GN -- Guantanamo to New York (routing designation)

 GO -- General Order

 GOC -- General Officer Commanding

"Goose" -- See JRF-#

 GOP -- General Operational Plot

*GOV -- Governor

#GOVAIR -- Including government air

#GOVAIRDIR -- In performing the above travel government air is directed where necessary (or between points specified) to expedite completion of this duty

#GOVMERAIR -- Including government or comercial air

#GOVMERAIRAUTH -- In performing the above travel government air and/or commercial air is authorized where necessary to expedite completion of this duty

#GOVMERAIRDIR -- In performing the above travel government air and/or commercial air is directed where necessary to expedite completion of this duty

 Govt -- Government

 Govt Ins -- Government Insurance (NSI or GI)

 GP -- Galveston to Pilottown (routing designation)

 GP -- General Purpose

 GP -- Gun Pointer

 GP Bomb -- General Purpose Bomb

 Gp Fl -- Group Flashing

 GPO -- Government Printing Office

 Gp Occ -- Group Occulting

 GQ -- General Quarters

 GR -- Geared Radial (aircraft engine)

 GR -- General Reconnaissance (USMC)


#GRABADHARV -- Graduate School of Business Administration, Harvard University

"Grass" -- Noise (as seen on radar scope)

"Grasshopper" -- See AE-#, NE-#

 GRB -- Government Reservation Bureau

*GRD -- Guard

*GRE -- Greenland, as COMGREPAT

 GrePat -- Greenland Patrol

 GRFO -- Gun Range-Finder Operation

 GRU -- Group

 GruCom -- Group Commander

 GS -- General Staff (Army)

 G/S -- General Support (Army)

 GS -- Greenland to St. Johns, N.F. (routing designation)

 GS -- Guardship

 GSC -- General Staff Corps (Army)

 GSF -- Gulf Sea Frontier

 GSGS -- Geographical Section General Staff (GB)

 GSk -- General Storekeeper

 GSK -- General Stores

 GSR -- General Service Recruit

 GSS -- General Service Schools (Army)

 GSS -- General Supply Schedule

 GSU -- General Service Unit (USMC)

 GT -- Guantanamo, Cuba

 Gtmo -- Guantanamo, Cuba

 GU -- Guam (Naval Operating Base)

 GulfCoBaseServUnit -- Gulf Coast Base Service Unit

 GulfCon -- Gulf Control

 GulfSeaFron -- Gulf Sea Frontier

"Gulls" -- Balloon Supported Radar Reflectors to simulate target

*GUN -- Gunboat

 Gun -- Gunner

*GUN -- Gunnery

"GUNS" -- Gunner's Mate

 GunSgt -- Gunnery Sergeant (USMC)

 GW -- General Warning

 GY -- Gyro

 GySgt -- Gunnery Sergeant (USMC)

 GZ -- Guantanamo to Panama Canal Zone (routing designation)

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Navy Numbers

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